Voyagers of Space - Waves of Strings

Waves of Strings # 61 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Books about "Kriemhild" and movie "Star Trek 9 th - Insurrection" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 61 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... part 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

"Quiz" assumes that
the threat of bio mech fleets toward antarctica not so much severe as thought to be,
maybe their primary concern is about possible human secret base.

young "Mordred" squadron will toward northern Mariana stars nearby deep black holes alone,
"Iwo Jima" and "Mir" in docking status will serves as second runway.

Simultaneous take off and landing on flight deck of space ship
is still tough loads for even able crews, although scientists and beta test proved possible
if the twin flight decks are angled.

In these days,
threats of bio mech fleets are toward Quriltai stars, rather than Formosa planet,
so cargo ship companies do not want to go to Quriltai planets, without extra payments.

So called the "Free Quriltai Ships",
consists with 8 small cargo carriers (or the term "CVE") and 8 light weight escort cruisers,
now moved to Guam (or Agana) planet in northern Mariana stars for joining resistance.

Yet, even the most daring old council members of the West star system
do not assure that with 100 - 200 ground based space craft planes ( Y-type fighters)
could guarantee the minimun pivot for the lever or one to two pair of fleet carriers.

And the ships from Quriltai planets do not carry no single STOVL space planes.
Only with search radar shuttles, anti-submarine cruiser countermeasure is capable.
But, this would surely reduce threats from giant squid alike bio mech submarines.

( Different from "In Human Mind" series, type-260 JSF STOVL fighters do not presence
in these "Waves of Strings", maybe comeback later with more Yak-141 alike outerlooks )

Usually, Quriltai ships are 2 in 1 combo,
this means that one cargo carrier or CVE and one light weight escort cruiser sails together,
helping each other in anti-submarine and anti-air countermeasures.

( Just alike the "Enterprise" class space ships in "Star Trek" science fiction series )

"Lin (林)" thought about a sort of carbonated drink or fizz,
when she first heard about the geographic name "Quriltai" but the situation is rough.

And "Lin" is very envious about a double size squadron from Quriltai stars,
that they already realized a kind of power that she would have only dreamed about.

Voyage to northern Mariana stars from 6 th area of galaxy, on the backside of,
"Mordred" et al will pass space areas too close to deep black holes ...

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 62 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Books about "Kriemhild" and movie "Predator" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 62 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... part 2 ... Babel project files ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

New N-class space carriers are similar exterior compare to previous N-class carriers,
yet somewhat bigger, they are over 3600 – 4000 meters in length.

Pulse reactors ( particle accelerator ) for EMF engines are much improved,
they could fly away from fight zone in hypersonic speed more faster than previous ones.

Upgraded engines are so powerful, 75 % power is sufficient for usual hypersonic flying,
and there are extra backup engines and nozzles so maximum performance is unimaginable.

Backup sliding plate armors enable them keep these intra atmospheric hypersonic ability
even if they have damaged on outer plate armor tiles

Backup extra winglets and many side thrust vectoring nozzles could help N-class
not to lose stability during subsonic or hypersonic flight due to unbalance from damage.

There are also backup turrets inside ship, and could move by superconduction EMF rails
to surface of ship and replacing disabled turrets, so ship could keep artillery firing.

Type 240 series ( Yak-141 ) are alike type 260 series, and unmanned Drone space crafts.
There are manipulators in side weapon bays mainly for instant repairing space ship.

Type 240 and type 260 series ( JSF ) are almost 5 th generation space airplanes,
they could maneuvering vertical take off and other performances by thrust vectoring.
But they are manned space crafts, so overall flying abilities are inferior than Drones.

Usual N-class could onboard about 50 robots ( Marine Stryker or Sea Comanche ).
They are alike oriental dragon or chinese loong, especially flying in sky.

From retired admiral “West”,
who now leads search team with less than an usual squad for library underground files,
think that Aryan gene maybe inserted into almost all the human, before ice age.

Before last galaxy scale ice age, more than 10,000 years ago,
there was unknown galaxy scale civilization, and their way to keep peace is
inserting some artificial genes at unknown site of DNA for control ( alike creationism ).

Half life of these fragile Aryan genes are presumed about 20,000 years,
some human maybe already free from these inherited ancient ball and chain on legs.

Until now, human never win against bio mech fleets, population down to 4.5 billion,
maybe after those hidden genes are self deleted in future, survival could be possible.

Babel project was for detecting these Aryan genes, vulnerable to civil regulations,
but less than 10 years from start, funds are aborted and scientists are scattered.

30 years ago, galaxy was divided,
three to six nation groups severely competing each other in military weapons.

Weapon systems are upgraded frequently, fast increasing due to mass production,
and then spread to underdeveloped planets, everything was totally uncontrolled.

Bio mech fleet project was maybe another preparing for doomsday,
a huge fleet with 500 space ships for destroy entire human weapon systems.

But, just alike many other secret plans, they too became uncontrollable.
After 30 years of self reproduction, bio mech ships are now over 5000.

It is clear that 1 of 10 bio mech fleets consuming much more energy and resources.
So maybe they need to conquer 300 human planets for their slave.

Comparing to human local societies, they cannot pay back their dept,
and they need more dept to continue their over consumption.

Many of executed bio mech crafts during their exodus are from that particular fleet,
and now some of their 500 space ships are executed during exodus to far distant.
They are shoot from behind.

It seems that objection against expansion is deserved to termination.
Now they preparing for conquer Atlantic nebula …

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 63 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Books about "Kriemhild" and movie "Hunt for Red October" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 63 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... part 3 ... Babel project files ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

“Iwo Jima” and “Niihau” are the only sailing space carriers from West star system,
which is totally defensive, preparing for Atlantic front, assumed to be a battle for
planet surface based long range space aircrafts of contemporary …

“Mir”, once space carrier and now salvaged from Antarctica, dock with “Iwo Jima”,
many systems within are still in development, futuristic for crews chosen from “Niihau” …

Two String Generator ships are reinforced from Atlantic front.

( A Triomphant class and a Vanguard class submarines )

Main reason of presence to Pacific is for precise P-wave testing.

If P-wave from two other ships are crossed,
that area would be demolition zone, and precise area establishment could be achieved
by dozens of Pulse Reactors inside the ships.

"Samari", a staff officer from “Niihau”, now skipper chief of “Iwo Jima” and “Mir”,
could request fire support from these String Generator ships, and “Niihau” squadron sails
at the other area of ( Mariana stars ) deep black holes will relay transmission to council.

Council is usually at Toulon or New Krym harbor.
Their decision is all by individual, and their personal ( smart ware ) communication systems
all together could be loaded in backpack or light suitcase.

"Samari" think that many escort carriers ( CVE ) with less than 10 space craft
could turn the tide against to bio mech, human could survive some more time,
and less than 1 % could safely reach to remote planets alike Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Tahiti.

Before year 2X23,
there were more than 10 billion human dwells over 300 planets all around galaxy,
but at year 2X25, now, less than 4.5 billion human survives.

( Situation is alike real world at A D 1990, some scientists find only 45 % petroleum left )

But, until now,
over 99 % human believes that desperate war between human is going on all around,
and sudden decline in population is due to toxic chemical weapons.

Retired admiral “West” is very tall man, over 2 meters in height,
and including retired admiral, less than 10 men, a small independent squad
become to believe that “Babel project” is another terrible scientific disaster.

Many research institutes all around galaxy aimed to free human from aryan gene,
assumed to be inserted artificially before last ice age, for more easy obedience,
but result in only sudden awakening and proliferation of hidden bio-mechatronic crafts.

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 64 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... design “Tupolev 144 and 160” ... TV series “The Greatest American Hero” ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 64 ... To broken triangle ... part 4 ... An Oriental Express ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

“Mir” and “Iwo Jima” is in docking status and now sailing toward Shang planet,
two carrier squadrons of “Mordred” and “Quiz” are at behind of mariana black holes …

“Samari” was local company salary man, did not graduate aviator academy university,
and attended to a local branch of defense college more than 20 weekends per year,
more than 20 years, and now call to duty as a practical Lt colonel.

“Samari” has to prove about insisting that previous research data maybe still remains,
at hidden front line bases once funded by West star system, themselves.
It needs long range deep rushing scout, another tough sailing.

They were “big head”, “geronimo”, “sitting bull”, “crazy horse”, “red cloud”, “magua”.
( Some 30 years old paper says “okinawa base” rather than “red cloud base” )

But, space carrier skipper “Quiz” from atlantic side think different.
If those bases are really existed, they were hidden status maybe with bio mech research,
which were intended to annihilate local human, and close to be very dangerous.

“Mordred”, “Samari”, and “Quiz” agree with that Indians (bio mech crafts)
are much more advanced and outnumbering, they are designed to overwhelming
and annihilate human dwelling planets, if needed.

( Not all bio mech are 35 - 45 meter length crafts, some are 100 meter brain-spine only )

Submarine cruisers with pulse reactors are good for long term resistance,
but less than 100 - 150 total number, very expensive, and limited firepower to surface.

The other is producing small escort cruisers alike “Iwo Jima”, as many as possible.

“Samari” listened at defense college that during 1 st galaxy war, 110 years ago,
West star system and neighbor planets also involved in, but casualties are two times
more than that of forces from the eastern star systems.

2 nd galaxy war, about 85 years ago, front line trenches were totally broke down,
and West star system struggled over 4 years to return to western front line.

In year 2X25, population of West star system is over 300 million.
Many are unemployed, and they even cannot full supply their own necessities alike
refrigerator, washing machine, oven, and vacuum cleaner, much are imported.

Only Shang planet could supply small escort carriers,
more than 50 – 100 in number, within less than 2 years from credit payment.

But since 2X23,
many tiny submarine ships are suddenly emerge on spaces around Shang planet.

They are bio mech submarines, and they maybe from deserted bases
alike “big head”, “geronimo”, “sitting bull”, “crazy horse”, “red cloud”, “magua”,
they were evolved and increased in number by themselves.

“Samari” has to break through those bio mech submarines, if needs,
proving supply line from Shang, across backside of galaxy the pacific nebula, to West.

“Samari” worries that they have only 12 space airplanes and 12 shuttles (helicopters)
onboard ship “Iwo Jima”, but more than several dozens of bio mech submarines assumed,
and many information are still uncertain in these areas of galaxy.

Many systems inside “Mir (Varyag)” is brand new for leader “Samari” and
for less than 100 weekend defender people from 30 planets at West star systems.

For example,
some communication device gears are almost same type compare to
those with bio mech gears left behind at some deserted bases on atlantic side.

Outerlook of “Mir (Varyag)” is similar to N-class and new N-class from West star systems,
yet has much more anti-air and anti-sub counter measures in single ship.

( Hybrid of hypersonic variant of Tu-144 upgrade and variable wing aircraft Tu-160 )

“Mir” and “Iwo Jima” is now at the other apex of triangle, almost same distance
from Shang planet and planets with deserted bases alike “big head”.

Crews are now at shopping street inside “Mir”, at the heart of vessel,
port side is Mediterranean beach, with ancient columns and orchid flowers,
starboard side is Baltic beach, with amber green grass and herbs, with green blue sea,
ceiling, wall, and sea area big screens all are in autumn sunset ...

