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Fordat1 over at agwc reports that Sonic Images is producing a Wing Commander Movie soundtrack. Check out the release below.

Sonic Images is releasing the original soundtrack to WING COMMANDER, which is based on the the popular CD-ROM game.

The Film is scored by Kevin Kinder with the WING COMMANDER Main theme composed by David Arnold.

Kiner and Arnold worked together last on the sci-fi TV series "The Visitor".

The score was orchestrated and Conducted by Nicholas Dodd and performed by a 70 piece London Orchestra.

The CD will be available on March 9th from Sonic Images.

FYI, the film opens on March 12th and will have on it the extended five minute trailer for the new STAR WARS film.

Go to for more information

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The new 'official' trailer has been released! It's much shorter and VERY similar to the commercial currently found on networks everywhere. It has a few significant changes, though: it reports that the movie is 'now in theaters', and shows short scenes to include Burrows and Karyo with the cast members mentioned in the narration.

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After learning that Wing Commander Movie commercials are being shown on MTV now, I popped in a tape and recorded whatever I could find. I was able to catch one - here's exactly what's in it. If someone can make a realmovie of one of these commercials, it would be much appreciated!

20th Century FOX Logo
Obutu talks into a microphone.
Obutu: "Battle Stations".
Rapiers approach the screen.
Out the Tiger Claw's bridge windows.
Offscreen: "Kilrathi ships are closing!"
The Tiger Claw's broadside is hit.
Shot of the empty Tiger Claw flight deck.
Narrator: "To fight a new breed of enemy."
The back of Blair in marine gear.
Kilrathi armor in the darkness.
Blair in marine gear raises his gun.
Blair: "What is this thing?"
Shot of a Kilrathi face.
A Rapier flies through asteroids.
Rapiers cockpits close in prepration for launch.
Techs prep a Rapier.
Narrator: "Earths last hope is a new generation of warrior."
Gerald and Blair.
Blair: "Lieutenant Christopher Blair".
Maniac saluting.
Maniac: "Todd, Maniac Marshall".
Int. Rapier Cockpit - a Dralthi rams it.
Offscreen: "Two bogies, coming in hot!"
An explosion.
Angel in cockpit.
Angel: "Lets do it".
A lever is pulled.
A Rapier shoots off the flight deck.
A Rapier heads into fire.
Maniac is sucked accross the screen, yells.
A Kilrathi fires his Dor-chak.
Int. Rapier Cockpit - twists towards asteroids.
A Rapier passes the under the screen, leaving an explosion.
Rosie and Maniac freeze during jump.
Blair on the flight deck.
Narrator: "Freddie Prinze Jr."
A Rapier twists towards a crash landing on the flight deck.
Maniac on the flight deck.
Narrator: "Matthew Lillard."
Int. Rapier Cockpit - heading towards a battle.
Massive explosion.
'Wing Commander' appears onscreen.
Narrator: "Wing Commander".
Blair in a Broadsword turret.
Blair: "Whoo, I love this baby!".
Film block.
Narrator: "Rated PG-13. Starts March 12th, only in theaters."

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Following up on the news update from this morning, CIC visitor Maik Knopf has translated the German news updates mentioning Wing Commander at and He sent us this snippet.
Wing Commander Movie-Trailer released
The trailer for the Wing Commander-Movie was released recently. The result was that many download sites broke down due to heavy traffic. WCNews offers a list of mirror sites.
As reported on, the Wing Commander Movie trailer is out now. You can download it here.

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Jibbo noticed a rather odd easter egg in the Confederation Handbook. Turn to page 116 and find the image captioned "View of Savant's deep layers of brain tissue between brain stem and left frontal lobe." Now compare that picture of Pilgrim brain tissue to the below image of the Lagoon Nebula, taken in 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope. Eerie...

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