WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

Greetings; long time lurker...first time poster. Thank you, Thank you.

Alas, mod is downloaded and functioning, however...I believe I have downloaded an "aged" version of the mod! I have read many posts of their being confusion between older mod...and updated mod.

...right now I downloaded a .rar and a .exe file - took some playing around with files and such but it is now working. But...is there a newer version that is hosted? Perhaps I have missed its location.

All the .rar file had in it was a readme and a .ini file (I've never used a mod based on a .ini...only .big or a TC) How I got it to function was by putting the old wc4homeworld_preview.exe file in with the HW.exe file for this mod. The shortcut is as...Homeworld2.exe -mod Wc4S.ini - so it seems to function.

But is the .exe supposed to say "preview"?

Thanks. And sorry for the two month necro post.
hey, so I tried using this mod, followed the directions in the readme but this error keeps comin up when I try to change the target of the shortcut:

The name 'C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe -mod Wc4S.ini' specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.

The path and filename are both correct, I've tried adding the -mod Wc4S.ini to my homeworld 2 shortcut to no avail. I tried searching for this error here but nothin came up, how do I fix this?
I think the string "C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Home world2.exe" needs to be wrapped in quotes otherwise everything after the first space will be interpreted as arguments.
its in quotes, this is whats in the target:

"C:\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe -mod Wc4S.ini"

this is whats in Start in:


the paths are correct, everything looks like it should work, I've checked out the error online, disabled UAC and DEP, still with the same error. vanilla Homeworld 2 works perfectly, using 1.0 because I couldnt find a no cd patch for 1.1, hate having to look for the cd all the time.
Hello everyone,

For some time, I've been following this great mod, and I occasionnaly posted here to suggest some ideas for it. And a month ago, while tweaking though czacen files, and using the Point Defense System mod material, I got all guns and missiles in the game to aim and fire at torpedoes and capmiss.
Of course, I tried to contact czacen to share the tip, but since he did not answer, I got the great staff of the CIC to host my version of the mod that shown to all that Wing Commander can become an awesome RTS :

Wing Commander 4 Strategy Unofficial Add-On : Target Acquired

So, the gameplay changes are as follow :
-> Fighter-based guns will no longer shoot at capships like destroyers, cruisers and carriers (those engineers working on phase shielding aren't paid for nothing), so only torps, capmiss and capship weaponry will be able to damage other capships.
-> Torpedoes, missiles and capmiss are all relevant targets for every-single-unit, meaning that capships' AAA will fire at enemy torps (provided of course it isn't already attacking targets of opportunity (Yes, fighter-covered torpedo strike, I'm thinking about you)), as well as fighters (which do have a greater rate of fire and can move at gun range quite fast). The thing is, as in PDS, you won't be able to target those nasty buggers manually, so press F4 for offensive stance and please do not give a direct attack order with a unit you hope to see one day fire at nuke-tipped rockets. It'll give a fighting chance to that fleet of yours, and make it the victory tool (as long as you provide some fighter cover).

To test the mod, just download the file and move it into your "Data" folder in the "Homeworld2" folder (don't try to extract it, just get it there).
Then, create a shortcut to Homeworld2, right-click on it and go to properties.
In the "target" field, add the following (without the brackets) :
( -mod WC4S_target_acquired.rar)
The space is important, so just copy-paste that to the end of the "target" field.

Then, launch the game through the shortcut and enjoy.

Thanks to Aaron Thomas, for his great mod, a astonishing one-man work and the CIC staff for their will to help all the WingNuts out here,

Bonne chance, et bonne chasse !


P.S. : Here are some screenshots a friend of mine made when testing the mod, showing a UBW Strike carrier shooting at his torps :

LIF: I look forward to checking it out!

Andrewas: it looks like there's a problem in the file name, you have "Homeworld.ex[space]e" and that won't work...
hello all. sadly it has been far to long since i was last here :(.

sorry for my late response LIF. Great work! I am impressed and I thank you for helping keep the mod alive! I am currently rummaging through my last archive of mod files to see if I can compile a new version of the mod with the updated ships I did some time ago. perhaps we can combine your new AI with it and give ppl a treat in time for x-mas?
take care all.
- Aaron
Glad to see you're back, czacen, and, once again, sorry to have posted a file without your direct approval. But I'm happy to hear you like these little tweaks to your mod. I sent you a few PM to give you the full detail of the mods as well as the next thing I'd like to send you for the gameplay aspect of the game.
Hey, nice to see you're around czacen. :D

Do you want me to send you the files for the new shaders and the planet models so we can get some more realistic scenarios going for the next release?
TonViper, glad to see you too buddy! I think thats a fabulous idea. LIF sent me his updated AI workflow. Perhaps we should work on a way of combining all these 3 updates into one new release. It will take me a little while to get my files out of the archive but i should get to it soon. We might need to go over the 2.0 shader workflow. Ive been out of HW2 and the mod for a while and it will take some time to get my brains ticking like they used to :). PM me when you can.
Hey all, I just tried to reinstall the mod today after getting my PC wiped and fixed. I have the game installed, patched, and the updated version of the mod that LIF made. When I go to launch the game (both the original and the modded), the screen goes to black then back to windows. I have the game set up for compatibility mode for Windows NT. But it still crashes. My New OS is Windows 7 Evaluation copy Build 7100. Can anyone help?