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 65 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Johnney Carson show opening & drama “The Greatest American Hero” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 65 ... To broken triangle ... 5 ... When girls talk first ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

Through several dozens of small submarines (half machine half monster bio mech)
which could submerge underwater more than 10 days, with only fast container ship is
alike some days during early twenties, college-man or after gymnasium school days …

One fine day,
“typan (big merchant)” in white suit comes to local library (in two Rolls Roys cars)
and give three bags filled with money to me, says let’s see how much left after 2 weeks,
advices be cautious to girls with sensitive nose, avoid moussaka and kebab today.

Those college days,
my financial supporter lends me a decent (small) car which could carry four adults.
I plan that I would use car trunk as temporary depository safe box for 90 % cash.

Now I am with a big backpack, an air suitcase, and a journalist shoulder bag,
many are filled with wrap covered fruits alike green apples, as dummy gold.

1 st girl is a service business applicant,
attending after gymnasium school for future service-man,
comes to local library twice per week, and I was one of arbeit customer of that school.

During my arbeit pretending as a 50 years old customer,
talking was just same as written on synopsis leaflet, and just couple of eye contacts.

At that day 3:30 pm, she did not go back home after 3 pm from public library,
and talk to me privately first, asking how about go to burger house.
She wears white flare skirt and put coconut oil on both knees, for shining.

Until just 5 seconds before I pass by, watching flowers with hip push up backward,
and then suddenly turn pose to my side, she calls me for talk, for the first time since.
( Her hip line with flare skirt seems alike white heart of desert E T visiting with UFO )

other girl attending college for attorney maybe carefully watching 1 st scene.
At 4:30 pm, 2 nd girl, about 2 years older than 1 st girl, talk to me go to amusement park.
She likes to get on binary-kin boat.

Sea gull birds flying under late afternoon pale sun.

She wears yellow knit cardigan, blouson, and whitish long skirt.
Her blouson is too short and too tight, even her naked waist line could be seen.

( She likes tomato cod fish soup, and when she use napkin, looks alike Dracula )

Late autumn sunset comes early, and sky is already dusk.
A girl maybe over 28 years old, walking from sunset dusk with vanilla sky.
I heard that she wants to open her own business shop.

She is in bright color leggings and mufflers, reminds me an erected mummy.
She talks to me first, and ask me to go to ice cream house after decent meal.
I offer her chinese style fast food, and go to ice cream house.

Suddenly, she lends to me short muffler of hers, quickly winds around my neck,
looks alike that defender mummy intercepts a pyramid invader (in some S F films).

At the ice cream house, I find that she wears sleeveless blouse or shirts,
so her naked neck line and shoulder lines could be seen, put coconut glazer on.

( Maybe strong force fields comes out from cash money … )

each girl wants something more than just playing usual role of female partner,
maybe searching investor for her future business once dreamed of.

That was 10 years before from nowadays,
5 years later from total economy break down, moratorium of a big city where I born.

Now I think that,
what if I introducing those girls to each other, for live together in same apartment flat.

Maybe woman cannot live with other woman, more unequal then male societiy.
In my view point, they are almost same in the aspects of economy status.

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 66 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 6 ...

... Inspired by ... T V drama “The Greatest American Hero” and “Friends” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 66 ... To broken triangle ... 6 ... Makeup fashion changes ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

During 1980 decade,
I grow up flat apartment beside a big river (much shorter than Nile).

That uptown was nothing special,
just another ordinary apartment town with 33,000 people in 2.5 square kilometers.

( Almost same apartment architecture those at Soci, Minsk, Gdansk, and Leipzig )

Our family buy land at Yangje region, about 5 miles south from Abgujung region,
but that town was developing slow, so we moved to Abgujung apartment flat,
without selling that land to other family or bank.

( There are 2 sorts, half are medium sized, other half are suite or super suite sized,
and our family moved to usual suite sized apartment located at the very best point,
and since few years, writer lives alone at another suite, 5 miles west from Abgujung )

At mid 1990 decade,
that city with over 10 million people become moratorium, total bankrupt.

But, many opinion leaders push developing one more Ghangnam at just nearby.

South Ghangnam, the new one, is over twice bigger than the original Ghangnam,
much more populations from all over the country, much higher and dense flats.
Yet, it is certain that they never repay their dept within 30 – 50 years.

( Year 2000, many environments are changed, irreversible, no more parking lot,
even the original Ghangnam have to attention to ongoing economic crisis )

Next girl is tall girl in tight slacks and sleeveless blouse.
She is with almost same height girl, about 1.75 meter, wears alike weather reporter.
( Two of Miss Ghangnam at those days )

Year 1995,
there was two places with many tea house where young people gathering,
one is a street with many roadside ginkgo trees at west Shinsa and the other is
a street near galleria shopping center (but the burger house closed after moratorium).

Close encountering was at street,
named Ghangnam downtown, located at suburban area of one of 3 rd world big cities.

She is a girl with healthy smiles,
and has more shining shoulder lines than hysteria woman I mentioned before.
I was just asking ways to her, but anyway, we brought into nearby cafe.

Less than 0.5 % of money in 3 bags into costume made me different, I guess.
Costume, washing machine, and iron device took half of my small studio flat.
And at those days, I had more than three mobile phones, simultaneously in cloth.

First, I thought another full scale human photo for advertisement,
but I surprised when that photo more smiles, moves, and politely answering to me.
She wears somewhat expensive looking wrist watch.

About 30 % of young girls walking through those street are beautiful looking,
maybe due to thick makeups in fashion currently, alike all wearing same masks.
Yet, I guess 1 of 10 girls maybe have real beauty or pretty.

Cafe employee establish sun block transparent vertical curtain,
vapor keep from hot tea pot, and I was too shy for that sort of situations.

After 30 minutes, I find that she is one of really handsome beauty category,
and her friend is really fashion model beauty category or weather announcer.

I met those thin and tall girls again at the next week.
And I acknowledge that she could seldom talk long, because she wears
seven or more underwear pieces, at a glance under the skirt.

She wears alike a too complex watch with many girders and windup springs.

Her friend could talk more longer, maybe due to running machine she owns.
And she could not remember 5 th question to me, so she pick out
questionnaire paper in A 4 size, and asking the remaining written at there.

Autumn is short, nearby that river.
( There are many rivers named Shang, Han, and Yau in chinese character culture area )

Season is changed, and it become winter.
Soon, thick make up girls walking on those streets changed into new fashion,
so now it become hard to recognize those girls in new thick makeup.

Just a year later, I sea her in T V news (as a announcer).

News was about many problems of abruptly reconstructed building at South Ghangnam
into too dense apartment, all the residency complains about only home they have.
( Many of them are never backpack travelled around the earth, I assumed )

Who should go ? Who would left behind ?
Could they make their own decisions ?
Is there any bank deposit left enough for warrant buying conventional home and move to ?
Would the same things happening to emigrants to outer space residency towns ?

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 67 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 7 ...

... Inspired by ... “Stagecoach to Dancers’ Rock” and Animation “Jerry and Stew bird” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 67 ... To broken triangle ... 7 ... A walk with Mannequin Girl ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

From 1980 to 1995,
original Ghangnam was a place about 30 square kilometers,
more than half was vacant lot, some areas are just few buildings aside broad avenues.

Ghangnam means southern area (Nam) of a river (Ghang).

During 1970 decade, it was another mockery developing region.
Many areas were still sand near river banks, small and unpermitted tiny vegetable farms.

Yet, year about 1985,
Ghangnam became another boom town in 3 rd world countries,
at the ginkgo tree street at west Shinsa (means new sand fields in local language)
and street nearby galleria shopping center at east Shinsa, many shops open.

They were mostly small, not loft style only 1 story building even without parking lot.
Many are temporary buildings with cheap materials.
Shinsa area is alike a big film studio set, different from Abgujung area.

Some streets are very similar to bazaar scenes in PC game “The Fate of Atlantis”
or roof scene in “Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Some cafe are as big as those in “Lowrence of Arabia” and “Casablanca”,
lemonade, margarita, Jack Daniel, and Raffles Sling could be served in every cafe.

Those days, small merchants could be profitable in shopping streets of Shinsa area.
But, after year 1995, even big merchants cannot make money at there, any longer.

( Hotels of Pop Green, Tea Tree, Sun Shine, Princess, Yungdong are still exist today )

( Overall, the town was alike old Hollywood movie “Stagecoach to Dancers’ Rock (1939)”
or famous PC game “X-wing, T I E, and the Millennium Falcon” )

Apartment flat town named Abgujung consist of more than 9000 homes,
about 50 % are suite and super suite size, and 50 % are medium size.

That town is alike resort hotels nearby big river or at beach,
but the field size is much bigger than usual hotels, it is over 2.5 square kilometers,
there are many 10 story buildings and cherry blossom trees.

This is truly Behemoth or Leviathan scale of dwelling area with big size homes.
Just opposite side across a broad road is Shinsa area, mentioned above.

Abgujung apartments are same architecture as Soci, Minsk, Gdansk, and Leipzig.
But, with errors, that one of shower rooms in suites is only for main bedroom.

Suite size and super suite size apartment flat has two shower rooms.
But only one at near entrance steel door is usable.
So, we cannot bring our male or female friend to home and present overnight bed.

they could never become to play a role as Jonga house of same surname families,
main limitation is only one shower room is usable even in suite and super suite.
Other family could not visit for sleep, due to these basic architectural problems.

( Local language Jongajip means senior house of small tribe leader )

Neighborhoods of our family has two or more suites in Abgujung,
and our family has more than two suite apartment flat in and nearby Abgujung,
and these families are only less than 10 % in Abgujung.

it happen to meet Miss “Cola” at Shinsa area, in front of a fast food shop.
She was alike mannequin, under many neon signs and road lamps …

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 68 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 8 ...

... Inspired by ... PC game “Wing Commander III” and animation “Jerry and Stew bird” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 68 ... To broken triangle ... 8 ... A walk with Mannequin Girl ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

Year 2 X 2 5 ...

Galaxy scale war is going on, human decreased from 10 billion to less than 5 billion,
yet, until now more than 90 % of survived human do not know that this is huge war,
human against their bastards, over 30 - 40 meter tall genetic monsters ...

I was salary man supporting the “Star Fleets” until year 2 X 2 4,
but missing from markets about a year ago, doing fishery for survive at Shang planet.

Just before I lost contact with "Typan" and forward carrier squadron
from West star system consist with 30 planets, I visit Abgujung town again.

Because fountains and reservoirs of Han river are occupied by bio mech,
and they shutdown the dams, width of Han river decreased into less than 20 %.

Many Ghangnam city people deserted their homes,
but 50 % of Abgujung town people still live their, due to their own water refinery.

Someone says that refinery units and drainage clearing units are given
from bio mech, just after their takeover dams and lakes at upper streams.

Abgujung was one of shallow riverside empty banks with sands along Han river,
and when bio mech give refinery units to people, they also covered riverbed
with fine white sands of sea shells and scallops.

So, in my view,
they looks more alike White Cloud harbor (Thera island or Dubai harbor).

It was alike this, one day late in year 2 X 2 3,
two 5,500 meter and some 2,500 meter length bio mech ships arise from setting sun,
and flying through sky over Han river and Abgujung town, and take over reservoirs.

At the Ghangnam city hall, many citizen brothers gathering,
and discussed a lot about current situations, and more than 90 % deserted the city.

Far distance from Ghangnam, one of east end of this galaxy,
same dark days, Star harbor (San Francisco), the west end of galaxy,
first citizens, typans (big merchants), and admirals sitting on big round table
watching 3 D hologram of next generation N-class space carrier.

