Game Three, Week Forty-Nine Trivia Reminder Update ID

Trivia Game Three is quickly coming up on Week Fifty here. The general plan was to end the game at that point, retire the scoreboard, and start fresh with Game Four in a few weeks. I'm open to comments on that right now at You also have the rest of today to send me your answers for the current week if you haven't yet done so. The easiest way to do that is through the form here.

Standoff Update Update ID

Eder posted a lengthy update on the status of his Standoff project to the Chat Zone. Interesting stuff... (I love it when other people do the writing for me)
I'm not working on any ships right now, not that there's much left to work on actually: I have to model the Dorkathi, Ralatha, Fralthra, and Fralthi, texture the Galaxy and Free Trader models (which are already done), re-texture the Talon (adding militia and pirate paintjobs besides the current retro one...), but (excluding texturing the Kilrathi ships, which is JarJarThomas's job) that's it for the ships department - at least until I decide that something sucks and needs to be redone, which believe me, will happen. I'm a perfectionist. *g*

Now about the many things that still need to be worked on so you can look at them while you're not flying... Some people applied for a part in the Standoff cast of characters, and I've already started working on 3D models and animations based on their faces. Needless to say, I've got less applications than there are characters, so there are still plenty of vacancies left for whoever wants to see his/her face in this mod (about 3/4 of the cast, actually... )

I'm almost done with the Perry Naval Base bar, but I took a break from it to work on the characters, so no screenshots yet, and that probably will stay that way for a while. And no other scenes/places will be worked on until I get the concept sketches from mpanty either... but this isn't the priority right now, the characters and ships are.

As for the texturing... I've asked JarJarThomas to make all Kilrathi textures look similar, in a good way... just like the Hhriss he textured, which looks more WC2-yellow-ish than WC1-tan-ish, the Kamekh and all other Kilrathi ships will have WC2-style texturing, no matter which game they are from.

As for the confed ships, I based their texturing style on the launch sequences from WC1, where it shows part of your ship up close in great detail... with some scratches and stuff like that.

Seeya In Pictures Update ID

HCl has done some pretty amazing work on a project that Wing Commander fans have demanded for years... a device to play all movies! His Wing Commander Movie Player (read about it here) is currently able to play extracted Wing Commander 3 and Wing Commander Prophecy videos -- and can play the sound from Wing Commander IV and Privateer 2 movies. Before playing anything, you'll need to extract the movies and get the SDL Runtime Library for Windows.

How Goes the I-War? Update ID

TC found a Wing Commander reference in the November issue of PC Gamer... This is from Gary Whitta's review of I-War 2 (p. 88)...
Space-combat games and me go way back -- I was playing some of the first-ever 3D space games when some of the younger members of the PC Gamer team were still messing their drawers. Star Raiders, Elite, the original Wing Commander, and X-Wing... ah, those were the days, when line-drawn "vector" graphics and a few well placeed white dots on a black background were all it took to transport you to strange new worlds. These days, of course, it's all very different. The genre has been at the forefront of the PC gaming's technological evolution -- Origin and LucasArts leading the way in the mid-'90s with ever more impressive-looking Wing Commander and TIE Fighter titles, before finally being overtaken in the last few years by the likes of FreeSpace 2, Starlancer, and Independence War. The race has been twofold -- keep improving the graphics and speed to the point where you can really begin to feel as if you're in a Return of the Jedi-style furball, while also providing an ever more rich and "alive" universe to interact with.

Fatman Update Update ID

LeHah forwarded a message from The Fatman regarding the upcoming CD -- since you're all clamoring for more information...
I got a first draft of the CD jacket art. It's AWESOME! Just in case, I ran it past my lawyer, who loved it, too, and assured us that there was nothing illegal about doing something in the style of Wing Commander. I thought you'd like to know that for the sake of your website!!! I'll try to get a picture of my lawyer doing shots with Bill Clinton for you...

And thanks for bugging me about the CD. It's very encouraging to think that people actually want this. I've finished up a lot of projects this last week. And my Brother the Record Company bugged me about it, too.

So, I'm hoping to finish the audio mastering this coming week. Then, it's deciding what to say in the jacket, finishing up the text and art layout, nd ship the sucker.

