WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

Thanks for the correction, Chris :eek:

I was cognisant of the Concordia design and conning tower placement as it appeared in WC4, but seem to have been "convinced" by the discourse elsewhere (most likely in the Saga sub-forum) that this was not the intended design. I think I'll feign insanity and claim I was under the influence... of too much Saga noise. :p
The models are GORGEOUS. I really like the fighters in the Homeworld forum.

I really hope this one will get done. HW2 is a very good spaceRTS game.

The Tallahassee is especially pretty.

BTW, why don't you use the Vesuvius as one of the two main factions' Mothership?
As far as stats go, you might want to check out the fleet tactics website. It only goes up through Wing Commander 3, but most of the ships from 3 were also in 4, so it'll help some. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it all sounds pretty reasonable.


That should help some with the weapons and ship descriptions. I didn't know if you'd been there at all or not, so I figured I might as well post it and see what you thought.
I strongly recommend that you DO NOT check the Fleet Tactics website as several portions of the information is inaccurate, fabricated or exaggerated. If you want information on specific pieces I'd recommend contacting Loaf or Chris Reid. Both are administrators of this site and have been around the WC community longer than some of our members have been alive. I'd suggest looking for your information in the CIC Resource section (specifically WC4 since that is when your mod seems to be focused) and then asking questions about any pieces that you feel are ambiguous or incorrect.
thanks to all for the reply on the concordia.

Edfilho, i dont think it would be fair to have the vesuvius just handed to a race as the starting mothership. it will be way too unfair since the vesuvius is an unbelievable warship. it is something to wait and struggle and earn with honor and add to your fleet when you really want to pound your enemy to dust ;)

new images today. the all time famous transports. this model comes to you in confed gray-blue or borderworld red-rust

Maj.Striker said:
I strongly recommend that you DO NOT check the Fleet Tactics website as several portions of the information is inaccurate, fabricated or exaggerated. If you want information on specific pieces I'd recommend contacting Loaf or Chris Reid.

Ah. My mistake. I didn't really know what was canon or not, but I thought i'd at least point out the option. Thank you for correcting me.
wow czacen!! how are you making the 3d models and textures of the ships so fast ? i did some work designing turrets and the Ranger class carrier for Fleet Action ( the homeworld 1 mod ) 4-5 years back and it took me ages to make the models in truespace and export them into .3ds which the project leader wanted them in.
BTW, does anyone know what happened to that mod ?
well the secret to the speed may be that i also do this for a living. i work at the biggest graphics studio in india. we work on 3D animated tv shows and films for the US and UK and France. :)
ok there's officially something screwy going on here. there is no way that the ship dimensions in victory streak are true. just look at the size of the destroyer (490 m) alongside the concordia (800m). No way the destroyer was ever that big in the game or movies! and the ajax --> the wc3 clip screens show it almost the same length of the then ranger-class victory (720m) but its only supposed to be 530m. is it me or does this look wrong to anyone else too? cant go ahead with the destroyer until i get the scale right, its a nuisance to change it after its ready to go into the game. i personally think it should actually be around 350+. much less than half the concordia, and the tallhassee around 700+. any ideas?

went ahead and got the destroyer ingame. i kinda eyeballed the dimensions. funnily enough it looks absolutely perfect at a stunning 270m... :0! the tallahassee is still too big though. need to drop it by ~70m. going to get started on the BW version destroyer later tonight. any feedback on the look please dont hesitate. C&C always welcome. :)

sweet work czacen. anyways, were in India are u from ? im from poona.
anyways, i think there might be a difference from what the movies show and whats actuallty there in the gameplay. the Ajax couldnt have been as big as the movies showed it to be and the distroyer was just a tad smaller than Ajax.
thanks Foxtrot. I live and work in bombay. anyways, didnt build any new ships today. just tweaked some nagging problems that were piling up on the existing ships. right now working on getting the confed build menus cleaned up and research menus sorted out. will have some screens of the confed build menus and tech-tree by tomorrow.
Wow, that's very impressive czacen! I think you're the 3rd person I know of who has attempted modding WC into HW2, but I think you're already farther than anyone I know of. It seems like you're taking a practical realistic approach to completion and I wish you the best of luck!

I'm not sure about how modding HW2 works, but if it's possible and not too difficult, the Vagr fighter formations would seem to work well with Border Worlds since they have more of an individualistic sloppier formation vs. Confed having the crisp formations that the Hiigaran fighters fly in.
well those nagging problems i mentioned earlier, one of them required me to build a new ship to find the solution. not a big ship but here it is. this will be the marine boarding craft for confed. fixed the nagging problem and the coast is looking good.

Great looking ships but I have a question. Will this mod have a campaign, or will it only be available in skirmish/multiplayer?
well you know i have given that some serious thought. however it is a big enough task to get fully working races in multiplayer alone. right now i see myself finish confed first, release it as a beta then move onto BW and the Black Lance, but single player might come much later once all ships are ready. if its any consolation you may be able to play the HW2 campaign with WC ships. im not ruling it out. it would be great fun to make, so who knows if people like the MP enough i might put in a SP later. :)
Sorry for the silence everybody. my computer was down yesterday. both ram slots on my MB seem to have given in. i am however working from my backup PC and all MOD files are backed up and safe - rest assured. however in the meantime i am moving to a rather large task. i need to build the confed fleet mothership, now my initial idea was to build confed HQ - the one that spins with separate arms.. the black thing floating off jupiter (i think) but i need some good image references to build it. can anyone point me in the right direction, or better still load some images here. Thanks in advance. if i dont get proper references ill go ahead and build some other base like thing, there were a few in WC4 but i wanted to morph them into shipyard like structures. anyway. thanks to all in advance. hope to get some good shots :)
Here are some images I grabbed from a couple of WC3/WC4/WCP video files I have offline:


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