They are under constructions at New Port shipyards,
budget enough for building up to 7 th of them and many Z-class (Zumwalt cruisers)
are already pass the council of West star system.

At Guam island planet (or Okinawa island planet),
two of N-class space carrier ships with dozen G-class (Arleigh Burke) cruisers,
and two type 220 space airplanes take off by EMF catapult, toward Han river,
at a planet just nearby Shang star system.

I am in poncho walking through streets once I walked with mystery girl “Cola”.
Those days, cherry blossoms everywhere at spring, white tree flowers at summer,
and ginkgo tree leaves at autumn, all arounds.

I played (Mech Warrior by Microsoft) 3 D game at there with “Cola”.
I think that video game is 4 D, alike IMAX movie style that 3 D plus detailed scenery.

She was waiting for me one autumn day in tight slacks, in front of a burger house,
much slimmer than she wore white flair skirts at last spring days.

Vanilla evening skies were with clouds looks alike cotton candies,
and when I arrived, I could only find another mannequin, but that was her.

( She said that she makeup and dress up just alike singer Christina Aguilera )

But now, many shops are closed,
covered up by tins, and newspaper sheets are away alike fallen leaves.

Two of brand new A-class (San Antonio class) are arrived at Pyeongtaek harbor,
and two LCAC air cushion big boats from those space ships go to upstream Han river,
and come to anchor nearby Abgujung town.

Test type robot 106 and 107 walking off from those LCAC air cushion big boats,
maneuvering by admiral “West” and officer “Norton”.

Seen from nearby, those robots are really tall, over 25 meters in actuator actions.
( They looks alike upgraded Comanche helicopters in books that airborne capable )

I am listening to classic music from walkman alike portable audio and speakers,
having coffee from dewar vessel, sit on wood bench nearby red telephone booth.

Two robots walking along the Abgujung avenue, and now just in front of me.
“West” recognizes me and I answer that this city is where I born.
“West” throws white artificial silk muffler to me, “Norton” throws (Tommy) chocolates.

“West” and “Norton” off from robots with personal rocket boosters,
and landing on a roof top of Casablanca style cafe.

“Norton” watch upper streams with digital binocular,
wireless connection with tiny pyramid shaped hyper timespace satellite antenna.
“West” watch same scenes by a portable mobile display without keyboard.

There are still half dozen 2,500 meter bio mech space ships floating sky over lake.

Two of type 220 from Guam island planet flying sky over Ghangnam town,
and keep circling around flights, in low altitudes.

( Actually, F-22 flied over Ghangnam about year 2005 – 2009, for free flying,
but they do not have extra devices for take off and landing on aircraft carrier )

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 69 ... To broken triangle ... 9 ...

... Inspired by ... TV drama “Battlestar Galactica” and PC game “Nova Storm” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 69 ... To broken triangle ... 9 ... Miss "Saeri" and "A girl from Peru" ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

It is still year 2 X 2 5 ...

I was salary man supporting the “Star Fleets” until year 2 X 2 4,
but missing from markets about a year ago, doing fishery for survive at Shang planet.

Just before I lost contact with merchant "Typan" and forward carrier squadron
from West star system consist with 30 planets, I visit Abgujung town again.

( "Typan" inside In Human Mind series and Waves of Strings series are different )

Miss "Lin (林) Heming", a girl over 1.775 meter tall,
making another jumbo size sandwich for me with her big hands, one fine day in 2 X 2 4.
Her parents lives at more sea side Han river, and she lives 3 rd or 4 th floor with locals,
at nearby Ginkgo street, Shinsa town, Ghangnam city.

Runways at surface base on planet "Okinawa (Rhuku)",
there are half battalion (squadron) of type 230 (Y-23) exist and ready for take off.
They could land on N-class space carrier ships, if it needs.

Just nearby "Okinawa (Rhuku)" planet,
there are some uninhabited planets, and two N-class and two String Generator
are float on the low orbit (nearby natural harbor).

They are setting up forward base camp, permitted by local people.
There are 5 ponds at the hill top of that small island, and they make dam
for one more, as a reservoir for their own needs.

Two squadrons of N-class and G-class could refit inside a huge factory alike vessel,
70 kilometer in length (there are 100 kilometer S. G. in other human society)
the String Generator space ship, and there is one more for backup.

Inside a huge String Generator ship, there are facilities for building camp and runway,
and there are dock facilities for refitting 2 carrier squadrons, fast container clipper ships,
and even big luxurious cruisers as far side of the world hotels.

Power supply is by Solar Sail space ship.
If the unmanned full ocean cruiser size satellite ships are fully dispatched,
and each satellite ships fully expand their trusses, the polymer bubbles are
about 250 kilometers by 250 kilometers, and doing sun flux reflection.

Collected corona EMF or aurora are the sources of power for small fleet.

Admiral "West" and technical supporter "Norton" return to their robots,
after their touch down on diving board alike panel, they walk into the chest of robots.

In the sky,
two C-1700 inter-planet transport airplanes are escorted by half battalion (squadron)
of type 230 space airplanes, and 4 of type 220 also heading south.

Two robots boost jump up to C-1700, after running up few strides.
Now they are just glowing rockets in sky, and onboard into C-1700 one after the other.

A small bazaar opens at the riverside sand of Abgujung flat apartment town.

2000 people who still live in 60 pyong ( 1 pyong = 3.3 square meter ) or bigger homes
bring their analog mails, and crews of two LCAC give them vinyl foods and mails
from their relatives, who live far distant planets (with "Abgujung" marked passports).

Soon, two LCAC withdraw to A-class ships at Pyeongtaek harbor.

I fall into dreams (just after listening eastwood-style jazz "Mystic").

First dream is about Miss "Saeri", 1.75 meter in height.
She had a salary job at Canton area, cities alike Kuangchou, Shenzhen, and the rests,
(as a exotic dancer or something) and back to Ghangnam, work as a makeup saleswoman.

( At the Canton, there is world's smallest Disney amusement park )

I meet her about 5 times, and she brings as beautiful girl as her together,
everytime having a date with me (maybe show off herself more).
Her accompany says I should see her performance about sales (exotic dancing).

( I will mentioning about her much more later in these series )

Second dream is about a girl from Peru (sweeper riding capable witch).
( I meet her at one of the cosmopolitan size cities )

In the dream, it is 10 th century, inside a oak tree forest, at northern France.
"Peru girl", "Shiraz", "Pierrot girl", "Cola", "Heming" and even "Saeri" are all in age 17.
( Actually, their birthdays are between 1965 - 1985 )

Two dozens of girls and their pointer dogs (snoop dogs) and shepherd dogs
are gathering for vote, who will shoot the cow at the last.
On the rock, there is Altamira alike painting (similar to that on film theater).

When I just passing by, they call me and ask for some help.

Girls in Medieval era swimsuits running under the oak trees, chasing after cows.
I am waiting at the other side of the oak forest, with a longbow made by myself.

When a cow runs directly toward me (slow motion video),
I pick up sleeping pills rather than arrow, and throws into the mouth of a burning cow.

After the feast under stars, except for 25 % girls in diet control for weight reduction,
girls, dogs, and even me fall into sleep, due to that medicine pills I throwed into.

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 70 ... Sailing to broken triangle ... 10 ...

... Inspired by ... Book “Ivanhoe” and “The Adventures of Nils” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 70 ... To broken triangle ... 10 ... Miss "Saeri" and "A girl from Peru" ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Summer days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

At year 2 X 2 4,
9 space carriers from West star system sailing ahead to Shang planet ...
( Including 6 of N-class space carriers and 3 of resurrected Forrestal class )

( Chinese word Shang means
upside or uptown, maybe origin of history and culture of China, at Long river delta )

A year ago,
50 % of council members of West star system still believes that
recent galaxy scale invasions of UFO fleets are launched from East star systems.

And they planed to occupy Shang planet, one of biggest harbor at east Eurasia,
two carriers chasing after from Toulon and a port at Black sea, across panama canal,
and enter into Pacific nebula, backside of galaxy, for helping Shang planet.

Strategists say that 3 space carriers in full budget status could deter
9 space carriers from the other end of the galaxy.

At those days, I was visiting Shang planet,
meeting with ship building workers from Dalian and Tsingtao, old days alumni.

They are working at world's biggest commercial ship building companies.
We went to waitan (the bund) avenue, for having beer and Su Dongpo pork stew.
( With classic jazz music "Shining stockings" )

Whenever I go to waitan avenue and back to ghangnam city,
I feel alike that once joining crusade revolutions, and back to home town only finding
much more absurdity than the usual oriental societies, just alike Ivanhoe.

Miss "Saeri" is from east coast,
the other watershed side of southern Changpai (long white) mountains.

( Natural scenery of east coast of a peninsula is surely belongs to the Siberia )

When she graduated 4 year prior cource
before entering real course for attorney, she was too late for being another goose.
( Some people metaphor female flight attendant like this )

She is different from another goose working at Malay, visited office I belonged to.
I will mention about that glamorous girl and her elder syster in details, later.

She likes to drink volvic water, buy IKEA furniture, and knorr instant soup.
Her future dream is working at kazak or qibbutz style wheat field near her home town,
and having backyard garden with cucumber, milfoil, paprica, and edelweiss.

Frankly speeking, she was about 1 inch taller than me.

A girl from Peru is another fast reader.
I could not assume that she also think so fast, but she really reads and memorizes fast.

She wears alike contemporary young girls,
but many accessories are alike days of Simon and Garfunkel pop "El Condor Pasa".

She is a girl from rich family, and she sometimes gives to me fried chicken and potato.
In her view, I always likes to having plain wheat noodle without meatballs.

Peru is somewhat alike east coast of a peninsula,
that located at the other side of watershed mountain ridges, the other side from Amazon.

She is a sort of girl want to have an air travel together, even outside of Peru.
Many of my habits as a backpack traveller are from her character.

For example,
I likes to eat potato, tomato in cans, at table decorated with cosmos and sunflowers,
those foods are once saved Europe from sudden starvations due to drought.

And I likes to drink pomegranate and musk mellon juice whenever air travel.

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 71 ... A Final Countdown ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "The 7 th Cavalry" and Movie “The Final Countdown” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 71 ... A Final Countdown ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Autumn days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

After broken down of hexagon base,
the star fleet command moved to a retired space carrier (the Enterprise class).

( Only two missile teams have technique enough to reach near that, Paris and Moscow )

That 3300 meter carrier is still floats over sky at New Port harbor, alike a snow cloud.
Commders of star fleet gathered at the conferance hall near CIC.

At front IMAX screen, there display 12 space carriers and 12 string generators.
All are at 4 harbors including San Diego and New Port, but only one at mariana isles.

Nearby deepest black holes,
there is a space carrier "Mir", a new N-class, and a 70 kilometer in length string generator.

Inside string generator,
there are 2 of P-class (WASP class), 2 of A-class, and some G-class and Z-class ships.

One of A-class is with devices enough for becomes the pacific side flag ship.
Z-class is different from G-class that they have long range cannons, enough from orbit
to reach planet surface, with helps from UAVs in atmosphere.

Inside P-class are with many test type robots, including 106 and 107.
They could be auxiliary landing decks, they are only ships in class has landing devices.

Admiral "Mordred" is in dilemma,
that with only crews enough for one carrier, but has to man the two carrier ships.