I don't know how long that takes.

I've also been asked to write some books, and I'm in a nice spot between submitting the proposal and having to actually do the work. So this is a good time for WC. Should we include "Nice Day for War?"

Love to all Warmongers--please remember to hold your horses.


Holding The Line, Chapter 103 Update ID

Since I was 'missing in action', you didn't get to read the next chapter of Holding the Line. But now you can, thanks to Raptor. Check out the story here. Here's the intro...
Hey all, Raptor here.

You've already seen how the Border Worlds reserves were preparing for the upcoming fleet battle. HTL now continues with the second chapter of the "Toeing The Line" mini-series, which follows the Confed reserves. You'll recall that in the last TTL chapter, the Confeds had to suffer the indignity of having their ships "torpedoed" by the Border Worlders. Now they'll have to find a way of restoring their pride while learning to work with their new allies. Let's just hope the fighting doesn't start before the Nephilim get there....

FA Drones On Update ID

Newcommanderondablock was kind enough to show me these three screenshots... he's not sure this ship will make it to the final version of Fleet Action -- so keep your fingers crossed! (I know, it's the scout and not the drone...).

Trivia 3, Week 48 Update ID

I could say something about the movie variant of the Broadsword... but I won't!
Welcome to Game Three, Week Forty-Eight Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to or Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (September 30, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Answers to Questions for Week 47 (starting September 17, 2001):

Question 93: What were two specific acts that made the Confederation declare war on the Kilrathi Empire?
Most Popular Answers Included: The destruction of the explorer TCS Iason as part of the official first contact and the destruction of the orphan transport Anna Magdalena after five years of raids and piracy.

Question 94: What were two specific apparent acts that made the Confederation consider declaring war on the Union of Border Worlds?
Most Popular Answers Included: The destruction of the medical transport Amadeus by unmarked fighters and the destruction of the Orlando Deport by Seether claiming to be part of the UBW.

Bonus 47: What was one reason the Confederation went to war with the Pilgrim Alliance?
Most Popular Answer: After launching an assault on Titan, the Pilgrim Alliance launched a large strike on the Confed base at Celeste. Confed declared war shortly thereafter.

New Questions for Week 48 (starting September 17, 2001):

Question 95: What senior veteran pilot rallied the survivors of the TCS Tiger's Claw after her destruction and escorted them to safety?

Question 96: Which member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff survived a Kilrathi suicide bombing which ended the false armistice of 2668?

Bonus 48: Who was the first seasoned Excalibur pilot to survive a recon mission into the Kilrah System after the initial Nephilim Invasion in 2681?

Submissions are due by September 30, 2001.

Please email answers to and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

What's Your Favorite? Update ID

Our new poll for the coming indefinite time period asks "What is your favorite type of missile". The results of our previous poll, and all polls before it can be found here.

Trivia Reminder Update ID

It's Sunday (in most of the world), and that means you only have until midnight tonight to send your Week 47 trivia answers to Chris. Week 48 starts tomorrow.

WCA Episode 4 Update ID

WC Academy Episode 04 - Word of Honor is this week's episode. You can grab the 69MB DivX ;) here, thanks to TyeDyeBoy who should receive all correspondence if it doesn't work. WCA Mirror Offline Update ID

Due to continued segmenting, TyeDyeBoy's WCA mirror will be offline for an indefinite amount of time. He is currently looking into means of preventing it from happening again. This will likely make it impossible for you to download with any download utility such as GetRight, even if you're only using it for its resume feature. WCA Mirror Online Update ID

It looks like Tye was able to put together some quickie site upgrades that will hopefully allow his weekly WCA mirror to stay up for the time being. GetRight, among others, should work, and now it should force you to use non-segmented downloading. We'll keep you posted on any further information regarding this. Don't forget there is also our Lord Nightwalker mirror here.

WCA Mirror Returns Update ID

Some of you may remember Lord Nightwalker's WCA mirror. Well.. it's back! All thirteen episodes of Academy goodness in one place, available all the time. Unfortunately due to nameless individuals previously flooding this server with segmenting programs, the ability to download in segments is gone and the ability to resume downloads went with it. If this doesn't bother you, you can find the new mirror here.

