WC Saga Concept Music Available Update ID

Tolwyn from WC Saga has passed along an mp3 by Glyn R Brown for their upcoming Freespace 2 mod. It's quite a nice orchestral track inspired by Wing Commander. There are some cool familiar elements incorporated into it, and it flows well. At 3.3 megs it's a good one to grab. You can download "WC Saga Idea" here.

Geoffrey Tolwyn Reinstated Update ID

On this day in 2668, Geoffrey Tolwyn takes command of Third Fleet and is authorized to halt invasion into Confederation space by any means necessary as outlined in Emergency Decree 394. This was in response to the Discovery of the Hakaga Fleet inbound towards Earth and end to the false armistice of 2668.
Emergency Decree 394A allows pilots from the Confederation's active reserves to be called back to active duty. The decree was declared before the Battle of Earth in 2668 and had never been lifted.

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