Staff "Samari (Sarmathian or Simon, not limping)" volunteers instant skipper of "Mir".
Tech supporter "Red", a tall and thin woman with 10 - 20 heron birds and "Lin (林)" follow.
( Different from a music video of "Madonna", an episode with dark black birds )
Another tech supporter "Norton (new captain america)" left with "Mordred".

"Norton" think that
pulse reactors on this old "Mir" class and new N-class so much safe, enough to endure
situations alike total loss of entire carrier and retreat from ship.

Father of "Mordred" was militia (alike grandfather).
Now "Mordred" is at the skipper's hall and library, alone.

"Mordred" think that father never joined the triad with three nations.
Including those three nations, there was West star system.

They were joined together for aiming the last market, Shang star system.
( But that could not be another strikes back for a too much loss at Krym )

Many decades later,
father of "Mordred" was sent to a remote islands at west pacific, almost alone,
but cannot fight back against the invasion forces from north.

Alike father, "Mordred" have to fight against deserted monsters from West stars,
and never involved those galaxy wide hidden projects or a babel project.

Many naked monitors and displays around are in screen savers modes (except the Times),
and "Mordred" just read thick books and send emails to many conversational friends.

He opens a drawer of grandfather desk filled with cigars, but he just pick up one of them
and snuff that cigar, as it is a sunflower or white cosmos on a hill at his home town ...

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 72 ... A Final Countdown ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "The Hunt for Red October" and Films about “CV-6 Enterprise” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 72 ... A Final Countdown ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Autumn days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

From left 100 kilometer in length string generator ship,
navy vessels comes out one by one, except fast container freights left behind,
between the two long string generator modules with many pulse reactors.

Right 100 kilometer string generator is just for backup.

In front of two 100 kilometer huge ships with enough power to annihilate
an entire star system (continent or subcontinent), a small fleet into single line,
alike twin peaks, and at the two apex, there are new N-class and "Mir",
only ships with crews onboard.

Above each space ship,
there is big unique hologram flag, ancient, for easy identification of each ship.

Several West star system ships from Quriltai planets join together.
They are G-class ships and V-class subcruisers (Virginia class submarines).

New N-class and "Mir" only pop up their 7 main turrets (and two WASP class same).
There are more than 60 space airplanes flying around this small fleet.

( Future N-class is huge, about quarter click (mile), so even type 230 could landing )

Far distance ahead from two 100 kilometer ships,
there are bio mech fleet gathering, their number is more than 100,
and most of them are 5500 meter ships and 2500 meter ships.

They are in many columns.

At the CIC of space carrier "Mir",
"Lin (林)" think that it will be just another oneside massacre.

At the CIC of an E-class at New Port, at Atlantic side of West star system,
council members sit around a round table, watching hologram from there.

Between 100 bio mech ships and about 20 ships (the usual 5 th fleet),
distance becomes less than 50 clicks, and main turret could reach up to 40 clicks.

In front of human side 20 ships,
a line of stars looking refracted, and "Lin (林)" sees that and somewhat surprised.

Now both sides are about 40 clicks away, almost near maximum firing range.
Bio mech firing first, but miss far away, and a small human fleet, too.

After each 3 rd full salvo, both side move closer to each side, again.
Another full salvo from bio mech fleet firing alike glowing dots.

Some of coucil members close their eyes and turn their faces backward.
"Lin (林)" maybe just wants to see the ultimate power of bio mech force.

Yet, in front of a small human fleet,
there is mighty string wave (interference) diffraction barrier by 3 ships.

( A Triomphant class, a Vanguard class, and a Typhoon class )

Their one more full salvo is same, except twice than previous salvo in number,
only huge line of explosions of shells, torpedoes, and missiles.

They quickly move to backwards and scattering to many directions, total runaway.
Now their ultimate columns are break down into many pieces.

Sailing some more clicks in twin peaks line, a small human fleet chage into two columns,
and just after reentry into atmosphere of a planet, begins firing to Yeosu harbor city,
nearby Shang star system.

After total demolition of Yeosu harbor and island except (petroleum) refinaries,
small fleet launches many LCAC big boats armed with (ATACMS) cluster missiles.

Gwangyang harbor is their next target, and just after full launching missiles,
buildings and facilities except steel mill are totally wiped out into gray ashes.

Now small fleet occupy Yeosu and Gwangyang harbor.

Yet, "Mordred" wants to see that area some more,
so with tech support "Norton (new captain america)", they airborne from C-1700,
onboard robot 106 and 107 (comanches or strykers) ...

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 73 ... A Final Countdown ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... TV Drama "Airwolf" and Beastie Boys MV “Intergalactic” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 73 ... A Final Countdown ... 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Autumn days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

It is sunrising morning,
sky is somewhat violet blue due to remnant ashes from previous bombardment.

At the skipper's hall,
"Mordred" is sit at desk with many glasses around, looks alike onboard white cloud,
turns on hologram after dimming the hall with (digital) visers for wall displays,
and many surround floor lights on, once again.

"Mordred" sees pale hologram, reconstructed from films by
Z-class and V-class at orbit, many satellites, many UAV, and many crab cam robots.

It is foggy, just alike inside smoke chamber for SFX scenes,
so dozens of almost completed small sized submarines are alike laying at sea bottom.

"Mordred" think that if they were arrived late, submarines would completed,
and container ship supply from Shang planet would be much more difficult,
far more than olympic games huddle running.

nervous system of bio mech monsters are almost same as human,
but strategists cannot assume their usual tactics, surely they are not warriors.

After their complete, in other words born,
they are alike that too big baby with too much destructive abilities.

One more carrier squadron group lead by "Quiz" arrived,
who were reenforced from Atlantic side and keep standby near at mariana back holes.

And "Quiz" advised that maybe long range nuclear cannons at Z-class
and thermobaric bombardment from attack fighter crafts would be the only solution.

( Writer Rie will mention about the next action scenes in later sessions, # 74 - 75 )

Less than a month after terrible and dreadful bombardment by a small fleet,
commerce clippers to Shang star system become safe again.

I am now fishing again, after thick (far east monsoon) rain disappeared,
and maybe those cute girls I mentioned could back to previously occupied peninsula,
between Kampuchea and Kamchatka.

In my opinion, I could assort girls into three groups, classically.

1. Hera class

"Cola (金)" - main female character at In Human Mind series (chinese word Jin 金 means gold)
Miss "Cola" and "Lin" has to shampoo and linse everyday, and shortest girls in series

"Lin (林)" - main female character at Waves of Strings series (born at east coast of a peninsula)
a girl who good at anouncing, always wears 3 piece suit, makeup pink lipsticks

"Jessica or Jenny" - one of noodle eating girls who dashed to me when I was younger than age 15
will be mentioned at later sessions ( I never met girls with only love after 15)

2. Athenae (olympic) girls

"Hysteria girl" - a business working girl with mild psychologic symptoms
likes to gym at running machine and could up somewhat heavy barbells

"Miss D 2 (or D 5)" - a (Africa) girl in early 40 s, will be mentioned at later, one of (navy) council members
( "Mr Mac" is leader of 12 carriers and 12 string generators, she just advise )

"A girl from Peru" - a sports girl who maybe good at pike throwing
at the hard times of writer, reminding of her mentorings sometimes guiding light

3. Aphrodite series

"Shiraz" - a girl from Iran (Aryan-stan) and one of best star fighter craft aviator in this series
sometimes maneuvering type 280 series made by southern hemisphere of galaxy

"Big girl" - a tall girl in span, born at river side, lives at sharing apartment near Ginkgo street
makes big and thick sub sandwich burger with big hands, which I like the most

"A journalist in white miniskirt" - a girl looks almost same as a running girl in "Street Hawk"
she maybe previouse nurse after graduate gymnasium

... Writer lonely voyage 1990 s PC games from E A, DID, Spectrum Holobytes, Novalogic, etc ...
Waves of Strings # 74 ... A Final Countdown ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Force ten from Navarone" and "Blue Thunder" ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 74 ... A Final Countdown ... 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Autumn days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

One after the other,
6 robots including robot 106 by skipper "Mordred" and robot 107 by tech supporter "Norton",
running jump out from rear deck of a new N-class space carrier (alike first TV series "V" ).

They freely air dropping for a while (alike TV series "Airwolf"), boost up their engines at low altitude,
and using their winglets and canards on their shoulders and backs, for flying.

"Samari (woman in age 40 s ? )", acting leader of space carrier Mir (Varyag),
and tech supporter from far eastern orient "Red", at CIC of Mir, remote radar interpretation for squad,
now also eating green apples and macadamia nuts, served by some crews.

All of them think that
if these test type 25 meter robots encountering with bio mech crafts, they would be scouts,
usually 2 crafts per one team, and they will be simply outnumbered.

"Norton" gains weight in these days, somewhat fat (african) looking.
( Yet, front hair is still similar to that of Fido Dido )

Robots could keep flying in the air than running fast on the streets,
because their power generator modules are miniature Pulse reactors (not rocket fuel),
and their engines are plasma engines, simply converse intaked air into glowing plasma.

( All the energy systems of Star Fleet and Bio Mech in these series are environmental friendly )

After their flights through low buildings, open conduits, high buildings, and tall funnels,
they will be arrived at the dam with enough water for flooding the entire harbor and docks,
and by waves of this flood, all the small size submarines will be taken into near sea bottom.

Yet, they encountered with a sudden ambush.

"Samari" and "Red" warning many 70 mm guided rockets from bio mech crafts in ambush,
and robots engaging jammers, smoke shells, (stun shells), decoy gliders, chaffs, and flairs.

Smoke shells are detached cleanly by H2O2 small aid boosters,
and they selfly rocket away by boosting up their main nozzles.

All the 6 robots break up into every directions, for covering themselves.
( Alike dispersing dark crows in a music video of singer "Madonna" )

Robot 107 by "Norton" is somewhat overheated, power down into low battery status,
so cannot running out to backward quickly, alike 5 other robots (comanche helicopters),
and left behind due to slow speed, hiding at pieces of broken down overpass road.

EMF shields of robot 107 going lower and lower, and explosions are everywhere.

"Norton" engages optical cloaking of surfaces of armor plates, in haste,
but remaining powers at batteries could handle only few more seconds in cloaking,
and cooling the waist and limb actuators, and recharging battery by Pulse reactors need time.

Bio mech crafts ( 35 - 45 meter in height) find out robot 107 again,
by their onboard thermal (and matter serial waves) sensors through ashes and dusts.

"Miguel" says that let's change tactics into one-pair poker table status,
which means that buddy to buddy spare energy transducing by microwave devices,
including backup powers and auxiliary powers, for intensifying EMF shield of robot 107.

"Yeong-uh (from Vietnam)" even takes out double handguns of robot,
designed triangular in shape for the easy handling of manipulators of their finest robots.
( Writer once liked plastic models of Sig Sauer guns, also called Swiss gun )

Robots could carry weapons alike type M-60 machine gun or Barrett 50 for their main gun,
plus carbine cavalry gun, bazooka particle gun, or handgun for their secondary weapon.

All for one enery transducing in microwave is never tested before,
but robot 107 become into super-robot, every 70 mm rockets from bandits explode in vain,
and robot 107 just stand up and walking out from shelter, and goes straight forward.

They find out that bio mech are somewhat weak for Judo skills and (Buzz) blowing,
maybe their nervous system is much more complicated than that of human,
or maybe their body fluids are more diverse than human, such as blood, lymph.

With a electric shock and fluorescence signaling capable long pole and a short elbow stick,
"Norton (a new american hero)" neutralized all the 6 bio mech crafts, in front of.