Fun Props - Part Two Update ID

As promised, here's Chris's description of his newly acquired WC movie flight suit:
What I picked up was one of the standard red flight suits worn in the movie. At first I was surprised at its size. It's meant to be a fairly tight fit, and it's made from fairly stretchy material. The suit is detailed with lots of nice padding and design and comes complete with the screen-worn grime necessary for the Tiger's Claw's rugged look. There's even a bullet in one of the many built-in bullet holder slots on the chest near a velcro patch where the pilot's name tag goes. The pants are actually a large piece that forms into the vest/overalls upper combo. The jacket comes down over much of that. It's got plenty of hooks and buckles for a secure fit. Even some of the pockets have nice clasps. And a nice small red Super Soaker would fit in one of them nicely.

Not a Chance, Pal Update ID

TyeDyeBoy reports that Gamespy's I-War 2 review has a nice Privateer mention. Here's the quote :
Piracy games have always been a mixed bag. Not since Wing Commander: Privateer have I seen a good space shooter where you played a pirate on fairly open-ended missions, stealing whatever you like and selling it to the highest bidder, or putting it to use.
You can read the whole article here.

Fun Props - Part One Update ID

I recently bought myself a Combat Suit used in the WC movie. A combat suit is the marine armor seen towards the end of the movie, only without the actual plastic "armor" bits. Put simply, it is a modified set of overalls with vast amounts of rubber attached. There are various clips on the suit where which would hold the plastic in place, but unfortunately I don't have the plastic. At some point in its life, someone has written numbers or something on the inside in green marker, however the only readable part of this is '34"'.

And that's our insight in to WC props for today. Coming soon - a movie flight suit.

Attention Prize Winners Update ID

ChrisReid asked me to pass the following along, concerning the CIC Birthday prizes.
They've been shipping out over the past month, but the last door prizes went out last week. They'll be a little slower in coming because of the airlines situation, but all the prizes should be everywhere real soon.

Trivia 3, Week 47 Update ID

Here are the questions for Week 47. You must have your answers in before Sunday (September 23).
Question 93: What were two specific acts that made the Confederation declare war on the Kilrathi Empire? Question 94: What were two specific apparent acts that made the Confederation consider declaring war on the Union of Border Worlds? Bonus 47: What was one reason the Confederation went to war with the Pilgrim Alliance?
E-mail your answers to ChrisReid, or use our handy online form.

Holding The Line, Chapter 102 Update ID

You can click here to read the 102nd chapter of Holding the Line (an index of previously archived chapters will be available shortly). The sheer amount of writing alone boggles the mind! As before, Raptor has kindly written a short introduction...
Hi all, Raptor here.

HTL continues with the second part of Shades of Grey, written by Nick "Chaeronea" Deane. One of the main themes of this story has been of people letting go of past disputes and ill feelings to come together in their common humanity, in the face of a monstrous enemy they hadn't known existed. While it was never planned this way, it's a theme that is tragically appropriate this week. To all the Wingnuts whose lives were touched what happened, please know that my thoughts and those of the HTL writers are with you. God bless.

Conquest Commentary Update ID

Beef sent in a chat transcript a few days back -- it's part of a public chat with Eric Peterson, producer of StarLancer and Conquest. Here's his confirmation regarding the Pegasus in-joke...
[16:39] Stormire: my favorite is the fighters screaming 'stay on target....'
[16:39] DaDakota: We have some hidden humor all through the game
[16:39] TK: hey jerrid
[16:39] Dazz: fied enemies coming up i like that saying :¬D
[16:39] beergod: you need to thank George Bush too
[16:39] Kilrathisoldier: The funny thing about Smirnoff, is that it is a drink in Russia! LOL!
[16:39] Dazz: fried
[16:39] DaDakota: Storm, our tribute to SW
[16:39] Beef: hehe 'loading navcom AI' =)
[16:39] Stormire: =) praise be
[16:39] GC-Shadow: and the battleships special science weapons is awesome
[16:39] DaDakota: Beef, our tribute to WC
[16:39] Vagamus: smirnoff ice? heh
[16:39] Beef: =)
[16:40] DaDakota: since no one saw the movie

Trivia 3, Week 46 Update ID

Here's Monday's trivia -- and my apologies for failing to post it earlier in the week.
Welcome to Game Three, Week Forty-Six Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to or Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (September 16, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Answers to Questions for Week 45 (starting September 3, 2001):

Question 89: What was an obstacle Gwen Bowman struggled to overcome?
Answer: After being forced to shoot down fellow wingman Blizzard, Archer had trouble taking the lives of enemy pilots.

