Voyagers of Space - Waves of Strings


... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
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... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-01 ... Brief Review ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... May ... Sunset Pier , Cloudy ... Seaside Space Port ...

It is year 2153 in our earth ,
and theater is also distant star systems ...

Now top priority concerns of many information lines are about
full scale (intra)galaxy war between biomechanic weapons ...

After fierce space battles between chosen war ships from human societies all over this galaxy
and those brutal things created by previous human generations , leaders of each human
militia groups finally agreed not to attack first across the axis of galaxy and this treaty
between humans made peace become reality again for a couple of years ...

But ,
many human could not agree to
limitations of new planet development into less than half the galaxy ...

As all knows ,
peace always never last long ,
long enough to change human nature itself ...

In recent days ,
many development ships are caught by unknown organizations with their cargo ...

Supreme Council of star systems and planets of Terran decided to send their Escort Vessels
and various classes of Capital Vessels to all over our half galaxy to find out where they gone ...

Most people forgot but during (another) galactic scale war in 2X11 ,
Terran was in alliances with other human societies in almost all the other star systems ,
and also forgot that copy of biomechatronic weapons made by anti-terran planets
still in heavily armed conditions and ready to battle status in their secret bases ...

Locating at outskirts of many star systems ,
many hidden planets were important places for Terrans and their alliences
to watch migrations of biomechanic weapons ( like border worlds of WCIV ) ...

Many Terran hightechs leeked into many scientists of hidden planets and
it was one of top secrets that some political leaders of Terran supported to build up
facilities on many planets that could misproduct genetic engineered weapons which also have
integrated circuits assisted nervous systems and even mechatronic exoskeletons ...

And now many evidences have been revealed that these copies are grow stronger and stronger ,
and their number is already increasing more than outbreak level and although human want or not ,
dooms day , full scale war between copies and biomechatronic weapons presumed to spread
throughout all over other side of this galaxy , has already coming into sight of many medias ...

( ... ... Star Wars ... Battlestar Galactica ... ... Voyagers of Space ... ... Wing Commander ... ... )
Voyagers of Space 2-02 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 1 ...

... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
... another (when) edit-it-yourself (best) story block or module ...

... Inspired by " Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... by Origin Interactives ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-02 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 1 ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... May ... Noon Pier , Blue skies and white cumulus ... Seaside Space Port ...

When I (hir or him) arrived this planet with my business partner (him or hir) ,
soonly find that almost all of human made facilities on this
planet surface are about military purpose .

View from orbit station , we could remind what guide books describe about this planet ,
and so called deviated planet means that seas and lands are not so evenly distributed .

But ,
business buddy and me like the processed images on inside screens of orbital shuttle ,
( but almost always blue , green , greenish blue and white in earth type planets
... and reddish in Jupitor type planets )
shuttle attendant (in slim & tight escape suit) says that during the reentry into atmosphere ,
real visual images are almost all about glowing friction fires all around orbital shuttle ...

After we pass visa checks ,
get on (official line) taxi and ask to reach to one of the resort hotels
on this exotic subtrophical archipelago .

There are many palm trees beside sidewalks along the way to hotel ,
and some of finest white scallop sand beaches of this island
could be seen from the ways to resort town .

Just after our arrival in one of resort towns of this subtrophic island ,
my buddy and me acknowledge that the resort hotel where we check in is much too luxury ,
but we both thought that our companies , asterisk maritimes and stan shipbuilders ,
are big enough to offer this much for important after service visits and meetings ...

( As you all readers know , I am from our earth , that resort hotel complex reminds me
... about chateau of southern France , except too modern outerlook and too many lights ... )

Our visit is about repairing software programs about avionics and navigations ,
so we had to sleep early in the night .

The suite cabin is similar to that of apartment homes of my buddy and me ,
standard 100 square meters including two decent bedrooms and shower rooms .