( Situation is similar to that of a drag racing in day dreams of some people,
a firebird underwent detail modification drives faster than any other (European) fast cars in line )

they arrived at the dam and setting up pulse bombs.

All the 6 robots extracting out from flood due to terrible dam explosions,
in full high speed status (similar to that in TV drama "Street Hawk" )

Street lights and neons are flowing so fast on cockpit displays, fuselages, EMF shields,
and the light flowings also are reflected on helmets of aviators on test type robots,
who now maneuvering fast moving robot vehicles with help by onboard avionics,
including 90 degree quick turns with winglets, canards, and thrust vectoring ...
( Alike in TV series "Automan" )

... Writer lonely voyage 1990 s PC games from E A, DID, Spectrum Holobytes, Novalogic, etc ...
Waves of Strings # 75 ... A Final Countdown ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Pop song "The Long and Winding Road" and PC game "The Fate of Atlantis" ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 75 ... A Final Countdown ... 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X25, Autumn days ... En route to Quriltai stars (nearby Kuril) ...

they arrived at the dam for setting up pulse (string) depth charges.

Sometimes, aviator "Miguel" helped "Mordred" in robot maneuvering
with bluetooth alike network device, especially during battle cruising speed flying.

Before their arriving,
there already 16 robots waiting, and there are enough bombs for demolition.

Leader of 16 robots, "Bean", also from their mighty new N-class space carrier,
reports to skipper "Mordred" that they find front line is all quiet except themselves.

their thrust vectoring pulse (string) reactor engines are also silent enough,
and save them from sudden collision with surface during nose diving.

( It is similar to that few trial scout cavalry named 7 th are reenforced by the 5 th cavalry )

On the way back,
they step at the control tower for small size submarines,
and they switch instrument panel and sending command message to submarines,
that when the tides of flood just touch their fuselages, they will be activated, or born.

Behind their running away,
pulse bombs exploding one after another, alike the great bear stars,
grounds are also quaking and ashes and dusts rising from everywhere.
Many buildings and facilities are with small size lightnings and collapsing down.

And terrible waves come out from big reservoir sweep out every buildings,
and far remote fire supports from new Z-class cruisers also demolishing control tower.

Small size submarines activating, or born, one by one,
with many external lights on, and they washed away into near sea bottom.
At that very point, they may rest forever.

Historic papers say that previous bases invested by West star system,
"big head", "geronimo", "sitting bull", "crazy horse", "red cloud", and "magua",
they just annihilate "big head" base and nearby building streets by detonating the dam.

"Mir (Varyag)", so called a "South Pole" returns to her harbor.
"A-2600", upgraded Atari (machine) alike small carrier back to pacific coast for rest.
A new N-class group with "Mordred" team pass the straits to atlantic coast.
Another new N-class group with "Quiz" team depart to atlantic side, firstly.
And the season is not the dreaming summer any longer.

At last, a new N-class arrives at New Port,
and in front of setting binary suns and vanilla sky, two big carriers float together,
under the bright amber sun lights and shining cirrus clouds.

After briefing to council onboard outer deck (and also emergency landing deck),
"Mordred" and staffs get back to their space carrier with small shuttles for people.

Council think that she is the states of the art space carrier, now,
but not far in future, new N-class will be replaced by more powerful and futuristic ship.

I am now fishing again, nearby white seashell beach, near from Shang planet,
and heard from radio that products from Shang planet export to West star system
resumed, by fast container clipper ships, and it will help them, once again.

I remember that yesterday, at the past days,
troop unit 115, 120, 129 help saving Shang star system, and they fight alike cavalry.
One of them could keep moving at the front lines, alike relay running.

And one more added, unnamed, and they consisted with young men, many in early 20 s.
Someone said that they simply called the new cavalry by others.

Maybe all the sailings and cavalry expeditions are all in vain,
alike white clouds on Himalaya mountain ridges with white snow winds ...

... Writer lonely voyage 1990 s PC games from E A, DID, Spectrum Holobytes, Novalogic, etc ...

... Waves of Strings # 76 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 1 ...
... Inspired by story “Cuore” by Amicis and “O Alquimista” by Coelho ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... Revival aria songs of zintta girls ... 1 ...

(Jazz instrument “Love me tender” by lip-sync trumpet, in tuxedo suit.)

Few days ago, another prominence explosion at gujeyuk waste land in
naro island, and far away UAV flying on stratosphere photographed on air,
including some dead biomech bodies on fire boost up into air from buried
underground, alike misproduced ancient rockets into malfunction...

Due to the lava boiling and continental drift, dozen of vocanoes up from
sea bottom, and charleston harbor, or the 2 nd New harbor, is under the
white gray ash fallout from new volcanoes at near sea.

From volcano craters, glowing sparks keep exploding and exploding.
Glowing lump of magma falling from sky, with white gray smoke on tail.
Except new manhattan area, all around scenery is under thick ash.
(And these end day scenery reminds “Three mile island” disaster).

Big ships floating in front of 200 floor skyscrapers, various direct and
indirect lightings, and engine nozzles on all around still minimum on,
somewhat shining in bright amber, alike big phoenixes rise from myth.

Each space ship display armor on, and the illuminating nazca signatures
emerging on display surface on armor, keep changing, (alike paintings of
“Miro” or screen saver softwares of O/S in real world nowadays).

On “Big-E” (“Big-will”) ship, two next generation nuclear fusion reactors
equipped, instead of eight prototype reactors about 70 years ago.
(8 prototype reactors moved to navy bases for electricity, after upgrade.)

One nuclear fusion reactor is enough for “Big-E” or “Big-will” and one
more container ship (so called snack ship) space warp, simultaneously.
“Big-E” has two reactors and smaller carrier beside has one reactor.
There many pair production and pair annihilation nozzles at all around
space ship fuselage, and their power also supplied from reactors.

With nuclear fusion power enough for counter stream usual physics,
two space aircraft ships could surround enough EMF multilayer shield,
powerful enough could prism deflecting particle or laser beams.
(EMF multilayer could make ship into invisible, or hallucinate image.)
Missiles and guided rockets could be blocked by CIWS beams.

These ships are floating on air by the buoyancy power from anti-matter
metal balloon tanks, surrounded by the super-conduction linear particle
accelerators, at many areas inside their fuselage.

On the roof emergency landing deck of the upgraded “Big-E”, there are
about a dozen type-220 and dozens of longbody type-180, and 15 of
shortbody type-180 on the roof of a smaller 40,000 ton carrier.
(In this story, future “Longhorn” and “Hornet” with forward wings, and
long ribbon side tail winglets, alike “X-29” in 1980's real world.)

Individual spot lights illuminating on every space airplanes on roof.
Each airplanes are in off display armor status, so their basic space gray
fuselage color and white angular air squadron signitures revealed.
Two space carriers are with own VLS, but, smaller missile number
two “V-class” carriers from hindustan star system.

Senator “Moor” also preparing for another long range sailing ops, as
commander of these few ships, with the minimum extra budget, and

attempting role of four skippers, only by self and with supercoms.
“Moor” worries fast container ships are lesser number than carriers.

“Moor” wearing tuxedo with silk band, and in red bow tie.
Skipper men of two “V-class” space carriers from the hindustan stars
amber bow ties, (they came by Garuda commercial flights).

(“Moor” somewhat reminding “Deckard” in the “Blade Runner” in 1982,
in difficulty because of old age and others are also very well.)

At veranda, “Moor” looks at four ships floating, and they alike the huge
wire suspension bridges with illuminating search lights, from itself and
from all surround locations.

“Moor” thinks that “Macchu Picchu” and “Nicholais” (“Kuznetsov” in the
real world) equipped with full eight turrets with double cannons, and
alike this “Big-E” ship, “Solite” (“de Gaulle” in real world) and “V-class”
have two turrets with double cannons, pop up capable type.

And comparing to two new “V-class” ships, hull length of the "Big-will"
longer, but, the missile and VLS number is much lesser than them, and
they are with dozens of type-270 (“Su-27” in real world) and type-230
(“Persiancat” in real world), so more better jazz than “Big-will”.
(When “Moor” hears about them, shadow always covering on face.)

Yet, each squadron ship could contain three air-cushion shuttles, and
these enables beyond horizon remote multiple rocket launching.
And compared to recently completed “Solite” and two “V-class” ships,
“Big-will” is 70 years old fuselage, but, interiors are much upgraded,
(future imagination version of washington monuments and la defense),
so “Cyan” and “Moor” much like this old but shiny space carrier.
If “Big-will” survives another 30 years, then free from all the depts.

“Moor” thinks that if Y-23 “Darkbird” project would be restarted by extra
budget, almost the same fuselage length that of the test types of cloak
version type-310 (“MiG-31” in real world) with scramjet engines, it shall
be the best option for human survival, but, too expensive.

At a needle citadel (maybe remain of past day russian pacific fleet camp),
(nearby San Diego harbor), there still “Cape Cheetah” (“A-class”) floating,
(which is still more radar and sensor cloak capable than “Arleigh Burke”),
under pink vanilla sunset sky, and the type-150 space airplanes in lines
on a runway with serial lightings at sea side.

When “Moor” attending college at previous manhattan, go surfing to
beaches nearby a needle citadel (San Diego in real world), in the whole
body suit, (alike young surfer characters in movie “Big wednesday”).
(So some college comrades know foot of “Moor” dark, too.)

Due to the economic suppression and the local war emerge everywhere,
it became much hard to a galaxy expedition with self inter-planet space
airplane type-150 and “A-class” (“San Antonio” ships in real world).
No runway safe for self inter-planet shuttle space planes.

Just after arriving in this 2 nd New harbor on a isle, about 10 hours of
inter-planet space travel, it seems many years of innovation between
two space voyage squadrons.
(Atlantic side space ships are new and much better equipped.)

(Back music is instrument of “As time goes by” with lip-sync trumpet
solo parts, back silhouette could be recognized, “Goizumi” in tuxedo.)

At roof of forgotten power plant with chimneys, cult silhouette in mist,
retired senator “Cyan” opens (tropical fruit juice) a cocktail party, which
decorated with many (artificial) flowers, and many lightings around.

At a corner, there is pyramid of six-pack tin juices.
And so called pride of pacific “Miguel” tapping caribbean tin drum.
“Mutassim” in long and rinsed hair, waving on see breeze.
“Radioboy” giving tin juice to party attending people.

One of zintta body shaped girls says reminding past day cafe in abgujung.

2 nd New harbor (2 nd manhattan) is much smaller than previous harbor
at much north latitude, and covered by invisible multilayer EMF shield for
protected from volcano fallout, and if power level status modulated, aurora,
shining stripes emerging on shield surface, alike polar star rotation photo...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 77 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 2 ...
... Inspired by story “Cuore” by “Amicis” and “O Alquimista” by “Coelho”...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... Revival aria songs of bulsapa girls ... 2 ...

Since 500 years ago, 300 planets in galaxy are colonized, and in these days,
70 planets including west star system developing too much, than preserving
natural scenery and artificial grass field, mainly for becoming galactic scale
military super power again, and monopolize all the mines and hedge funds.

For example, extracting liquid petroleum too much, but, most of huge amount
LPG gas burning away at mining pipe, and this accelerated galactic warming
and effect hot sand storms and snow storms into few times more powerful...