Question 90: What was a goal Mitchell Lopez tried to achieve?
Answer: Vaquero hoped to open up a cantina for old vets after the war was over.

Bonus 45: What was a fear that held back Thaddeus O'Brian?
Answer: O'Brian was the coward commanding officer of the Tarawa who nearly sacrificed the end run to Kilrah to save himself.

New Questions for Week 46 (starting September 10, 2001):

Question 91: Who were two people that were on the ground during the initial McAuliffe Ambush?

Question 92: Who were two people that fought on the ground at Repleetah?

Bonus 46: Who were two people that fought face-to-face with the Nephilim (not in space craft)?

Submissions are due by September 16, 2001.

Please email answers to and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

Updates Will Continue Update ID

We have decided to continue updating the CIC as normal -- it's a source of entertainment for a lot of people, and to not do so would be to allow such acts to change us. It's only a tiny corner of the universe, but it's our corner. Thank you all for your e-mails, msgs, IMs and such. Those looking for people to commiserate during this time of crisis are welcome in #WingNut.

requiscat in pace Update ID

We apologize for the lack of news updates, but feel they would be out of place given the recent tragedy. All Wing Commander fans are welcome to join us in following the news in #WingNut. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this terrible event.

A Day in the LOAF Update ID

Well, I'm off to the Aquarium to hunt the most dangerous game... the giant octopus. I'll bring back a terrifying picture if I succesfully capture it. So, uhm, here's a picture of Lara Croft and I from DragonCon... and here (7 megs) is a typical DC conversation, filmed by Joe of Origin Museum fame and digitized by WildFire.

Trivia Reminder Update ID

You probably don't need to be reminded -- after all, trivia is important to you. You love it. You plan to marry trivia in a small, taseful ceremony -- just friends, no family. Still, it's worth the mention -- finish up those trivia responses by midnight tonight, send 'em to Chris and check for the next session on Monday.

Twisty Art Update ID

Comco has sent in some more wonderful fan art, using the same mesh that Cameron Wu created for his piece several days ago. Checkitout...

No Balls About It Update ID

Well, Wing Commander is back on USA... but this time it's the movie and not the cartoon. Since Sci-Fi and USA are part of the same company, this will probably be the balls-less version. Times as follows... watch all three and win a prize. (Thanks to Greywolf).

Tue, September 11 - 9:00 PM
Wed, September 12 - 3:00 PM
Sun, October 14 - 4:00 PM

Jump On In Update ID

Want to try JumpGate? Head over here and sign up for the free preview! Remember to practice flying in the 'sim first, since these aren't Wing Commander physics... (press release here). (All information is courtesy of Death, JumpGate-master).

Holding The Line, Chapter 101 Update ID

If there's one thing I get far too much, it's people asking where all the fanfic is. "Where's the fanfic?", they say. Well, due to circumstances explained below, we're now publishing the crown jewel of Wing Commander fanfic series', the Wing Commander Aces' Holding the Line series. Here's Raptor, to introduce this idea far more eqloquently... (and here's the story).
Hi everyone, Raptor here.

It's been quite a few months since HTL celebrated its second anniversary,and the publication of its 100th chapter. You can find all of those chapters at:

Since then, we've published close to two dozen chapters via the Aces Club mailing list, but our online archives haven't been updated, for a variety of reasons. That's been frustrating for both readers who aren't on the list, and for the writers, who naturally want to reach as big an audience as possible. However, the CIC has now kindly agreed to publish our chapters, and we'll be bring you a new chapter each week. As chapters on the mailing list are sent out fortnightly, the chapters posted on the CIC will catch up to where we are with the mailing list, so that those who've chosen not to be on the list will no longer have to settle for getting chapters later than club members.

