Voyagers of Space - Waves of Strings

Waves of Strings # 41 ... pass through straits ... 7 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Air Wolf" and "Top Gun"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 41 ... Pass through straits ... part 7 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) ... Singh planet, between South and South East nebulas ...

I heard these stories (waves of strings series) from
"Red" (Vladivostok), "Weng" (Hahmgil), and "Typan" (Shanghai or Hongkong).

After defeating of about 100 transformation capable airborne bio mech crafts,
council decide that over 50 of type 150 fighter crafts at Diego Garcia will move to Singh planet.

If bio mech fleets would retake abandoned previous their front line base, a Rah planet,
it will take more than 6 months to rebuilt planet surface air base and so on.

In these days, most enemy threats are onto Sinai straits and Singh straits,
so there is little need to defend Diego Garcia planet.

If bio mech fleets would attack Diego Garcia,
(more than) one of (Typhoon class) String Generator will fight back.

And if P-mode string waves would fire directly against bio mech fleet or a planet,
certain fleet would annihilate and crust of planet will rupturing.

And by so called concussion effects, opposite side of planet's crust will rupturing too,
so entire planet surface will covered by lava from inside of planet,
and everything will be burned.

( S-mode string waves have never been tested, so even council
do not know destruction limits ... )

The next day, at noon,
less than 50 pilots from "Niihau", over 100 pilots of Singh, and over 50 pilots from Diego Garcia
gathering together at luncheon party at seaside citadel, now museum.

They celebrate about 2 nd victory against bio mech fleets, and arrival of
reenforcement pilots from Diego Garcia.

"Samari" and "Norton" say that they even overcome sea surface skimming torpedoes,
and many other pilots shock about alive creatures within those torpedoes.

"Modred" is now inside his personal hall in aircraft carrier "Niihau".
Front big screens display about future route of this ship.

Except resupply necessities at Diego Garcia planet,
there will be space race against bio mech reenforcements from Easts,
"Modred" thought.

And after supplying more than 40 of P-type exo frames, at Singh planet,
aircraft carrier "Niihau" will chasing against bio mech, again.

Will there be another total scale war at Central star system ?
Could "Niihau" pass through Sinai straits before bio mech reenforcements ?
"Modred" even assumes worst scenario, that fighting against bio mech fleets inside straits.

And until now on, onboard "Niihau", only 50 of type 1081 and 1082 robots have
bio neurocom canister within, about same number to pilots.

But, after supplying more P-type exo frames, which are also bio neurocom within,
ratio will be doubled upto 50 to 100, from 50 to 50.

Could "Modred" still commanding all the souls ?
Would neurocom not betray against human ?

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...

( Session # 1 - 25 are inspired by documentaries about Truk base VS Enterprise carrier group )

( Session # 26 - 50 are inspired by documentaries about Shokaku and Shinano )
Waves of Strings # 42 ... She calls that Suhreyung ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Fire Fox" and "The Little Mermaid"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 42 ... She calls that Suhreyung (= Duke or Boss) ... part 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) ... En route in South nebulas ...

From Singh planet to Sinai straits,
there is only one theater (= front line) base at Diego Garcia planet, and
now all the space fighter crafts and personnels in that base are moved to Singh,
for reenforcements.

So without any help, "Niihau" carrier group and less than 600 sailors
will voyage lonely these south nebulas.

There are some uninhabited human dwelling capable planets are in these nebulas,
and there are possible enemy threats.

So 2 of type 220 and 230 space crafts always fly outside of ship.

"Red" and "Weng" is now at cafe,
main shopping street at central area of "Niihau", with some tea and coffee.

Displays on ceiling show auroras during white night.
Gas street lamps are on, houses are illuminated, many neon signs are on,
and sometimes tram passes.

"Red" is now worry about whole new battle cruisers, over 5500 meters long,
which originally designed about 25 years ago, but many are improved by bio mech.

Our N-class carriers are about 60 % in size.

Now over 5000 bio mech ships are separated into 10 fleets,
and over 500 ships in single bio mech fleet exceeds total human active war ships
of less than 400 in number.

And top secret intel report says that their number is at least 2.

If two carriers from (far) East nebulas join together with these battle cruisers,
how many N-class would be needed to overcome them to defend Bosphorus ?

( If there were more than 4 of Tirpitz class ships at 1940, could Britain resist ? )

In these days,
many of human politicians and military leaders do not want to be involved in
these too inferior battles with previous human slaves, bio mech fleet.

Outside of Center star system, very little people worring that they will be the next.
And no country has extra budget for refugees from planets in Center star system.

Would human live in Central star system inevitably become slaves of bio mech,
or annihilated to save natural resourses ?

And most over,
could "Niihau" squadron with 9 ships and less than 600 crews
survive against those super battle ships and almost same sized carriers ?

"Modred" is now at his personal library hall, with brandy, whisky, and bourbon,
and 3 D hologram charts are on at center of the hall, a nearby planet is zoomed up,
and upper half of walls and ceiling of this hall is covered by displays,
many stars and cloud alike small nebulas flowing backwards ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strngs # 43 ... She calls that Suhreyung ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Fire Fox" and music "For Salvador Allende Gossens"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 43 ... She calls that ship, Suhreyung (= Duke or Boss) ... part 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) ... en route in South nebulas ...

"N-class" are different from
previous "A-class" aircraft carriers, which produced over 20 in number,
mostly in a west star system.

Their outerlook is long triangular 3 D diamond shaped, optimized for
sudden high angle reentry and flights of all altitudes with supports by retractable
wings, winglets and nozzles.

They could low altitude even to sea level, which is unique for terran federations.

"D-class" cruisers also could reentry into atmosphere like "Niihau", which "G-class" cannot,
so like this voyage, carrier "Niihau" could maneuvering cover fire supports, when at planet,
from 4 of "D-class" in stratosphere, and also by 4 of "G-class" on low orbit, all in auto-nav.

From Singh planet to Sinai straits,
there is only one (terran) theater (= front line) base at Diego Garcia planet,
and now all the space fighter crafts and personnels in that base are moved to Singh,
for reenforcements against bio mech fleets in the (North) East nebulas.

So 2 of type 220 and 230 space crafts always fly outside of ship.

Now, "Weng" is seduced by "Red",
and one of 12 space fighter crafts onboard, all new type 230, conversions done by
research institute (somewhere at East Siberia coast) previously including "Red".

Wingman aircraft, one of another 12 of type 230, conversions done by "Samari" and "Norton",
already returned to "Niihau", because of cyclotron engines and plasma nozzles trouble,
due to still in onboard prototypes testing (not from Londinium planet).

South nebula is whitish insides (gamma corrected internal display view),
like North nebula (or Arctic nebula), due to lots of moisture.

( It could be aliased like Antarctic nebula, writer thoughts )

"Red" says that, at those old days, when she was gymnasium girl,
a man named "Salamander (or Salvador)" worked in that research institute,
for developing exo skeletal add on device, neurocom canister within.

She says that neurocom is different from those brutal bio mech, monster machine mixtures,
there is buffer area zone, filled with unknown fluids, that like human brain-blood barriers,
so outside brain canister, neuro signals could only communicated by mechanical wires,
could be instantly lock down or shut down from outside.

"Red" says that, some of the frames are moving,
in case close defense against bio punch of those monster creatures.

So their is another soul or brain together in this type 230 and exo frame complex,
"Weng" thinks, inside radar operating seat (back seat), under thick armors.