(In the real world, many sail history readings lacking about A.D. 900 – 1400
years or before, that the long range pioneer ships voyage with triangular sails
from harbors at balkan and nearby, to green land, azteca, india, and far east.
And there is no pioneer ship left, yet, their basic architecture is similar to so
called sun yachts, B.C. 1000 – 2000, and could be found at Nile, today.)

(Back music is an instrument, fusion jazz style k-pop “My Man” by “Davichi”,
and this k-pop dance team maybe once would have a chance singing a song
about smaller and average girl walk a long way of avenge for a rich step-sister,
who socially buried after religious lynch gathering, because of her witch acts,
similar to story of bigger space carrier “Concordia” and smaller “Victory”.)

Onboard the “Big-will”, there are a dozen of carrier take off & landing capable
type-220 space airplanes, which reduced much weight by the next generation
alloy fuselage, and reactor pulse engine changed into new lighter architecture.
Basically, almost same spec as export type for southeast star system, (which
give up many low observability or stealth impacts, for much weight reduction).

Some people call this as “Imhotep”, (similar to hollywood movie “Mummy”).
(And two stealth robot-203 or number 3 and 4 “Comanche” stealth helicopters
in imagination made by a china factory, is called as “Chupa-cabra” by “Moor”,
because in real world, basic flying performances of upgraded “Cobra” helicopter
and “Comanche” the 4 th generation helicopter are almost same.)

Recent TV news say double engine equipped type-260 project (based on the
JSF airplane in real world) progresses upto test flying level, (in Osaka harbor),
but, original single engine equipped type-260 was heavy due to previous alloy
into low observable shape, and most inner parts supplied only from west stars.
Maybe, human in raincoat would be suit for pilot of double engine type-260.
(Back music of double engine JSF, ocarina & instrument “Jumping” by “Kara”,
surely, sound feeling of ocarina similar to vertical small thrusts up or down.)

And type-280 (made in Brazil) stealth forward wing airplane always off from
news media, yet, somewhat longer than type-230 which is still only in dream,
equipped with next generation scramjet engine, and has futuristic landing gear,
could take off from space carrier and even from lawn grass field.

(“Cape Cheetah” at pacific side coast, lost all the four cannons, future type
“Crusader”, because the cannons had been moved to silmi islands at far east,
and probably lost during so called bulbada conflicts, about 20 years ago.)

(All three test version type-142 or cloak capable and upgraded yakovlev-141
in real world moved to “Big-will” space carrier at atlantic side fleets.
Pilot with long fingers, for example “Moor”, could maneuvering full specs.
When “Moor” maneuvering a type-142 in cockpit, under the two layers of full
screen inner canopy and armor plate outer canopy, and front big screens of
CIC of ship displaying various camera scenes of “Moor” and type-142, and at
left lower side, three of type-142 icons on, and if digital systems malfunction
before take off, or drowning into sea water, big X-icon overlapping on icon of
each type-142 airplane, and beep-beep sound could be heard.)

“Moor” could voice human acapella of various computer sound mimics.
“Moor”, “Miguel (One pair card man)”, “Mutassim”, “Face (Jonathan Meyers)”,
“Radioboy”, et al, time space warp communication voices are sometimes the
programming codes, (alike R-2 and R-3 communicating in digital sound effects,
never in the analog films of director David Lean).

(Back music instrument k-pop “Lupin” by “Kara”, with africa percussions.)

Bulsapa girls or zintta (body shape) girls walk upstairs to roof area.
They all with LED flash lights on hands, dressed up in (christmas) costumes
and hats, all in bling bling, and with artificial ostrich and east crane feathers.
(These 9 – 10 girls are all with much Brazil money, in banknote bunches,
in a long way of ohenro for become a nice pilot, which almost impossible.)

Girl sailor crews are surprised after step onto roof cafe, when watching big
ships floating over sky, in pale space gray fuselage, somewhat silver shining,
and one zintta body shaped girl (with brown eyes) miss “Bitnari (Baek)” says
that it feels like 1,000 year buried and slept huge bird fluttering up.
(Similar to one day cafe in spring or autumn festival days in college areas of
far east countries, and when eating fish-cake udon at one day cafe, it feels
like inside of glacier valley still with spring snow, and wind echoes heard.)

“Moor” says people of 70 years ago maybe once dreamed too much, although
agricultural green innovation was successful, but, bigger new ships into heavy
burdens for west star system economy for more than next 30 years.

And “Moor” receiving handy video phone call from miss “Hahn”, who is short
in stature, and maybe saying thanks for inviting again in another space voyage
for Lupin category secret thievery plan, once again.

“Moor” read a lot books during the school days, and could using (star-zinger)
handy science calculators very well, and sometimes even could do comlex
equations of particle physics category.

There also are some byeongpoong girls or tall girls, and maybe the only real
innovation is beauty girls in next season cosmetics and beauty items.

“Big-will” and a 40,000 ton space carrier equipped with same 7 socket sites
for 7 turrets of huge double cannons, much bigger than at “Cape Cheetah”,
but, only two turrets on at “Big-will” and a 40,000 ton carrier has no turret,
due to recently reoccured galactic scale severe economic crisis.

Since 2X24, inside are shined by sailors from the north of west star system,
so shining alike frozen bacon or old trees in amazon jungle.

(Interior & exterior of instant cafe on forgotten factory roof is under 1970’s
moon mirror ball, maybe by Texas Instrument, as big as basket ball or volley
ball, and this temporary buffet area is similar to a street in a hollywood style
music video “I got a boy” by “SNSD”, a k-pop dance team.)

This 2 nd manhattan island is with artificial white sand beaches at all around,
sand including sea shell and scallop powder, and with more lawns, gardens,
and white flower (apple) trees, but, tall skyscraper buildings are as many as
previous manhattan island.

With building itself direct and indirect lights, there are search light columns
on streets and lawns, and sometimes the thin night mist vapors and flowing in
sea water level white clouds make a view of entirely floating harbor city, both
from inside and outside harbor, from building window, and roof top view.

The 2 nd empire states building is far more unique than previous building,
in 200 stories tall, and this night, over the many laser illuminations of its own,
amber color elmo’s fire emerging, and glowing amber particles keep gathering,
maybe due to EMF and particle effects from nearby volcanoes with lightnings.

“Jihyo” (so called gal gal sunwukong) imagine another bokseunga (peach)
style icy and slippery sleek flying once more.

“Gyungwon”, one of zintta (body shaped) girls says that if low cost training
airplanes (for example, southeast asia manufactured Yakovlev-130 training
airplane in real world) are many in number, it would be much better against.
(So called the fire nabangtte or fire moth crowd circle flying babel altar alike
“Big-will” ship, and maybe tte-chang or polyphony is the only way for rookies
could stand on the so called k-pop or k-gayo stage, for a while.)

“McCyan” says during the age forties, galactic scale business restructuring
made him eventually into unemployed status, and it was winter season of life,
and becoming a commercial airplane pilot, for next 20 years.
(And says that a 100,000 ton carrier and a 40,000 ton carrier could contain
12 of type-220, 12 of forward wing type-180-2, and 12 of smaller type-180,
could somewhat longer range attacks, and 30 of type-130 or Yak-130 planes
specially arranged for short range defends, and 12 of smaller type-180 and
10 of Yak-130 are alloted on a 40,000 ton carrier, and this could increasing
take off frequency during attacks and defends at least twice times, but, navy
council say maximum 25 pilots are limit for west star system, themselves.)

After “Moor” says memories about elementary school days at Havana harbor
watching inter-planet space container shuttles flying over cumulus clouds,
and emergency landing of type-141 (Yakovlev-141 in real world) on iceberg
at antarctic star system, then more snow start come down from cloudy sky,
over the scenery of far volcanoes with vertical glowing magma columns...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 78 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 3 ...
... Inspired by story “Cuore” by “Amicis” and “O Alquimista” by “Coelho” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... Revival aria songs of bulsapa (ohenro) girls ... 3 ...

Maybe history of universe is circling of light energy and pair annihilation...
(From chapters titled “Corinthians”, which from books about ancient myth.)

(Back music is pipe organ instrument “Taekwon-V”, from a robot cartoon, and
change into pianoes and many synthesizers, piano impact parts enhanced.)

Space carrier “Big-will” floating over a next generation huge string generator
ship from east star systems, so called “Leviathan”, hanging on by giant crane,
and main reason for rendezvous is refueling Pe-nium, almost run out of.

(This because two other fast container ships for replacement are postponed.
“Leviathan” ship usually invisible due to prism effects of multilayer EMF shields
and optical cloak effects by many plasma particle emissions from surface.)

(Pe-nium is virtual petroleum, shining red and volatile powder, could found at
far and deserted mine fields, which were buried about few hundred years ago.
These containing room temperature nuclear fusion powder ingredients.)

These giant crane manipulators are also huge particle beam cannons.
Other smaller carrier and fast containers are also hanged on by huge cranes.
Tiny blackhole anchors hanging beneath of the ships, twinkling and twinkling,
and these anchors generating artificial gravity waves inside of fuselage hull.

Surfaces of four space ships are display armor off and neutral status, in space
gray metallic color, and nearby scenery is reflected at surface of fuselage.

Space carrier “Big-will” (real world “Enterprise” ship) and smaller 40,000 ton
carrier, and two fast and big container ships are equipped with pair production
capable EMF shield generators at frontside of fuselage hull, and pair annihilation
capable shield generators at backward, so even when flying fast in hypersonic
altitude lower than stratosphere, almost no sonic noise, and no contrail cloud.

And surface texture of “Leviathan” is ceramic, (alike “Columbia” space shuttles),
and direct and indirect lightings are on from nearby 100 – 120 pulse reactors.
Basic architecture is upper and lower double cylinders, 70 kilometers long, and
pulse reactor canisters each bigger than “Big-will” are at left and right of hull,
some are two, some are 10 in serial, and all holded by big crane manipulators.
(Each pulse reactor canister could firing massive pulse wave beam, which is
10 times or more powerful than total firing energy capacity of “Big-will” ship.)

Space ship “Big-will” is upgraded, and big aircushion boat shuttles can get in,
from rear and lower bay, which could enable 50 times more faster mechanically
reloading ammunitions than supplied by shuttles (or the “Seahawk” helicopter).
Manipulators and 3 D conveyor belt carrying ammunitions, (alike “Coca-cola”).

Inside of the string generator ship is basically double barrel, and between inner
and outer is more than 2,000 meters and vacuum, and if lights are on, similar to
slower arctic amber sunset, (alike drawings in “Cosmos”, by Carl Sagan.)

(Back music is jazz instrument version k-pop “Violet”, by “Papaya”.)

“Moor”, (maybe also current mordred of west star system), and “McCyan” are
at conference and galactic charts holographic display hall nearby CIC, and keep
failing of hack-in eastern supercom and networkcom inside “Leviathan”.
Attorney-man “Jungnam” spontaneously observed hack-in actings, (and thinks
that they are similar to zet-manteau man in the movie “Kungfu Hustle”).

Attorney-man “Jungnam”, in business suit, thinks that the financial situation of
west star system and the related planets are still under moratorium, and in the
middle of refueling in debt, some still trying to hack-in eastern computer network.
Surely, this is betrayal and treason actions for all human.

West star system and some alliance planets could received emergency financial
supports from east star systems which are somewhat bigger square kilometers,
so last countdown for total bankruptcy temporarily postponed.

