Voyagers of Space - Waves of Strings

Space Voyagers 2-21 ... Sunset over a occupied harbor ...

... Inspired by ... PC game "Zaxxon" and "Nova Storm"

... TITLE ... Waves of Strings # 21 ... Sunset over a occupied harbor ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15 ... December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base, in same star system including Volcano planet ...

At the last days of year 2X15,
I was at the Shang harbor, on a Shang planet ...

Their was almost no resistance,
human were in shock and panic, after they really saw the grotesque and bizarre
outerlooks of many types of biomech thing crafts.

Some of Terran bureaucracy left behind,
after all the evacuations that lasts over a week, and at those period,
over 100 space ships were left this planet with refuges.

But, they are less than 1 % of all the population of Shang harbor.

Other human like me,
have to leave the harbor and migrate to country side small towns.

It is not only because biomech things are so monsterous in outerlook,
but bureaucracy says that in secret files, they are not in same single organization,
there are more than 10 subgroups, and they battle each other for more raw materials.

So we could assume that sooner or later,
other subgroups of biomech things would come to this harbor, and fight each other.

Some human have bad experiences of close encountering with biomech things,
and some of them sketch their bizzare shapes.

When they fly, some of them extends their bionic tentacles from body,
and tips of tentacles are open out, just like additional winglets or air brakes.

It is first fallen planet in this remotely located "Sanctuary" star system,
as far as me and all this harbor people know, because there was no news
about biomech things invasion or occupation of other human planet since.

We were in so much worry for ourselves, and also for other human.
Are they safe ? Alive ? How many planets have been fallen into their hands ?

on a Rah planet occupied by "Modred" and his courageous men,
there are still contructions on going for built a new Terran base.

Sometimes, formations of Terran space craft Type 230
flies over the construction fields, some airplanes are in clean status for adjusting,
some are with (internal) weapon bay canisters, and some are with in load status robot.

The robots also has its own cockpit, enough for up to 2 person,
but usually remote controlled by pilots on the airplane or onboard a ship up in orbit.

Now robots are busy in constructing base,
by materials transported by cargo shuttles, usually with 2 pilots or unmanned.

"Modred" and "Norton" are discuss about
future plans like long range patrol, preparing for intercept and scramble.

It is also time for test operating Type 220 and Type 230
in ground runway based missions.

... Original story written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings 22 ... A bobbed haired girl ...

... Inspired by ... PC game "Zaxxon" and "Nova Storm"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-22 ... A bobbed haired girl ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15 ... December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base, in same star system including Volcano planet ...

an (12 th or latter in her class) aircraft carrier that is over 3200 meters long,
neither could reenter into the usual atmosphere of human habitable planets of their galaxy,
nor directly jump into the innerside orbits of planet, mainly due to its huge hull size,
but in nowadays, they are one of the last citadel for human who survive.

L class (Littoral class) cruisers,
originally known as D class or X class cruisers, are all newly built by terran ship yards,
although half in size compare to terran's new S class (or A class) amphibious ships,
but they could carry multiple shuttles (of all kinds) and/or multiple Type 260 space crafts,
and also has long range (from orbit to planet surface) cannons, and about 100 missiles.

At the last days of year 2X15,
I was left behind at small seaside town near Shang harbor, on Shang planet ...

"Modred" is not so happy.
He seldom smiles, because after this middle air base have been built,
and after enough replenishments, he and his less than 500 men (100 of them are scientists)
will have to face another fierce battle against biomech things.

He grew up in a star system at northern bound of this galaxy,
and study abroad at other planet in other star system, where his ancestors grew up.

But, now cities on that planet is completely destroyed, 5 years ago ...

In nowadays,
he and his fellow "Norton" have nothing more than revenge in their minds.

When "Modred" is in his cabin room of Niihau,
he repeatedly watches video films by shuttles of a cruiser near that planet.

Now he stands on far side planet, surrounded by ruins of biomech thing bases.
Sometimes, there is nothing but demolished cities around human.

For me and other human people in this small seaside town,
these days are nothing more than prelude to annihilation or wipe out,
if there is another invasion of other biomech thing fleet ...

Now they do not massacre human in this planet because they are so superior
and also out number in matters of mobile crafts, so they don't need to.

But, if there will be a battle between biomech things,
then many collateral damages to human people on this planet is inevitable,
and in the end, human will perish.

After I saw the huge biomech fleet float high up in the air,
I am not sure that courageous "Modred" and his squadron would survive longer than me.

When I was a college student,
sometimes a pretty female cousin visits my small atelier on third floor,
with only small table and bed.

There was no kitchen, so I have to save money when buy ready made food.
So a cousin visit with foods in boxes (like Chinese) was once in a month pleasure.
There was nothing give back, because I was just another poor young.

A bobbed haired girl (whom I mentioned at In Human Minds),
who likes to wear sleeveless shirts at in college or at weekends,
was her high school alumni, but not close enough to be called as friend.

A bobbed haired girl was major in curator or something, I remember ...

She is a girl with 5 feet and 10 inches height,
model like body shape with lovely neck and shoulder, always in medium length skirt.

Her impression is like, ummm,
a girl with hard outer look, but weak insides ...

For me, frankly speeking, I was not even a friend of her,
not because she is older than me but I thought it took too much efforts
to help her stay in her nowadays shape, as another decent lady.

But someone says she earns money by inappropriate means, to spend more.

Is she safe now ?
Could she aboard in exodus ships ?

My cousin moved to other planet many years ago,
after she got a job.

A giant biomech thing craft, over 30 to 40 meters in length,
flies at low altitude, just over our heads, and some tree leaves fall on to dirt road.
Skies are filled with dark gray clouds.

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-23 ... A jupiter type planet 450013 ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "La Boum" and "Paradise" & novel "Le Petit Prince"

... TITLE ... Waves of Strings # 23 ... A Jupiter type planet 450013 ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15 ... December ...
... Rah, a planet once with biomech base, in same star system including Volcano planet ...

First level accomplishments of building a new terran base is almost done.
Now admiral "Modred" and staff officer "Samari" and "Norton" could sleep in
cozy beds in barrack module, but they have to wear space suit in outdoors.

Miss "Weng", a rookie in my company and also a private airplane expert,
is busy in maintenancing softwares of onboard avionics computers on Niihau hanger deck.

Staff officer "Red" asks to her to help upgrading these to compete with
biomech thing crafts during close encounter flights.

The two seated Type 220 and 230 could connect with neuro computer canister
after removal of back seat, and now they add various (air brake alike) sizes of
organic scales throughout the fuselage of them, for increasing maneuvabilities.

Come back retired officer "Samari" is busy with his scientists team about
increasing durabilities of plasma engines during usual and turbo mode.
Now Type 220 and 230 could stand only 3 minutes or less duration of turbo mode,
which is far less than that of biomech things.

"Norton" still searching inside of a huge battle cruiser underground with his team,
taking photoes and get samples of materials, and try to translate data in their main frame.
If completely translated, this ship could be helpful for defending this new base.

He thinks that if these size of battle cruisers have already been mass produced,
then terran would have no choice but to migrate to other galaxy for survival,
deserting their home world galaxy since 10,000 years or far more before.

The Illusive carrier group is now passing through planet 450013
on a solar system with usual twin suns, more close to center of this galaxy,
where their ancestors grew up and evolved.

They say that their drones found about increasing activities of
biomech thing scout crafts near and around this (Jupiter type) planet.

Would their huge and mighty fleets battle against others soon again ?
If so, if that is truly on going, then human inhavitant planet all around would be
vulnerable under attacks of their minor subgroups which are searching for bases,
just alike our recent operation "Red and White".

"Modred" and "Norton"
decide to send drone observatory airplane to that planet.

To be seen from the front main big screen of CIC of Niihau,
planet 450013 is covered with amber to yellowish colored atmosphere and thick clouds.

If our Type 220 squadrons and Type 230 squadrons fly over that planet,
as they will need to keep switches on about anti gravity or gravity control,
they would be looked like wild geese fly over sunset skies ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-24 ... A Jupitor type planet 450013 ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "La Boum" and "Paradise"

... TITLE ... Waves of Strings # 24 ... A (Jupiter type) planet 450013 ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15 ... December ...
... planet 450013, in same star system including Rah planets & Volcano planets ...