But, will this safe enough ?
What if neurocom brain canister persuaded by bio mech crafts ?

What "Modred" hoping is unexpected encounter with bio mech transportation ships,
for resupplying necessities (to Shokaku and Shinano) on the way to Creta.

If they could chasing those cargoes, still no cloaking devices onboard,
maybe they could encountering 2 huge airplane carriers from (North) East nebulas,
provably intending to join 2 new bio mech battle cruisers, over 5500 meters.

Maybe they could encountering cargo ships,
from one of Rah Dai Khan planets, which those Rah planets already fallen into
bio mech hands ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strngs # 44 ... She calls that Suhreyung ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Fire Fox" and Book "20,000 Leagues under Seas"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 44 ... She calls that ship, Suhreyung (= Duke or Boss) ... part 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) ... en route in South nebulas ...

( A few years before A D 1096, the beginnings of 1 st Crusades movements ... )

Two knights, "Guerrhead" and "Perceval" heard that
local people at orient, mesopotamia, and so on, thought that in these days,
christian religion is much too modified into (european) city lifes, so many nomadic tribes
would prefer new religions, one like islam, in their ways of life.

Around A D 1000, the climate in europe and mediterranean goes warmer,
so population is growing, but very few people willing to migrate to new western lands,
like Greenland, Newfoundland, and so on.

Maybe the real aim of (north west) europe dukes are building many new cities on oriental coasts,
for more tax for narrow purposes, the two knights assumed.

( Just alike at A D 1937, (North) East Asia, when city of Shanghai fallen into enemy hands )

I am now on a small fishery ship, about 5 kilometers from coast,
and waiting for todays caughts, hoping to meet with perch fish, similar to cod fish.

Some (green) albatross and sea gulls flies nearby this ship less than 100 tons.

The eight crews including me onboard the ship and other seven crews waiting for
us with preparing for meals, all together thoughts that this harbor will stand again
by their own efforts, liberation from monsterous hands of bio mech.

It is almost fatigue limits for human, over 13 hours flight only by one aviator,
but in these days, military space planes do have short distance jump capability,
so return to just nearby "Niihau" is always less than 15 minutes, by counter tracking.

"Weng" has narcolepsy, symptoms like sudden fall into deep sleeping,
but "Red" has generous minds, she even signed to a paper from chief tech "Samari",
that she and research institute will take all responsibilities about narcolepsy during flight.

When "Weng" wake up from another nap with day dream,
"Red" at front seat looks upon the stars and novas, this type 230 flies in cruising mode.

The space outside and stars and novas (which has halo ring around)
just same as her young shepherd days, dusk skies over white mountain ridges.

"Weng" even thinks that
9 years of time between "Red" and her is nothing, at this very silent moment,
with rashes on her both cheeks ...

"Weng" asks that rather than alias "Red", her childhood name or something,
but "Red" says that due to past 30 years of artificial genetic interferences by human,
in nowadays, human would kick out from galaxy eco system, by monsters made by human.

"Weng" asks if long range torpedo fails to attach tracking device onto cargo ships,
from one of those Rai Dai Khan planets, which already fallen into bio mech hands,
then is there any back up plans left behinds ?

What they hope is attaching 2 nd tracking device separated from one attached to cargo ship
during rendezvous and resupplying, additional attach to one of those two aircraft carriers.

These technics are counter engineered from bio mech measures.

"Red" says that only one torpedo onboard fails, then she will maneuver type 230,
1 of 12 customized (somewhere at east Siberia coasts), to secret rendezvou point,
after actively sending secret coded signal from this space plane.

One of monitors will show direction and distance from that rendezvous point,
and at there, they would meet with a submarine cruiser, secretly in the middle of nebula,
and could borrow auxiliary torpedo from that ship.

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strngs # 45 ... She calls that Suhreyung ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "A Bridge too Far" and "Fire Fox"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 45 ... She calls that ship, Suhreyung (= Duke or Boss) ... part 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) ... en route in South nebulas ...

On the long way to Creta (or Bosphorus),
from Singh harbor, an aircraft carrier and 8 auto-nav cruisers sails lonely in high spaces.

Admiral and three beautiful female assistants at Bosphorus harbor,
still searching for lost data papers and network files, hoping to find
connections like which group funded how much to other secret group.

Many people already leaved the city before incoming bio mech fleets,
so the streets are much more quiet than usual past days.
Admiral is a very old man, hoping to help people of Bosphorus, with heart.

Council buildings themselves are like gallery, roofs are covered by titanium,
and budget are donated from many planets in galaxy, than dominated by one big nation.

This time,
Niihau carrier group have not only aircrafts, but also robots enough to break through
possible threats from bio mech squadrons around Sinai straits.

They are now standing near lime trees with green lime fruits on,
look up stars on twilight sky, and surely "Niihau" and her crews voyage between,
to join other 5 carriers already arrived near Creta planet, enduring fights for future.

"Weng" has to help change radar modes,
like from scanning mode to phase array mode, and also helping communications
between main aviator "Red" and carrier "Niihau".

She think that she will make some sweet cookies with squeezed juice for "Red"
fruits are from trees around 2 parallel main shopping streets at center of ship,
now looks more aviator rather than a beautiful woman in early thirties.

In these days, type 230 space plane is the only personal craft,
between type 220 early series and under developing many new models.

Even in the middle of full scale war,
against technically more advanced enemies, research to make next generation crafts
would take more than a year, and if fails there will be no future crafts.

So wind tunnel and space flight tested fuselage like type 230 series is important,
for current 1 st line of defense and also as a data collecting platform for future planes.

Both linear acceleartor (= cyclotron device) could not generates pulse wave or string wave,
like those inside the String Generator space stations or A-class and N-class space carriers,
but could generate enough thrust for type 230 (and type C 170 cargo planes have, too)

Many switches and pads are still in foreign language,
mother language of "Red", and "Weng" is still beginner in that language.

Many parts, including two main engines,
are made by star system where "Red" come from, and still in testings.
One monitor displays clouds like image, dense parts of nebula they fly in.

"Weng" is now inside a over 30 meters long type 230 space plane,
even reinforced by exo frame that make type 230 capable to take off vertically,
but feel fears of sudden encountering in the middle of nebula against whole new
2 giant carriers (over 3000 meters) and 2 giant cruisers (over 5000 meters).

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strngs # 46 ... From vacant Space ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Dam Busters" and "Force ten from Navarone"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 46 ... From vacant Space ... part 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) or (February) ... en route in Sinai (delta) straits ...

In Sinai (delta) straits, on the long way to Creta,
from Singh harbor, an aircraft carrier and 8 auto-nav cruisers sails lonely ...

An old "Admiral" and elder "Typan"
looking at sunset over Bosphorus harbor, at scallop sand beach.

From some distance view, council buildings themselves are in setting sun rays,
and around those white buildings there are cypress trees all around,
under vanilla tone clouds.

Inside a String Generator space station, usually 80 kilometers in length,
two long string generators with dozens of pulse reactors, dock that could contain enough
entire carrier squadron, and elliptical external armor consist of indivisual tile plates,
all three in one, inside lightings are always similar to early sunset (copper color) gold.

Yes, these S.G. are really huge ships, they are like giant citadel in vacant space.

"Admiral" says that if Creta became another outpost of bio mech fleets,
than human live in east side of galaxy have no option but to fight in their own tactics.

"Typan" agrees that there will be only wild steppe countries left at east bounds,
except few nomads and few deserted citadel city remains of long time ago, like Samarqand.
Surely, civilizations of human is now almost at the end point.

