Voyagers of Space - Waves of Strings

... Waves of Strings # 81 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 6 ...
... Inspired by “Fifteen girls rafting” (“Deux ans de vacances”) by Jules Verne ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... yaburi (story) about hope is delayed desperation ... 2 ...

It is low orbit with big aurora waving, and under atmosphere with many clouds.
Many celestial stars could be seen at above from the four ships.

These four ships floating on a orbit of an unmanned planet, in diamond formation,
and black hole anchors for artificial gravity twinkling at beneath of each ship.
20 comet satellites, smaller than space airplanes, around these big ships.

Two type-180 begin to moved to both EMF catapult tunnels for take off.
Around the moving type-180 space airplane, there are small search lights rotating,
which are reminding that it is time to a sortie flight, reentry into planet surface.

From internally sliding hatches at pro for proton torpedo launch and space plane
take off, metal gate stripes extending about 100 – 300 meters, for more electro-
magnetic acceleration to payload floating within inside.
(It is similar to in “Galactica, season 1” and movie “Space Odyssey 2, 1984”.)

When ready for take off, much more LED lightings on at internal superconducting
gates, and from backward of tunnel catapult to extension gates, other lightings
are twinkling alike that they are going forward in fast speed.

(Back music is orchestra with timpani, drum version “Blacksheep Squadron”.)

Basically, tunnel ducts are serial of unit cubes, bigger than loader lifts which are
holding the each space airplane, and many parts are open, sometimes passing
nearby pulse reactors of pair annihilation (antimatter) mechanism.

And when passing a certain parts of duct, reconnaissance devices and weapons
are put on at internal weapon bays and at external pylon of each fuselage.
This is cable because there are other tunnel ducts for beam guns and missiles.

Just before electromagnetic acceleration, an airplane can further pose control by
tens of small vapor nozzles on everwhere fuselage, (alike an yakovlev-38), floats
on inside of the beginning part of the catapult, and also checks detachable heat
shields on beneath, slants, flaps, rudders, and both long strakes on posterior.

“Miguel” and “Mutassim”, also pilots for type-142 space airplanes are preparing
sequence for take off by EMF catapult, on cockpits under sliding plate armor.
And talk about recently upgraded type-140 (“Persiacat”) maybe could overcome
previous version biomech crafts (in IHM), but, it is certain there are new (in WOS).

Radar and sensor dome is elongated, middle fuselage and side engine room parts
also elongated, suitable for the new engines and superconduction pipe batteries
which need for return to orbit, and equipped with rear radar and sensor.

And at southern atlantic, (”Rio” harbor), other version type-280 (“Pakfa” in real
world) are under development, and this type-285 with the forward swept wings
also in digital dot matrix camouflage painting, (including “Ayatollah”, upgraded).
Maybe these next generation airplanes can overcome biomechatronics.

(From Su-23 “Persiacat”, and then “Flanker” and “Berkut”, and next the “Pakfa”
and forward wing “Pakfa”, more than 60 years of time flow, yet, all are resemble
shining star in dusk or dawn sky.)

And during electromagnetic acceleration sequence, much more energy supplied
to superconduction lines for generating electromagnetic fields, and the gates and
inner tunnel into shining, surface of a space airplane in take off covered by small
aurora, and pressurized cooling gas from superconducting lines vaporing out.

It is late afternoon, and sky with early sunset clouds and high noctilucent clouds.

Routine flight for two shorter type-180 is to go to certain point at planet surface
and testing boost mode of nozzle ducts from pulse reactors and battery canisters,
and return to space carriers on gravity free low orbit.

Usually one attempt capable, only that much energy recharged during a reentry
into atmosphere and flying to a certain point of planet surface.
If fails, recharging needs much time, and type-140 could attempt twice.

(And sometimes, 10 or more longer “Hornet”, entire air squadron training flight
together, over a late afternoon cloud, alike original TV series “Blacksheep”, even
if with non-pulse glider warheads, some situations can annihilate all 10 ships.)

(It is similar to 1990’s PC games by “Microprose”, “Spectrum Holobytes”, et al.)

But, type-130 (resembles yakovlev-130 in real world) is much shorter than longer
“Hornet”, so superconduction battery canisters can not be equipped inside.

If one of two carriers go into the monsoon season area of a planet, for landing of
type-130, there are much thick gray clouds, and storm winds streaming severe.
Cyclones are usually 3 – 5 times severe than far side typhoons.

It would hard for the type-130 in all the search lights on status landing through
upper thick gray rain clouds, on a space carrier also floating in upside winds, and
there are many lightings and search lights on fuselage of space carrier, too.

(For pilot managed to land on the space carrier floats above high air, and even if
carrier is one of the old “Tarawa” ships, it shall be feel alike one step on rainbow
at above the clouds with polymer balance pole in hands.)

(Stealth) robots could returned to planet orbit by shuttles, and airborne air diving
from space carriers could be done only after when air dominance is achieved.
(Shuttles for robots are big, bigger than “C-17” or “787” in real world.)

Space carriers are 3,300 meter and 2,600 meter, as long as a space port runway,
but, landing shall be steeper than usual landing on runway on planet surface.
If commercial interplanet plane would land in lesser low angle which within visual
limits, landing would be as rough as usual carrier landing, and passengers will
complaining about impact to foot and hip, and claiming some refund.

For a example, liquid for cooling could leaked alike tapping water, and low budget
landing gear could be lined and cracked, and if collapse down, passengers in the
interplanet space airplane think that sink hole is open at the middle of runway.
(Similar to situations in local cartoon “Chicken Donald”.)

There also four type-142 (virtual yakovlev-142 cloak capable airplane) on carrier,
instead of only one in “Cape Cheetah”, many months ago, and much upgraded.
They are in space gray background painting, and emblems in white painting.
(And geegeebe or girls in aloe lotion call type-142 as “Pyeunfa”, from north.)

Pilots alike “Miguel” is as tall as “Moor”, yet, from all the sailor’s sights, “Moor” i
the tallest, looks like for about at least 1 cm taller than other pilots.

“Big-E” is first ship equipped with nuclear fusion type antimatter pulse reactors.

(“Moor” aliases “Big-E” as “Marat”, so all sailors call “Enterprise” with the big main
double beam cannon turrets as “Marat”, and a “Wasp” carrier with the two missile
lift turrets which were once at a “Longbeach” ship called as “Trek-naught”. And
“Marat” and “Trek-naught” in history truly never had been existed in real world.)

Human still living in somewhat small cloud part of galaxy resembles vortex cloud,
and space gravity particle status are stable than fractal, in this small cloud part.
All 300 planets under severe debts, so further voyage is stopped 100 years ago.

Alike the next generation 70 kilometer “String Generator” ships, space ships alike
“Cape Cheetah” and “Big-E (Marat)” could be accelerated into a very fast status,
with similar but old architecture antimatter (pair annihilation) pulse reactors in.

(In these future days, warp navigation is not the teleportation to far other space,
accelerating upto one end planet to other end in less than a standard day, maybe
far future, huge amount energy which enable teleportation could be supplied.)

(It is maybe 500 years future, but, artificial intelligent super-com never developed,
so the main frame computers of four ships cannot think by themselves, and highly
trained dead beard whale brain in canister can emergency evade maneuverings,
alike dead orca whale brain in biomechatronic canister in robots on carriers.)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 82 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma … 7 ...
… Inspired by 1980’s TV drama “Call to glory”, movie “The Boondock Saints (1999)”
... Galaxy Year 2X29 … yaburi (story) about hope is delayed desperation ... 3 ...

It became more certain that the insurgent groups with “union-jacque” flags (virtual
monotone and layered-cross flag) are closely related with old and hidden time capsule
programs when 7 th fleet existed, and also with now prevailing 10 biomech fleets.

News media say 20 – 30 % of petroleum (unknown shining red material) in planets
in north nebular remain, and usual londinium citizen do not participate in.
So more than 5 – 10 countries suspected behind insurgents under “union-jacque”.

Dhaka, kolkata, mumbai, and other harbors already under the many spaceships
one of 10 biomechatronic fleets, which consisted with more than 500 ships.

Two space carriers (“Vikrant” and “Vikramaditya” in real world) from india-stan are
preparing final fight at the karachi harbor with other space cruisers, and a few air-
battalion of type-140 (“Ayatollah” or upgraded “Persiacat”) arrived for support.

“Moor” (“Sikermuns”), maybe born at kilimanjaro area, one of the ecological islands,
attempt to pursue ships supplying ammunitions and ships supplying fuels.
And assumes that maybe biomechatronic fleets are almost run out of petroleum.

“Moor” remembers that few years ago, did not know anything about biomechatronic
fleets, so landing at far side harbors with “Cape Cheetah”, and evidence collecting
and sherlock guessing was much helpful for the council of west star system.
(Different from battlecruiser “Potemkin”, but, “San Antonio” surely new “Popeyes”.)

Nowadays, it is certain that human side are under numerically much inferior status,
so newly upgraded fast space carriers with own missiles are the only option.
Sailors are training everyday and carrier airplanes take off somewhat frequently.

Usually, type-180 and type-185 “New Corsair” (“Nouveau Crusader” in french) are
goeum-bulga (means impossible in contemporary practical level hyper-sonic flying),
so type-142 (virtual cloak shaped yakovlev-141) important when need hyper-sonic.

“Moor” thinks that about 30 years ago, west star system could buy two type-270
(sukhoi “Flanker” series in real world), but, now they can only lease type-142.
Financial sponsors from south atlantic stars (brazil and others) sending tequila and
rum, so all the sailors back into optimistic mood, once again.

Alike ancient musha in zen, “McCyan” and “Moor” in the clothes for a martial art,
maybe modified greek or buddhism sorcerer clothes, with red cotton belts.
(“McCyan” and “Moor” talk similar to WWE, world wrestling entertainment.)

(Back music is instrument version “Black or White” by Michael Jackson and band.)

“McCyan” is a current senator of west star system, and once was chief of council,
and sometimes convincing all the other council senators, and from the 30 years ago,
some of them are supporting the 6 th fleet project, and some others supporting 5 th
fleet, but, as one silent senator, can not distinguish who were back of 7 th fleet.