Attorney-man “Jungnam” had experienced about 20 years of the business career,
and knows many various character people inside and outside west star system.
And once helped the galactic funding and upgrading the fast gun “Cape Cheetah”,
(upto next generation “Flying dutchman” or “Iowa and Midway” level).
And now doing much role upgrading modern facilities into “Big-will” and smaller
carrier, upto futuristic and bigger sized next “Flying dutchmen” space ships.

(Shopping streets are with the tall cypress trees, high towers with flowers alike
at alhambra, and a bazaar in front of towers, and colorful designs including LED
lightings maybe by such as designer Emanuel Ungaro, Paco Rabanne, et al.)

Past 30 years were not the era of cloak (stealth) capable airplanes, and actual air
combat participations were too seldom, and fuselage metal alloy almost same as
previous generation airplanes, and cloak (stealth) design shape is disadventage
for basic aerodynamic aspects and fuel efficiency.

Maybe next 30 years of airplane industry would age of practical scramjet.
“McCyan” turns on holographic device, and the hologram of type-180-2 puts on
alike floating plastic model and could be turned into 3 D blue prints.
Type-180-2 (virtual double engined X-29, much different from “Longhorn”) could
be extra equipped with two more engines from type-180, and could hyperdrive
(hypersonic) for a short time, and could evade newly equipped mach 3 missiles
launched from modern submarine cruisers.

These future aerodynamic interplanet airplanes need disposable anti-heat and
anti-shockwave thin and multilayered firewall at the lower part of fuselage.

The upgraded type-140 “Persiacat” (or originally Sukhoi-23 “Ayatollah”) could be
equipped with scramjet engines of type-310 (or “Foxhound” in real world) and in
dot matrix digital camouflage paintings, alike other east stars airplanes.
(Pilots of MiG or Sukhoi airplanes do not like bulsapa, too much self-praise.)

(Similar to various tablet microcomputers in these days), basic architecture of
the robot 203, 204, 207, 209, and 210 from the south africa stars are resembled
each other, and the side views of robot head parts are somewhat similar to future
TV cameras in broadcasting facilities, (look student-adore beautiful anouncers).

“McCyan” sometimes get on the type-203 (stealth) robot cockpit, and if situation
is needed, would have chance to scramble take off with the type-203 robot, and
thinks that this weird robot feels like giant and strange marshmallow.

(Back music is jazz instrument version k-pop “Making love”, by “Papaya”.)

“McCyan” sometimes requested getting photograph job by airplane when during
the pilot career, and remebering that there were many wars at middle east, but,
nothing except glowing hot sun rays, scintillating mirage sceneries of sand desert,
burning petroleum fields, and broken down and spark flaming pipe lines.
Until nowadays, post traumatic stress disorder has been not cured.

“McCyan” remembers young days, where he grown up was near mississippi river,
and most of harbor cities and towns are burned up during civil war, 160 years ago
from nowadays when he aboard on big space ship as a chief staff.

Nowadays, due to the galactic wide carbon gas increasing, the subtropical trees
growing so fast and too much, scenery become more like jungle with ivy.
Grasses are also too tall, so yacht sailors cannot directly see burned huts.
On the burned and dead trees, condors and other big birds in bizarre crying.

When young, sailing mississippi river, with a nile (sun) yacht with triangular sails.
Snow season into much longer, and “McCyan” sometimes landing on nearby river,
roasting marshmallow at half breakdown marble fireplace, and from open sky,
snow keep falling down, and white gray snow clouds are thick.

Once there were big showboats at the river pier, flatboat only could sail on river,
about 160 years ago mississippi area, but, there left only the empty pier, today.
When a snowing day, young “McCyan” sets up the many fireworks at empty pier,
and then pushes remote switch on, and the various fireworks into flamings.
Some are rotating alike storms or comets on a wire, some are alike the multiple
rockets, some firing up light balls (alike in christmas), and much white smoke.
(Similar to hollywood movie “Apocalypse now”, aboard a low observable boat.)
It looks similar to gamma corrected colorful nebula on the spaceship screens.

About 30 years ago, west star system authorities started the galactic scale war,
and hoped to maintain five or more active duty space fleets which far expensive
than their economy could support, and west star system into moratorium, less
than 1 – 2 years from starting amphibious operations at middle east stars.

And there was a fleet at sector-7 small nebular area where the petroleum mining
always failed, and dried up long time ago, not far from the bohai petroleum field
near tianjin harbor, and different from the media news at those days, a fleet at
sector-7 of far east were not with unmanned artificial intelligence supercom.

And many people believe that a fleet at sector-7 was all dismissed, but, a secret
plan on going, which were about bio-mechatronic upgrades, but, ships and crafts
soon became into the uncontrolled status, and they started to self reproducing,
and number of this bio-mechatronic ships are increased upto 500 or more.

The 1 st “Amber sunset on tilted neon” city were totally exploded few years ago,
and submerged under the huge flood, and the foam polymer buildings just made
for incoming battles and wars are all melt down and disappeared into bubbles.
And at the underground, there was a secret and hidden base of sector-7 fleet,
but those facilities all melt down into bubbles, too.

(Could “Moor” and “McCyan” chasing after 500 ships were at sector-7, scattered
all over the indian ocean nebula, and can inhibiting another “Battle of Khartoum”
150 years ago, “Boer War” 130 years ago, repeated in same scenarioes ? ...)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 79 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 4 ...
... Inspired by story “Cuore” by “Amicis” and “O Alquimista” by “Coelho” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... Revival aria songs of bulsapa (ohenro) girls ... 4 ...

After less than 20 years of withdrawal from mesopotamia,
asia area planets are still under the many conflicts, and the west star system
again in severe debts, almost refunding impossible, estimated there are more
than 4 - 5 trillion bucks debt only from the far east countries.

Mumbai became bombay, and kolkata became calcutta once again.
And sector 7 area at far east is occupied by ships from the londinium harbor,
and their unauthorised petroleum minings are keep failing and failing.
(It seems like dark flags of giant squid printed are fluttering everywhere.)

Trades between the far east and south atlantic planets are inhibited by these
biomech fleets, too, and the south atlantic planets are decided to financially
support an old and few carrier squadron lead by "Moor" and "McCyan".

(From here, back music is jazz instrument version "Ain't no sunshine".)

An aircraft carrier squadron, (including "Enterprise" with the two nuclear fusion
engines), lead by "Moor (Mordred)" and "McCyan", recently visited the camranh
and hainandao harbor, and at the camranh harbor, ruin of thousand years ago
levant style steep roof chateau castle, and ruins of the skyscrapers covered by
marble, (once oversea main port for 7 th fleet, disorganized 60 years ago).

(They are similar to "firebat" and "dark templer" of PC game "Starcraft", and
always thought that indian nebular and pacific nebular are too vast.)

And at there met skippers of the modern fast submarine cruisers from eastern
countries, giving the enveloped letters from commanders of 6 th and 5 th fleet,
about diversion against from the east, releaving pressure on petroleum tanker
ships from the arabian nebula to suez strait, because far lesser number modern
airplane compare to biomech fleet, which are still in increasing.

The skippers of modern submarine cruisers heard about "Moor", sometimes in
dark tuxedo, and gives the small presents for tiny wishes of (zintta) girl pilots,
who even lost their nests during frequent galactic conflicts.

Maybe uncontrollable multiplying of biomechatronic giant squids and ships,
the economic break downs of west star system are programmed long time ago,

in previous manhattan, but, they already died few decades ago.

"Moor" and "McCyan" studied and collected data few decades at foreign areas
but, lines of program are too long and coded in complex.

And the sector 7 and related area is too far from the longbeach harbor, so it is
certain that very few had really visited far east side of galactic planets.
Until these days, they cannot find out weak points of biomech fleet.

(Slow jazz instrument version "Into the new world" by "Girls' generation".)

"Moor" riding hover-bike, in urban formal suits and manteau.
(Somewhat different from in "Star Wars", more resembles "Harley" bike.)

Lanes of a road at nearby sand beach are only two, and the other side is
tall amber grasses, and street LED lights on, at poles and both sides.

Scenery is changing into the white apple flowers (without leaves) with a thick
flavor, on a mound hill, and the sunset of this low latitude area is with many
cherry pink cumulus clouds, once again, and then "Moor" engaging
mode, (alike in 1980's TV series "Street Hawk").

Behind a hill, "Moor" could look about the 10 ships, (including 4 of "Essex"),
so called first fleet, hopes to hear the tellings from the other parallel universe
from these previous century ships which are reflecting the sunset scenery on
their surfaces, all are display armor off status, except lighted window effects.
Many search lights from around areas illuminating to 10 fuselages.

Ships are floating in row, at piers with moving walks, stretched to air.
(Transparent underwater dolphine view to CG ships maybe same effect.)

And when arriving nearby floating ships at piers in a row, objects images
stereo sounds are that of a same time from the suburban coastal area where
these old fuselage hulls are sleeping, nearby 2 nd New harbor.

"Moor" touch a button on bike, 3 - 5 huge starlight fireworks keep on air.

But, when "McCyan" turns off remocon switch, this was only virtual images
of inside holodeck, riding on actual hoverbike in front of a big electric fan.
"McCyan" asks about if it feels like hear some whisperings, maybe real
from 85 years ago, when these 10 ships were about 90 % completed.

There are various airplanes onboard the two space carriers.
(Back music is jazz instrument version "Claire de lune" by "deBussy".)

Type-220 space airplanes are recently modified to carrier take off capable,
which was impossible about 30 years ago, when first released to public.
Inner cockpit dash boards much slim than previous, with hologram devices,
bigger inside space and leg rooms, so pilot could lean down when sleepy.
Longer one, aliased "Lacrosse", still behind veil, never been to front lines.

(Different from double engine "FSX" in the game "Grand Theft Auto V", which
is not exist in real world, and although the type-220 in a far advanced design
than "Falcon" and "FSX", surely shorter than the type-150 and forward wing
type-182, especially when in serial row with type-182 on roof runway.)

(These are manufactured at the two separated next type airplane factories,
inside west star system, similar to "pranagan" and other science laboratory
in 1980's science fiction animation "Elgaim" and "Mobilesuit Zeta" series, so
there are two kinds of type-220, somewhat different, onboard this carrier.)

Airintake of type-180 changed into rectangular, and type-182 in other row.
(Future version of 21 meter length forward wing "Longhorn" in imagination,
and when during watching 1980's famous animation "G.I.Joe", some viewers
even believed that maybe 20 years later, "Longhorn" could be alike "X-29".)

Fuselage of forward wing type-182 is almost as long as beginning types of
type-270, longer than early types of "Persiacat" (maybe once "Sukhoi-23").
This could equipped next pheonix hypersonic and long range multipurpose
missiles, only between four carrier airplanes including "Nabang" ("Yak-130").
And could be equipped with the so called sea coastal cliff back diving missile,
(future version "Sidewinder-180" with the extra thrust vectoring nozzle part),
fire and forget heat seaking, which is somewhat big for type-180 airplane.

Type-220, type-182, type-180 could be equipped with atmosphere reentry
heat shield on at beneath of the fuselage, nicknamed "garang-leaf" because
made by old materials and technology, with lowest extra budget supply.
Four carrier airplanes could be equipped with "solbangwul" sunbuster, which
extended to the backward a little, so heat influence to wings and winglets are
far less than previous sunbuster countermeasures, and much shot number.
These developed by ideas from "Moor", (a dark scientist in long hustle).