If human find sequence of Aryan DNA or their artificial intelligence system,
could human stepping one more close to end of this galactic scale war ?
More over, do biomech already know or dream about Aryan ?
Most over, do Aryan really existed beings or just another myth ?

Our (12 th) aircraft carrier "Niihau" is now floats just over
outer layer of atmosphere of planet 450013 ...

Skies are all whitish amber, just alike sunset in snowy days.
Downwards of our ship, there are many vortexes, some are big, some are small,
some are yellow and white, some are amber and red ...

From satellites views ("Men in Black" series) ,
artic and antarctic areas are full of glowing aurora, like many arc lamps.

(These kinds of planets are between sun and earth, too small to become a full sun)

On the higher orbit, there floats a String Generator, command by staff "Samari".
They keep their primary weapon in P wave mode, and tracks Niihau for covering.

Admiral "Modred" left staff "Norton" and his team on a Rah planet,
with around 6 type-220 and type-230, almost 15 % of Niihau's fighter aircrafts.
They could hyper jump by a big shuttle with them which has capabilities.

Two type-230 airplanes are flies forward of our ship Niihau.
And many are on flight deck, ready to take off.

In this planet, there are too much gravities and magnetic fields, so they have to
turn more power to anti gravity fields generators, decreasing maneuver.

All the 30 - 40 fighter planes onboard are equipped with additional outer tiles,
for extra protection against gravity, magnetic, micro particles, and enemy beams.

Few days ago, a drone found a huge ship wreck,
and it probably looked like biomech thing major battle ship, over 10000 meters,
twice over one we had found on a Rah planet, just after operation "Red and White".

( Niihau is about 3200 meters long )

We now approaching to previous site of that ship wreck.
Soon, it is appearing just above the horizon, directly ahead of us.

Two type-220 and two-230 launch from catapults,
one of type-220 is by "Modred" himself, and this time, staff officer "Red" flies too.

All are watching cockpit screens (inside armor shields), HUD, monitors and instruments,
very carefully, and keep their hands on side rudder sticks.

To go more closer, ship wreck looks white and silver tones, like dead whale.

two biomech crafts emerges from beneath of ship and dives directly downwards.

"Modred" and other aviators chase after them,
and to go more downward, atmosphere getting more thick and gravity become powerful.

So they should know their airplanes limits, points of no return,
just simulated by main frame on Niihau, not ever been tested before.

Soon, magnetic fields make many tiny lightnings all around our fighters.

But, just after, two run away enemy fighters suddenly explode by themselves.
Is it remotely detonated by hyper time space communications from their center ?

A far away twin sun shining over a huge ship wreck ...

... original story written by Rie ...

... A Space Odyssey 2001 ... A Space Odyssey 2010 ... A Space Camp ... Space Cowboys ...
... Inspired by ... Movie "Inner space" and PC game "Wolf Castle (3 D)"

... TITLE ... Waves of Strings # 25 ... A (Jupiter type) planet 450013 ... 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15 ... December ...
... planet 450013, in same star system including Rah planets & Volcano planets ...

String Generator,
some council men and admirals say,
and by some papers, P mode (direct firing) had been test fired already, but where,
in far distant star system, or just simulated by main frame ?

S mode, or disperse mode,
computer data say that theoretically, between the two generators,
there is regions where almost no harmful effects from string waves, area of set off,
so squadron or fleet could float in calm.

some data say that some heavy stars in (target) star system (around the S. G.)
could turn into black holes or white holes and they could counter act remotely
against the origin of waves, the S. G.

Hologram decoy,
there are many subtypes in this category,
and some could show sophisticated visual 3 D hologram images that could
mistake (potential) enemies as it is real target which they chased.

After return to Niihau,
admiral "Modred" choose Marine operation about go into the huge dead whale,
with total 6 men including him with 6 robots (about 24 - 26 meters in height).

Type 220 robots and type 230 robots in hanger deck,
is just like big human skeletons with some armors on shoulders and chest, and some other parts,
multiple actuators are exposed around waist, and also around limbs, manipulators,
and all the frames are retractable, so during in load (shuttle), in flight or in reentry mode,
their length and width could turn into more smaller, and more aerodynamically.

Cockpit is inside the chest.
It is also a small capsule craft, so pilots could emergency eject within it.

They could carry big machine gun and shot gun, and could handle by manipulator.
(Similar to SF style S.A.W. in movie "Alien 2 (Aliens)")
Two optical lens on head are just like human eyes (and there also are eyelids armors).
Main engines are on back side, and also on legs.

(Different from movie "A Space Odyssey 2010", there was no gateway between two ships)
The 6 robots have to EVA from Niihau to dead whale by themselves.

A space cruiser is arrived and some council men and admirals watch together.
Two of them join the expedition team with 6 robots.

The robots are equipped with external fuel tanks,
and with extra magazines, and some short range missiles.
Nozzles of main engines and assistance engines are glowing during flight.

Inside of a huge dead whale
is like somewhat between a spaceship and real whale underwaters.

There are smaller numbers of lights than expected, and half are indirect lights,
but inside of aisles of dead whale is like one in snowy day (in ski slopes ? ),
surrounded by avionics and instruments with noctilucences.

Once they are maneuvered by biomech crafts.

Almost all the computers are destroyed,
and there is a big space chart image on front main screen (or hologram), and it displays
deployments of biomech fleets, and even staff officer "Samari" on the S.G. is surprised
by their enormous scales, over 50 fleets with over 100 ships each.

Terran now has less than 500 ships (after reenforced), which are galaxy classes.

And in Sanctuary system, only two carrier squadron groups are operational,
Niihau group and Illusive group.

Over 10 biomech fleets are aiming the center star system of Terran,
where the council also locates.

If this is not disguising,
should all the 12 (or more) carrier squadron groups emergency gather into there
and fight to the end with people of center star system or
disperse in pairs (total 6 teams) into the distant star systems all around this galaxy
and fight back like bunches of guerrillas ?

Galaxy itself contains over few 100 billion stars,
and the width is over 0.1 million light years, so technically, 10 biomech fleets,
aiming the center star system, are beyond detectable, just alike sand in beach.

On the wall of some aisle near CIC,
there are frescos, and biomech know about their origin, monster mercenary
made by human to annihilate other human.

And there already was a riot against human over 25 years ago,
and there was a treaty between the council and biomech, but soon be forgotten,
maybe some human thought biomech is nothing more than monsters.

Sudden attack caused death of over 500 biomech ships,
and the council thought that they exterminated biomech, totally, until year 2X13,
just 2 years before now ...

In this potentially urgent situations,
what could Niihau and Illusive group do to save other human ?

... original story written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings # 26 ... prologue ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Excalibur" and "Platoon"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 26 ... prologue ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... on flight deck of Niihau, inside (fog like) nebula ...

After fall of Shang planet, in Sanctuary star system,
"Niihau" carrier group (with 4 auto-nav cruisers) and "Illusive" squadron,
together attack a Rah planet (between Luson planet and Volcano planet) which is
heavily armed with Bio Mech weapons, and successfully take over it.

But, they lost more than 25 % of aircrafts,
that means the burdens from past, evolved by themselves during last 25 years,
and some supporters in terran council decide to upgrade their own primary fighter crafts,
Type 220 and Type 230.

During their allied efforts to take back Shang planet,
they accidentally encounter with abandoned Bio Mech space ship,
and find that now they plan to annihilate the planets in Central star system,
to revenge the massacre of previous their kinds almost 30 years ago.

"Illusive" and her carrier squadron need a long time routine overhaul,
which takes more than few months.

Now, from the far east (or far far west)
only one aircraft carrier, the "Niihau" and her auto-nav escort cruisers,
intend to support the defend of Central star system, chasing after Bio Mech ships.

Could they go ahead the invading Bio Mech fleets, over 5000 ships in number,
already departed, and reducing the destructions of Cental star system ?