And “Moor” says next generation supercom in “Big-E” estimates that almost a half
of west star system supercoms are occupied by the time capsule software programs
of dismissed 7 th fleet about
30 years ago, and these program codes were found by

biomechatronic fleets, and also much multiplied and evolved.

Many memories vapor away alike water bubbles, but, some could be recovered.
“McCyan” sometimes showing a voyage photo album, when served as young sailor
at “Oriskany” space carrier, 60 years ago (during a middle east war, vietnam war,
etc), and sometimes participated in maintenance of space airplane “Skyhawk”.
(In these stories, future “Skyhawk” space airplane resembles “X-32” in real world.)

At that voyage, space carrier “Oriskany” leaving a pier where stayed floating in air,
and a harbor at northern lands in amber sunset is full of september aster flowers
and maple trees, in a fine autumn day.

“Moor” and “McCyan” remember local petroleum mining facilities at some areas in

west star system, which are resembling red feather woodpeckers, and can't suffice
fuel only for “Midway”, or even much smaller “Oriskany” space carriers.

Skipper “Moor” (resembles “Imhotep”), sometimes open newspaper scrapbook diary,
about 40 years ago when the space carrier “Midway” was active duty, and at those
past days, the “Midway” back to a west coast harbor, and changed space airplanes
from type-40 (“McPhantom”) to type-180 (“Hornet”), and start sailing to the arabia
nebula, and gulf area was field of battle, and “Midway” participated in a big war.

(“Columbia” shuttle was first upto the earth orbit in 1980’s, and the newspapers at
those days reported that during the orbit circling and the reentry flights, air speed
sometimes mach 20, and the shuttles truly resemble “McPhantom”.)

“Moor” opens a thick scrapbook, almost entire 6 months voyage of the “Midway”,
with many photos about the prototype type-180, (similar to virtual double engine
version “X-29” in 1980’s “G.I.Joe”, instead of shorter “Hornet” in real world).
Cover similar to insurgents flag in somalia, reminding southern stars on skyblue.

(At those past days, even west star system council think that interplanet missiles
with pulse reacting warhead are too expensive and seldom, and radars and missiles
for defense against are even more expensive, so about the four “Oriskany” and two
“Midway” could be supplied, and carrier squadrons with 10 ships without defense
for ballistic missile were practically possible within the usual federation budget.)

No one knows type-230 “Retaliator” (as big as “Flanker”) project will resume.
If a “McPhantom” or so called “Seagull” equipped with two engines for “JSF”, they
could fly over mach 3, practical hyper-sonic within contemporary acceptable fuel
consumption, and could go up more higher ceiling altitude than a usual type-185,
glider warhead could be delivered to more distant target.
This useful for defending longbeach harbor, where half squadron sail from.
(Different shape and silhouette from this yakovlev-142, so called “He-man”.)

(Above all, youth girl pilots alloted for robots are the hot-spa or the yeul-heul, and
half of them from northeast nippon isles, presumed as ainu descendants…)

Girl pilots want to visit the seugoi and malang (elastic) “Skylark” casual ristorante
in old saigon harbor, soon after this half squadron ships sail back to saigon.
Photos from (polaroid) printer shows skylark and saigon harbor in amber sunset.

One of girls, some more shorter than others says (alike frog in fur coat), now they
in desert time with cappuccino and mozziduk kakigori, but, if the galactic situation
calls, she surely will run into reality, as if would same as hell in ancient myth book.

One other says some more robot pilots succeed in so called pak and pak robot kick,
and tabletop miniature diorama hologram simulator is unfamiliar for the girls, yet,
become more and more accustomed to, and screen saver is silk carpfish.
(They are island born short-dari girls, so it takes lone time for practicing kicks.)

In a real robots, pedestrator-legs extended by hydraulics, and amber line lightings
on at side of legs, and stand upside down with manipulator-arms before kick.
(It is similar to helicopter-kick by “Chunli” character, in old game Street Fighter.)

“Moor” says that if miss and flying off from a target bandit, then it will be tactically
too inferior, because those biomechatronic molluscs have 20 tentacles.
Girls say they training 2 robots in 1 team, and kick serially one after the other.

(Girls wear cavalry uniforms alike in 1950 – 1960’s western movies, and talk alike
“G.I.Joe” in 1980’s, the most dark time in history, near to full scale nuclear war.)

Robots standing at one corner of maintenance deck, with taller (“Cobra”) handy
cannons with even IR-sensor, which are slimer than old bazooka cannons.

(“Moor” calls the more cloak capable robots in this “Waves of Strings” as the “New
Chupacabra”, but, girls call as “New Wonderwoman”, body volume wearings, and
in view from the girls, robots are in some more curved, steep, and inverted details
for hardware radar cloak ability, so resembling “Persiacat” and “Pakfa”, et al...)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 83 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 8 ...
... Inspired by “Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn” by “Mark Twain” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... yaburi (story) about hope is delayed desperation ... 4 ...

There are five big space airplanes floating on a orbit, nearby a sunset time.
Silhouettes and shadows are alike the great or giant bird dinosaurs, under
various spectrum sun rays from setting sun on magnetic van allen zones.
(Two aircraft carrier airplanes alike hybrid of tupolev-144 and tupolev-160,
and four fast space container ships are similar to “X-43” hypersonic.)

They attempt to attack chittagong harbor, and analyze the reconnaissance
from unmanned airplane (“Globalhawk” in real world), concluded some of
the biomechatronic crafts maybe deserted from other groups of a certain
fleet of them, a fleet only offensive against humans, until nowadays.

(Back music is small band jazz instrument, theme of “Firefox, 1982”.)

At a planetarium CIC, “Moor” and “McCyan” standing on the center truss,
see a real time gamma corrected (sky blue) orbit images on wall displays,
and “McCyan” says that one
more ship sponsored from the ukraine stars,
named “Crane” (bird from eastern europe to siberia forests),
(Only some focused tile displays are high resolution, others are pale.)

They in future cargo airplane captain suit, (so called zola-man suit).
They say onboard a 40,000 ton carrier feel alike returning of champ belt.

“Moor” first observed space and orbit simulator at one of Mchester cities,
and that was about a virtual brief navigation of type-40 “McPhantom” and
space carrier “Big-E (Enterprise)” from one harbor port to other planet.

“McCyan” says after participated in maintenance and repair the “Skyhawk”,
few years later, visited again one of space carriers, and first observed the
type-140 “Persiacat”, and so called “Phoenix” long range missiles.

At those days, many were optimistic, but, from about 30 years ago,
observed the “Phoenix” missile again, and after promoted executive level

businessman, find out that it was far expensive even for west star system.

“Moor” agrees, (and sweat on the forehead and facial expression alike the
nightmare scenes of actor Clint Eastwood in the movie “Firefox”).
“Moor” says with shadow on face, that even though human can recovering
prehistoric era, once running through a grass field, there will be much more
chance to be annihilated by the one or all the ten biomechatronic fleets.

“Moor”, current commander of this half squadron says, budgets are limited,
so they had been supplied 6 of type-220, 4 of type-142 (virtual next cloak
version yakovlev-141), 20 of type-185, 10 of type-180, and 10 of type-130
(yakovlev-130 in real world).

So if bandit missiles approaching, they have only few extra equipped type
-185 (“Growler”
version longbody type “Hornet”), 10 of type-180, and 10
of type-130 for countermeasure, with the glowing antimatter cheffs and
the glowing tiny nuclear fusion flares, and two space carriers shall defend
at in front of
other big and fast space container ships.

Type-142 is also electromagnetic field countermeasure capable, and even
could do longer range jamming (or distraction web in “Starcraft”), so some
of type-185 (“Growler-longhorn”) could be participated in missile defense.
This is so called invisibility cloak by EMF, could hide even entire 1 to 2 full
squadron, and EMF counter wave against incoming 10 or more missiles.

(At the wall, there are two portraits of “Ronny Dutchman”, one is in tuxedo
suit and the other is in rider jacket and hairstyle for orange style long-bike,
all remember old man dreamed hyperthrust helicopter alike “Comanche”.)

(From here, back music is Instrument “Scream”, by Michael Jackson.)

“McCyan” never observed the real “Blackbird”, but, concluded “Blackbird”
project in news media about 70 years ago was almost fiction, not even as
suitable as for news reportings about future expectations in science.

So type-230 project is also a work never done before, close to adventure
without compass, in every engineering and technological aspects.

A tall typan (resembles “Ark Angel” in a TV series “Airwolf”) showing gift
cards with psychedelic tropical flower style drawings of the type-230, so
called “Stingray”, a project still in the postponed status, and two planes in
the different colors, because two other factories allotted to manufacturing,
include “Viper” factory, so inside different, (and girls nicknamed “Pyunfa”).

The other card is similar, but with forward wings, and typan explains that
they are (future) type-280 project in south atlantic stars, also postponed,
and art drawings reminding the machine
condor with obsidian stone outer
surface, similar to spectrum color oil reflections under the glowing sun.

They are running at in cuboid biosphere hall, at inner of fuselage hull.
Cuboid hall resemble ancient greek style pompei, before under ash fallout
from volcano, (than alps medieval style charlets in forest, in closer look).

“Sugar Ray”, call sign of “Moor”, calling a professor in cowboy hat, who is
still in research and upgrade robot-203, in a hut at nearby houston harbor.
“McCyan”, “Kenickie” (a typan “Ark Angel” in rider jacket), and a handsome
also running
behind, with white towel on neck.
(CG avatars of future “Comanche”, “Stryker”, and the aircushion hovercraft
with lift-fan are with rattle snake sound effects in this IHM and WOS story.)

(Back music is music box melody “Firefox”, alike always before a storm.)

Buildings are usually two floors, only some made up with artificial marbles,
and many by wood, yet, countermeasures against fire are contemporary.
20 or more gold statues of amplified size condors are at many areas.
Tropical colorful birds including parrots flying around, and ostrich run.

All 15 girls are not gur-do (which means bigger head comparing the body),
so inca style colorful hats well fitted, (with perrier water alike in “Harlock”).
Peruvian potatoes are harvested from nearby grass field with the cypress,
and the fifteen girls call this tiny kibbuts labor as the pum-pai labor, and
potatoes are well harmony with (future cheetos) cheese flavored snack.
(And girls scared, because potato, soybean cuisines tasty than before.)