"Weng" likes when "Red", more than 2 inches taller, cooks brunch at off times,
and this day, she makes meal for three, including one for mechanic "Shiraz".

Two heron birds, pets of "Red",
on topside edge of another chair, eat some potatoes, too.

"Red" says if this kind of meal orders at cafe in Bosphorus, it would cost over 6 units,
including ice cream, so 3 - 4 sets are maximum for office salary woman in bonus.
Maybe "Red" is come from a town in peninsula, sometimes pretty thrift.

"Weng" expects to visit and sightseeing Bosphorus harbor, but if
Creta fall into bio mech influences, then they have no other choice but to
back to Sinai.

Now their strategy become clear.
Bio mech fleets even want to cut connections between a mediterranean (regular) fleet,
and a far east (small) fleet.

Between bio mech fleets and our 6 carrier squadrons, after our "Niihau" group arrives,
their is a solar system including planet named Creta.

A small subcontinent on planet surface itself is long and slender, from west to east,
and at the 2/3 from west end, its geological shape is bend to north east bound,
and a big island is located at north east end.

At the undergrounds of eastern 2/3 part of this small subcontinent,
their are many deserted mining tunnels.

And some active volcanoes are exist all over that subcontinent,
each one is more powerful than pulse reactors onboards A-class and N-class carriers,
when fully erupts.

If bio mech airborne monsters are small in number,
their are some chances to keep communication and commerce line to Bosphorus
by escorting convoy ships with space planes, for some more days.

For diversioning bio mech main fleets of this area, 5 carrier squadrones are all in need,
so the 6 th carrier, our "Niihau", new in this space, will send space planes and airborne robots
alone, in expectations of even take over that planet.

This is dangerous plan.
If their number is bigger than council estimations, planes and robots would have
some odds to annihilate, before reinforcements arrive.

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 47 ... From vacant Space ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Books by "Isaac Asimov" and "Carl Sagan"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 47 ... From vacant Space ... part 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) or (February) ... on orbit of pluto ...

After pass through Sinai (delta) straits, on the long way to Creta,
from Singh harbor, an aircraft carrier and 8 auto-nav cruisers sails lonely ...

Main shopping area is consist of 3 avenues,
port side avenue is sand beach one side and Mediterranean style two story buildings other,
starboard side avenue is Baltic style two story buildings and sand beach,
and center avenue has many plazas.

At one of pavilion cafes at port side exotic beach, oriental palm trees are arounds,
"Red" is looking at sunset over cumulous clouds, on huge wall screen display,
with young friend "Weng".

unmanned tram on the middle of port side avenue calling "Red",
an ost prussian scientist in early 30 s, from an institute at north east end coasts.

At the holographic briefing hall,
tele hologram of elder Typan and old Admiral, says that about 70 years ago,
some organization built particle accelerator inside of some volcanoes of Creta planet,
which are energized by heat and steam of lava deep in volcano.

They were aimed to space cruisers on low orbit of planet, but airborne
landing on that planet was never happened, so these particle accelerator cannons
are deserted and forgotten behind into past history.

Could they still fire ?
If activated, by artificial eruption of volcano, accuracy will be pretty low even to low orbit,
but after then, conditions of landing zone would be that of hell or pluto itself.

Skipper "Modred" and chief staff "Samari" describe differences between local jellyfish
from bio mech crafts, slide showing holograms of outerlooks and blue prints,
but under ash sky with erupting volcanoes, that will be pretty difficult.

On the orbit of Creta planet, from backward, there are
2 of String Generators, one is 70 kilometers in length and the other 100 kilometers,
4 of D-class cruisers with long range cannons, 4 of usual G-class cruisers,
in two serial columns, and 1 of space craft carrier "Niihau" at most front.

Usually, in landing operations like this,
2 to 4 of L-class amphibious ships are required, but now N-class is platform for landing.

Each D-class cruisers has
2 of long range cannon turrets, those could directly hit from orbit,
but "Modred" worries about detonating accelerators embedded deep inside volcanoes,
by 1 meter diameter electromagnetic barrier piercing shells.

If then, lava and steam leaking to everywhere arounds could be disaster for
airborne robots near landing zone.

Maybe, diversion tactics are successful until now,
there is no bio mech fleet around this planet.

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 48 ... From vacant Space ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Victory at Entebbe" and "55 Days at Peking"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 48 ... From vacant Space ... part 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) or (February) ... on orbit of pluto ...

On the orbit,
N-class space craft carrier "Niihau" is preparing for landing airborne robots,
with covered by 8 of auto-nav cruisers in two columns on higher orbit, behinds.
( 2 of String Generators are on too high orbit, so almost small enough invisible)

Type C 1700 cargo planes could fly directly from planet surface to other planet surface,
(in these future days) could land on L-class amphibious ship, A-class and N-class carrier.

They could contain upto 6 airborne robots, and cargo bay doors are at behind side,
multiple engines are at both side wings.

( "Modred" has two modes, Conan mode and Chief mode)

"Modred" (in Conan mode),
at the briefing hall, says that major operation objective is take over the pipe line,
once transport imported fossil fuels, but now empty inside.

As there are about 50 of type 220 and type 230 space planes,
and 50 of type 1081 and type 1082 robots, all 26 meters in height, but number of onboard pilots
are less than 50, so 12 men have to fly 24 of space planes,
cooperating with 12 neurocom canisters.

If air to air combat break out, these neurocom inside planes have to return
to carrier on orbit, in auto-pilot mode, immediatedly.

The 6 pilots maneuver 12 of type 220 space planes from south east bound sky,
and other 6 pilots maneuver 12 of type 230 space planes from south west bound,
intending distraction possible bio mech threats.

All are cloaking (= stealth) planes,
but these 2 squadrones making flight clouds on high air.

Landing group is consist with 28 of airborne robots,
divided into 6 teams and loaded in 6 of type C 1700 cargo planes.

At the middle altitude, there are thin white clouds,
and 6 of type C 1700 get through clouds, and soon beacon lights of runways become visible,
and grounds are covered by somewhat dense fog.

Background areas, there are volcanoes with white dust and lava from tops,
inside cloud and fog, and some lands are covered with lava flows.

At low altitude, 14 of type 1081 robots (from north star systems)
drop one after others (this robot type could even drop from low orbit), winglets unfold,
in the middle of air.

The 3 of type C 1700 cargo planes which are type 1082 robots within
together approaching into runways ...

Before those type C 1700 stop gliding (landing gear marks on ash are printed behind),
14 of type 1082 hovering out from behind doors one after others, and deploying to
all directions around, 2 robots in one buddy.

(Some carry M-60 alike submachine gun, and others carry bazooka & carbine)

One of those type 1082 robot stands at the middle of runway (close up scene),
(front upper of head part is covered by sunglass alike part) under the pale sun with halo,
in camouflage fabrics, so seen from distance they look similar to bio mech crafts,
and red linen strip around head for identifying friend or foe.

Many lights are on, including lights on gun, due to somewhat thick fog.

Only front side is covered by metallic alloy armor, and backwards are carbon fibers.
Camouflage fabrics could become rigid, similar to fin that bio mech crafts have.

Behind the scene, 3 of type C 1700 cargo planes land, one by one,
and 6 cargo planes forming temporary forward supporting post.
(with extra camouflage fabrics, armor plates, and ammunitions)

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be comtinued ...
Waves of Strings # 49 ... From vacant Space ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Alien 2" and Game "Stryker - Airborne Fighting Vehicle"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 49 ... From vacant Space ... part 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) or (February) ... Creta or pluto ...

