Vega Strike Scores Big Update ID

One of the most anticipated Open Source projects has come out with a major new release:
Dear Vega Strike fans,

We have completed the release at long last for all platforms. Currently linux users can get it by checking out the tag vegastrike_0_3_0 in the vegastrike and data repositories. Windows and Mac users please click to the right. I have added many features for you to enjoy: here's a list:

# If the cockpit jitters or the engine feels choppy press F1 a few times to turn off the 3d cockpit. Other than that no reported bugs :-)
# I have totally revamped and polished the engine to support per pixel specular lighting and much-refined gameplay.
# There are plot missions as well--be sure to check out the Heinlein, Callimanchus, Adams, and Niven systems for people you may need to visit.
# Support the Revolution--or crush's up to you!
# You can now talk to people in the bars for plot missions and other interesting asides. Be sure to look carefully
# Thanks to Ken Suguro and PeteyG we now have a full Vega Strike score! This adds all sorts of beauty to Vega Strike!
# To make up for the gain in size coming from music we have jpeg support for textures
# You may hire wingmen or even earn some friends if you save the right people!
# You now have the ability to own multiple starships. Beware that shipping costs 6000 credits... but if a ship is stored in the same system it's free to load it up. Use this to your advantage--get a new ship early but use the old tested one for hard runs
# A new ship--the dryad merchant vessel--has been added
# A repair button has been added to help you fix up that vessel.
# You start docked. i have no idea why so many people requested this one...
# did I mention full musical score?
# Sound effects for the standard cockpit noises
# autodocking so you must not request clearence--just press d to dock

More information and download URLs can be found on the Vega Strike website.
Vega Strike is a 3d OpenGL Action RPG space sim for Windows/Linux that allows a player to trade and bounty hunt in the spirit of Elite. You start in an old beat up Wayfarer cargo ship, with endless possibility before you and just enough cash to scrape to

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