Girls attending dinner party in a 40,000 ton space carrier, (“Champ belt”).
Just after some girls lighting wax candles by matches, direct and indirect
lightings in buffet hall on one after the other, and becomes more bright.
Halogen spot lights are illuminating on flowers and crystals on table.
(Floor of hall covered by fog mist from melting dry ice, a special effect.)

Invited guests are admitting one after others, in full tuxedo and silk hat,
and evening dress with fur shawl, (maybe their last buffet party).
“Moor” and “Cyan” says they have only 20 robots, so action carefully.

(Back music of future robots are maybe an orchestra version of theme of
1980’s cartoon “Robotech”, and intro part of symphony with instrument
of electrically synthesized pipe organ sounds, requiem about decreasing
whales and dolphins due to human greed, and then variation into strings
and tube instruments, also electrically synthesized sounds, with virtual
electric drums. It reminds technological bases of a robot, which activated
only during electricity supplied, the marionette with empty fencing mask
and long condor bird legs and footprints, a peugeot or griffin in myth.)

(When 1980’s, cartoon “G.I.Joe” was first on TV and other media, two
toy companies famous, one was “Hasbro” and the other “Harmony”.)

Half of girl pilots in maintenance deck of space container ship “Crane”.
(Some of girls say that they look alike sophisticated computer graphics.)
7 - 8 girls are ready in tight span suits, without helmets, and there robots
all are type-206 (“Kawasaki OH-1” in real world) ready and walk on deck.

This ship is without hovercraft shuttles, yet, has rear cargo bay and door.
(Robots dive from orbit or upper air, through poles alike in “Shuttle”.)
One by one, nozzles from micro pulse reactors into pale glowing status,
and slants, flaps around the nozzles are extended for thrust vectoring.

(Instrument “Jam” by Michael Jackson, reminding helicopter twister winds.
The sound effects of rattle snake alike in old western movies in this story
are brand new, by ocarinas, castanets resemble sea shells, tambourines,
ancient africa wooden tube and sand instruments, vuvuzela, and etc.)

Each robot holding and equipped with different weapons, (alike “Stryker”
future ground vehicles in real world).
They usually with four inverted-L shaped (and aerodynamic) shields, two
other two attach on left and right upper back, alike temporary wings.

Girl pilots talk inside robot cockpits, that recently they trained in simulators,
about air defense of a space carrier squadron with the type-130 (“Yak-130”),
with (future) fire-and-forget missiles, (for example “Amraam”), and missile
surely somewhat long and big compared to small fuselage of type-130.
Girls ordered to land at chittagong harbor, so they have to put on robots...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 84 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 9 ...
... Inspired by fictions “Revival of little match girls” and “Jose, tiger, and fish” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 … yaburi (story) about hope is delayed desperation ... 5 ...

All are in cavarly suit (similar to those in 1950's - 1960's western movies),
and all are wearing (white beige) autumn raincoat and flower print muffler
similar to modern gaucho of south atlantic stars.

Pilot "Pendin", "Mutassim", "Miguel", and commander "Moor" also in suits,
(and although these are the old time cavarly suit, 10 or more tall pilots are
look alike 1970's tour bands with electric guitars and synthesizers).

In briefing hall, (which is same as the imax and dolby atmos theater), they
watching recorded video and graphic data from the unmanned airplane on
much higher altitude ("Global hawk"), by so called snake tongue radar.

As the west star system is still in economic crisis, a typan so called "Rio",
who in bald, is the financial sponsor of this squadron, on this journey.
(All the sailors from other squadrons and fleets of the west stars,
some of
pilots are from air force, only for this expedition, temporarily.)

(Back music is an instrument version of "rarirure", by Crayon Pop.)

(From the ukraine), faster container ship "Crane", after a reentry into air,
type-206 robots start to air diving from long flexible booms protruding out,
(similar to once at columbia space shuttles), from aft (rear) bay and the big
hatch is in open status. (Surely, these are next type new aircraft robots.)
(Outer of "Crane" is hybrid of tupolev 144, 160, X-43, in black & white.)

All the seven type-206 ("gawasaki") robots into air by port side (left) boom,
which is protruding out and extending from rear bay inside a big hatch.

Mechanical condor vulture legs of robot are covered by the aerodynamic
inverted-L shaped
shields, which also could be mounted on at upper back,
and shape memory winglets unfolded at upper back, and all the thrust
vectoring capable (stereo star shaped) nozzles at back are glowing, and
long and slim tail clouds from nozzles remain on at after air.

Robot cockpit scenes are continuously in shake, due to air instability and
vortex, and various air diving sounds, including the cloud vapor flowing
sounds could be heard on cockpits of robots.
(These type-206 "gawasaki" robots are equipped with Gatling architecture
machine guns, usually, and 20 mm shells are metal jacket with incinerate
chemical powders inside, and with future sidewinder, amraam missiles.)

Robots of a leader "Tacquang" and wing girl "Tanmugee" (who graduated
chongryon gymnasium school during the teenage) are flying at forward,
and the robots of girl pilot "Ikura", "Uni", "Mentaiko", "Darako", "Dobiouko"
are following at backward, (alike tradition of armoured airborne units).

Their altitudes keep lowering, and air diving through thin cloud layers.
When into low altitude, chittagong harbor become into visual range.

Robots are hovering on mirror glass or windless sea surface, alike
shells in hypersonic, and concussion effects of water surface could seen.

Because of microsize nuclear fusion type anti-matter reactors equipped
at inside of each seven robot, pair annihilation of air particles emerging at
each stereo nozzles, which covered by electromagnetic power fields, from

superconduction lines from linear accelerators and vacuum (pipe) batteries.
Small starlight bursting effects keep emerging on backward en route.

"Moor" is in bedouin suit, and tells patwa to flying pilots as a mullah.
(Similar to an Ayatollah in dark bedouin suit, in movie "A view to a kill".)

And air jump through boom at much higher altitudes with other five robots,
from 40,000 ton space carrier with EMF catapult ("Champ belt" or "Big-E"),
and cockpit of a type-203 is connected in broadband with left planetarium
control center of the 40,000 ton carrier, receiving real time info from ship.
(Sailors nicknamed 40,000 ton carrier as "Science vessel".)

And also connected in broadband with the left planetarium control center
of "Bigger-E" (100,000 ton), maybe in evacuated and unmanned status,
(alike 25 meter
robot and much bigger remotely controlled robot, or future
or long time ago orca
and whale, maybe talk each other in ultrasound).

These six robots (including the "Rooivalk" robots) are equipped with a star
shaped aerodynamic extra fuel tanks at upper back, and with more winglet
equipment for the longer range air gliding to landing site or target area.

They are carrying main machine gun (virtual "m-60" long shaft with 20 mm
depleted uranium shells) and uzi category machine gun, or the longer pike
(virtual "m-82-2" which assumed to fit 30 mm metal jacket shell with high
explosive or incinerate chemical powder) and carbine machine gun.

If 25 meter giant dinosaur, it would be hard to carry a giant size main gun
and hundreds of bullets simultaneously, different from these future robots.
(Silhouette similar to huge bird with giant pocky or great pocky at back.)

On other type-203 robot ("Comanche" or "Stryker" in real world) this sortie,
there is a girl pilot "Chorong" bosal, instead of "Jihyo" psnym, who is more
orthodox buddhist.

A girl also in mystery, and she drooling through edge of lips when hearing
enough funny story, and same as "Moor", travel a lot countries in highteen.
(8 of the 15 girls are into the most front line, this is total battle for girls.)
Commander "Moor" says to wing girl, that you think when into the storm.

"McCyan" in cargo airplane captain suit (zola-man suit) and slim headset,
in left planetarium command center in 40,000 ton space carrier "Big-E", at
backward of huge space carrier "Bigger-E", on upper stratosphere.
(Same pose of Napoleon Solo about "The Delta Force" in Reader's Digest.)

Four of type-220 and four of type-142 (virtual next cloak type yakovlev-141),
and twelve other type-185 plan to approach to target in two other air teams,
on different direction from the harbor, on high altitude for deploying glider
bombs with tiny booster, which are the best fuel efficiency of those sorts.

Only close range laser communications on, they in radio silence.
"Pendin", a handsome captain, and "Miguel" (a pride of pacific) in cockpits
of type-220 space airplanes says check that type-220 is the most latest.
(Yet, comparing with type-185 longbody, length and width almost same.)

"Freddie" says type-142 is surely the choice, because of powerful vectoring
nozzles, in position of ice condor sculpture under illuminations in party time.
"Mutassim" agrees, and maneuvering a type-142 same as pilot "Freddie".
(When exodus with others to southern africa, run hard at ostrich farm.)

For a while later, two air squadrons depart to other directions, type-142 set
four nozzles to vertical, and then go upto more high altitude than type-220.
(All could recognize 1 meter shorter, because old version radar inside.)

"Freddie" in beard and other pilots of an air squadron in the communication
blocked status, and "Freddie" looks toward where an aircraft squadron lead
by commander "Moor" in air diving at far distance away, and hopes that
"Cyan" controls nice and "Moor" blows away with guns of the "Bigger-E".

Seen from a command center of the biomechatronic side, a space airplane
squadron including returned captain "Freddie" maybe most primary target.

Type-206 robots maneuvered by seven girls are in high speed status,
in low altitude through a deserted petroleum plant with lightings.

Surely, these girls have lion heart.
(Visual effects are similar to 1980's TV series "The street Hawk".)

(Hovercraft shuttles are upgraded into much faster with the lift-fan, and a

cruising speed of 1990's "Comanche" slower than 300 - 400 kilometers.)

About the ten years ago, galactic economies are overheated, and chittagong
harbor was one of the most wanted area for petroleum refinery plants, and
when into depression, plants of over 10 - 20 companies were deserted.
This plant area of chittagong harbor is called red hill bay.

(On a cockpit of type-206 robots, geometry hologram is on, and patterns
of hologram foretelling just few moments later, similar to "Firefox, 1982",
which is also under a broadband connection to the supercomputers inside
"Science vessel" and "Bigger-E", yet, basically in automatic avionics.
Robots into hyperthrust mode and become to very fast, backward robots
into more faster, due to automatic interval readjustment...)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 85 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 10 ...
... Inspired by fictions “Revival of little match girls” and "Jose, tiger, and fish" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... Yaburi (story) about hope is delayed desperations ... 6 ...