For those who have read the first 100 chapters when they posted on the archives, but who may now be a little hazy on the details, I would suggest skim reading the last two chapters of the Nephele Arc and the first five chapters of the Loki Arc (which is to say, chapters 94 through to 100.) That'll refresh your memory on where we are with the story.

For those new to HTL, welcome aboard. Reading chapters 94 to 100 (along with the background information on the archive site) will give you enough information to get into the story. Obviously, it would be ideal if you could read all the past chapters, but that's something you can do whenever you want to. Also, for those unfamiliar with the ships and fighters used by the Border Worlders in 2681, you can find all the information at:

Anyway, that's enough for me. I hope you enjoy this story, and the many more coming your way in the future. This chapter is by one of my best writers, Nick "Chaeronea" Deane. Please send any and all comments to him at

Best, Raptor

Janes Addiction Update ID

Janes has risen from the dead -- a company called Xicat has purchased the rights to produce ultra-realistic simulations with the Janes brand. Not quite the same situation as Wing Commander -- but it's still promising to see that one of the brands lost by EA during the lets-be-stupid period a few years back has survived. Read all about it in this article at FGN Online.


Do not, repeat DO NOT use multi-part download utilities -- this is ruining Tye's server, and will cause WCA downloads to end, and result in an IP ban from the CIC for anyone engaging in such an activity.

There's Always Next Year Update ID

... and speaking of Dragon*Con, the official site reports that next year's con will be August 30th through September 2nd -- if you missed the fun this year, you can start helping us make plans now!

DC Pictures Update ID

You've waited patiently -- now here are my pictures from Dragon*Con 2001! Marvel at our cool booth and Joe's crossbow and the cool props Mark Day sent us to display and so forth. We'll add photos from Joe and others as they become available.

From: Tyson Archaeological Update ID

Reports have come to us telling of a pirate presence between Karatikus and Hades. The pirates are Chirichans, and it is not yet known why they have chosen to take up patrols in this area. We have a cargo ship full of artifacts taken from the surface of Hades, Nav 6 that must go to Karatkius for analysis. We need a pilot to sweep through this route, including Nav Points #6, #24, #23, #22, & #0, annihilating any known pirates along the way.

SWC Promises Update ID

Okay, so the SWC movies were kind of screwed up -- possibly because Super Wing Commander's music isn't movie specific. Anyway, I'll do better next time... and next time is soon -- I'm going to redo all the SWC movies -- dozens and dozens of them; even some that... well, weren't in the game! Check back soon.

German Movie Times Update ID

Jochen was kind enough to send us the German Wing Commander movie times for the month of September. Here goes... (times are in CET)

Premiere 1: 2nd 22:15, 6th 18:15, 11th 23:30, 17th 20:15, 22nd 13:15, 28th 15:00
Premiere Analog: 2nd 22:15, 6th 18:15, 11th 23:30, 17th 20:15, 22nd 13:20, 28th 15:00

Conquest of the Planet of Delance Update ID

Delance reports that the GameSpot review of Conquest (here) mentions Wing Commander... and, more interestingly, that Conquest itself has a Wing Commander movie reference in it. Apparently the loading screen claims that the Conquest races use the NAVCOM A.I. Anybody have a screenshot?

Good Help Needed Update ID

The BLHQ is looking for a few (well, one) good GameMasters for their IRC based RPG! Would you like to know more?
WANTED :::: Temporary Game Master ( MirC) a temporary GM (Game Master) to provide a structured gaming session until one of the regular Campaign sessions is ready to begin. Compensation to the temporary GM will be negotiated upon contact and discussion of game needs and game length for the campaign dependent upon the length of time the temporary GM's services are required. The GM must be available on weekends for gaming activity between 2100 - 0001 EST. for gaming activity with the membership.

Applicants should have a knowledge of Wing Commander , the Black Lance and gaming. Noted is that the Black Lance being portrayed is set as the Black Ops Hero’s of the confederation and Not as left in their final portrayal in WCIV. Time line currently running is post Profecy involved in the Nephilim Wars.