On low orbit,
N-class space craft carrier "Niihau" serves as platform for landing airborne robots,
and auto-nav cruisers separate into 4 teams and begin circulating orbits,
preparing for instant fire support ...

Type 1081 and type 1082 robot and Exo Frame machine are basically same origin.
So some outerlook architecture, like outer metal alloy frames are similar.
(Bio mech crafts are fully covered by elastic exo skeletons, like insects)

But, different from Exo Frame machine,
type 1081 and type 1082 robot has many movable plate armors outside main structure,
and those small actuators are also powered by vein wires and buffer batteries.

Some armor plates on shoulder and pelvis are functioning as flaps, rudders, and slents,
especially quick turning maneuvers during hovering.

With these mechanical help, and vector thrust capable rectangular nozzles all around body
airborn robots could turn their aiming pose quickly toward target.

At backside, there are some winglets also functioning airbrakes, for quick stop.
Carbon fiber plate armors on backside are in various gray colors.
(Some backside parts are in white color for visual identifying friend or foe)

Robots sometimes walk than hover,
and during walking, armor plates all around body are moved by many small actuators,
not to interfere motions of arms and legs of robot.

Half of robots carry beam bazookas, and after fully charged,
they could fire upto 10 rounds of particle laser beam.

"Modred" is now in one of these type 1082 robots.
"Samari" at space carrier on low orbit reports that no current bio mech activity detected
from drone planes keep flying above deserted airport and pipe lines around.

there are 10 - 20 sorts of bio mech crafts, and all could transformation into flying crafts,
some could cloaking themselves even optically, in spite of over 35 meters in height.

"Norton" is also on one type 1082 robot,
at 15 kilometers away from runway, for scout, with buddy type 1081 robot.

"Red" in type 1081 and her buddy "Shiraz" is also doing scout, 20 kilometers forward,
and see migration of group of jellyfish ( 30 meters in height, luminescence) in canyon,
look like running away ...

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 50 ... From vacant Space ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "The 7 th (light) Cavalry" and "Young days of Ivan the Terrible"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 50 ... From vacant Space ... part 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) or (February) ... Creta or pluto ...

On low orbit,
N-class space craft carrier "Niihau" serves as platform for landing airborne robots,
and auto-nav cruisers separate into 4 teams and keep circulating orbits,
preparing for instant fire support ...

"Red" and "Shiraz" can not see the bio mech crafts chasing after jellyfishes,
due to their optical cloaking countermeasures, but they could feel that
bunches of jellyfishes are running away from predators.

She communicates with "Modred", "Norton (= Captain Future alike)", and "Samari",
and requests fire supports, first the Pulse wave cannons onboard String Generator ships.

But, "Modred", "Norton", and "Samari"
hesitate about using Pulse wave cannons, they could blow off EMF shields of
our type 1081 and type 1082 robots, simultaneously.

And moreover, String Generator ship should open their side armor plates,
because these armor tiles are optimized for conductioning String waves,
both P mode and S mode.

"Modred" in one of type 1082 airborne robots, at deserted airport,
decides that instant fire supports by ( 70 kilometers in length) String Generator ship.

A String Generator begins transformation, openig her both side armor plates,
and over 20 of Pulse Reactors become horizontal from vertical, over 12 per left and right,
in stairs alike formations, backward Pulse Reactors protruding more and more,
in the gross, triangular silhouette.

"Samari (= Lee Adama alike)", chief staff,
and less than 500 men onboard "Niihau" are in busy maneuvering both
4 teams of 8 cruiser ships targetting on bio mech and preparing String Generator ship.

Just after 1 st full salvo by over two dozens of Pulse Reactors,
dust of ash are everywhere, and on thermal image monitor of type 1081 of "Red",
standing on top of hill, over 100 of bio mech crafts are appeared.

All the 28 of type 1081 and type 1082 robots are covered by small lightnings.
(type 1081 have less lightnings than type 1082 )

To reduce these small lightnings and sparks,
maybe vein wires would have to be improved in architecture, in future days.
( "Red" is still young, in her early 30 s, she might can upgrade this )

To help aiming long range cannons onboard 4 of D-class cruisers on orbit,
"Norton" and his wingman hovering backwards, and "Red" team keep chasing after,
sending relative positioning data of bio mech crafts, in canyon bed.

1 st salvo of 16 particle laser beams, from each 2 twin turrets on bow side of 4 of D-class,
scattering clouds, fogs, and ash dusts, assaulting on bunches of bio mech crafts.

After huge explosion, there are nothing left but some more ashes ...

Heavy winds are everywhere, aftermath of
firing long range cannons, due to different ionizations of atmospheric layers.
( Electrons and positrons are everywhere arounds )

The huge diamond shaped fuselage of "Niihau" become more closer, out from ash dusts,
( Battle cruiser and space carrier N-class are similar to B-70 and B-1 series )
and 7 turrets with twin cannons, hatch up from insides, become seen clearly ...

Various colors of auroras are on high skies above these ash dusts, fogs, and clouds,
aftermath of firing pulse reactor wave cannons ...

... The 2 nd series about Waves of Strings now end,
... "Modred" and Niihau carrier group (squadron) will return in 3 rd series, soon ...
Waves of Strings # 51 ... From vacant Space ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Classic of Prokofiev "Ivan the Terrible" & book "Young days of the Ivan"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 51 ... Ice moon on (Gaema) plateau (高原氷月) ... part 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Far eastern sectors ...

About 2 years before,
Atlantic teams (view from West star system) won their first victory at Bosphorus
and New Krym planet (from story # 1 - 57 to # 1 - 81 ).
( Remake of famous U.S. TV action drama the A-team ? )

But now,
a Pacific team, sailing the other side of huge dark(blue) nebula "Pacific",
a N-class space carrier "Niihau" lead by skipper "Modred" in fast cruising (hyperspace) ...

"Niihau" can attach upto 8 escort cruisers around her fuselage,
and this time, 4 escort cruisers attached, all are D-class (or Z-class).
This could save more energy of smaller pulse reactor inside D-class during sailing.

Stars and novas are flowing toward behind, scenes on internal dispay windows,
around human dwelling areas of this ship, far beneath her armors.

For one more test flight,
space carrier "Niihau" has to reduce its cruising speed, for more safty.

At the bridge front side of main (conventional) CIC,
"Samari", "Shiraz", and radio teams in communications and radar supports.

"Norton" (captain future) in original type 220, 1 st up,
"Red" (young Ivan) and "Lin" (previously Weng) in (R-format) modified type 230, 2 nd up.

The two space crafts have to move from hanger deck to port side EMF catapults
hang on manipulators of open-elevators in ducts, which are horizontal, tilted, vertical.

( Alike in movie James Bond - The World is not Enough, 1999 )

After take-off permission lights on,
the two brand new airplanes accelerated by electromagnetic fields, take-off,
(of course, without exo-frame devices) one after the other.

( Alike catapults in original Battlestar Galactica TV series )

For trackng them by many (active phased array) radars, three-dimensionally,
all 4 of escort cruisers (all are unmanned) detached from "Niihau", floats scattered nearby.

These 4 th generation star fighter planes have to upgrade their fuselage, in details,
radar waves and sensors of both sides, human and bio mech (squids), keep upgrading.