In these days, terran navy have less than 300 - 400 cosmos class ships
(except attack submarines and DL propulsion submarines)
and 30 years ago, they needed 500 ships to massacre 500 Bio Mech ships.

And more over,
other 11 carriers of N class (and many String Generators) are all in radio silence,
and even the commanders of Niihau, "Modred", "Samari", "Moffet", "Norton",
did not told that where they all have gone away ...

A girl in early 20 s, named "Weng"
now take a chance of her life time opportunity,
business trip to a huge size aircraft carrier "Niihau" and participate in
onboard upgrading the Type 220 and Type 230.

An old and retired admiral "West"
now at one of the nearest planets from Central star system,
collecting informations, from his colleagues and next generations by personally,
to find more about his past day secrets, the Bio Mech (aircrafts, ships, robots).

I am now left behind alone in Shang planet,
in a small fishery harbor town, outside of Shang city, and trying to communicate with
"Weng", former business partner, to say that run away as far as possible is
only chance to survive for future ...

... This 4 th generation SF stories are written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings # 27 ... a domus at far, and a castle of space ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Excalibur" and "Platoon"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 27 ... A domus at far, and a castle of space ...

In a past days,
(Iberia peninsula) lands with many hills with meadow, when an end days of dry season,
early April, a Sultan from far west hosts a Spring banquet, at a pool side garden
of a domus aurea (Alhambra), on a hill top, surrounded by olive and lemon trees.

Many were invited, and among those,
mariachi from southern lands, moorish from islands, bedouin from other peninsula,
(software) architech from Deccan, and polynesian from nebulas, were seated near a Sultan.

There were many luxurious flags and long spears under a setting sun.

When time is twilight (vanilla sky),
two knights are came from west bounds, though once they were also members of domus,
but now only just guests, thoughts that a Sultan build up a golden palace at wrong area,
too far foreign region from his home lands ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... attending a important meeting ...

Time is early morning, December,
(wing) commander "Modred" is now put on business suit, in front of mirror,
inside deluxe suite room.

"Jennifer" and "Johanna", his secretaries, enter into room (from standard twin room),
and help (wing) commander to dress up like other usual government clerks.

Bosporus planet is located at the heart of Central star system,
east bound from Londinium planet, where his ancestors were born.

Center of Bosporus city is full of high rise buildings, very similar to Shang city,
and a business hotel near shopping street, where they check in is one of them.

Many direct planet to planet (express) vessels floats over harbor, near center of the city,
and many short range small sized shuttles are floats nearby bay areas.

After remote display meeting at 8 : 30 AM, inside his suite room,
"Modred" is now on his way to Hall of the Council, by a rental limousine,
drived by a young lieutenant, in his uniform for outside of barrack.

They arrive in front of other classic (low height) hotel, for pick up admiral "West".

The meeting is scheduled at 10 : 30 AM, about 2 to 3 hours,
and on the way to the Hall, "West", "Modred", and beutiful young (girl) secretaries
stop the limousine, and go into one of many bazaar areas of this city.

Lieutenant park the limousine, and go into a street side franchise house cafe.

Under white sunshades, they sit on one of many tables at a cafe, located at center plaza.
They order roasted mackerel, caramel cake and arabica coffee.

Exotic colors, spice scents, pipe and tambourine sounds, cyprus and lime trees,
(mediterranean) blue sky, are all around them.

When they see a white clouds, about 5 in number, they remind their duty,
helping delay a dooms day of this Central galaxy if could, by only one N class carrier.

At that time,
( 12 th of N class carrier) the "Niihau" is still at far east,
and technical officers like "Moffet", "Norton" is busy in checking each sub systems of ship.

These N class carriers has two internal flight decks, on each sides, elliptical outer look,
and fore of center hull is long triangular shaped. (entire outerlook is like todays trimaran)

Center hull itself is long diamond shaped, and has 7 main turrets,
2 of twin turrets are located at the upper fore side, other 2 are located at the upper aft,
and 2 more at the lower fore side, and only 1 is lower aft side, after multiple main nozzles.

( Their outer look is very similar to RS-71 "Black Bird" series ... )

"Weng" is busy in helping the crews of that mighty ship.
She is a rookie assistant designer, works hard at a 3 D hologram drawing board table,
blue print mode and landered mode, various scales, under virtual sun light
with various directions.

There are over 50 of Type 220 and Type 230 fighter airplanes,
about same number of Type 1081 and 1082 rescue robots. (= Comanche series helicopter)

Usualy, they take off by open EMF catapult
located at the middle portion of internal flight decks on both wing sides of hull,
but they could be launched from closed EMF catapults on fore side of hull,
those are also for launching giant sized (self propulsion) (proton) torpedoes.

( Closed EMF catapult similar to "Battlestar Galactica", open one like "Wing Commander" )

... These 4 th generation SF stories are written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings # 28 ... A domus at far, and a castle on space ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "Demian" and "Taras Bul'ba"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 28 ... A domus at far, and a castle on space ... part 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... attending a important meeting ... 2 ...

Another dark era for all galaxians, more than ice age is coming ...

It is just too hard, to catch enough fish with only a couple of fishing rods.
Today, I caught only 3 fishes, all are less than 0.5 meters in length,
and people is over 10, including myself.

Because, the monsterous things, over 35 - 45 meters tall,
the bio mech, already caught too many fishes for them, so almost nothing left.

Only 7 capital ships, and 2 of them is freight, are on the low orbit of this planet,
but they just exhaust to much, or sending food supplies to other squadrons, I guess.

A short person, less than 1.650 meter (or 1.625 meter) in height,
says he/she would not hungry, but I stop from run to a near hilltop with a tree,
and crying alone.

After second meal, it is already 7 PM and sun is already set.

I look up starry dusk sky, purple blue, most clouds are near horizon,
and few meteors pass through, fastly.

The galaxy is just too big, sun alike stars are over 100 billion in number,
and now over 10 billion human inhabited over 300 (independant) planets.

A skipper like "Modred" and an old retired admiral like "West" are pretty experienced,
but, how could they find (only) about 5,000 bio mech ships in this huge galaxy ?
And if encounter with, how could they stand (against) such heavy burdens from pasts ?

And these days,
all the galaxy class cruisers have serial wave RADAR, which could detect any big motion
from as far as one end of this galaxy, less than a second, so they would know first,
that one of N class will come closer and they could hide into nebulas again.

And if the aryan communication gene theory is fact,
the monsterous things, bio mechs, would telepathy sensing that enemy is coming.
Nothing could stop their revenge, I thought.

N class aircraft carrier "Niihau" floats over a fog like nebula, color is dusk clouds alike.

( Gamma corrected space with stars over "Niihau" is various sky blue tone with few clouds )

Two of type 230 aircraft landing on stern side internal flight deck, from backward,
and two of type 220 aircraft pushing up by open electromagnetic catapults, one by one,
and quickly into full throttle engine mode, pale cyan to bright amber, nozzles are shining.

They could carry upto 8 - 10 sledge hammer (one time only cyclotron weapon),
or upto 2 - 4 (self propulsion) proton torpedoes, or 16 - 20 small (atomic) (self propulsion) bombs,
and charged upto 1,000 rounds of various sorts of (small caliber) laser (or particle) beams.

( Aircrafts can not jump, and there is no missiles and rockets in these series ... )

Silhouettes and shadows of huge "Niihau" and 4 auto-nav (unmanned) cruisers
are candling, (being seen from aircrafts or upper deck) behinds or downwards, too.

"Weng", assistant designer, is now busy in doing her job,
sit on a (floating) mobile bar (chair), in front of a hologram desk tablet,
calculating and modifying graphic data by (tech) officer "Red".

"Weng" is from an asteroids belt, one of planets inside far corner side of this galaxy,
and she was once an aviator, but she could not hold over 7 G, so she had to quit.

she goes to airplane architect college, now she is 4 th grade,
after she graduate 6 year gymnasium for pilots, which is now illegal in many planets.

As she is very familiar with 3 rd generation aircrafts,
she could re-design wings and winglets can be fold in during closed EMF catapult launching,
and senior "Red" will re-modifying RADAR reflecting sections by onboard main frame (computer).