From tiny terrace , we could even expect to spectate blue high seas ,
and wild geese fly over the too clear lines between colors of sky and high seas color ...

We eat some welcome snacks in boxes together , just before we chose at front lobby ,
and I offer her to drink rare fruit liquor that I brought from my home town on our earth .

There are plenty of times left to sunset ,
and we asked to visit military port far enough to depart immediately after telephone call .

In that short time , she adds many more makeups on her face , again ...

The port itself is much similar to that of Guam Harbour ,
( might be simillar to Pearl Harbour ? never visit yet )
but all space vessels are up in the air , just few meters high
from harbour waves protected by energy fields layers ...

A new Battle Cruiser is almost 10 times longer than previous Synbaad class or others ,
and my female business buddy sighs in front of the view of huge new Cruiser ...

( Frankly speaking ,
... even I never heard about the real size of a new Battle Ship of this class ... )

And also there are some 4 to 6 Escort Vessels , all are newly built ,
each length are 10 % to 20 % of the main battle ship .

Skipper of this new ship and Commodore welcome our visit ,
and some space crafts for attacks and fights are
fly over the sunset sky fill with clouds ...

... Original novel written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-03 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 2 ...

... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
... another (when) edit-it-yourself (best) story block or module ...

... Inspired by " Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... by Origin Interactives ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-03 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 2 ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... May ... Sunset Pier , Vanilla skies ... Seaside Space Port ...

The length of battle ship is over 25 times longer than that of her Escort ships ,
and due to lack of mechanics and workers rather than budget shortage ,
only 4 Escort ships have been added to her recently , Commodore said .

The outerlook of Battle Cruiser itself is magnificent , especially
in front of lurid sunset skies and glowing red star ...

The ship names of each escorts are pretty unique and exotic ,
like ... Niihau , Marubeni , Itotsu , Kawasaki ...

My business partner and me go into the guest hall of the ship together
with Commodore , Skipper and Staffs .

The aisle itself is simple in design , mainly with direct and indirect lights ,
but the ways to reach the hall is very complex , similar to duct systems
those in the cells of living creatures .

At the guest hall ,
Commodore show us with 3-D hologram , about the Sliding Armours of the ship .

This Battle Cruiser has enormous power sources inside ,
and these make it possible to hold many additional Sliding Armour shields
outer layer of the vessel .

So the Escort Ships could hide themselves behind the outer shields layers
anytime whenever inferior in firepower against enemy ships or refueling is needed ...

( That means , except the Niihau ,
... all other 3 exotic named escorts are not in permanent power supply conditions ... )

After orientationing about this just newly built Battle Ship ,
we move to dining hall near CIC , the center of the vessel ...

My business partner and me enjoy regular three course meal dinner ,
appetizer with local scallops (since there were no fish found in this planet) ,
roast beef with butter pudding , and icecream desserts ...

( It was pretty unusual considering it is another much too hard time for every galaxian ... )

During early dinner party with less than 10 people including us ,
the Commodore said that there are 5 to 10 more Battle Ships already operational ,
and this ship is the last one , and this might be the final plan of Confederation ...

( Like the Ark in holy bible ? ... I thought ... )

After dinner ,
my business partner has to adjust many parts of her all kinds of thick makeups ,
so I alone go to the cigar deck ( or cigar terrace ) near one of the dining halls
of this huge ship .

Commodore offer to me a nice cigar with beautiful bouquet ,
and one of handsome Staffs give me a steel case lighter , for souvenirs .

Skipper ask to me about the relations between my business partner and me ,
and I answer that hir/him is CG designer and I (him/hir) am the programmer .

They frankly said that even the supreme commanders cannot assume about
if these last battle ships are more safer against biomechanic things
than many remote refugee citadel cities all around (our half) galaxy ,
maybe just enough for surviving one more winter season , or less ...

... Original novel written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-04 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 3 ...

... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
... another (when) edit-it-yourself (best) story block or module ...