Now I am with more than 10 other colleagues,
doing fishery jobs for surviving, at one of deserted small harbors near Shang city.

( My small room in north side of deserted chinese house is alike that of van Gogh )

I turn up the palm-top hologram device, in north room.
( North side room is good for discriminating diamonds from non-diamonds )

A girl in 1.675 meter, from plateau, a cook (one of my relative cousin), another "Lin 林"

A girl in 1.700 meter, grow up at Shang planet, and works for clinic nurse, "Cute"

A girl in 1.725 meter, usually day dreaming, and always wants another rain coat, "Cola"

A girl in 1.750 meter, an office lady, and always visits clinic for care her hysteria

A girl in 1.750 meter, TV announcer alike makeup, a daughter of small businessman, from Pushan

A girl in 1.775 meter, and still unknown musician, part time job at sandwich cafe, "Hanafuda"

( and so on ... )

From wood deck at seaside of house,
small seashell beach and fishery ships over grass and sunflowers, quince trees,
it is already become starry night ...

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 52 ... From vacant Space ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Tshaikovskii "Swan Lake" and movie "From Here to Eternity" & "Sea Quest"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 52 ... Ice moon on (Gaema) plateau (高原氷月) ... part 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Blouse girl and Shirt girl ...

About 2 years before,
Atlantic teams (view from West star system) won their first victory at Bosphorus
and New Krym planet (from story # 1 - 57 to # 1 - 81 ).
( Remake of famous U.S. TV action drama the A-team ? )

Peace is maybe rest during conflicts and future conflicts.

But now,
a Pacific team, sailing the other side of huge dark(blue) nebula "Pacific",
a N-class space carrier "Niihau" lead by skipper "Modred" in resupply status ...

At the stratosphere of an earth type planet,
next to jupiter type planet (at Venus place of our solar system) not become another sun,
as it is not binery suns solar system, no human dwells there, yet.

Under whitish-red jupiter type inferior planet,
it is another fine day noon in this remote and isolated planet, with some cumulus clouds.

Supply cargo ship is half the weight compare to another N-class "Niihau".

There are two kinds of shuttles.
One is more smaller ( CH-53 or C-2 ) and the other sort is bigger ( LCAC ).

Smaller shuttles could contain upto 6 type 1081 or type 1082 robots,
and bigger shuttles could carry dozens of robots and extra Pulse reactors, simultaneously.

Air pressure is low in stratosphere, but gravity is near 1 G,
so "Niihau" unfolds its variable wings fully (alike Tu-160 or B-1 series), in low cruising air speed,
and many shuttles in busy doing resupplies, including personnel changes, post cards.

The 4 escort cruisers are floating high on orbit of planet.

"Red" is watching delivery of test type robots marking 106 and 107.
They are more than 2 years outdated, but still has some hidden merits within.
( They both involved in conflicts at story In Human Minds # 57 - # 81 )

The two heron birds of hers are at hanger deck beer and coffee sides on (Quo Vadis) cane.

"Lin 林" is happy to receive post cards with 3 D hologram stickers on edge, rest on tool chest.
Some are from gymnasium alumni, some from her families, (some from fans).
Sometimes human likes to do one-way communications.

( Tapping the sticker can activate barbie size 3 D hologram message )

After daily fishering jobs,
I return to a chinese style hut 客 主 with 2 story hall at the middle of living area.

Almost all the locals evacuated from Shang planet more than a year ago,
and few left behinds, and half of dozen colleagues with me are from foreign.

Sometimes, bio mech crafts and ships appear and stay for a while
at high sky, stratosphere level of this Shang planet.
When they stay, we seldom go out for fishing.

I am not a silver spoon born or poor origin,
and girls whom I met are about half blouse women and half shirt women,
and I remember that I always cannot meet with those two kinds simultaneously,
different from man society, I thought.

But the daughters of those two social kinds of women,
could a daugter ot shirt mother become blouse girl in her twenties ?

And why there are many types of blouses ? ( And which shirts are for masked blouses ? )
Price tags are more than 10 times different from item to another item.

"Cola" et al always wants me to be educated as much as possible,
so I get doctor's degree, but could she wear blouse when she meets me ?
( At future days, if both could survive these desperate conflicts )

And most over, my doctor's degree paper never gives me any money,
and until now, I have earn far less money compare to school expenses (in capitalism),
now I do fishery job for survive, luckily ...

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 53 ... From vacant Space ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Forbidden Planet (1956)" and music "Joy - Touch by touch"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 53 ... Ice moon on (Gaema) plateau (高原氷月) ... part 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Girls in blouson, cardigan, and long skirt ...

About 2 years before,
Atlantic teams (view from West star system) won their first victory against bio mech squids
at Bosphorus and New Krym planet (story from # 1 - 57 to # 1 - 81 ).
( Remake of famous U.S. TV action drama the A-team ? )

Peace is maybe rest during conflicts and future conflicts.

And now,
a Pacific team, sailing the other side of huge dark(blue) nebula "Pacific",
with a N-class space carrier "Niihau" lead by skipper "Modred" in stand-by status ...

With cumulus clouds and many vapor trails (contrails) remnants of resupply flights,
space carrier "Niihau" floats in slow cruising speed, aircrafts are in columns front side deck,
and robots are in rows back side deck , for emergency take off and landing.

Now 4 of escort cruisers (future day Zumwalt class) are floating nearby the carrier.
They are all in long triangular shapes, and has pop-up capable long range cannons,
and landing deck (landing zone) at the backward side of fuselage.

"Modred" now at desk in the middle of skipper hall, also a planetarium,
and activating official historical files, many are still classified.

More than 30 years ago, West star system (= U.S. ) funded constructing at-the-enemy-gate
bio mech bases, south from (Gaema) plateau.

And 30 years ago, bio mech crafts and ships all over 300 human dwelling planets in this galaxy
begins to disapearing one after the other, and those hidden bases were emptied, too.

Where they had gone away ?
They are definitely too heavy historical burdens from over-acting (over-stretch) predecessors.
( Were they really the greatest generation, in every results ? )

At the meeting,
"Norton (captain future)" explains about plans by council and "Modred" himself.

A small space craft carrier (Iwo Jima class) alone with 6 type 220 ( or 260 ) and 6 robots
search at the far forwards and "Niihau" will assure if they finds those lost bio mech.

This resupply is mainly for delivering this somewhat small sized space carrier for scout.
( Almost same size compare to Z-class escort cruisers nearby "Niihau" )

But, if the scout team finds those forgotten bio mech,
could they communicate again with them, though all the manuals are over 30 years.

Are they also become members of so called the black-death fleet ?
( 10 % of all bio mech with more than 500 space ships )

And moreover, what are the studies (lost files) about Aryan (telepathy) gene of human
who lived before latest ice age ?

"Lin 林" is still in blouson, cardigan, long skirt, "Red" (early 30 s ) is in (check) mini-skirt.
( Writer likes autumn season rather than early summer )

"Red" and "Lin 林" is at the gold-decorated kitchen of condominium for "Red",
having hot vanilla chocolate coffee together, yet "Lin 林" is still room mate of "Red".

It is at the autumn quarter of long shopping street with tram lines, in the center of carrier,
beside lonely looking white sea shell beach with climbing roses (almost empty quarter).

"Samari" and "Norton" in uniform visit their condominium, with green apples,
for privately asking about not to involve the scout team with much smaller ship.
But, it is upto "Red" and "Lin 林", themselves, young and who do not afraid of stall falling.