The hall for council is under a huge dome,
and many direct and indirect lights are beneath the ceiling.

There are about 100 panels from all over this galaxy, and over 300 guests.

Generals from west star systems answer that
a new kinds of threat would annihilate this central star system, sooner or later,
but could not persuade, because all the evidence photo are still under classified.

At the back seats, skipper and retired admiral thoughts
that as if they could predict near future, they could not change anything,
this time, threat is just too big ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories are written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings # 29 ... A domus at far, and a castle on space ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Book " 7 th (light) cavalry" and "Taras Bulba"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 29 ... A domus at far, and a castle on space ... part 3 ...

The two knights,
"Gherahead" and "Perceval" heard about the "Cid" and his cavalry,
who fight for reoccupying (Iberian) peninsula, (maybe) came from the north of (Pyrenees) mountains,
would overcome their previous master(s), the Sultan and a moorish.

If then,
would they help (guerrilla) fight against the "Cid", or go back to their remote home lands ?
Most over, if they become next commanders, could they win against such a huge cavalry ?
( The dooms day for a domus aurea is now come closer ... )

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... attending a important meeting ... 3 ...

U class aircraft carriers (= Essex class),
latest ships of which played important roles during 2X13 - 2X15 ( "In Human Minds" series ),
now all of her class are already retired. (outer look is somewhat similar to F-16, single F deck)

There are other higher priority projects in terran military organizations,
like direct planet (surface) to planet (surface) long range transport aircrafts which could
transport Type 150 star fighters and Type 1081, 1082 rescue robots (= Comanche series),
so the total number of them could be upto less than 15 - 16, at best.

During a summit,
many highest council members from terran (confed) and other planets
questioning about the possible roles of only 50 star fighters of 4 air battalions on a vessel,
could make something difference against fleets with 5000 ships and 500 aircraft carriers.

All the time, all the ages, the future is undetermined,
and sometimes flights of butterflies are begining of a thunder storm.

Who could ever predicted about their future ?

At the delux suite room of hotel,
skipper "Modred" put on (a Radio shack device alike) hologram projector at table
and then turn on.

Two generals, three admirals include "West", and skipper "Modred"
sit arounds the table inside suite room.

First, there is too many nebula zones in this galaxy,
and even serial wave mode RADAR sensors could not detect any movements hehind nebulas.

More over,
most of the naval forces of west star systems are now in their annual strikes,
only one aircraft carrier is now manned enough for fully operational, over 500 personnels,
thanks to the new cosmos cruisers, D class, which could voyage unmanned (auto-nav).

Except officers and few sergeants,
about 1/3 of crews are from Black (or Noir) planets, and 2/3 are from White star systems.

One of current admiral point with finger, hologram of "Niihau (or Nicolais)" carrier squadron,
and move to near a nebula, named "Aegean nebula".

Their secret plan directly transfer to staff officer "Samari" and (tech) officer "Moffet",
by NAVY's own satellite networks, whom now still voyaging at far east areas of this galaxy.

( Their 4 air battalions are consisted with 6 of type 220 and 6 of type 230, for each )

Aircraft carrier "Niihau (or Nicolais)" should pass through
at least two straits, "Singh" strait and "Sinai" strait, which are surrounded by
thick fog like nebulas.

Jump sequence is begun.

"Weng" is off duty now,
and rests at a cafe on main street (with sky display ceiling) at center of hull of carrier,
run to her bike, and then goes to her (condominium) cabin.

Usually, escort cruisers upto 6 ships need not to be attached to main vessel,
all the cosmos class level cruisers have their own jump capabilities.

But, these 4 all newly built D class cruisers,
though many of their subsystems are still in beta category testings,
staff officer "Samari" decides to attach to hull of "Niihau (or Nicolais)" and then go into
squadron's first jump of this voyage.

They get into hyper space, after jump sequence countdown ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continue ...
Waves of Strings # 30 ... A castle on space ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "Force Ten from Navarone" and "Taras Bulba"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 30 ... A domus at far, and a castle on space ... part 4 ...

The two knights,
"Guerrhead" and "Perceval" is on the way to a chateau of an Emir,
who is 2 nd in command, next to the Sultan, with important messages.

Each knight has 3 - 4 fine horses,
and about 10 servants with long flag spears and their 20 horses are also in march.
As it is early spring, the low hills all arounds are with white and yellow flowers.

Their peninsula is divided into many small countries,
people are waiting for messiah and some wise men are searching for holy grail,
maybe the only last way to restore peace, once again, only heard from ancient books.

( The dooms day, the last days for their land is now come closer ... )

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... attending a important meeting ... 4 ...

War is broke out, this fall, about 3 months ago,
and now more than half of the galaxy resources are under control of bio mech fleets.

Terran, the biggest human military organization,
now has less than 400 warships and 5000 space crafts, less than 10 % that of bio mech.

Over 20 generals from many countries and 6 admirals including "West", retired,
( "Cyan" is now at other star system ) want to defend central star system,
but it seems to be almost impossible, with less than 1000 space crafts.

Before last fall, between 2X13 - 2X15,
there were few fights against bio mech squadrons,
and almost all the cases, U class aircraft carrier (= Essex class) and their Type 260 series won.

But, more than 6 months blank,
they come back, their total number are at least 5000 warships and countless fighter crafts.

Terran high commands and Confed council find that
they are faster and bigger than previous squadrons, so U class cannot tracing them no more.

Over dozen of N class aircraft carriers are now under construction,
and some of them are already in fully operational status, like "Niihau" and "Illusive".

Now only one carrier and her 4 auto-nav (unmanned) escort cruisers are
chasing after bio mech fleets, maybe only end up in vain efforts ...

( In real worlds,
all the weapon systems are at least double, same two systems per a mission )

What is Rah Dai Khan ?
Is it a word of South East star system people, another alias of bio mech ?

Anyway, a remote planet at outskirt of South East star system,
somewhat near from a Rah planet, already destoryed by "Niihau" squadron,
is one of the first targets by bio mech fleets, like Shang planet.

Now so called Rah Dai Khan planet is deserted,
after all the natural resources are exhausted by some tribes of bio mech.

After anchor 12 hours at outer orbit of Luson planet,
where Kadena base is located, over 500 crews of "Niihau" welcome their skipper.

When they arrived inner orbit of Rah Dai Khan planet,
skipper "Modred" decides to reenter into atmosphere of that planet, 4 cruisers with
long range cannons left behind at orbit, ready for cover firing, if needs.

It looks like a giant meteor,
when a N class carrier, which is 3200 meters long, reenter into atmosphere of a planet.

After reentry,
an entire air battalion are launched from EMF catapults for torpedos, at pro side of hull,
and 6 of type-230 flies port side of ship, and 6 of type-220 are starboard side.

I heard from the big merchant, "Typan",
that terran have less than 100 of type-230 series, and 25 of them are onboard "Niihau",
because the skipper of that ship is once apprentice of former admiral "West".

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continue ...
Waves of Strings 2 - 31 ... An operation at RDK planet ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "Force Ten from Navarone" and "Taras Bulba"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 31 ... An operation at R D K planet ... part 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... Medium ceiling sky with thin cloud layer ...

Skipper "Modred", staff "Samari", tech officer "Norton"
think that under such condition like less than 10 to 1, priority concern is to find out
what are weakest points of counterparts against.

If some garrison still left behind this deserted planet,
previously with many ugly buildings once used for galaxy homeless, exiles, refugees,
now almost all are destroyed by giant sized (self propulsion) proton torpedoes,
they would may be battle against, and "Modred" team will know more about them.

This time, its marine operation, leads by "Norton",
and after slowing down of air speed of "Niihau", the 10 robots (from air castle),
half type 1081 and half type 1082, (HALO) jump drop out from aft side of flight deck.

There is extra EMF catapults (especially for HALO ? ) at aft side of flight deck,
and (rescue) robots drop out one by one, in two lines.

The robots could drop directly from planet orbit, encapsulated (like Apollo space craft),
and the heat shield capsule would peel off, and crouched robot then stretch out,
into usual sky diving status, in drifting, and passing through a thin white cloud.