About 40 - 50 years ago, when the age of propaganda and slogan
still ongoing, most of 300 planets were divided into two groups in
severe conflicts, and all planets were under 3 - 5 years before the
dooms day, extinction of human kinds by themselves.

Yet, many can remember various communications between people
were easier than nowadays, maybe era of smartware phones.
At those past days, the big network galactic newspapers and small
local town newspapers are similar in article contents.
(In these 500 years future days, telephady is still impossible.)

Since year 2X25, more than 60 % human thought to already gone,
but there are no more galactic scale newspapers or other media,
and west star system also know little, only limited information about
many catastrophic disasters.

About 30 years ago, 300 planets in the galactic depression, again,
and west star system was in similar situation, too.
Until about a year ago, no budget for long range recognissance
space airplanes, or drone satellites (which could transform).
(In these days, "Moor", "McCyan", et al, enter voyage, intrepidly...)

"Cherokee" leads 25,000 ton space cruiser (one of "San Antonio" in
real world), and a 40,000 ton space carrier ("Tarawa" in real world),
which with lesser number ground attack missiles than big submarine
cruiser (one of modified "Ohio" for arsenal ship) or "ships of the line"
("Kirov" ships in real world).

But, these two ships have much extra volume than current ships of
the line or past day super size cruisers ("Iowa" in real world).

"Cherokee" and other sailors want to find hidden planets near from
current 300 planets, for escape from biomechatronic crafts and ships,
for a while, until huge ships for full scale exodus are completed.
(Similar to "Sirius" than "Winston" in Harry Potter and goblet of fire.)

"Cherokee" said to "Moor" if battle against hundreds of biomechatronic
crafts at a certain harbor or citadel, it would be alike fighting in cyber
space against big computer network, (for example, IBM in real world).
("Sheridan", "Stuart", "Gibbon (AMX)" and others think impossible.)

(Back music is jazz instrument "Tok tok" by Mighty Mouth and Soya.)

After air diving of 6 robots, a fast container space ship from ukraine
flying upward, back to orbit, where stars shining on celestial ceiling,
and makes formation with other space container ships.

Some distance left,
a "Bigger-E" and a 40,000 ton space carrier are reentering, flying on
upper stratosphere, and "Moor" and other 6 robots on air, flying lower
than space carriers, (and 10 more robots somewhere).

Space carrier "Bigger-E" over a nautical mile long, about 2 kilometers,
and flying quietly in air possible because the space ships's physiologic
condition is different from nature, due to high energy reactors.

Each particle of space carrier is in much higher energy status and
this makes entire carrier is in a kind of parallel universe dimension.
Nozzles are also for anti-gravity particles, so flying in air is quiet and
shopping streets and gardens are also in calm.

Around air is also in quiet, minimum wind, and secret gardens inside
at a center of fuselage also quiet, and a mist fountain near a pavilion
is in off status, without (LED) illuminations and shining droplets.
It is similar to a fine sunny autumn day, usually without breeze.
("Moor" calls this super-size space home as "white agit".)

Basically, it could be possible due to the small size string generators
(pair annihilation reactors), surrounded by the future nuclear fusion
reactors, which is source of huge energy, same as a star.
And blackhole anchor makes small gravity area of sphere.

7 robots are alike wolves, consisted with 2 of type-203, 5 of type-207,
and head part is inverted triangle, and longer length than width.
("Comanche" and "Rooivalk" helicopters in real world.)

There are over 100 unmanned drone airplanes on air and flying at in
front of space ships (some similar to "X-47"), and many satellites on
a low orbit , and the drones are pale and transparent due to optically
observable status, which consuming more energy.

Because of star shaped fuel and vacuum battery tanks, robots can
fly on high air, for a while.
And there is geometric shaped container for guided hydra rockets
at upper side of stereo star shaped external fuel and battery tank.
And flare, chaff, jammer are inside rear long ingot feathers.
(These make similar to "Persiacat", "Berkut", "Pakfa" in real world.)

Same as upgraded futuristic "Cape Cheetah" (virtual "San Antonio"),
a 40,000 ton carrier lead by "McCyan" is also equipped with
ground attack missiles (virtual upgraded "Tomahawk"), which are
modified into unmanned drones, remote control capable.

These are protruding out from serial canister silos of space carriers
and launching in vertical, and then somewhat bigger winglets are
unfolded, and could delivery the small cluster bombs to petroleum
tanks, and back to ship and landing with tiny wheels, or land on net
at inside of rear low hatch door of internal flight deck.
(Similar to future weapons in movie "Teenage Ninja Turtles".)

Many star light glowing weapons (missiles alike in "Star Trek") are
launching from the type-180 ("Hornet" in real world) and type-185
("Longhorn" in real world) above, flying fast to front.
(Airplanes in elegant forward wings, long strakes, similar to "X-29".)

Star light glowing weapons are also launching from the space ship
"Bigger-E" and the "Big-E", and the white tail clouds
are from the
star light weapons.

Type-260 ("Lightning" in real world) can fly high, due to the newly
equipped scramjet engine (which was originally developed for the
first generation "Foxhound"), so cloak and long range glider bombs
are deployed from the high altitude, and from the ground, type-260
could not be seen visually.

(Back music is instrument "G.I.Joe" theme of 1980's TV animation,
which is double pianos part and electric violins part, alternatively.)

Sky is full of rain clouds, some are in bright gray, some in dark gray,
and frequent lightnings, it seems near to monsoon raining.

"Moor" is now inside chest cockpit of robot, flying at lower altitude
intend to avoiding radars and sensors, with other robot-203, and
some distance backward there are five more robots.

Around air is in somewhat severe wind, so the robots are in drifting,
alike kite flying on a heath hill under fog and storm in britain island,
contrail clouds are from edge of robot legs and edge of shield.

On two holographic microcom tablet, many weapons onboard are
displayed as icons, and status of "Bigger-E" is on the right tablet,
and status of a robot which "Moor" in is on left tablet.
("Moor" could remotely launching various weapons on "Bigger-E",
and it maybe similar to mirroring or casting between smart-tablet
and big-inch display TV.)

"Moor" remotely aiming two turrets of unmanned status "Bigger-E",

"McCyan" aiming other two turrets equipped at 40,000 ton carrier.
("Moor" in dark gray berber bedouin costume, only eyes are open.)

Electromagnetic barriers alreay weakened due to many explosions.

Two futuristic aircrafts or space carriers are emerge from beneath
of rain storm cloud, and around cloud is circling in vortex, because
energy amount inside a carrier is same as a star.
(Two giant and great fuselages surrounded by saint elmo's aurora.)

Big cannons are shooting shining beams again and again, and many
huge explosions are all over the harbor area.
(This scene is similar to resurrection or realization of the bigger and
later Nemesis with the screw propulsions, or Dreadnought which was
first all-steel ship, or Marat which was first in oversize inch guns...)

... These icecream or sajuiso story will return to readers ...

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... Waves of Strings # 86 ... Return of the oldest carriers ... 1 ...
... Inspired by "El Mariachi and Desperado" and "Jesus Chrysler Superstar" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... It is alike stepping up fox stairs in girl highschool ... 1 ...

Six robots are now hiding at a corner of a certain underground plaza,
which was once part of underground magnetic train facility.

From ceiling, ash keep falling due to bombing from space airplanes,
and cracks are elongating everywhere, near to breakdown.

Robots in Allende (gaucho) device, consist of external truss frames
with star shaped winglets, nozzles, and fuel tanks.
Their silhouette similar to medieval armored infantry in rain pancho
with hood, and instead of hood, there are two launchers which could
contain many guided hydra rockets or stinger missiles, in serial.
They are look alike long ears of giant rabbit, and could be fold at harf.
(Change possible because they maybe computer graphic images.)

It is dark in the underground tube tunnel, with only limited lightings,
so they turning on bayonet made of (LNG) solid gas in polymer pole,
in illuminating mode.

One of the six robots wirelessly connecting to a local network, and
hologram of phone (at "New York" streets) and digital oscillators on,
and other robot illuminating panel and socket area with many lights.
Other four robots are around, standing with long inverted-L shaped
shields (simialr to B-2 "Spirit") coated with foam ceramic tiles.
All robots with hologram emblems of february bird in hanafuda cards.

Inside rectangular cuboid cockpit in chest part of robot, seat is side
by side for a pilot and a radar operator, but, "big-E" space squadron
is in short of sailors, so usually only one sailor per a robot.

And many parts of the seat, and panel board for the tablet computers
by alloy metal and birch wood, and these make futuristic.
(It maybe similar to google game desk with chrome cast devices.)
When one sailor inside, other seat is folded, not to interrupt sight.

When the indirect lightings inside cockpit are on, girl pilots look alike
geisha (stewardess) under neon and halogen lightings.
("Moor" is in berber bedouin costume, only eyes are open.)

Girl pilots are in ancient hindu or zoroaster festival style costumes,
and all girls wearing red ribbon on neck, (similar to office girls of the
life insurance company, for exmple PCA insurance).
All wearing white and thin lace gloves, (and makeup simiar to those
in old movie "Clockwork Orange", with various fruit colors, and eye
and around area rising sun makeups).

(Basically, energy allotment to the radar and the sensor range, EMF
distraction web, EMF barrier in reentry, EMF wings, starcraft optical
cloaking, beam gatling gun power, thrust power and turbine boost
similar to 1990's PC game "X-wing, Y-wing and TIE interceptor".)

This is one of the deserted network terminal and a robot connecting
remotely to one of previous communication center and data memory
facility, for back up basic data for rebuild, maybe possible in future.

But, pillar buoys set up by biomechatronics on ground detected data
traffics, and sending melody of curse to hidden missile towers.

Radars and sensors of drone airplanes from space squadron sensing
hidden underground missile towers are rising up from undergrounds
and shooting many missiles to a robot squad of girl pilots.

These star glowing missiles into tube tunnels, from many directions.
Girls say that they are alike torpedoes, and they can remember when
they played beach volley ball, with other girl sailors.
(The next scene, all girls wearing red ribbons on head, and costume
and makeup are somewhat changed, into more colorful.)