There is no (squid) UFO in our humble old radar, by a short girl (less than 1.65 meter)
and I could go out fishing again.

Now I am nearby trench for emergency, originally for petroleum pipe line.
Sit inside a pipe for reading something is difficult, I have to bend.

Pancho is good in this rainy day, and soon I could sail the fishing boat again ...

... These 4 th generation S F will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 54 ... From vacant Space ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Final Countdown" and book "Le Petit Prince" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 54 ... Ice moon on (Gaema) plateau (高原氷月) ... part 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Girls in blouson, cardigan, and long skirt ... 2 ...

Bio mech crafts are unpredictable.
In these days, some of the half survived 5 billion human see their naked inside,
between mechatronic exoskeleton, elastic squid feet come out for hold something or walk ...

In these days (about 2 years after “In Human Minds” series),
not a single terran military organization exists and even the commanders of West star system fleets
do not know current situations of the war (that I think the last battles of human history).

Fleets and ships of West star system have to believe on themselves only,
it is desperate days and less than 10 % of ships from West star system voyages space areas
that commanders think already fallen, totally defensive status ever had …
( Different from “In Human Minds” series and “Master and Commander” series )

N-class space craft carriers are pretty huge, over 3300 meters in length.
And they could sail to almost all the areas of this vast galaxy with plenty of supplies
enough to build whole new village on a distant planet (alike the Ark of bible).

Two out of seven main turrets are in pop-up status, front beneath side.
( One of main turrets is located at backward beneath side, near main nozzles )
( There are also pop-up 8 inch subcannons and CIWS all around middle fuselage )

They are very powerful, but from orbit to planet surface, accuracy is decrased,
in that case, long range (deep penetrating) twin cannon turrets of Z-class will sufficient.

Conventional bridge at the front of main CIC, one of sphere planetarium CIC,
all the (wall) screen and terminal displays are ready for training fire of 20 inch main cannon.
( Somewhat similar to CIC of U.S. Virginia class submarines )

Polarized search lights from "Niihau" are concentrated
at volcanoes decades kilometers away, and some other nearby pictured subjects.

After first test salvo, disintegrating capacity maximized,
target volcanoes with gushing lava are perished, just remnants of ash and craters.

Drone space crafts are blended wing body shape, usually 25 meters in length,
they are more straight lines in design and has many auxiliary nozzles all around fuselage,
so they could doing more sharp and difficult maneuvers.

They could be air dropped from back side door, alike our airborne robots.
Just after air drop, they are transforming from more rectangular into more airplane alike.
Drones could contain upto 2 human within, but then their performance would decrease.

And brand new fresh crafts are supplied, 12 of type 280 series (25 meters in length).
Two of them will join solitary search voyage of smaller carrier (Iwo Jima class).

( Stealth version of X-29 or somewhat similar to Sukhoi Berkurt, forward swept wing )

Aviator pilots are not sufficient for one more 10 airplanes (half) squadron,
but almost all are very interested to these one of brand new space crafts.

"Red (Young Ivan)", "Shiraz", "Lin (林)", others are busy in maintaining these fighters.
( Far distant local language suhreung means leader of a tribe )

Off time, “Lin (林)” usually wears blouson and long skirt,
but after meeting “Red” and “Shiraz” et al, becoming more close to galaxy trends.

Inside a room for “Lin (林)” in condominium for “Red”,
near garden park of autumn at autumn quarter of long shopping district,
“Lin (林)” arranging still photos at her desk.

A wood cabinet for her heeled shoes, 5 - 6 fabricated white shade lamps of various heights,
and 3 – 4 decent suitcases for long time travel.

A photo on photo-board is at sea shore before onboard “Niihau”,
with whitish futuristic design swim hat on, and taller girl friendly knocking and tapping on hat.

"Lin (林)" is wondering about the reasons why at-the-enemy-gate-bases like
"big head", "geronimo", "sitting bull", "crazy horse", "red cloud", "magua" abandoned by terran,
rather than completely evacuating the future burdens (bio mech crafts before evolving).

( "Modred" is not another "Custer" (wind) from arctic or antarctica, more close to "Arthur" )

Another meteoric shower pass through,
and sunset vanilla sky of this far distant planet is with shining and flowing meteors …

… These 4 th generation S F stories are already in front of you …
Waves of Strings # 55 ... From vacant Space ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Apocalypse Now" and book "The old man and the sea" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 55 ... Ice moon on (West Apgujeong) plateau (高原氷月) ... part 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Into the sunset …

( Silhouette and shadows of movie “The Right Stuff” orchestra and aria chorus )

At sunset (alike San Francisco harbor or San Diego harbor),
(alike noctilucent clouds or sphinx) 1 carrier, 1 carrier-size cargo ship, 4 escort cruisers in one group,
and 3 half N-class sized fast theater cargo ships are forming other (force)group nearby,
and 1 small carrier (Iwo Jima class) between them.

Small carrier is about to begin her own solitary new voyage, into sunset ...
( During the latter part of this episode ( # 51 - 75 ), it will docking with 5500 meter bio mech ship,
reassembled by parts getting at deserted bio mech group and tuning by volunteered crews of small carrier,
named “Freedom Y-1000 ” at the other side of vast pacific nebula, alike huge fog and mist )

( Alike one come back scene in "Star Trek" movie series )

Admiral "West (another Spock)" sends message from aboard 100 kilometer String Generator,
which has (Carl Sagan S F style) platinum golden illuminating internal bay space,
at the minimal style stone wall hall with books and dome ceiling for office.
( Minimal style trend restoration of 19 th century remaked Medieval style alike book “Ivanhoe” )

All the ships all over the galaxy, from less than 30 planets of West star system hopes
the successful journey of this old and small space carrier.

To go very fast from one planet to other planet on other solar system
needs galactic scale field-weather forecast, data from unmanned sloops all over the galaxy.

1. big ships with big sized Pulse reactor on could go fast by EMF sailing
2. multiple Pulse reactors could open white-hole at the nearby sun
3. String Generator ships could open white-hole (hyper-space) by itself enough for squadrons

"Mordred" (in medium height alike a Smurf with glasses) at bridge of "Niihau",
always carries box device (bag), which has states-of-the-art graphic processing parts within,
watching repairing and replacing of external armor tile plates by drone crafts, manipulators in side weapon bays,
just alike that of type-260 space craft planes ( see “In Human Minds” series ).

Now this small carrier is fully operational, during another lonely voyage.

"Samari" (tall Simon) elected to acting new leader of small carrier
(called by themselves as a "home-brew" or "village-brew") think that less than 100 personnel
would die hard to the end of galaxy.

First, “Samari” renamed this small carrier into “S-2600” (science vessel 2600).
Inside of it is alike big garage or loft style research facility.

Beside peach trees at center of food dome hall, there is a taller and bigger golden apple tree.
“Red (Ivan)” and “Lin (林)” likes to eat these golden apples as desserts of meals.

“Red (Ivan)” always advice “Lin (林)” to have within-solo-bathtub shower twice a day,
especially multiple shampoo and rinse cleansing her asymmetric short hair, friendly.
And she surprised when sees “Lin (林)” running fast nearby, with looking at her clock.

Vanilla clouds are now alike foaming ocean waves in orange-amber jet streams.

There is also bar-café selling toasts like toppings with oven roasted tinned eel etc,
inside glass country house hall and food hall with domes.