If cyclotron reactors of robot discharged into low power (low battery),
particle emission engines cannot make enough jets, upto the ship floats high air or orbit,
then mother ship would send shuttle, and robots could return to ship.

Air battalion with 6 of type-220 and 6 of type-230 fly some more,
but their (look down) radar and sensors cannot find anything, so they return to "Niihau",
and after lands from aft side of flight deck of the ship (similar to B-1 Lancer series),
they turn into scramble status.

Now over dozens of drones launched from pro side EMF catapults of ship
fly over "Norton" squad of robots, all in 26 meters in height.

Robots land one by one on weed field, nearby a suburb.
( They have vector thrust nozzles at back side and both legs )

When they touch down,
many actuators at waist and legs somewhat retracted and then restored,
the robots stand up on surface of a planet, with their foot with 8 surfaces per each,
some claws are both at front and backwards of foot.

The 10 robots (from castle in the air) start to walk to a deserted mega city.
Inside a cockpit at chest part of each robots, pilots vigilance for possible threats.

shadows of bio mech appears one by one, and chasing the "Norton" team,
behinds of deserted and destroyed buildings.

And bio mech attack "Norton" team with direct firing proton bazookas,
but first wave shells miss fire, due to jammers of robots from "Niihau", and then
explodes all arounds, with many fire balls and gray smokes.

Some of the buildings around a plaza collapsed just after, and then
enormous whitish gray dusts blocks sights.

"Norton" squad retreats to other nearby plazas, separated into 3 - 4 subgroups,
and "Modred" decides to low altitudes, and opening the lids of (main) twin turrets.

The 4 escort cruisers on orbit of planet also aiming long range cannons toward
current engaging site, operated from CIC of "Niihau".

Three (unmanned) shuttles from "Niihau" approaching to sky over combat zone,
and extends rescue booms, for robots to catch, and EMF sliding into backward cargo bay.

After many cover firings, some with long machine guns (like M-60 )
some with standard length automatic rifles, and some with carbine gun and bazooka,
all the robots boost up one by one to shuttles, except one with tech officer "Red".

She cannot move from behind of a building, because surrounded by bio mech,
which are over 35 - 45 meters tall, covered by mechatronic exoskeletons.

Now "Red" is left behind alone.
Shuttles could not hold no more than few tens of seconds over combat field.

Dusts are become thiner and thiner.
Areas are under distraction web by bio mech crafts for shutdown communications.
( They may be communicate each other with telepathy )

One of the bio mech finds robot with "Red" and attack with beam weapons,
but EMF shields defend against beams, but soon armor fuselage of robot are cover
with many short circuits (power couplings), small lightnings.

Optical cloaking device is now unavailable.

"Red" deploys some hologram decoy discs,
and each of hallucination images of robot glimmering not simultaneously,
for distracting visual sensors of bio mech.

"Red" could maneuver robot to other side of street and then run away ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 32 ... An operation at RDK planet ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... ATARI game "Space Invaders" and PC game "Comanche IV"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 32 ... An operation at R D K planet ... part 2 ...

It become near twilight, and between white sandy beach and blue seas,
setting (orange) sun and there also is some rocks and pebbles.

"Guerrhead", "Perceval", and ten servants arrived at an inn,
nearby white beach, and sun is almost red, tall weeds around inn is scarlet.

The main inn is two story hut, and there are several smaller huts for foods or else.
There are many other peolple, and after dinner inside hut, with high ceiling,
they all gather around nearby a seashell sand dune mound top, around a fire place.

At this moment,
no one worries about the Sultan, goblet (for reunify all again), or Cid and followers.

A woman in 30 s (about 34 - 36 years in age),
says that she once attended same grammar school (= gymnasium) about an year,
together with Cid, so she knows some about Cid.

Cid is almost same as Sultan, especially when meeting other people, not so religious,
many curiocities, sometimes arguing, thoughtless, many times regret.

The bright sparks from a fireplace
goes up into sky with many stars and some linear clouds, over people's silhouette.

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... Thick whitish cloudy skies with some sun lights ...

During the desperate escapes from sudden attack,
"Red" is separated by other 9 team mates, and now her robot cannot move,
because surrounded by many bandit bio mech.

All around is still in thick whitish and grayish dusts.

( When the EMF shield is hit by beams, long and thick beam scattered into smaller ones )

Few hundreds meters from her robot unit,
"Norton" and squad all jump boost up into shuttles, each could carry upto 6 robots.

At that moment, bio mech squads all headed to rescue extract points,
so she could run away to other streets and plazas.

( The EMF shield is multiple layers, but many times, only two layers refract lights )

At the center of the main CIC,
hologram table is on, and "Modred" points with his index finger at combat area,
and he wants to approach "Niihau" to there, by a big circling.

One by one, all the 3 shuttles landing on aft side of flight deck.
( Similar to engines under fuselage of B-1 Lanser )

There is less than 50 pilots, including skipper "Modred",
and all the pilots have to also maneuver robots in these days, over 20 pilots are
in ready for drop by robots.

As the 3200 meters long space ship approaches,
in front of the sun lights, low altitude over destructed buildings of a deserted city,
bio mech squads turn into optical cloaking modes, and only shadows could be seen.

There is no other choice but to retreat from combat zone,
and before go up into planet orbit, some floating drones (balloon) left in that sky.

"Weng" cannot work.
She is one of the closest friends of "Red" in this huge ship.
What she could do is wish not to become bloody situations, around her.

She close her eyes, and starts to think about her home lands,
coastal plains in front of far high mountain ridges, with snowfields on tops at winter.

Her family is not rich, so during summer vacations of gymnasium,
she raising sheeps at nearby mountains.

One day, she meet a girl (in scarlet), other shepherd from north,
and she is just an year elder and much taller, but she knows a lot about raising sheeps.

If a sheep goes into ill, she finds herbs and then give those to sheep for care.
"Weng" also saved many sheeps by herbs, learn from a girl in scarlet.

Just few kilometers away from combat area,
the ruins of city is in calm, just alike before a terrible thunder storm,
but she has to get away through, and she maneuver robot in cloaking only under
building shadows, as possible as she could.

She turn on passive radar and sensors,
and check surviving kits for trooper on hologram HUD, usual HUD, and main monitor.

The foods cannot last no more than 3 - 4 days,
and batteries are run out, but after some time, it could be recharged by internal cyclotron,
enough to one more boost upto low orbit, but after that robot itself cannot jump to base.

( The suit for robot pilot is thicker and heavier than that for space crafts )

She finds something under fallout, and after magnify and analysis (by many pads),
she thinks that it is EMF rail way, for big guns.

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 33 ... An Ops at RDK planet ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... ATARI game "Space Invaders" and PC game "Strykers - Fights behind Line"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 33 ... An operation at R D K planet ... part 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... Thick whitish cloudy skies with some sun lights ...

Bosphorus planet, where one of the Council hall is located,
is now primary target for over 5000 bio mech ships, and with less than 1000 space crafts
on Bosphorus planet and nearby planets could not defend against those.

One N-class and 4 (auto-nav) escort cruisers,
(when pass through Sinai or Singh straits, will be reenforced upto 8 escorts)
want to delay the doomsday of center star system, only in vain, they do know.

Today, it is raining on surface of Shang planet,
and some of colleagues and me did not go fishing at near sea.

we eat salted fish and biscuit for lunch,
and I go to my bedroom with sunflowers in vase and old log desk for nap.

On my bed, I turn on hologram device given by admiral "Cyan",
and 1/100 scale 3 D images are in the air.

( Rescue robot 1081 and 1082 is too much complicated in design,
so there is no plastic model, and only screen saver programs are available ... )

(Battle) Robots are designed to resemble human,
they have alloy skeletons, mitochondria alike cyclotron, muscle alike actuator,
and external armors and shields alike metal plates and EMF layers.

If these robots (= PC game Comanche-3 or Comanch-4 )
cannot overcome those bio mech, genetic monster inside and mechatronics exoskeleton,
it would be end of human itself, or extermination of mankind in biological term.