... Inspired by

" Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... ... ... by Origin Interactives ...

" Mech Warrior IV " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... by Microsoft Games ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-04 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 3 ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... May ... Night Pier , Full Moon ... Seaside Space Port ...

It is (our) earth year AD 215X ,
and other human in a distant galaxy are in war against their past time ghosts ...

Commodore "Modred" and Skipper "Morierty" offer to us to drink outside .
So we went to a pub and bar for servicemans near at one of piers .

At the pub , Staff "Samari" order many glasses of black beer and cooked fishes .
We are 7 ~ 8 in number total .

"Modred" order his favorite liquor and give one glass per every men in the bar .
He says that his favorite side dishes are fried potatoes and sauerkraut .

My business partner asks about assorted sausages .

Skipper "Morierty" explains about so called last surviving plan
of Confederation to me and my business partner .

Now , it is certain
that more than 50 % of human societies are already collapsed and turned into
heavy turmoil conditions , and less than 10 % of remaining civilized cities
could afford to build new citadels against biomechanic things .

But ,
even the headquarters of Confederation neither has enough resources nor budgets ,
so only 10 ~ 20 refugee citadels and less than 10 refugee Battle Cruisers have been built ,
including this our vessel , still unnamed and only has identification codes ...

In this remote and deserted cold planet ( more than 75 % of a year is winter season ) ,
there is only some piers , one space station with EMF runways , one town ,
and only one resort hotel that is somewhat distant from town and space station .

Of those 10 ~ 20 refugee citadels ,
more than 50 % are built on the planets that are located in the other half side of the galaxy ,
what is now presumed to belong to those things .

But , how could they survive ?
Would those biomechanic things allow or ignore about human dwelling behind their front lines
which is heavily guarded by thousands of huge galaxy ships and brutal crafts ?

We all cheer and drink together
and wish other men's good luck on this might be never ending voyages .

During further private orientations ,
many Lieutenants and Sergeants operate robots to load many weapons and fuel canisters .

The Battle Ship is still up in the air , about 5 ~ 10 meters above the sea waters ,
and the direct illuminations on the piers and buoys are lighting all around the vessel .

( Somewhat similar to that of TV series < Air Wolf > ... )

The vessel itself turns on many direct and indirect lights ,
and the whitish lights on the beneath of the ship are reflected by many calm waves .

( Also similar to that of famous hollywood movie < U-571 > ... )

There are some white clouds high in the night skies ,
and many white stars are twingling in and out of those distant fog like clouds ...

Before me and my business partner go back to suite room of resort hotel and have rests ,
Commodore "Modred" shows us about some of this unnamed ship's unique weapon systems .

At the center of a hologram hall near CIC ,
transparent 3-D images of this mighty Battle Ship (magnifies) opens its 3 of 4 outer shields
and except Niihau , all the Escorts pops out from containing areas (magnifies) still in
harware connection with main ship and (magnifies) fires various missiles
and beams to target asteroids .

All the 3 Escorts are unmanned ships , one of the Staff says .

And the EV Niihau has unique availability
that could reenter even into the atmosphere of the earth type planets .

After reentry ,
EV Niihau could launch the Fighter-Attacker crafts into the air .

Now only two types of FA crafts are on the Niihau , each with 10 units ...

Its Fighter part is slender shaped aeroplane that could fly even high in stratosphere ,
and Attacker part is aerodynamically elliptical mechatronic android that could change
their outlooks , adaptive to various environments on the surface of a planet
they stands ...

... Original novel written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-05 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 4 ...

... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
... another (when) edit-it-yourself (best) story block or module ...

... Inspired by

" Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... ... ... by Origin Interactives ...

" Mech Warrior IV - Vengeance " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... by Microsoft Games ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-05 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 4 ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... May ... Night Pier , Cloudy ... Holo Deck , Inside the Battle Cruiser ...

It is (our) earth year AD 215X ,
and other human in a distant galaxy are in war against their past time ghosts ...