Robots using anti-air chaparral long guns, machine guns ("M-60"),
and shells consist of cathode charged particle beams (alike cathode
ray tube TV, before PDP, OLED, and etc), and missiles are neutralized
and falling down one after others, (with metallic sound effects).
And short range ("Stinger") missiles firing from launchers and fierce
electromagnetic pulse explosions neutralizing all the missiles, and
remnant fierce fires bouncing from tunnel ceiling and wall.

(Back music is the Swan lake by Tchaikovsky, maybe influenced by
ancient myth about Roland, a knight lived near a greenish lake.)

After missiles intercepted, robots ("gawasaki") move other place fast,
alike medieval iberia witches, in these under city labyrinth.

Some parts of Allende (gaucho) truss device move and transforming,
including vectoring nozzles, and silhouette in these tunels is similar to
exoskeleton raincoat made of dinosaur skeleton, which were extinct.

They all fly above big underground hall, and there are the EMF trains
totally in tangled status, downward.
All girls think that this harbor with many shipyards deserted because
city plans are totally failed, same as their home cities.

"Sohyun (Kim)" is with many sweat drops and says you know that
it is similar to simulation of type-140, before upgrade ("Felix cats").
(Two simulators are setup at a pub cafe, shopping street of "Big-E".)

"Yunjeong (Choi)" is senier girl sailor, and says to other wing girls
that thay keep cool alike two sushi leaves in levis, and then says to
"Sohyun", she should hang on her, (alike salmon egg to a salmon).

"Naeun" and "Bomi" say after they in doulerboaboa (Allende device),
robots flying more faster and more longer in air.

(Briefly describing, performance of these robots are similar to big size
comanche in coaxial inversion rotors, and when hovering, or flying
shortly, or reentry to atmosphere, multilayer electromagnetic
fields are surrounded, so robots could super sonic during hovering,
and low observable and silent during the reentry...)

(Back music remake techno instrument version of Lee baksa, Norazo,
et al, kiwoom dot com commercial song, with 1980's electric guitars,
violines, and synthesizers.)

Space carriers temporarily reentry into air above chittagong harhor
every 1 - 2 hours, alternatively.
And at high altitude, there are feather clouds floating, and the sky is
deep blue tone, and the neareast moon looks big, and other moons
in various size could be seen.

At inside hull flight deck of a 40,000 ton carrier, "Jonathan (Meyers)"
a tall and handsome pilot and "Mutassim" a tall bedouin pilot in two
airplanes moving
to electromagnetic catapult, for rotation sortie.
(These new so called "Mariachi" and "Amigo", which are "X-35" and
"X-32" in real world.)

At one corner, an old "McCyan" and other somewhat less older pilots
who remotely controlling satellites on orbits and unmanned airplanes
sending these two pilots, and some of them in santa clause beard and
of them are in dark turban, (and old age "McDougall").
All these elders say that two "Mariachi" looks better than one "Corsair"
or one "Felix cat", and their expect maybe bigger than a big cloud.

"Freddie" a pilot with thin mustache and "Didier" tall and reggae hair
pilot return to the carrier flying high above the feather clouds.
Two airplanes up to high altitude and turning several times differently,
of metal parts of canopy is moving over pilot in cockpit.

(Two pilots say maneuverings better than Type-140 space airplanes
before upgraded and elongated, and remembering when they were
in an air squadron with various felix cat cartoon marks.)

Low altitude monsoon clouds are back to white vapor color when the
severe lightnings are stretching and illuminating.

A return pilot who wants to great again, and a (fire-phone) merchant
pilot lowering altitude, and turning two "Mariachi" ("Lightning") toward
the missile towers on ground.
(April bird hanafuda hologram emblem on these two space airplanes.)

One of two space airplanes is more longer, (which in long radar dome),
and during attack operations, some more fuel enables some air to air
defence maneuverings.
Shorter airplane is in similar design, (yet resembles Boeing "X-32"),
the next version of "Skyhawk", which longer fuselage than previous.
(Top speed is over twice than speed of sound, so could evade most of
without thrust vectoring capability missiles.)

Two space airplanes ("Lightning" in real world) aim towers by small
diameter bombs, and after launching into air, the
small winglets are
unfolding, and the grid fins are unfolding, and short range boosters
begin to burning.

And after each direct hit, towers with many missiles exploding heavily,
and remaining missiles misfiring to every directions, and burned out
truss collapse and breakdown into pieces and ashes.

Some remaining missiles are fired to these two "Mariachi" airplanes.
And longer space airplane of two slowing down by decreasing throttle
and then turns big spiral circle for two times, sort of so called J-turn,
and during quick spirals, slants, flaps, strakes, rudders are moves.

And doors of the side internal weapon bays temporarily open, and the
mechanical manipulators (alike those at Columbia shuttles) are from
each bay, and then put out the extended range ("sidewinder") missiles
main weapon bays, and throw missiles to backward.
(Holding the four missiles in magazined status reminding the hologram
sticker on aume (note) of 500 years future Nasdaq, drawing of vulture
or condor claws holding longbow arrows.)

After the missiles into the air, simple magazined status are detached,
missiles spreading up alike four rotors of mediterranean windmills.
They all 180 degree turning fast by thrust vectorings, and then boost
toward the chasing missiles.
All the chasing missiles are blow off one after the other...

... These lime orange electron icecream sajuiso will be continued ...

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... Waves of Strings # 87 ... Return of the oldest carriers ... 2 ...
... Inspired by "Return of matchstick sales girl" and "Exorcist new O-man" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... It alike stepping up fox stairs in girl highschool ... 2 ...

(Back music instrument version "Hey" by famous Julio Iglesias.)

A fire-phone merchant on a space airplane ("A-10 Thunderbolt"
in real world) and flying over thick white cloud, with an type-080
(virtual "AV-8U") maneuvered by pilot who wants to great again,
an area nearby mexican border.
(Maybe similar to old game "Galaga" or "Invader" that after many
sorties of "A-10", LTE wave or other wave brought back previous
space airplane after upgrades, to a captain america kind pilot.)

A fire-phone merchant is the senier (senbai) pilot to "(El) Lalas",
graduated the civil pilot course one year before, and two years
older than "Lalas", (and these 500 years future, there still exist
subsonic cargo airplanes for intra-planet air transport).
This senbai carries trunk on wheel, once a matchstick merchant
carried, and there are about 20 new and various fire-phones in,
and senbai wants to sell these (smartware) phones.

"Lalas" in goat fur alike white beard, especially look from side.
Sun ray is more shining and glaring than ground surface.
(Similar to flying over iguasu falls, alike in 1986 movie "Mission".)

"Type-100" ("A-10" in real world) is only airplane that engines
equipped at upper part of fuselage, which is very good for hiding
nozzle thrust heats, and aerodynamically best in low speed at
low altitude, which is hard for over twice supersonic airplanes.
(And in this fiction, "Tarawa" and "Wasp" into much rebuildings,
length are increased, flight deck are enlarged, and at left half of
the flight deck, 10 or more new UAVs serially take off and landing,
which look alike downsized and low observable next "A-10".)

(Virtual "AV-8U" is old but small and light weight, can landing on
"Iwo Jima" by botanical sisal fiber rope, and these "AV-8U", which
are virtual super-sonic version similar position in carrier squadron
to "New A-wing" in an old PC game Wing Commander 3.)

(There are only few set IBM mainframe and Cray supercomputer.
"Iwo Jima" become voyage without sailors, by artificial intelligence
software and sail-by-wire category automatic navigations which
is not ya-me or fake that do not power on.)

Because of galactic warming, frequent storms, run out of metal
resources for alloy, and a severe inflation, command of the fleets
become to prefer conventional take off and landing of type-080
("Harrier-hawk" airplane in real world), and upgrades are doing
for meet these new galactic warming climate situations.
(For each super size space carrier, about 10 new airplanes can
alloted, which consisted with half "AV-8U" and half "Lightning",

and all the sailors and crews have back their morale.)

Turbine part become much bigger diameter so a lot air could in.
When during a turbine boost acceleration, pressurized oxygen and
chemical mixture injected into nozzle, (and super-sonic capable).
(Most pilots still shocked when speed become to faster than sound,
and in stewardess words, their heart beat go koong.)

And fuel itself is futuristic, many new chemical compounds mixed
for complete burning and increasing thrust power.
(Fuel contains the dissolved oxygen and other chemical substance,
and burning ratio become almost 100 percent.)

Many part of fuselage changed into lighter carbon fiber materials,
and main wings and tail wings are changed into more larger, and
radar dome changed into much longer, and canard and strake are
added on elongated fuselage.
Wires and flaps changed into new alloy materials, so more sharp
turning become capable.
And at tail part, boom with anti-submarine sensors is added.

Payload weapons newly designed, too, which with much smaller
smart sensors, processors, and lesser amount new propellant.
Body of missiles and bombs become to downsized and lighter.
Small diameter bomb also to lighter, longer range than previous.
(Originally, they designed for "Raptor", "Lightning (Stealth Corsair)",
and "Y-32 (Stealth Skyhawk)", which with internal weapon bay,
more safe when landing with missiles because mission aborted.)

And cockpit part of the type-080 space airplane totally replaced for
protecting the pilot from the hot tropical sun rays, which enlaged
cubic feet and large capacity air circulations, and many parts with
newly designed metallic and wood interiors.

(Back music is the instrument version of commercial version of
"Bababa" for New York Hotdog, originally sing by Crayonpop.)

A carrier take off capable unmanned recognition airplane (virtual
"Global Hawk 2" UAV, also in electrical countermeasure capablility)
flying at the high altitude, at least two, and keep wirelessly sending
tactical data to type-100 and type-080, and to satellites on orbit.

Next generation fly-by-wire and artificial inteligence expert system,
airplane could do various sorts of air diving over diffenet weathers.
Hologram of virtual expert airplane in memory and current fuselage
status are both on in hologram, both transparent and overlapping.
(Comparing to soccer ball game, "Lineker" shall short kick only ball
into goal area, rather than falling down inside goal line with ball.)