Now, situation is incoming another full scale war, from late autumn,
and new double flight deck carrier "N class" and brand new space crafts like 220 and 230,
already in fully operational status, as they are made for, but it is still inferior.

I look up sky,
and over 5000 ships are over there, somewhere between over 100 billion stars,
no human knows their exact locations, but it is clear that this time they want annihilation,
and I could see 1 bio mech carrier, 2 freights, 4 escort cruisers floats through every noon.

On a low orbit, "Niihau" and an almost same (or half) sized Freight,
are defended by 4 unmanned escort cruisers (= auto-nav), and keep watching for a deserted.

All the big screens in main CIC are about data from drones all around R D K planet.
( There is no such seats, which are port sided, starboard sided, or stern sided )

What "Modred" and "Samari" intending is simple.
If they detect exact location of "Red" and her robot, "Niihau" will reenter into atmosphere,
and set position between skirmish enemies and main enemy.

If air speed is slowed enough,
"Niihau" could open all the lids of gunnery turrets, 7 main and many secondaries,
and then if needs, open fire to both sides of enemies, port side and starboard side.

During massive fire supports (ever since by one ship),
2 squads of rescue robots, or 20 robots, would drop with disposable wings,
from stern sides of both flight decks of this another "N class".

"Red" is now onboard resetting and even upgrading softwares.
( Main wide monitor is now separated into two 4 : 3 conventional monitors for debugging )

Pads are now becoming various touch key boards.

If bandit bio mech crafts are even in optical cloaking modes and in silent hovering,
and there is no sun light or star shell lights, only way to detect them is sensoring serial wave,
by passive motion detector (= similar to one in movie Aliens or Alien 2 ).

And this sensor could detect bandits behind buildings.

"Red" thinks that if her destiny reaches just upto here, a remote and deserted planet,
fallouts are all around and keep falling from sky like snows or ashes, she should tell to crews
onboard "Niihau" that bio mech garrison have big guns, too.

Instead boost upto low orbit, dare enough to overcome heavy anti air guns of all kinds,
( she could choose (small diameter) proton depth charges in this situation )
she wants to find way to reveal those big guns and EMF rail ways, to crews.

If "Niihau" cannot exceed this much threats,
"Modred" squadron maybe could not pass through Singh (= Spee air garrison ? )
or Sinai (= Lettow-Vorbeck air garrison ? )

At dusk in almost cloudy day,
"Red" and her robot flies in hovering for tactical shift, through ruins of buildings,
cloaking modes off for save batteries ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 34 ... An Ops at RDK planet ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... ATARI game "Space Invaders" and TV series "Air Wolf"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 34 ... An operation at R D K planet ... part 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... A half cloudy night ...

An aircraft carrier from (far) far east,
(during her duty turn of patrol voyage from Kadena to Singh harbor)
and her dare sailors, now wants to delay the annihilation of center star system ...

tech officer, rechecks what her (rescue) robot has now.

1. hand gun - it could shoot small proton shells and star light shells

2. carbine (EMF superconduction) - it uses depleted uranium shells

3. beam bazooka - it has its own cyclotron inside (= M-82 Barrett type ? )

4. cluster proton charges - it has own propulsion system (alike rockets and missiles)

Because there are many flying drones from "Niihau"
all around previous combat zone, bio mech squads are in camouflage and hiding.

So "Red" could shift to near a big cannon turret on EMF rail, at a suburb,
and ambush behind a mound hill and keep watching whats happening around.

"Modred" and "Samari" is now in dilemma.
Bio mech monsters have enough power to left this much garrison on a demolished planet.

They could report to the council at center star system
that they cannot go through no more and switch into guerrilla fightings,
and that change would be much easier way to take back Shang planet.

"Norton" is now join 2 rescue squads with 20 robots,
as there is less than 50 pilots for aircrafts and robots, not enough personnel.

"Weng" is now with other 4 pilots,
ready for take off by 5 shuttles, in hope for rescue "Red" back to this ship.
She breathe deeply, and rechecks control sticks and pads, in her space suit.

"Red" activates a remote launching mortar,
and it shoots some star light shells into night sky.

It is detected by both bandit bio mech squads and air drones from "Niihau" on orbit.

Some of bio mech crafts, which is over 35 - 45 meters in height,
coming near to remote launching mortar and surrounds.

There are 3 - 4 hologram rescue robot 3 D images are nearby,
and after attacks by bio mech with cluster proton charges, they are all explodes.

Now arounds are full of fallouts up into air again, like in thick fogs.
"Red" carefully aims at cannon turret and shoot beam bazooka, couple of rounds,
and then it explodes severly, and shock waves from it destroys nearby buildings.

She quickly moves to other cover sites.

"Niihau" is now set position, floats in the sky, between enemy skirmish squads,
and direction of possible reenforcement squads from main force.

Star light shells are all around, under half cloudy medium ceiling night skies,
and 5 shuttles are launching one by one.

After an enemy big cannon turret is destroyed by "Red",
other locations of enemy turrets are revealing to radars and sensors on "Niihau".

"Niihau" open firing her 7 main turrets and many secondary cannons.
Silhouette of her giant hull is seen between firings, keep moving over tall buildings of city.
Explosions are everywhere in this ruined and deserted city.

Some of enemy beam shells and proton shells hit on EMF layers of "Niihau",
but could not penetrate through, only explode at outside of EMF layers.

"Weng" feels like "Red" from nearby, and maneuver shuttle to there.

"Red" and her robot boost upto air and catches boom,
extends from backward of shuttle, by "Weng".

Under from them,
grounds of a city are filled with many terrible explosions.

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 35 ... Pass through Singh straits ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "Ali Baba" and book "Deux ans de vacanc"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 35 ... Pass through Singh straits ... part 1 ...

Warrior "Guerrhead" and "Perceval",
is somewhat same and somewhat different in many aspects,
as "Perceval" grew up at west coast areas of his country, and "Guerrhead" from east coast.

When 10 years ago, they traveled (or pilgrim) to Indus river region, they saw
ruined ancient giant cities like Harappa and Mohenjodaro, and drew some sketches.

These size of cities could not be built upto 20 - 25, maybe less than 15 - 16,
at best they could, by who lived in that cities.

Why they abandoned there after ?
First, their society was too equal, almost all the person in city has almost same chances.
It was easy way to expend a city faster than conventional thoughts, but end in bankrupt.

And finally, all the person in the society cannot stand a little bit difference of others.
( Would these eventually broke out series of giant scale wars between cities ? )

It is just another one of assumings and meditationings,
but 2 warriors think that, equality pursuiting society should not enforcing other society
to become more equal than them, its out of every one's natural limits ...

( But, they hope that newly building large castles
by a Sultan and Emirs would be suceeded within financial possibilities and people supports )

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... In front of a big red nebula and super novas within ...

When it was year 2X13,
aircraft carrier like "U-class" ships (half the weight to new N-class, Essex or Kuznetsov class)
are the most prevail, but burdens from past is much heavier than thought.

In these days of 2X15,
some of human council countries, over 300 planets representing about 10 billion human,
even like current admiral "Cyan" and retired admiral "West" supports project that
could be end in another financial disaster, like (new) "N-class" carriers.

"Niihau" is in busy, especially at lower flight decks of each portside and starboard side,
to clean up radioactive fallout dusts from Type 1081 robot of "Red" and some shuttles,
floats on at open space in front of a big red nebula, away from R D K planet, one of Rah.

"Red" is hugged by many crews onboard ship, including skipper "Modred",
but, except "Samari", "Norton", and some others.

She says that she will reset parameters of softwares and hardwares,
doing some more urgent debuggings, and change some hardware parts, and so on.

"Samari", "Norton", and few other person, sometimes does not trust "Red",
and 25 of modified Type 230 space crafts and 25 of Type 1081 airborne robots,
many parts that have changed are only in common language of her mother country.

It is due to too urgent situations in these days.

But, it also seems that she looks like hiding many technical backgrounds and details
of these recently changed crafts, only supported to just one ship, "Niihau".

So, they have to supply from freights not from west star systems,
for spare parts and upgrade parts for only 2 battalions of airplanes and robots,
half of they have now.