Commodore "Modred" , Skipper "Morierty" , Staff "Samari"
offer to us to show about something mores those have been added on inside
this heavily armoured , lastly built of its class Space Vessel in hologram ...

Inside of her mighty multi-layered sliding plate armours ,
there are many watertight subdivisions , and many are occupied by some
unknown new weapon research and development facilities ...

Chief Staff "Samari" calls them
as "Waves of Strings" , an wave bomb that produces huge contact energy and anti matters ,
and eventually pair annihilating whatever on all the directions of its waves in near space
and known nearby hyperspaces ...

But , Staff "Norton"
points out some weak aspects , that objects at behind the solid planet like (their) earth 0175 ,
are out from its energy annihilating waves that could transfer fast as almost light speed ...

And Staff "Moffet" tell to us about particle lens generators
equipted on elongating cranes outside of inner armour layers ,
those are exsist for condensifying destructive waves way on stars and planets
upto even star demolitioning level , and so slit openings are some potential weak points
to somewhat low energy anti matter waves those would fire by pretty near space crafts ,
maybe inside the "virtual safe surface" of tripple A firing zone of the ship herself ...

( Tripple A cannons of this ship are effective even against bandits inside hyperspace nearby ... )

( They show to us all these in next or nexus level computer graphics and holograms ... )

"Weng" ,
my business partner and also MSc (= still in post graduate course after college) ,
looks somewhat surprise , but soon recover her usual attitudes ,
and says that those might not be work correctly ...

I could understand her says , she is just another aviation concept graphic designer ...

And they ask for me to not in hoodcoat mood ,
they want me to have attention more on current subjects they explain in efforts ,
so I become into eyelids wide open attitudes .

After those dozing minutes ,
another Staff officer of this mighty Battle Ship begins to speak about
new space and ground weapons in one , now we have only
two types fully operational status ...

Her call sign is "Red" ,
and she explains something mores about half aviation machine
and half armoured android ...

They are one during electro magnetic catapult launching and reentry into atmosphere ,
and split into glider like flying part and dropable elliptical canister like part ...

( electro magnetic catapult - firstly visualize on TV series "Battlestar Galactica - season 1 " ... )

During the operations of Android Part on surface of the earth type planet ,
Glider Part usually flies high in stratosphere , and transferring communications between
Niihau class spacecraft carrier on orbit and Android Part on surface ...

( They had to build Spacecraft Carriers of whole new class to realize this new tactics ... )

Now its already over midnight ,
but I cannot fall into sleep , and write down some letters on my diary book .

If many of what their says are really true ,
maybe we could survive another winter season alive ,
I thought ...

... Original novel written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-06 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 5 ...

... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
... another (when) edit-it-yourself (best) story block or module ...

... Inspired by

" Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... ... ... by Origin Interactives ...

" Mech Warrior IV - Vengeance " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... by Microsoft Games ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-06 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 5 ... Test fire all particle accelerator cannons ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... December weather ... at Dawn ... Holo CIC , Deep inside the Battle Ship ...

When daybreak after November snow ,
a new Battle Cruiser launches up to orbit of planet Attu , West Aleutian star system ...

My business partner and I
already heard many times from Staff Officers of this cosmos ship ,
that it is too early time for launch up to orbit and test various equipments on board her .

But ,
after oscillations of anti gravity fields beneath ,
the battle ship erects itself nozzles side to the earth bound ,
and after successfully burning the whole nozzles simultaneously ,
she goes up to the orbit of the planet , seems too simple ...

Arriving after orbit ,
this unnamed cruiser opens all layers of its outer shields ,
and the 3-D images from satellite cameras and simplified holograms of all sizes
are about ship's H shaped main truss unit keep remaining in horizontal
and outside armour layers go into vertical ...

People like me , amateur architect ,
even could notice that outer armour shields are much more heavier
than inner H truss unit .