Inside a cockpit and fuselage, the next generation electronic parts
wirelessly connected by the NFC kind data communication protocol,
and this architecture enables the extra upgrades more easier.

After the small diameter bombs are away from fuselage, type-080
could pull up by upgraded aerodynamic architectures, or if the
altitude weather is not good, then the four vectoring nozzles could

toward front side, (which is one of architecture upgrades), and the
counter thrusts are decreasing airplane's air speed and much
for pull up the fuselage back to high above the cloud.

(Back music instrument version of an old "Burger King" commercial
song, which was somewhat reminding the "Smurfs Happy Song".)

Few years ago,
"Cape Cheetah" is floating over thick mist on sea surface, nearby a
medium weight cruiser and an arsenal ship (modified "Ohio"), only
main bridge tower part of ship, which is extended, is out from the
thick mist over the sea surface.
(In this weather, silhouette of "Cape Cheetah" looks alike an usual
25,000 ton container ship, and this is one of optical camouflage.)

(It reminds meeting of virtual "Ohio" renovated 20 silo arsenal ship,

which is somewhat shorter than previous, with a 40 - 50 years ago
"Oliver" frigate, comparing the size scale of the two space ships.)

And at near, two shuttles ("Hovercrafts" in real world) also floating
with CIWS armed status, and their search lights are alike 500 years
ago guiding lights in mist.

If there is no mist and low cloud, then some glacier valley with wind
sounds and coast with white cliffs could seen, some distance away.

(Silhouette of a double deck "San Antonio" in mist reminds past day
"Iowa" heavy battle cruiser, and if "Silent Eagle" fly nearby, it is one
of future far space ships squadron concept.)

In future, previous generation strategic (medium weight) submarine
needs performing basic long range navigating battle cruiser concept,
and they rebuilding into (missile) arsenal cruiser ship, and increasing
maneuvability as good as to tactical (nuclear) submarine cruiser.

When test launching decoy (noise) rocket
into the cloud, which is so
called bungaetan, and then the chain reaction make severe and long
lightnings and
This could be contained in a yeontan sort, bigger than yeontan for
guided hydra rockets, and could be contained in rabbit ear launcher,
which are for the future modified sidewinder missiles for CIWS.

"Cape Cheetah" is 30 days after departed from the norfolk harbor,
randezvous with a medium size battle cruiser ("Ohio" in real world).
And "Cape Cheetah" gives extra eggs to a medium size cruiser.
(It is similar to an old Star Trek movie "The voyage home", doing
daily duty surrounded by future technology, but, do not know the
background or
fundamental of future tech, and when back to home
city, civil tech much changed, sometimes accustomed to not easy.)

(The sound and tail clouds from flying "Cape Cheetah" when counter
sound wave and tail clouds attenuation off status similar to the B-70
"Valkirie" with 4 - 6 ramjet engines also for the R-71 "Blackbird".)

... These lime orange electron icecream sajuiso will be continued ...

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... Waves of Strings # 88 ... Return of the oldest carriers ... 3 ...
... Inspired by “Dooly – Age of Dinosaur” and “Dooly – Adventure to Stars" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... It alike stepping up fox stairs in girl highschool ... 3 ...

“McCyan” thinks that if western front of Deccan star system will fell, then
they too have to run away to east, and hide at somewhere, until much more
space ships gathering for reenforcement, (deserted churches in iberian style
and eastern style with christmas seal, near sand coast from San Francisco).

Of those space airplanes, “Persiancat” (Sukhoi-23 or Tomcat in real world)
started upgrading programs about few years ago, and West star system do
not know how many airplanes upgraded and how far they improved.
If they upgraded as planned, they still have chance to win in this stage.

(Back music is jazz and symphony version “Claire de Lune”, by DeBussy.)

Upgrade program was consisted with elongating and enlarging fuselage, and
much bigger and super cruise capable ram-jet engines could be equipped in.
And adding downsized and integrated antennas and sensors at inside, and
with various additional winglets their outlook silhouette are more resemble
seven or more angled star and air brakes are increased and enlarged, and
advanced maneuverings become capable, with next version fly by wire.

For low observability, much depending on plasma countermeasures, and alike
LED lights, this system upgraded much, only small amount electricity needed,
and fuel additive chemical substances reducing jet noise.

And their radar dome is changed into more longer, so their outlook become
more futuristic and reminding a lot of self esteem.
If back radar and back-sidewinder loaded, then could fire to back side bandit
airplane, and thrust vectoring nozzle and other nozzles of missile look alike
zigzag meteor.

“McCyan” and other staffs (for example, Kiefer Sutherland, Josh Lucas, etc)
knows a lot about “Persiancat” upgrading program, and it would make them
similar size comparing “Flanker”, “Flanker Intruder”, “Berkut”, “Foxhound”,
and “Yakovlev-141”.
(They do not have these kind big size air units, but “McCyan” believes that
practicing a lot and well prepared generalship is more important for win, and
in this story, “Longhorn” resembles “X-29” which with forward wing.)

Now all the sailors except airplane and robot pilots are onboard 40,000 ton
carrier, and “Big-E” and other three space fast container ships in unmanned.
(In this future, stealth “Globalhawk-2” can take off from “Wasp” size ship.)

another type biomechatronic emerges up to sea surface, and landing at shore,
and begin to transformation, and many mechanical legs growing out.
This over 200 meter long, and with many lightning rod on back for collecting
electricity from lightning, and these look alike the big triangular teeth of shark
category leviathan or behemoth in ancient myth stories.

The 7 robots maneuvering by 7 girl pilots at a deserted plaza some distance
from deserted shipyards, and some of teeth warheads with rocket boosters
are toward them with white booster cloud, and as robots were in automatic
mode in chaffs and jammers, and just after automatic launching chaff rockets,
all the robots start to running away.

Robot of “Moor” some distance away from 7 robots, shakes starlight torch of
magnesium as also a field chief, for attract attention of a sudden big bandit,
and thinks have to fast steering robot, alike rhythm of caribbean steel drum.
(There were plastic models about indian warrior robots by academy models.)

Alike doctor “Dolittle”, could talk with girl pilots who are no one in same age,
and their characters reminding ancient chinese almanac animals (shengxiao).
As another “Dolittle”, could talk with unique 15 girl pilots in the pilot list.

A robot-203 (chinese comanche in real world) by “Pestalozzi” (Jake Gyllenhaal)
is at nearby, and called as “Mariachi” robot in armor (maybe iberian “Tristan”),
as duty wingman of robot of “Moor” in this sortie, and number 2 type-203 can
maneuvered self, by onboard super computer and brain, spine of orca dolphin.
(Alike Jonathan Meyers, trained for a “Persiancat” pilot in this story, but space
fleets changed space airplanes to “New Corsair (Lightning)”, so they now pilots
for the new space airplanes, and sometimes allotted to these future robots.)

Some with long chaparral anti-air guns with magazine boxes on the rabbit ear,
(and their shell different from depleted uranium shell of “A-10” in real world).
Some robots in machine guns (m-60) and many attack missiles on rabbit ear.
(If exaggerating, the firepower reminding column of “Zumwalt” , “San Antonio”,
“Ohio” the arsenal ship, and virtual “Virginia-2” with vertical launching siloes.)

“Jimin” maneuvering robot named “Azalea”, and with her cleaning up character,
this robot shined by wax, and when a sunny day clouds keep flowing above sky,
the surface of robot reminding field and mound with many spring azalea flowers.

“Jimin” learned a lot about ancient martial arts, and a favorite is “Vulture’s Kick”
which originated from a long time observation of kampuchea or kamchatka wild
fur vulture (in myth), which thought to be in many slim (dark) feathers.
Alike obliquely flying helicopter, there are turning of pedestrator leg parts before
hit the target, (and these motions are similar to capoeira martial arts in Brazil).
(Other girl pilots worry “Jimin” nicknamed fur girl had removed fur at her legs.)

Robot of “Jooyeon” is another outlaw style action robot, and looks surprisly over
action maneuvering of robot of “Jimin”, (and reminds dark wool balls for knit).
“Jooyeon” good at computer key in, and during key in for sending lots of energy
for reenforcing EMF shilds of robot of “Jimin”, murmur abracadabra in Sanskrit.
(Hologram marks about bell flower on fuselage, which also a name of tobacco.)

When energe of EMF shield power up more than 2 times, sort of photon particle
gathering from all around, and foot part of kick is glowing by many photons.
But, over 200 meter biomechatronic turning pose and looks other area, so the
kick miss the target, and robot of “Jimin” quickly start thrust vectoring and also
burning many small thrusters all around fuselage, and then land on ground.

Robot of “(Choi) Yoon-jung” is a cavalry style action concept, and as robot A.I.
operating interface and orca whale organic nerve accustomed to each pilot, so
“Yoon-jung” thinks that by her long legs, and years of the martial arts training,
maybe can falling down the bandit after extending capable actuators of robot’s
legs interrupting many legs of the bandit.
(And always wears all around heel shoes, so much taller than “So-heoun”.)

Robot of “So-heoun” is an another cavalry concept, and this time wingman of
“Yoon-jung”, and if the robot of “Yoon-jung” really falling down the bandit by
extending pedestrator leg of robot, then shall pulling the manipulator
hand of
robot of “Yoon-jung”, before buried under big body of the bandit.

(“So-heoun” wanted to live a mediterranean style house during her twenties,
and sometimes “So-heoun” thinks that she could kiss to her cheek, but this
intending seems to be difficult to much taller “Yoon-jung” in high heels.)

Robot of “Cho-long (Bosal)” is another cavalry concept, and by polymer pole,
sending the electromagnetic waves to the bandit for head lock and shut down,
(alike once a gal gal Sunogong did in original cartoons before).
And says to other girl pilots that all the older girls try to jump from roofs alike
diving into sea, and kick down the bandit during the head lock.
(And it is mysterious that from beginning of this series, still insists in age 25,
and over makeup even with pearl powder maybe could hide her age.)

And other cavalry robot pilot (alike girl from busan harbor in Azumanga Daioh)
says have to beat away as soon as possible, before organic wings are growing.
(Space warping, free flying gold crow, or evil spirit bird hologram marks on.)

Suddenly, over 200 meter biomechatronic robot starting to move to the other
maybe for aiming and launching the second wave teeth missiles.