"Red (Ivan)" and "Lin (林)" look back wall-screen, from the balcony deck of villa cafe at food hall.
As altitude of "S-2600" small carrier goes up, vanilla sky of remote planet, twin with Jupiter type planet,
noctilucent clouds alike two groups of ships floats in mist jet stream winds keep farther and farther ...

A small space carrier with star-glowing nozzles just go away
into setting sun and real noctilucent cloud, being seen from “Mordred” …

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 56 ... Tales at 6 th area ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Motorcycle Diaries (of Che)" and PC game "Heart of China" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 56 ... Between Emptiness (無 心) and Unconscious ... part 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Tales at 6 th area (Antarctica) ... 1 ...

A little carrier “S-2600”
is now far from “Niihau” (all new N-class) and skipper also in vest (alike Solo and Dunbar)
approaching 6 th area of their galaxy (Antarctica and nearby seas) ...

This area is with even severe snow storms than Atlantic and Arctic areas,
and from 10 years ago, when one of ten bio mech fleets start to invade human societies on
all the 300 human dwelling planets, human already forget about this area.

Nowadays, only 20 – 30 planets keep their facilities at this area (Antarctica),
almost all are at Peninsula Tip planet with glaciers and snow fields.
( Somewhat similar to Hoth, The Episode-V or Winter Shangri-la, PC game Heart of China )

Borrowed ship “S-2600” is sailing there for find and docking with an old science ship “Mir”,
and if possible, further study about bio mech with equipments inside that forgotten ship.
“Mir” is also aliased as “Silver Whale” by many senior scientists, more than 10 years ago.

At hanger deck,
there is a type-260 L (Yak-141), two type-220, a type-230, and two type-280,
and 6 more drones, all brand new space crafts in nearly end days of human history.

( Only type-260 L appears both In Human Minds series and Waves of Strings series )

( Drones are usually called “Shadow-planes” by carrier crews of N-class and new N-class )

All the 12 space airplanes and 3 – 4 shuttles (helicopters) could be seen from open windows
at basement floors of island compartment, and CIC is at upstairs of island.

When all the optical cloaks and EMF camouflages off, they are all in bright whitish colors
( bright titanium white with cobalt tone ) due to their futuristic fuselage materials.

“Nicola” in early 20 s with 1.725 meter height, and “Pedro” in late teens with same height,
girls now at center park garden areas of carrier “S-2600”, give fish oil (vitamin-E) capsules
to colorful tropical (Amazon) robot birds, alike small parrots, quetzals, and canaries.

“Red”, “Shiraz”, and “Lin (林)” come there with lunch packs with tropical fruits.

“Samari (or Simon)” now at skipper hall think that
these days are payback times for past day human greed and uncontrolled competitions,
and until today, human societies did not won a single fight or battle,
they just in ignoring their inevitable destiny again.

Skipper “Samari”, “Mordred”, admiral “West”, and some members in council hope that
if they knew more about bio mech or keep struggling tough, some will survive for future.

“S-2600” is returned to active duty mainly for testing advanced person to person inter-space
communication device, as a sailing laboratory in the sky.

( Until now on, crew onboard calls this returned ship as “Tiger of Africa” )

There is three dimensional antennas similar to human central and peripheral nerve tissues,
at one of the main labs of this ship, for research about artificial telepathy.

Maybe, human central and peripheral nerve tissues are evolved not only for sensing and
activating muscles all around human body, there would be something more.

Telecommunicating would be far advanced, if we understand the mechanism of inter-space
telepathy communications between human and other human, only few reported.

Could the crews of Sky Lab find out ways to more approaching to hidden secret plans
of those ten bio mech fleets in dark nebulas of this vast galaxy ?

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 57 ... Tales at 6 th area ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "U-571" and PC game "Fate of Atlantis" series ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 57 ... Tales at 6 th area (Antarctica) ... part 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... En route in Pacific, the backside of Galaxy ... 2 ...

"Mordred" is a mid thirty commodore admiral,
now commanding "Niihau" squadron ships with 1 carrier, 4 unmanned escort cruisers,
and 1 giant fast cargo ship containing (dozens of) small (diesel) submarine ships.

"Mordred" likes to wear ivory white vest, whenever at CIC or billiard hall.

Every crew salutes to "Mordred",
but "Mordred" never thought self as commanding officer of team.
"Mordred" misses when serving XO, with old veteran skipper at another N-class "Illusive",
but now communications with council and other squadron leaders are seldom.

At the skipper hall of brand new N-class space carrier,
there is holodeck library area, some books and bookshelves are real.

Thin and transparent movable window partitians on rails are also holoscreens.
( And these sonic windows maybe final shields inside space carrier ? )

Even though dozens of String Generator ships are completed,
how human could survive from 10 or more fleets each with over 500 space ships ?

Bio mech are two types, one is about 35 - 45 meter height space crafts,
and other are over 100 meter length main frames embedded inside bio mech ships.

The kernel of bio mech is central nervous tissues surrounded by squid flesh.
But they also need many mechatronic machine systems for live on.
Various fluids should be totally changed, more frequently than human.

Each String Generator ships capable of aim all the suns in single star system range,
and sudden explosions of suns could vanishing all the planets within solar system.

There is about 350 - 400 people at Antartica, the 6 th area of galaxy,
and almost all of them now at the peninsula tip planet.

Visit of "Niihau" crews to this far remote and backside of galaxy has some purposes.

One is find space ship "Mir", more than 5 times bigger than "A-2600" or "Sky Lab".
The other is find out scientists involved in bio mech project, 30 years ago.

The bio mech project was very huge, galaxy scale,
deserted research facilities are scattered more than 30 planets all over the galaxy,
and less than 100 crews from "Niihau" squadron with "Samari" alloted some.

"Red", "Shiraz", "Nicola", "Lin (林)" and other aviators and mechanics
always preparing their space craft airplanes, at night time many tents with lights on.
( USA Indian camps ? )

Aviators could onboard drone crafts over 25 meter length,
but very restricted, maybe during rescue.

One reason is because human cannot endure drone flight,
but other reasons are because human aviator could be connected to bio mech craft.

Maybe council do not want personal contacts (human created disaster from past days)
and read their thoughts inside data base of bio mech, during telepathy connecting.

( Drone space craft airplanes with neuro-computer inside, or shadow wing-man,
many parts, subsystems should be totally replaced than disassembly, restricted by council )

Pale sun is rising again, at the region lower than 66 degrees south of this planet.
The backside of ice moon is now setting into snow mountains.

A bio mech is now wake up,
snows on sensors all around body fuselage melt first, and than tentacle legs move.
Steams and thermal air effects are vaporing from many body parts.

Many thin ice flakes are detach from tentacle legs and all around body.
( Alike "Saturn" series moon rockets during igniting and rising, back in 1970 s )

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 58 ... Tales at 6 th area ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Iron Man 2" and PC game "Fate of Atlantis" series ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 58 ... Tales at 6 th area (Antarctica) ... part 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... En route in Pacific, the backside of Galaxy ... 3 ...

In these days,
dominant on orbit of planet is important, and there is no sonar deflecting sea currents
or trench mining capable battle field on orbit, of course.

This means that if radar, laser beam, and missile rockets would inferior than bio mech,
there is no chance for space carrier reentry and landing robots on planet surface.

Bio mech crafts are 35 - 45 meter height when walking on planet surface,
and they could transforming their body shape any time flying or walking, for example,
during level flight they are alike 4 th generation space airplanes, flat from pro to aft,
and during quick turn into left or fight, they change into vertically taller.

