New Prophecy Information in Two New Articles Update ID

A couple of new Prophecy articles today. The first is this article and the other is this Games Domain article, both of which provide very similar information. There are however a couple of points of interest. The information included in the articles was provided by Take 2. Since Destination is the US publisher, we believe Take 2 will be the publisher for Europe and possibly other regions. Second point is the reference to there being nine ships flyable by the player. Raylight reports that there are more than this. In addition to the seven Confed ships that you can fly during the game, you can also fly some of the Nephilim ships in multiplayer mode.

There is no firm release date for Europe yet, though the Games Domain article seems to think it will be April.

Take 2 Interactive has announced it will be publishing Wing Commander Prophecy for the Game Boy Advance - nearly six years after the original game came out on PC. How technology moves on...

Developed by Italian-based Raylight Studios using a proprietary 3D engine called Blue Roses, Prophecy will take you through a branching 48-mission campaign, playing as a rookie space pilot called Lance Casey. PC fans will recognize some of the non-player characters encountered in the game, including Blair and Manic, with the story remaining faithful to the landmark series.

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