Applicants Please contact (Sabre) Director of Gaming Black Lance at for information and information.

Forstchen Speaks Out Update ID

LeHah interviewed William Forstchen (although I'll take credit for some of the questions)... and here's the result -- a very honest look at his feelings for the Wing Commander series.
What are your current projects?

Currently I'm working on another Lost Regiment novel and the development of a couple of projects in the area of historical fiction and mainstream history.

Would you be interested in/do you forsee writing further Wing Commander novels?

To be honest, no. Have disagreed with some of the directions taken in Wing Commander and also the issue of payment which is no longer sufficient. THis is regretful since I did have a grand time writing the books, especially the stand alone ones such as Fleet Action and End Run. I've worked in several other "worlds" such as Wizard's Magic, Star Trek NG and a co authored book with Ray Feist set in his Rift War. In general, (except for Feist) the experience has been extremely frustrating. You don't own the copyright on what is in fact your work, at times you'll see less creative people without an original thought then take your ideas and distort them or claim them as their own or jerk you around with demands that you deliver "A" but then at the last minute changing it to "Z" The work with Ray, in contrast, was a wonderful shared experience and in the future I just intend to work on my own material or collaborate with a single professional like Ray, rather than a company effort like WC

Why did you turn down the offer to write the Wing Commander movie novel?

LOL Two reasons. Money, the payment offered was abysmal and insulting, I made more on my very first novel, and secondly I was, to put it mildly, digusted by the screenplay. It was frustrating since there were so many potentially good stories within the Wing Commander world to build a movie around. When I first received the screenplay for review I was, to say the least, stunned and even if I had been offered an honest sum to write it, rather than the slave wages suggested, I would have turned it down.

Did you see the Wing Commander movie or play Wing Commander Prophecy. If so, what are your thoughts thereon?

I was trapped on a flight to England a year or so ago and the Wing Commander movie was playing. I listened in for about ten minutes, then turned off the sound and pulled on some eye shades so I didn't have to watch. Honestly! I am not prone to air sickness but I did fear for my stomach.

Yet again, given some of the great stories within Wing Commander, why they had to cook up that screenplay is a mystery. For example, the betrayal and court martial of Towlyn would have made a grand flick. I should add that I was always very partial to the Tolwyn character, seeing in him the genius, and flawed personality of a MacArthur. I had worked on the character early on into the series when he was still just a foil for the main characters and wanted to see him evolve as a complex military genius, unfortunately hewas pushed in other directions by the powers that be and I did have objections to the final turn out, perferring to see him as a MacArthur/Patton/Cromwell type instead. Its why I did write in the scene involving his suicide (a story line I could not change) the part where his medals are laid out on the bunk. It's why I used him as the main POV for the book that goes back to the origins of the Kilrathi war.

Were you aware of Andrew Keith's interest in writing further Wing Commander novels? Is there any possibility of you picking up his work in his honor ala Spielberg to Kubrick?

I have tremendous respect for Andrew's work but unfortunately some one else will have to pick that mantle up.

Origin provided you with a copy of the WC2 era 'bible' for the series -- would you be willing to allow the Origin Museum ( to archive this document online for posterity?

Frankly, I'm not sure if I can even locate it now. I started working on the project while still in grad school in Indiana and the bible got boxed up in a move to NC. Also, you'd have to get it cleared with the original owners since I remember there was a confidentiality statement attached to it.

Who the heck is Lyford Beverge and why does his name keep showing up in your work?

Ahh, Lyford, A very dear friend who I worked with while teaching High School in Maine. many of the characters in my different novels are named after friends, such as Mina, Beverage, Ferguson, Kindred. I also will use the names of favorite students as a little way of saluting their efforts.

What a Wasteland Update ID

Matthew Kruer has officially announced his next Wing Commander project, titled "Wasteland". Read on...
This press release for a new and hopefully very exciting game that will be open up to the public for the first time. The game is already passed the planning stage and is entering into the construction stage. Currently we are looking for programmers for the cinematic sequences and mission construction. We may also require mapers to edit and update existing maps to some models. All new models are entering the final stretch. Check out the web page for more details and a sneak peek at the Intro.

