WCZone - Release! Update ID

As reported yesterday, the WCZone project has finished their ships pack for SubSpace! Download this file (appox. 1 meg) and unzip it into your SubSpace directory to change all the ships into familiar Wing Commander fighters and capships! This is a very cool addon for any WingNut who's been doubling as a SS fanatic. Credit for the rendering software which allowed this to see completion goes to L.A.W. And, of course, a big round of applause for Filler, who actually produced a fan project that lived up to the hype! Good job!

Pukcal! Update ID

Those readers who are members of the Cult of Sivar already know that today is the annual Ritual of Pukcal, the annual Kilrathi ceremony of atonement at the Temple of Sivar. Have a good one!

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