( Is it true, that an original is only one the best, always at top whenever awakes ? )

After refitting gears and taking meals,
all of 500 - 600 personnels and civilians, from all over their galaxy,
gathering at theater of ship, near the main (shopping) street at center of the huge ship.

"Modred" still wants to join to other 3 - 6 carriers, that would be expected rendezvous
at nearby space of Bosphorus planet, or not.

To pass through Singh straits,
first they have to anchor at Singh planet, just few distances away from 1 st strait.

And between
Singh straits (= Spee air garrison ? ) and Sinai straits (= Lettow-Vorbeck air garrison ? )
there is a giant empty space, like ice age era ocean.

Bio mech crafts and ships around these area would be more than guessed.

So, on the way to reach Diego Garcia planet, middle of a giant empty space,
they will separate into two teams, one is carrier "Niihau" and 4 - 8 escort cruisers,
the other is 2 space crafts, flying by 2 volunteer pilots from this ship.

If there is space battle (or sea battle), the two airplanes are their last hope,
to ask reenforcements like Type 150 surface based long range crafts at Diego Garcia,
outside from communication shut down areas due to bio mech interferences.

The two space crafts, one Type 220 and one type 230,
if needs instant recharging their internal batteries and rearming their weapons,
they should contact one of "A-class" submarine cruisers. (= movie "Fire Fox" )

( Diego Garcia is as much important as Londinium, Kadena, and Mariana )

"Red" and "Weng" will be busy,
after arrive at Singh harbor, to attach additional external parts for long range flight.
Overall length would be 50 % longer than usual.

"Weng" sees many stars on ceiling of main (shopping) street covered by thin displays,
and between those more than 100 billion twinkling stars in this galaxy,
over 5000 bio mech ships are keep voyaging somewhere ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 36 ... Pass through Singh straits ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Book "Ali Baba" and book "Deux ans de vacanc"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 36 ... Pass through Singh straits ... part 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... In front of South East nebulas ...

In these days,
daily fish catches are somewhat increased, so 10 refugees including me
could exchange bigger catches into some other food materials.

Refugees at small fishery town are becoming more happy.

In my small but decent bedroom,
I turn on a palm top hologram device again.

"D-class" escort cruiser,
brand new ships those outerlook is similar to trident or trimaran,
due to 2 long range cannons along side of hull, both port side and starboard side.

"Cyan" said that those are in need
because "G-class" escort cruisers has cannon less range than possible enemy threats.

"A-class" submarine cruiser,
somewhat similar to "C-class" submarine cruiser, but more faster, because
they do not assumed to be involved in conflicts under icebergs, much less frequently.
Submarine cruisers are subs, due to their much longer endurance to various cloakings.

"Modred" and "Samari" think that
it would be over fatigue limits of (combat) pilots, more than 13 hours of flight,
and could be much dangerous compare to onboard pilots in scramble status.

There are less than 50 pilots total in this ship,
including "Modred" and "Samari", and continuously maintaining 2 space crafts
outside ship would be another challenging for them.

"Norton" and "Red" worry about limitations of new equipments (= TARPS of 1980 s )
they are bigger than Type 220 and Type 230, maybe requires more refit resources,
and "Niihau" has only 9 sets onboard, now.

"Weng" is at noodle shop, near (eastern) rose garden, east end of main street,
having a bowl of meatball noodle and buy a bottle of (black) soda.

She get on a electronic scooter, nearby red phone booth,
and calls to "Red" for asking if she goes too, and "Red" says she not decides yet.

"Weng" thinks that those bio mech are another human but not ordinary human,
and after 30 years of their own accelerated evolutions, their technics are better than
terran confederations, representing about 30 % of 9 billion civilians.

If all the human are descendants of Aryan civilization, existed before galactic ice age,
about 10,000 years ago, and if some implants of gene sequences could be found,
now only hypothesis from some professors including "Samari" (cray), could we
communicate with those brutal bio mech ? Will they respond to us ?

And if that secret project proved to be true and successful,
and scientists always say that they need more specimens, dead or alive bio mech,
will they agree to peace treaty with next generation of slaughters of
their previous kinds ?

At the upper flight deck or hanger deck,
1 st wave of 2 airplanes formation is keep preparing for a long flight.

Robot cranes are in busy to assemble a Type 220 and a Type 230
into long range flight figurings, and they become 26 meters to 39 meters,
1 system is fit to both types of space crafts (but not to Type 150 series).

There are 2 of "D-calss" and 2 of "G-class" voyaging together around "Niihau",
and near stars are keep flowing backward to this squadron,
now heading to Singh planet.

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 37 ... Pass through straits ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Force ten from Navarone" and Book "Taras Bulba"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 37 ... Pass through straits ... part 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... Singh planet, inside South East nebulas ...

All the sailors and civilians in "Niihau" is anticipating about
visiting Singh harbor, one of unique places for visiting or traveling.

"Samari", "Red", and "Weng"
are one of the 1 st turn teams for visiting harbor city.

"Weng", it is first traveling this city, with high rise buildings for commerce and finance,
and famous multiple stars shaped citadel (or alike building).

City itself is calm, due to recent evacuations of major business companies.

A young woman bureaucrat from harbor waits for guide them
and they meet at bayside cafe with parasols.

After 30 minute discussing about tour schedule,
young bureaucrat asking about recent conditions of Shang planet, fallen to bio mech.

"Samari", personally thinks that recovery of Shang is most priority mission
for periodic patrol aircraft carrier like "Niihau", but this time, they have to
diminish pressures to central star system, as possible as they could.

"Weng" wants to shopping famous sound application devices, than boutique.
( Similar to Logitech )

"Niihau" at seaside, pier 12 of port, busy in resupplying expendables and spare parts.

Before go city touring,
"Modred", "Norton", and some other officers meeting bureaucrats from city.

The reception hall is simple white and log wood tone.
Some walls are in pastel colors and many edges are in golden coating.

"Modred" talks to bureaucrats and journalists about hidden card of council,
a String Generator vessel, not from (one) West star system, voyaging in secret route.

Her size is 1.5 times bigger than that of West star system, 120 kilometers in length,
and a Resonance Amplifier with her is also big, 100 kilometer by 100 kilometer
fully extends.

At the hanger deck,
officers and sailors busy in testings, like externally equipping P-type Frame,
or exo frame.

The exo frame itself is another unmanned space craft,
could fly by remote control from "Niihau" or by itself (onboard bio mech brain canister).
Originally, it was designed to enhance speed and mobility of certain crafts.

And it has 2 of 40 millimeter beam cannons on upper side of fuselage,
2 of 30 millimeter beam cannons on beneath side, and 4 of twin 20 millimeter behinds.

4 of twin 20 millimeter guns are L shaped calibers,
articulation at attachment sites are more thick and short, tapering to tip opening.

They could shoot beams forward,
but pretty useful at incoming backward threats, each gun has 30 degree ranges.

It also has proton cluster charges (= various missiles).
Proton cluster charges are different from electron flares, in colors and outerlooks.

It could equip proton torpedoes and proton depth charges.

The frame itself is designed to conduct
shock waves due to near explosion from one direction to other directions,
and minimizing structural damages of fuselage and avionics.

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 38 ... Pass through straits ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "The Purple Plain" and "Empire of the Sun"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 38 ... Pass through straits ... part 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... Singh planet, between South and South East nebulas ...

Bosphorus planet in central star system,
people are busy evacuating harbor city, and also two beautiful civilian secretaries
are preparing for sudden extract.

Retired admiral "West",
buy a interplanet (express) boat craft by his familial supports,
which could contain upto 2 light shuttles in aft bay, and has (Cray type) mainframe within.

If situations are so desperate, end days of central star system would come,
"West" wants to left behind enemy line, but he hopes to send his research papers
to "Modred" or someone else, downloaded inside his own boat craft.

Two beautiful civilian secretaries now reading one of their favorite books in library,
one is about instant cuisines, the other is about nursings for ills.

It is almost first time of their wearing three piece (woman) suit,
sometimes they pour beverage on skirt, spill fine sugar doughnut powder on blouse,
but even when they nap on books, they hope "Modred" to fulfill his on demands.