Matthew Kruer, Project Leader

Welcome to Wasteland…

Now That's Art Update ID

Cameron Wu has sent a piece of fan art that's absolutely incredible -- it looks like one of those expensive aviation paintings you see in museums...

Almost Done... Update ID

HellcatV has sent in an update on Vegastrike -- the project has an all new release, version 0.0.8; the current hope is to have a fully playable version two releases from now. Here's Hellcat.
All known bugs have been terminated.... making collisions work flawlessly. In addition, shields have been added to brightly light up when hit by various weapons. Ships bounce off each other when impacting, which adds much more realism than previously where starships flew around like ghosts in the wind.

Also, the rings of saturn have been added and now shine shyly behind jupiter for those bold enough to explore the solar system! But be sure to attack those hornets sitting near earth... their shields look simply amazing... But no soul would fire on earth--would they? Anyhow enjoy the release...

Thanks for your interest and download the latest windoze version at

Even More Music? Update ID

LeHah contacted George Oldziey for an update on his hopes to produce a Wing Commander 3/4 soundtrack CD -- and this is the reply...
I got a reply quite a while ago from EA legal that they would consider licensing the music to me. We did not discuss any terms though. That's something that I will follow up if you think there is enough interest.

At this point I envision a CD of MIDI arrangements. I do have a much upgraded sample library, which I think will sound significantly better. I think using a real orchestra is prohibitively expensive in comparison to the return on the investment. Unless you know a wealthy benefactor.

I'll check on the issue with EA legal again after the holiday and let you know what transpires.


George Oldziey

BTW, I did see the WC movie when it first came out. I thought it was visually very good but lacked a good story and screenplay. I thought it was edited well. The music was pretty good, a little too predictable for my tastes, but it did the job.

Faire Redux Update ID

Origin has announced the second Ultima Online Worlds Faire, which in traditional EA style, has been renamed something strange -- the Online Worlds Fanfest. It'll take place October 26th & 27th in Austin, Texas... and the CIC will be there! Anyone want to share a room?

We're Home! Update ID

All's well that ends well -- the CIC is back from Dragon*Con (well... Hades is still in Atlanta). Unfortunately, I can only upload my pictures from home -- but Tye has posted some teasers here. Check back real soon now for my pictures and a heck of a bunch of stories. Now here's a whole pile of WC news...

From: Messineo Couriers Ltd. Update ID

There is a rather large shipment of jewels coming from Anhur (Nav Point #7) to Crius (Nav Point #4), and as always there is the threat of pirates. We need you to patrol the three points between the two planets, which includes Nav Points #10, #11, & #12. Sweep the area clear of any pirates, and we will make sure your reward is put into your account.

Crius.Milestones Update ID's increasingly popular Chat Zone has reached another milestone : over 80,000 posts in nearly 3,000 threads! If you go there now and start an interesting thread, it's likely to get 26.67 replies.

We're On Our Way... Update ID

Home, as you read this! Expect a hefty DragonCon update on tuesday -- and no more of this half-thought out pre-written automated news!

From: Hades Archaeological Update ID

The Jincilla are attacking one of our cargo carriers at Nav Point 20. It contains the fossilised remains of a creature that may have lived on Hades many millions of years ago. We have seen nothing of it's kind before, but we believe it may have been as intelligent as we are the remains of some quite complex equipment was found with it. We are desperate to study these items and they must be protected. You will be paid well but you must hurry.

SWC Video #5 Update ID

Here's the last SWC video (in this series -- expect more soon!)... a Hornet landing! Get it here.

From: CIS Headquarters, Security Div. Update ID

The Kindred have hired the dregs of piracy, the Jincilla, to attack a Military carrier near NAv Point #45, between Hades and Crius. This carrier has recently been in a battle with the Kindred, rescuing many innocent civilians who had been kidnapped from their homes, to be used in medical experimentation. However, they suffered many losses to the fighters escorting them and it's own weapons are crippled. Anyone who will go and take out these Jincilla scum, so we can bring the civilians home will be well rewarded.

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