There is camera with hologram lens on fencing mask style head part of robot.
By this (virtual reality) cameras and UAV data, robots can fast move through
deserted shipyards and petroleum chemistry industrial areas near the harbor,
(alike hover air-bikes in movie “Star Wars - Empire strikes back”).

The unmanned recognissance airplane (virtual future Globalhawk-2) take off
from a 40,000 ton space carrier (“Wasp” in real world), and could fly on high
altitude and sending real time street information data to each robot.

Robots spread up and running and hovering toward the streets and buildings,
and each robot already with many winglets on upper back and other parts.
Sometimes they parkour (yamakasi) running, sometime hover flying.

(The speed is similar to the future helicopter with coaxial inverting rotor and
vectoring capable big tail rotor, and supersonic is capable due to muti-layer
electromagnetic shields around a fuselage of robot, and small nuclear fusion
reactors inside a robot and linear particle accelerators with superconduction
architecture intake air particles and exhaust into plasma particles.)

(It seems if each girl pilot gets in different robot at each scene, these action
sequences could be possible in a single long take view of a certain girl pilot.)

Two of robots are launching inverted L shaped shields upto air, 2 per each.
And manipulator of robot can detach the shield and throwing to air, because
architecture of shoulder part actuators are similar to that of primate animals.

And after pose stabilization in air, with the big loop and turning maneuvers,
setting location in air, moving to horizontally and vertically, alike short range
missiles (for example, “TOW”, and “Hellfire”), by small thruster nozzles.
(It reminds aerial motions of “Comaneci” in rhythmic gymnastics.)
And begin to start unfolding and extending, which change into shield.

Some of teeth warheads with boosters falling down due to jamming waves.
And this shield radiating strong electromagnetic pulse during very short time
and this could refract shock waves from explosions into other directions.
By multiple shockwaves, facilities and buildings falling and collapsing down,
and flames and floating fractions are flown to backward directions...

... These lime orange electron icecream sajuiso will be continued ...

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... Waves of Strings # 89 ... Return of the oldest carriers ... 4 ...
... Inspired by "Wild Animals", Ernest Seton, & "Les Etoile", Alphonse Daudet ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... It alike stepping up fox stairs in a school ... 4 ...

A few 25 meter robots flying quickly between the deserted factories,
and many direct and indirect lightings are on the fuselages.
(And neon lights and neon advertisements on at factories.)

Each robots of the "Fallen Leaves" air squadron flying away toward
different directions, and the fuselage and metal feathers shivering
by the air pressure from their sonic speed, and by wind pressure,
and cloud tails are from some of winglets, because of humidity.
(Robots are surrounded by the multilayered electromagnetic shield,
alike the Van Allen circulation flows around the earth type planets,
fuselage of robot protected from shockwave of super sonic speed,
and this helps much quick acceleration, and reentry into air.)

Some of long metal feather filled with the flare, chaff, ECM & ECCM,
and the electronic jamming devices, and all the girls set up those
in the auto launch mode, so if the guided rockets become to nearby,
chaffs and flares are launched into air, automatically.

Exhaustions from nozzles are not so glowing, they are still in slow
energe comsuming mode of the vacuum batteries.
Building silhouettes look blurred, because of thermal effects.

Sometimes the neon sign advertisements and direct and indirect
street lights are exploding and are covered by the small lightnings,
because of ECCM (electronic counter counter measure) of robots,
and by electromagnetic waves from the cloak (or stealth)
on the
robots, for evading radars on bandit units.

Above the sky filled with the thick and light gray monsoon clouds,
and there are many fogs over the ground area, so silhouettes of
factory skylines look faint.

The petroleum refinery factories are deserted long time ago, but
sometimes red evaporate fuming out from chimney.

Some UAV airplanes flying at high above (virtual "Global Hawk 2"),
and they are covered by the optical camouflage panels, not visible,
and satellite connections with the main frame super computers
five ships on orbit, and with the various sensors, optical lens,
keep tracks robots, and guiding support fire from other squad.

Once upon a time, there was the ocean sailing era, and the small
frigates and the big sloops relaying the communication signs, and
these future days, shuttles for transporting robots relaying data,
satellite network of artificial intelligences, (so called deep-think).

Many guided rockets are on air, from the other robot squadron,
and flying toward over 200 meter biomech, and a biomech has to
begin electronic countermeasures and evasive maneuvers.
(Those are similar to guided hydra rockets, but, much slimmer,
equipped with the high explosive and new propellent, and during
ballistic and curved flying, over the sonic speed, and sonic booms,
similar to the artillery support requesting in PC game Comanche 3
(1997), and Comanche 4 (2001), by Novalogic software group.)

There are 40 or more robots in 4 - 5 groups on the theater field,
and 7 robots with girl pilots, and 4 - 5 robots with "Moor" team
are located at between the field with the deserted factories, and
leg silhouettes resemble long legs of primates, not bird legs.

On the front screen, which is also the internal canopy of cockpit,
many icons on alike the HUD (head up display), and the outside
scenery could be displayed on, and when the pilot looks forward,
clouds and mountain ridges on the side screens are modified
simplified computer graphics in shapes and colors.

At the lower center of front screen, status of robot is displayed in
simplified and half transparent computer graphic.
(Similar to future version Microsoft Windows in multitasking.)

Now the thrust powers of the robot of "So-yeon Kim" become low,
because when during the first bandit attack, turned reactor
to electromagnetic shield layers, so the buffer batteries for thrust
nozzles depleted much more than others.

"So-yeon Kim" using the left tablet, near from left throttle lever,
for turning on the computer graphic status of the robot, and right
hand is keep on right side stick rudder with many buttons.

(Cockpit is much bigger than the cockpits in PC game "Falcon 3.0"
by Spectrum Holobytes, 1991, and the "Falcon 4.0" by Microprose,
1998, and for short pilots, throttle and rudder could be moved.)

Robot with "Kim So-yeon" inside is on at one of the motion track
cameras on the robot with "Fukashi (Catechin)" inside, and a pop
up window with that robot and surrounding situations on at
screen of "Fukashi" robot, and panning to center, into bigger sized
window, and object robot is zooming up by A.I.

Computer graphic of that flying robot warning about power down,
and a leader "Fukashi (Catechin)" (or "Yoon-jung Choi") says
all the seven robots instantly rendezvous at a point.

And blows up some air, and front hair waving during a short time,
and de
creasing the thrust of the robot by the throttle lever, and
maneuvering side rudder for flying to robot with "So-yeon" inside,
at lower altitude, and display modes can changed by buttons on.

Nozzle thrusts are transparent, glowing when the after burner on,
and with no smokes and tail clouds, but, when decreasing speed,
many transparent flames are from the small nozzles at the tips of
both rabbit ear launch parts of (Chile) device, and both shoulders,
and both sides of waist, and leg parts, maybe looks like a star.
Some shape memory alloy air brakes are also unfolding.
(And when if the front side backward thrusts are increasing fast,
could do back swimming shrimp, or backward loop squirrel.)

(And the CG of robot status could displaying others, for example,
if robot hovering in over speed of sound, some parts of the robot

are moving for more suitable for flying, and silhouette of robot to
somewhat different, which is more aerodynamic, and when robot
in reentry into atmosphere from low orbit of planet, many external
capsule parts are added and these are put off during the reentry,
and during speed of sound hovering, changing the direction needs
thrusts from small nozzles on shoulder, waist, and lower leg part,
and the thrust jets are displayed too, and sometimes robot
and unfolding the arm for quick turning,
and when jump over the
concrete ruin, thrusts from the legs into more glowing, and the
acceleration pose
similar to the ice skating.)

Robots are gathering at a certain point, and if seen from far away,

they look alike gathering meteors in low clouds and mists.
Their each feather and each winglet in different color, from bright
gray to dark gray, similar to digital dot camouflage.

(Robots are in light gray color and the markings are white in the
In Human Mind story, and electric motor sounds no longer
because all the joints and the actuators are electro-magnetic.)

"Tsundere", action coach of this girl squadron thinks that
her life
is reached almost at the end, and feels like that much dark smoke
spout up from her big mouth, and thoughts that at the beginning
of the air strike, over a hundred of missiles are launched from the
temporarily installed chimney cases inside of rear inferior shuttle
bay doors of the fast space container ships, but, there still bandit
moving around the theater.

(A hundred Oerlikon, Bofors at each side of the modified container
ships, and could pop up and exposed when anti-air guns needed.)

Robot with "So-yeon Kim" inside is floating on air by hovering, and
"So-yeon Kim" says that maybe simple discharge of batteries,

during a few seconds, recharging graph goes up.

"Tsundere (Jimin)" maneuvering the thrust vectoring nozzle part
the waist of her robot, and instead of the beam handgun for robot,
and magnetic anchor is equipped, and after wire anchor winded
and attached at a truss from concrete ruin, boost jump up to air.

Helped by swinging on wire, pushing back robot with "So-yeon Kim",
this accelerating some more, which is assisted extra throttle.
For a short time, thrust exhaustions from variable polygonal nozzles
into more longer than height of a robot, including glowing rings,
robot with "So-yeon Kim" in is thrown up to air.

(This air maneuvering is similar to tarantula of the wrestler "Tajiri",
because temporarily four arms and four legs of the two robots act
simultaneously, and also reminding the relay in short track skating.)

Seen from the far, second wave multiple rockets flying to the bandit,
from the other direction, launched by another robot squadron.
These slim rockets are pop up to the air, and transparent thrusts
by small hydrogen oxide boosters, and then main thrust on, (a robot
is maneuvered by Daniel Craig, from far south).

(Rocket launch scene similar to an old PC game Mechwarrior 3, 1999,
by Microprose, and Mechwarrior 4, 2000, by Microsoft.)

Maybe the huge biomech (similar to the Megalodons in sci-fi stories)
already run away into near sea water, and alike other biomech
hard to be detected by conventional radars and sensors.

And all the seven robots moving fast to next rendezvous point...

... to be continued ...

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... Waves of Strings # 90 ... Return of the oldest carriers ... 5 ...
... Inspired by "Lupin – Needle Citadel" with Isidore and Herlock Sholmes ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... It alike stepping up fox stairs in school ... 5 ...