This capable due to their squid flesh muscles and actuator tendons, light and flexible avionics,
sophisticated shape-memory exoskeletal plate armors, and buffer fluid sacs.

Only drone space crafts ( 5 th generation) with neuro computer avionics and thrust vectoring
could catch up with bio mech crafts during super sonic dog fightings in air.

Shuttles (Merlin or Osprey) from "Sky Lab" or "A-2600" (Iwo Jima class or Kiev class)
approaches to only town in this planet, with checking out beacon signals.

There is standard long runway, once travelers from Santiago planet landed for tour
now became frosted, just another long ice field covered by snows.

There are almost same sized landing fields A and B nearby a small town.
They landed on VTOL only landing field B, about 15000 square meters.

Before meal, all of the 30 crews from "A-2600" on low orbit could take hot shower,
just alike every day these 365 men on ice planet and they were onboard "A-2600".

( There is no double deck bed in this S F series, all the beds are one story height )

"Red", "Pedro", "Nicola", "Lin (林)" help krill shrimp cooking by (chinese) wok.
Also oatmeal, powder milk, biscuit, and glacier waters are for all.
There are east green lily flowers on meal table.

Elected leader and professor "Sakharov" hands over vodkas to every people,
he made liquors by himself by potatoes supplied from Santiago and Johannesburg.

The next day, 3 - 4 scientists guide 30 crews from "Niihau" squadron to
where they found "Mir" space research ship drifted and landed.

Low and pale binary suns illuminate snow plane into bright amber golden colors.
Shuttles from "A-2600" flying low altitude, with opening many door parts.

And "Sakharov" pointing to snow field where he watched bio mech squadron landed once,
now there is only ice, snow, and rocks left, pretty much clean, even no smell.

"Samari (or Simon)" find the whale signs nearby sea, their number is over dozen,
and says maybe they do not eat or hunt whales.

There are over 1.3 billion penguins live in this planet.

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 59 ... Tales at 6 th area ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "A Space Odyssey" and PC game "Fate of Atlantis" series ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 59 ... Tales at 6 th area (Antarctica) ... part 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Land of penguin, land of bear, and lands of albatross ...

"Niihau" squadron with 6 ships ( 3300 meter 2 ships, 2200 meter 4 ships) near novas,
young "Mordred" deep seated on big chair at the middle of library hall for skipper,
and think that originally, String Generator was radar telescope for chart drawing.

Over 200 - 300 years ago,
radar telescope upgraded (into AESA Active Electronically Scanned Array capable)
and voyage became precise and fast, 100 human dwelling planet increased upto 300.

( 15 - 16 century, old civilizations became connected by ocean ships )

"Mordred" thoughts that time-space wave detector now became String Generator,
and a few human could launch power enough to annihilate entire star system and more.

There are no single A4 sheet inside drawer of desk,
pretending an old veteran leader when "Mordred" was XO at N-class carrier "Illusive",
and only cigars even from admirals, council members, but all never opened yet.

Young "Mordred" likes to feel scents from tropical, including cigars.
( But some old generals and admirals think one scent of unilateral victory )

"Mordred" always thoughts that trading by ships is weak (like Atlantis or Babel),
so faster ships maybe better, and smaller individualized items would be better,
local human societies should help themselves at least for 6 months.

At the nameless pebble beach,
there is huge laboratory research ship "Mir" and that ship is still in good except snows.

"Sakharov" tells about designs of "Mir" to "Samari (Simon)" and "Lin (林)".

( They wears various yellow tone gear-suits )

Rains keep falling from (antarctica) sky, most freezing than anything else.
Under the whitish gray sky alike just before another snowing, with pale auroras,
there are many transparent icebergs of various sizes floating on (emerald green) sea.

reports from base camp town at the tip of peninsula says that big storm comes near,
so crews and professor "Sakharov" get back to shuttles and remotely open door of "Mir",
first ice around door melting and door opens, and shuttles fly into dock bay of "Mir".

At that time,
"Nicola" and "Shiraz" flying with 2 of type-280 "Albatross" space airplanes over canyons,
25 meters in length and wings are swept to forward.

They are flying for attracting possible threats from bio mech crafts.

"Red (Young Ivan)" and "Pedro" are now stand-by status at beer and coffee cafe
inside hanger deck of "Sky Lab" now flying in subsonic speed on antarctic air.
They reading newspapers from big printer under white parasol table.

One specialized type-141 (more cloak capable Yak-141 ) and one type-230
now ready for instant scramble take off, by half-drones (robot arms on canister) ...

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...
Waves of Strings # 60 ... Tales at 6 th area ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Books about "Kriemhild" and movie "The Phantom Menace" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 60 ... Tales at 6 th area (Antarctica) ... part 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, Summer days ... Land of penguin, land of bear, and lands of albatross ...

Some old stories say butterfly flapping could evoke storm.
But view points from West star system, triangle has already broked many days ago ...

"Niihau" squadron departed from Sunset harbour (San Francisco or San Diego).

Skipper "Mordred" insisted in front of Space Navy council of West star system, at North harbor,
about salvage of "Mir" by 20 % of his crews lead by "Samari" with an old ship "Iwo Jima".

Only skipper "Quiz" agreed to "Mordred",
and "Quiz" would help with space carrier "Nivea" and 6 of brand new Z-class escort cruisers
now at Charleston harbor with other fleet carriers and amphibious carriers.

In these days, West star system has 4 fleets
consist with major ships like 3 N-class carriers, 3 D-class amphibious carriers,
and now they are all at their 4 major harbors, in totally defensive.

All the active service six fleet carriers at east coast are 3600 meter new N-class,
but only one new N-class is just arrived to Sunset harbor at west coast, for "Mordred" team.

Only V-class fast submarine cruisers doing deep scout that assumed too much dangerous.

Local navy near center of galaxy had achieved almost no victory since year 2X13
now decreased into less than 70 % of their previous,
the most desperate days in human history.

Half of human societies annihilated by battles against many bio mech fleets,
population down into less than half, only 4.5 billion human survived.

Buddy squadron lead by "Quiz" departed somewhat later,
due to their main harbor Charleston located at the other side of West star system.

Flux capacitor devices are necessary for close jumps of squadrons together,
evade bio mech radar probes all over galaxy that two teams moving very closely.

These Antarctica area of galaxy is with glaciers and volcanoes, only ice and fire.
There is no other lonely place than here.

"Nicola" and "Shiraz" flying with 2 of type-280 "Albatross" space airplanes over canyons,
see lakes and rivers of lava and many steams from, so they call mist canyons.

Two to four or more radar signs, probably scout bio mech crafts, downwards inside mist,
and to "Nicola" and "Shiraz", this is the first time closely encountering with bio mech.

But soon after,
sudden appearance of two space carrier squadrons (alike mirages over dunes of Sahara)
make bio mech crafts run away in scattered.

View from two type-280 "Albatross" space airplanes (cloak version of Berkut and elongated X-29)
those two carrier squadrons float high above setting sun are glowing alike noctilucent clouds,
expressing never rusting and never defeating ultimate (sea) power ...

Two are 3600 meters in length and others are 2000 meters in length, far distant sky,
one of optical camouflages of these hyper-sonic cruising also capable space ships.

( Size of escort cruisers like G-class, Z-class imagined 10 times bigger than that of
between real world ocean ships Spruance class and San Antonio class )

... These 4 th (220, 230, 280 etc), 5 th (25 meter drones), 6 th (bio mech crafts) generation will go on ...