"Typan", a big merchant,
also supporter of over seas Stan colleges,
now visiting Singh harbor, for recheck his companies assets could be left behind.

"Samari", "Red", "Weng", and a bureaucrat,
unexpectedly encounter with "Typan" from Londinium planet, in front of boutique street.

"Typan" offers to them black beer and fried poultries.
At beer house, he says that many Londinianers assume that after fall of Bosphorus planet,
Londinium would be next prime target to bio mech fleets.

So, Londinianers are now in busy for preparing defense against,
and West star systems support their efforts, with Type 220 and Type 150 star fighters.

"Red" introduce herself as a 30s aged woman, (an Ost Prussian) from far east,
and she would talk to her previous accompanies in both aerospace consortiums,
about supporting P-type exo frames, based on shock wave conduction frame design.

At that time,
5 - 6 of interplanet cargo airplanes suddenly jump up on orbit of Singh planet,
and from each cargo airplanes, over 10 bio mech crafts, about 35 - 45 meters in length,
coming out from aft bay, and reenter into planet atmosphere.

The main difference between terran space crafts and airborne robots
and bio mech crafts is that they could transforming their structure from airplane into robot.

"Modred", "Norton", and many courageous combat fighter pilots,
instant counter attack for that incoming threat, by scramble take off (STOVL / VTOL).

"Modred" and "Norton" resetting orbit of 4 escort cruisers, for cover firings.

There are external flight runways also on gun deck,
and Type 220 and Type 230 with P-type exo frame, vertically elevating up,
by internal wall side peripheral elevators.

One by one,
fighter aircrafts take off vertically with four vectoring thrusts,
as soon as they reach to gun deck, and fly to high rise builings of harbor city,
for intercepting bandit bio mech, incoming from cloudy sky ...

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 39 ... Pass through straits ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "I Robot" and PC game "Mech Warrior"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 39 ... Pass through straits ... part 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, December ... Singh planet, between South and South East nebulas ...

An aircraft carrier and less than 50 pilots struggling
against bio mech fleets, to delay doomsday of Bosphorus and central star system ...

"Modred" and "Norton" think that this would be final countdown for crews.
But, crews and skipper do not want to retreat again, like they were at Shang planet.

They need one more aircraft carrier like "Illusive", for routine operations,
but this time, they are only with themselves.

Now "Niihau" carrier group has about 50 aircrafts, type 220 and 230 are half and half,
and 50 airborne robots, type 1081 and 1082, but pilots are less than 50,
including "Modred" himself.

"Samari" and "Red" get into consensus, that they would maintenance half of type 230
per each mechanic team, so about 25 of type 230 need two separative avionics systems.

( "Samari" is professor and also soldier, but "Red" is civilian scientist )

They could launch 8 of aircrafts with P-type exo frame equipped.
"Red" assumes that with those, type 220 or 230 could overcome about 90 % of bio mech crafts.

"Modred" and "Norton" know that bio mech fleets is so huge in number,
but one of their weak point is their exclusiveness habits.

If one of their fleet or squadron intends to take over this planet,
attacking bio mech crafts will not over 100 - 200, and sailors of "Niihau" should defeat
1 st wave of bio mech, before arrival and reentry of 2 nd wave enemies.

"Samari", "Red", and "Weng" see the flights of type 220 and 230, from street,
about 20 aircrafts already in the air and another 20 is ready for instant take off.

"Niihau" herself also sailing close to the Singh harbor, floats in the sky,
to support fighter airplanes up in the air.

"Weng" shoot signal starlight shell, and a shuttle is approaching to them,
from a castle like giant ship in the sky.

Now "Norton" leads their squadron, and "Modred" himself is on a type 220 aircraft,
at middle of runway on gun deck, one of two exo frame equipped airplanes behind.

At the CIC, front main screens show that two groups of bio mech crafts are
approacing to harbor city, somewhat slowly than expected.

Suddenly, about 20 - 30 of type 150 aircrafts appear from backward of enemies,
and they are their own air garrison of Singh planet.

Different from official informations, they were not retreat to South star systems,
like Deccan star system, they are still here, ambushing nearby harbor.

Bio mech crafts begin to retreat, but 2 of them keep their course,
directly to the main power plant facility of Singh harbor.

"Modred" wants to engage with those 2 enemy crafts, by himself.
He and his wingman take off from a carrier, floats in the sky over city.
"Modred" thinks that if these exo frames are really useful, will be equipped to all his aircrafts.

Bandits are already fly in the city, between high rise buildings.
Chasing closely after them is pretty hard challenging for "Modred" and wingman.

HUD is already shut down, and hologram device is on.
Two long triangles pointing two enemy targets, and various shapes of arrows
are for avoiding crash.

... These 4 th generation SF stories will be continued ...
Waves of Strings # 40 ... pass through straits ... 6 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Blue Thunder" and "Top Gun"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2 - 40 ... Pass through straits ... part 6 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15, (December) ... Singh planet, between South and South East nebulas ...

I heard these stories (waves of strings series) from
"Red" (Vladivostok), "Weng" (Hahmgil), and "Typan" (Shanghai or Hongkong).

Today, an autumn day, its raining all day, over water front willow trees.
About 10 other refugees and me living at river side hut, at small fishery port, near sea.
Hut is surrounded by three different colors of cosmos flowers.

Two squadrons of bio mech ships including 2 aircraft carriers,
now probably on orbit of this Shang planet, they do not fly at rainy day noon.

The 2 aircraft carriers are not so big compare to other bio mech carriers,
but as much big as our whole new "N class" carriers (less than dozen in number).

( They will be one of final enemies against "Niihau", at Creta, session # 26 - 50 )

We gather at center hall of hut at riverside, nearby (yellow) sea,
and eat tinned foods like tamarillo, krill, anchovy, corn, vegetables, beans, and potato.

"Norton (or Ned, Syd)" reported from CIC personnels, that 2 nd wave has come.

Five more carrier cargo airplane arrive on orbit,
and from them, about 50 more bio mech crafts begins to drop to Singh harbor.

"Norton" turns on graphics of defensive weapon systems at two front center lower screens,
like proton homing projectiles, quad anti-air guns, and phalanx.

At this critical moment, timing is key to win, "Norton" at CIC thoughts.

"Norton" gets permission from "Modred" that 1 st wave from "Niihau", about 20 aircrafts,
would stand by up in the air over city, and "Niihau" will be floats over sea nearby piers,
between city and incoming 2 nd wave of enemy bandit crafts.

20 other fighter crafts will keep on external flight deck on "Niihau", hold on by devices,
"Modred" and wingman keep chasing bandits heading towards to power plant facilities.

"Niihau" now back to nearby sea from city sky, floats up in the air,
to intercept incoming bio mech 2 nd wave.

Some badits are from horizon, for deploying alive bio mech within torpedoes,
some are from top ceilings for suicide dive crashing by crafts itselves.

"Samari", "Red", and "Weng" now arrive at CIC, and helping "Norton" and sailors.

At that very moments,
4 more auto-nav escort cruisers have jump into orbit, 2 are D-class, and 2 are G-class.

Together with 4 other escort cruisers, 2 teams of auto-nav vessels
shoot down half of carrier cargo airplanes, with their brand new long range cannons.

Enemy bandits are now in total chaos, even shoot each other to take remnant cargoes.
They were blinded, enough to mistake they could sink down aircraft carrier "Niihau".

Almost simultaneously, "Modred" and wingman shooting down 2 bandit crafts,
with proton projectiles and various beam guns.

But, few bio mech crafts keep attacking at "Niihau",
and "Niihau" firing proton homing projectiles against suicide diving crafts and bio torpedoes.

They, proton projectiles, are like bunches of meteors and comets, "Weng" thinks.
Cloudy day becomes far to bright, but big screens and monitors already
in gamma corrections.

Quad anti-air guns and phalanx are now in full open fire status, too.

Many bio mech crafts are fallen from sky, with smokes behinds,
and explosions of many torpedoes are on the surface of sea ...

... These 4 th genetarion SF stories will be continued ...