(Music is instrument version of "Sunset Partissiere", and this time the main
melody line by 2 or more pianos, and similar melody comparing to the pop
songs in "Macross - Love, do you remember", 1984.)

Some time ago, before their an air strikes from the space, 8 of the Type-320
(virtual upgraded and enlarged Y-32, so called Y-32 II), the next generation
space airplanes arrived to small fleet with carriers and container ships.

Type-320 (fiction version of Y-32 test airplane of JSF program in real world)
are upgraded version, and their length are longer than early version type-180,
and equipped with new radar and longer radar dome, many are two seated,
and same engine developed for type-330 (virtual MiG-33 "Firefox").

And there are glass fiber arresting lopes at landing deck on the 55,000 ton
space carrier, and if (electromagnetic superconduction) lift fans are in errors,
then this unmanned space airplane could landing on deck by the conventional
tale hook, on arresting rope of glass fibers, which self luminous after sunset,
and after dimming, look alike self luminating sea weeds.

All the sailors onboard a 55,000 ton space carrier (fiction version of a “Wasp”
size ship) get future brandy (coeur brasil, similer name reminding courvoisier).
Spirits of all sailors maybe resurrected, (energy level back to high teen age).
(All sailors surprised, future brasil can supply more budget than others, which
reminds citizen Lupin supplied in fiction stories.)

"McCyan", (reminding Isidore, when assuming space squid strategy), usually
do not drink, and give brandy to other sailors.

And “Moor" walks through next generation space airplanes, Type-130 (virtual
A-13 unmanned airplane, one of the nickname is "Guillotine"), alike columns
in ancient Nile, in forgotten planet (earth or origin planet).

And these are newly produced, and next big size version of the UAV in space
amphibious cruiser "Cape Cheetah", (in In Human Mind stories).
("Cheetah" is the fiction version of an early type San Antonio, yet, after total
exterior renovation at chittagong harbor, refers to “Sea Shadow", "Zumwalt",
and with flag ship mainframes, and shocked all human and space squids.)

"Moor", a chief of staffs, editing strategy and tactics of a certain theater, and
is fluent in language, and could communicate with all sailors, and in costume
reminding "Charon" image of middle era, (and when a dinner party, wearing
the nomadic bedouin costume with big hood).
(Perhaps, costumes of "Moor" are by Alexander McQueen.)

(Back music is fusion jazz version "Claire de Lune" by DeBussy.)

There are 16 of type-130 in rectangular frame, which wings and winglets, and
other parts are detached status, and when walk along nearby, it is similar to
column of ancient remains, (and reminding the big size or mockup size plastic
model parts).

This is second basement floor or second hanger deck from flight deck, and A.I.
robots with long arms reassemble these new UAVs (somewhat bigger than the
"Night Hawk" in real world) in a short time.
Usually two robots works simultaneously, by 10 or more long arms on cylinder
shaped body, some time before carrier arrive to a tactical area.

UAVs made by future materials, many fuselage parts are not metal, so could
stored same floor with shuttles for transport (hovercrafts in real world), which
can hovering over the salty water of the seas.
And new UAVs can fly faster than speed of sound, for a short time.

And two electromagnetic lift fans are equipped, which could give much more
upward lifting power, and allows short distance take off on newly added two
electromagnetic catapults on right side of hull, and for low speed and short
distance landing on left side of hull.

These UAVs are remotely controlled from hidden base at below ground level,
basement floors at an urban area (virtual future a New City), by the old and
retired pilots, from various backgrounds.
They connected to hyper time space satellite networks, and to stratosphere
altitude reconnaissance airplanes on that planet.

Particle beam guns are one of the main weapons, and particles into beam by
small size superconduction linear accelerator, and there is long beam mode,
and short multi beam mode, (and big explosion by particle reactions).

And these type-130 new space airplanes can hit ground targets more than
10 to 20 kilometers away, which is beyond visual range.
(Firing range in fiction is assume to be far more than depleted uranium shell
guns of the A-10 "Thunderbolts" in real world.)

Backward, there are shuttles for transporting in two rows, and for this attack,
double number comparing to conventional space voyage.
"Moor" remembers when the days of "Cape Cheetah", for hidden and lonely
voyage chasing after biomech space fleets.

"Cape Cheetah" had four shuttles, which were filled with multiple launching
guided rockets, with small size hydrogen bomb warhead.
"Moor" sees two times or more shuttles than "Cape Cheetah".

This space carrier will flying with the fast space container ship, (from future
ukraine), and originally built for emergency landing of airplanes on (Kiev size)
space carriers, but this voyage, equipped with many missile launching boxes,
including sea skimming missiles, and the missiles for defense are also more
number than a 55,000 ton space carrier.

At the newly arrived space carrier, there are an old and short stature pilot
(resembles pilot "Caesar"), and other pilots old and short, too.
They are the pilots of the type-155 space airplanes, and this squadron could
make geometric stereo formations, which all are looks psychotic.
(Silhouette of pilots in mist are reminding "R2D2", and "Android", silhouette
of hoods and long triangular flags reminding "Grim Rippers", or “Wiz Booths",
and perhaps, costumes are by Alexander McQueen.)

(Back music is similar to 1980's "Vangelis" style digital midi orchestra, and
similar to digital sound back musics of PC game "Falcon 4.0".)

The six space ships are in a column, flying over thick monsoon cloud.
It snow in high altitude, and flakes slipped on electromagnetic shields.

Type-320 new space airplanes are preparing for an electromagnetic catapult
launching, (similar to those in "Battlestar Galactica" series 1 and 2).
They equipped with a big air to surface missile, and two side booster rockets
(filled with red petroleum powder), for easy take off.

Star shaped big size air to surface missiles are supplied for exploding shield
generators at north and (or) south end of enemy citadel near harbor.
It attached on beneath of a type-320, external area of the fuselage, and with
warhead made of much downsized hydrogen fusion bomb.
Because of many thrust vectoring nozzles, outlook is star shaped.

A pilot in red hat (resemble donald chicken) looks at displays, next panorama
style panels, compare to panels on robot 106 and 203.
This displays in flight navigations, and targets, by A.I. supercomputer, which
pilots want to know, and soon be needed, in various scales, and a (hologram)
head up projection display, and A.I. capable rear view tablet monitors.
(Pilot reminds "Benjamin Affleck" in "Bill Gates" hairstyle, glasses, and this a
captain future is always busy Benjamin, with leaflets.)

All the 8 of newly arrived type-320 take off by EMF tunnel catapults.
And 16 type-130 airplanes already on air, (virtual A-13 “Guillotine” airplanes,
unmanned, next to A-11 “Night Hawk”, with double EMF lift fans).
During wingman airplanes and other air squadron launching, and flying in circle,
for gathering and make formations, a captain in future flying above sky of this
small fleet, with six space ships, too.

And this a captain in future see in cockpit, and finds out that previous 40,000
ton space carrier becomes to 55,000 ton, and flight deck into much bigger size,
and new unmanned island bridge is thin tower of iron pylon, in structure, and
could be folded down, when space airplanes landing in rush.
Main bridge is under the flight deck and multilayer armors.

And a newly arrived super size space carrier (early production version of Nimitz
ships in real world) also enlarged, and length to over 2,000 m, from about one
nautical mile, before renovations.
(If comparing to real world, Nimitz and other super size carriers into 375 meter
or longer, and Wasp size ships are into 275 meter or longer, and dry dock for
hovercraft bay.)

Renovations are for easy and frequent take off and landing of type-155 space
airplane (virtual 21 m length Silent Eagle in paper) squadrons, but, (the money
from future middle and south america) could allow 20 of them and 2 more spare
units, and this is total strike airplanes in the third carrier, which newly arrived.

Scramble status of 4 to 8 units (in front of bridge island of carrier in real world),
and flying to all around sectors for reinforcement cannot realized, until increase
upto 30 – 50 in number.

In this sortie, half of type-155 space airplanes are equipped with 2 long range
cruise missiles with downsized hydrogen fusion warhead, for example, explode
shield generators under heavy layers of shield, and next plasma cloak (stealth)
devices, which are downsized and into more low electricity consumption.

Type-185 (virtual “Silent Longhorn”, for electronic countermeasures) are already
flying at high altitude, can unfold disruption webs, and if 8 of them on air, all the
six ships could be under the cloak waves.

Two next generation space airplanes, (maybe brasil's Y-23 “Retaliator" or virtual
"Firefox" compatible), also flying in circle above space ships, and are test types
and with forward wings, and linear superconduction nozzles on at upside.
They flying for avionics test, and will not fly to combat area.

Of 6 space carriers and fast space container ships, a 55,000 ton carrier at first,
and newly arrived 2,000 meter carrier at 2 nd, "big-E" carrier at 3 rd, and space
airplanes from a 55,000 ton carrier will be left hook, and space airplanes from a
over 2,000 meter ship will be right straight, and the space airplanes on "Big-E"
preparing for second wave, if needed.

And Type-160 and type-085 are preparing for flight on "Big-E" ship.
"Big E" is an old, previous generation ship, (compares to Nimitz ships), so council
do not consider reconstruction for elongation.

Type-160 “Pelican” (F-16 “Falcon” in real world) are upgraded to, the fuselage is
elongated, and wings enlarged, and vertical tail wing become double, and beneath
vertical tail wings are enlarged, and could be fold to both sides, during the carrier
catapult launching, and landing to flight deck.

Many are double seat cockpit, and the cockpit itself enlarged, and next panorama
interface equipped, and usually training flights on the vacant sea, and rectangular
floating tubes could be inflated, if engine failure during training flights over sea.
(And many technological innovations, for example, the strakes on Y-29 and thrust
vectoring panels on Y-31 are added during upgrade and renovation, and certainly,
silhouette reminding small one engine variation of "Fulcrum".)

Type-085 (AV-8 “Harrier II” in real world) also upgraded, equipped new engine
(virtual Pegasus II engine), and fuselage is enlarged, and air maneuverings and
performances thought to be much enhanced...
(Comparing to real world, “Harrier II” becomes temporary supersonic, and super
cruising capability for a short time, and vertical flyings are different from JSF, so
it assumed to be JSF program cannot replace all the specs of "Harrier II".)

... to be continued ...

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