Type-142 (virtual cloak version of "Yak-141" double engine STOVL in real)
are also onboard carrier, (and these sponsored from the "Tata" heavy truck),
and could do all celestial sphere phased array laser beam attack, and maybe
these are described as "bungatbul" (lightning & thunder) toward all directions,
and nearby 10 - 20 targets would be alike amber butter fried popcorns.
(Similar to in 1980's movie "The last starfighter".)

And remembering
type-230 "Persiacat" (or so called sailing expert "Sinbad"),
now upgraded phased array radar, and could radar chase over 12 air objects,
simultaneously, which still could fly along the first lines of front areas.

(Future version of over 21 meter fuselage elongated "Persiacat" with "MiG-31"
hypersonic engines, the 3 rd engine equipped, and this type in imagination is
maybe only airplane which gives financial benefit to user, in aviation history.)

When great space ship warp, invisible gravity shockwave from warp vortex,
as severe as the storm wind from cyclon on the sea, and ship's multilayer EMF
shields are reacting with gravity storm vortex, and ship's aurora alike corona.

And if some airplanes are still at outside of fuselage hull of space carrier, shall
keep off from the ships in time space warp sequences, as soon as possible.

"Persiacat" is included in only few airplanes which could do very short range
time space warp or jump, and automatically evading warp shockwave by this.
(In this story, only very slow time lapse imagined, and time machine denied,
and maybe there will be slight desynchronization with biological time feeling.)

"Moor" nicknamed robot type-203 as the south atlantic word "chupacabra",
which means "super-cobra", (usually standing with long version m-60 gun.)
(These are virtual made in china "Comanche" helicopters in real world.)

(Sound effect of long polymer spear is similar to rainbow air and EMF wave
sounds from light spear of "Darth Maul" character, in "Star Wars" series.)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... Waves of Strings # 80 ... Phoenixes rise from glacier and magma ... 5 ...
... Inspired by story “Cuore” by “Amicis” and “O Alquimista” by “Coelho” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X29 ... yaburi (story) about wanderings in spring day ... 1 ...

After the galactic scale war, which was 85 years ago,
west star system wanted regain holy lands at levant, pathway to nile area
and gulf area, 6 th fleet organized and deployed to mediterranean nebula.
And about 60 years ago, west star system imports much more petroleum
than from local, so 5 th fleet, smaller than 6 th fleet, deployed to gulf.

West stars economy even into stagflation, budgets are almost depleted,
so 7 th fleet was made up of biomechatronic crafts and ships.
About 30 years ago, no one knew where they have disappeared to, and
maybe evolved and multiplied by themselves into 10 times or more.

But, about 5 years ago, some unknown organization hack-in local networks
at longbeach harbor and the 2 nd New harbor, and remnant programming
codes analyzed that wirelessly sending from dissapeared fleet.

Indian nebula and pacific nebula are too vast, so it would be much hard
to find out 500 ships of biomechatronic architecture.
So called "pung soccer", which means only chasing after the soccer ball
will be no match against much evolved bionic and mechatronic mixture.
Because of budget depletion, advanced tactics and strategy needed.

(Harp and jazz instrument of intro part and bone parts, "Last Christmas")

This biomechatronic crafts and space ships do not have cerebral part of
brain, and most are consisted of parallel CPU boards, especially 100 meter
length brain and spine nerve units, so they do not have consciousness.
Walk, run, jump, and unconscious reflexes are by bionic nerve parts.
They resemble dinasour with intelligence, only increasing size and number.
(Their outlook similar to giant neuron cells, genome mutated to malignant.)

"Moor" and "McCyan" hope that if they could connect to network of these
lost biomechatronic ships, then maybe they could turn off or shut down, or
they maybe could reprogramming some software lines, resetting their main
program modules, which only commanding fight to the end.

"Moor (Marat)" read much books about militaty campaign history, too, when
the college days with part time jobs, and also have (super natural) power,
means ability of maneuvering interplanet big space airplanes, (alike other
pilots in zola-men span suits).

"McCyan" was once nicknamed (greek) "centurion", which means captain
of an airplane unit, because once exchange captain to eastern countries
when R.O.T.C. curriculum during college days.

When sending to eastern countries as an observer, once visited one of the
finest aerial engineering institutes in the galaxy, and took photo in front of a
big stone emblem of institute, with many "toupaliyef", which means the tall
wearing raincoat, who research about aerodynamic architectures.

Although originally major in computer programming, but, after graduation,
research at personal indie loft, and attending to weekend part time battalion,
but, due to budget reduction during another great depression, that battalion
dismissed, and in age twenties under unemployment, (except indie loft).

A small aircraft carrier squadron is floating on orbit nearby the binary sun,
and this binary sun is one of navigation satellite location points.
Between space warp jump, these navigation satellite points are also area
for space ship's automatically recheck steering systems, alike slants, etc.

Seen from one of the 10 probe satellites at nearby this squadron, which are
somewhat smaller than 25 meter space airplanes, surface of ship in armor
display off status is alike metallic mirror, and gamma corrected space image
is greenish blue, and binary sun are screen effected into pale amber status,
nebulas and stars are alike noctilucent clouds and comets.

(In these story, future "Wasp" class which is smaller than "Nimitz" is similar
outlook as "tupolev-160" big airplane, and future fast container ships and the
"San Antonio" are similar to the "tupolev-144", and "Seawolf" resembles the
but, all has full inside capable variable wings for additional lift power.)

Inside of a 40,000 ton carrier (so called "Science vessel", one in "Starcraft")
is similar arrangement of "Big-E", (and cannot pass panama canal, too).
Shopping street is by cheaper artificial ceramic than artificial marble, and
basically chalet architecture houses than double floor buildings in "Big-E".

Shopping street houses are by ceramic parts, which assembling capable,
resembles an usual ski resort with early summer amber color wild flowers.

Ceiling screen is usually with white gray clouds, when it just before snowy,
about 10 inches or more, and with hazy double rainbows through.
Wall screen on both sides are usually with white gray mist, in keep flowing,
and wall screens in shopping street of "Big-E (Enterprise)" are usually with
low latitude cumulus clouds under in cherry pink sunset.

(Back music is jazz instrument "Yesterday night yaburi" by sobancha.)

"Moor", "Miguel", "Mutassim", "McCyan", etc, now in suits for communication
repairing men, white, same as that of boiler suits, instead of wearing usual
airliner captain suits (so called zola-men span suits).

Many modern tablets are on the plastic camping tables, "Moor" and others
maneuvering tablets, in front of the yellow color tents with white gray cloud
color rain shade roofs over, and lanterns are on at inside of each tents.
Some hot spot (internet) poles are around, and lights illuminating to tent.
Big lotus emblem is on yellow tent, (and these tents surely benelux style).

(This is so called a virtual submarine effect using network infra in this ship,
and reference is national geographic "Virginia - ultimate secret listener".)

Hands and fingers of "Moor" keypunching the wireless LED keyboard fast,
somewhat similar to that of excellent basketball player handling a basketball.
Error message and other messages are heard by (bluetooth) headphone.
"Moor" even has so called M category handy and portable phone number
chasing device, (almost same as the 1 st "Motorola" wireless phone).

A manhole lid is opened, and the many optical cables for the connection are
extended from manhole, and depth of manhole is somewhat deeper than a
man, and inside is somewhat voluminous, enough for 3 - 5 men, and there
are many sockets for interplanet communications.

Including "Moor" and other two pilots of type-142 cloak and STOVL, these
15 or more people are well assorted, without higher or lower looks.
"Moor" even video phone call with the "Typan (Ark Angel)" and another big
businessman leading the "Macchu Picchu" project (resembles "Berlusconi"),
and all the sailors in this ship think that businessman is shorter than other
businessmen participating in south atlantic nebular planets.

Some extracting coffee from coffee machine, and 3 - 4 exhausted sailors
lying on camping bed, covering their faces by simplified cowboy hats.
About 20 wireless pyramid modems in a circle, lights on, at around grass.

Main computer of "Big-E" hack-in together, through other network routes.
Two of the tablets nearby "Moor" and "Cyan" displaying hack-in statistics.
"Big-E" is in auto steering navigation status, sailing nearby.

("Enterprise" is somewhat different from "Nimitz", in many parts continually
close to open architecture "Midway", and about 20,000 ton lighter weighted,
and the low radar observable countermeasure architecture never considered,
for example, geometrically steep and inverted triangular substructures.)

("Big-E" equipped with the automatic reloading conveyors, with very seldom
missiles, but, it is much advanced than usual "Nimitz" carriers in real world,
which are equipped with remnant air to air missiles and air radar.)

"Moor" surprises that the cruising speed of a 40,000 ton carrier became into
almost same as the "Big-E" carrier, which still included in the fastest ships,
and current space sailing and navigation status are on two of the tablets.
"Moor" wants one more ship, the "Seawolf" submarine cruiser into squadron,
but, west navy council already denied, (lesser number than "Nimitz").

(And also there was the "Long beach" next cruiser, which was mentioned at
"Winds of war, 1983", but, seldom sailing with the "Enterprise" aircraft carrier,
and references say that the "Spruance" cruiser was sailing with the "Oriskany"
and "Midway" carriers, and was in the hollywood movie "No way out, 1987".
"Spruance" severly waving when in rain storms, more than the much smaller
coast guard ship, and the "Oliver" frigate was in "Hunt for red october, 1990",
and one of major admiral presented on this frigate ship inside that movie.)

(Jazz instrument of song of magic "Abracadabra" by browneyed girls.)

Girls (so called "Lurker" girls) usually wearing western cavalry costumes,
(similar to that once in 1950's - 1960's hollywood western movies).

Because side by side seated chest cockpit of the robots, and front and rear
seated cockpit of aerodynamically shaped space airplanes well sealed, and
covered by multilayered thin metal armors, and even when on planet orbit,
could endure atmosphere reentry heat and shockwave.

(Gal gal sunwukon "Jihyo" from shanghai usually maneuvering type-203
robot, which alloted to "Moor", at the outside of space carrier and container,
and in front of a mirror, "Moor" thinks head is replaced by head of "Jihyo".
Robot with silent and full EMF joints, advanced cloak, optical camouflage.
When in walks, 1 - 2 meter taller than previous type-203 in I.H.M. series.)

When on call standby status, and when off times, wearing the monotonous
O.L. (office lady) suits, minimalistic white blouse and short skirt, Inca hat,
which similar to flight attendant suits, maybe once existed in south atlantic.

They live in blunt cake shaped house, where they call nest of the pelican.
(Outlook similar to "Millennium falcon", aerodynamic only by EMF shields.)

(Usually using 19 th century tram once at north sea cities, when go work,
and inside tram, there is flight-kitchen facility even fits instant cup ramen.
When emergency scramble take off, transported by air vehicle resembles
in a movie "Minority Report, 2002", similar to rest mark than exclamation
mark in text files, where in "Big-E" or in smaller carrier.)

10 - 15 girls in straw hat work at the potato garden, some dark scarecrows
seen nearby, at open grass field off from the chalet shopping street.
When resting at shadow of tall poplar trees, they find out that none of them
have been made breakfast with scrambled egg, tomato bean, and toast.

It is hard time for high teens and twenties, that in age of always in hungry,
only find out they could cook nothing except instant or retort jadin soup.
They decided go out for lunch when arriving at once called saigon harbor.

At this spring, there is exhibition of some collection from Orsay art gallery,
so they intending to visit one of the exhibition center of harbor.
They assume it will much different from Pompidou collection, last autumn...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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