WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

And some more:


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hi everyone, still working on the confed HQ. i however have a spoiler image. please not that this is NOT the final version of this ship. its only about half way there. just thought id let everyone see what its roughly looking like so far. there are a few dimension issues (need to be a bit fatter i think) and of course the colour issue as well but its got some bigger problems with how the game engine seems to be rendering shadows on its surface. got to get thru all this so it will take a few days. anybody see any distinct problems other than above mentioned pls dont hesitate to post.
thanks again ByrnS, you wouldn't happen to have a few more shots preferably of the bottom of the centre structure? :)

Looking good, czacen -- you seem to be a modeling machine! :cool:

czacen said:
... thanks again ByrnS, you wouldn't happen to have a few more shots preferably of the bottom of the centre structure? :)

Unfortunately I don't believe I have any other suitable video files offline that I could source reference images from at the moment -- I'm more than happy to trawl through the games (WC3/WC4 DVD/WCP) using HCL's movie player to sample some more images, but am heading off for a week's vacation tomorrow morning, so wouldn't be able to do it until next Wednesday.

I'm fairly sure the WC3 shots I posted are the only (external) ones of the station in the game's cinematics. I could be wrong, but I don't believe there are any more exterior shots of the station from WC4 either, apart from the one's from the intro that I posted. There should be a couple more angles from Prophecy I think.

AD has been working on a WC4 movie project for some time so will probably know if there are additional shots of the station in the game's cinematics -- there are some fairly nice sequences featuring a couple of other stations and platforms from WC4 too. Perhaps if AD has some time he may be able to post some reference images, otherwise I'll gladly look around next week. :)


Mmm... Homeworld 2. I haven't played it in a while but I'll have to give it a once over to refresh my memory. Will there be the possibility of mission or sound additions to this mod - or is it purely graphical (which I must admit looks beautiful)
well leHah, kinda posted abt the mission thingie already. but sounds, i did think of adding the weapon sound fx, once i add the weapon fire fx, but honestly that will be way on the backburner. i intend to make the hw2 universe as close to WC as i can, so that does mean sounds will have to be added but not in the first few releases. as for tonite, another WIP shot. i purposely put the sun in the shot... wanted to kinda compose the scene for this picture.even though the centre structure of the base is done, the arms remain and then all the extra do-hickeys.

btw, not the most flattering of angles for the base, but there will be plenty of those pics once the base is done. ;)
Oops, I just noticed the earlier post about a campaign after posting about it.
hi everyone. took a break from the HQ so it will be delayed. but in the meantime another ship is making an entry. the Longbows!

i apologise for the sun flare screenshot, seems like im making a bad habit with captures like these. anyway will get back on the HQ asap. :)
hi everyone, feels like too long since my last update. i know i should have the confed HQ done already but ive been letting myself get easily side tracked with other ships. first the longbows, and now this

the durango :)

Wasn't so much the fighting as it was so much hi-res goodness crammed into one picture.
finished the last remaining cap ship for confed, so current status is:

all confed fighters finished, all confed capships finished other than shipyard and HQ. few utility class ships remaining such as mining transport and probes. then ill move onto bug fixing with whatever graphics there is so far, and then onto weapons and fx. btw where has everyone gone? this thread has been very silent other than LeHah's posts. :( (LeHah i didnt mean that in a bad way :))

What you got so far is very promising and looks absolutely fantastic.

I hope it will feature a single player campaign in the end since I'm absolutely not interested in playing multiplayer.
But even playing the normal campaign with wc ships would be awesome.

Keep up the very good work! d(^_^)b
Love looking at all the pics don't be discouraged at a low amount of feed back Your doing a great job and at such a quick rate. I probably would be more excited if I owned a copy of homeworld 2 :) but from the look of this mod I may have to go out and buy one. I think it looks great love to see what your finished confed space station looks like.