And it is now clear that
the crews and me live on one of the two main "String Generator" ...

( But , the CIC unit itself could move on the electro magnetic rails on the generators )

My pretty business partner
seems to astonish by the space vessel's too simple inside structures ,
but she could agree that a ship like this should always
prepare for every sorts of damage controls .

One of the two "String Generator" is made from planet Kiska ,
one of earth type planets in this star system ,
almost same environmental conditions those of planet Attu .

So one linear shape generator is named "Attu" unit and the other "Kiska" .

The test target is balloon of metal outer surfaces on the orbit nearby ,
and all three cruiser ship units on tip of giant cranes of this unnamed huge vessel
are soonly in stand by conditions ...

And after their full gunnery open fires concentrated on the test target ,
the huge blow off emerges from it ...

The two generators could supply enough energy to more than 10 regular sized
Cosmos Cruisers , but nowadays the Terran Confederation could afford to supply
only 3 cruisers and 1 carrier , mainly due to lack of time and personnel shortages ...

But , as all people know
that we would never under estimate what we have now ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-07 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 6 ...

... Hello , you all (whoever loves so called one of 4 th generation SF stories) ,
... another (when) edit-it-yourself (best) story block or module ...

... Inspired by

" Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... ... ... by Origin Interactives ...

" Mech Warrior IV - Vengeance " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... by Microsoft Games ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-07 ... A New Battle Cruiser ... 6 ... P Tactile Wave and S Tactile Wave ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... December weather ... Inside a new Battle Ship ...

If fire directly toward ,
P tactile waves by this unnamed vessel could destroy even a single entire planet ...

When it comes to open firing what we call the "main cannon pulse" ,
in other words " P mode string waves" termed by chief staff "Samari" ,
all the crews aboard should evacuate immediately by shuttles upto enough range from this ship .

So the CICs inside the two bridge modules above and beneath of the carrier
is always the commanding center of the ship .

And the bridge module itself could move on the rails all over the H truss .
Of course , bridge module is also short range shuttle ...

And there also are bridges exist on the 3 usual sized battle ships within .
( So , if my count is right , we have 8 bridge modules on this new vessel )

There were not much things for me to do aboard this ship than previous ,
so I decide to help my business partner "Weng" and staff officer "Red" ,
whom are always in airplane maintenance deck .

Those two types entirely new EMD ( engineering and manufacturing development ) airplanes
are still in serial number conditions , type 22 and type 23 .

Type 23 is mainly for a role of air dominance fighter ,
more longer and slender compare to the silhouette of type 22 .

Each could carry elliptical payload canister or transformable android machine .

Pilot could onboard the android unit or could remotely maneuver it from the ship on orbit .
But , aviator usually would not translocate from airplane to android .

So , in case like marine operations ,
pilot should maneuver the whole system in the android ,
including reentry and intraatmosphere flight .

Miss "Red" is in her thirties (or forties) ,
still in college girl minded , and in many times , asks to me to bring something for her .

She is nearly 6 feet tall , more thin than my business partner ,
and in off duty times , always in gym or swimming pool .

She usually keep silence in staff meeting ,
but when it comes to technical issues about airplanes or ship engines ,
always does not hesitate to speak out her opinions .

She once was professor of one of a well known tech college ,
and because of nowadays terrible situations and due to secret escape projects
set up by Terran Confederations , recommanded to join this unique and huge vessel ,
and keep continuing her majority .

Although Type 22 and Type 23 are designed by
more than one generation elder professors compare to her ,
some architectures are not familiar to her , but she does her best every day .

Skipper "Morierty" says that we will approaching
"Sanctuary planet" , one of the major metropolitans of the "Shang star system" ...

And all the crews go into 24 hours rest
at remote space between Attu and Sanctuary ...

... Original novel written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-08 ... Recharge resonance ampulifiers

... Inspired by
" Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... ... ... by Origin Interactives ...
" Mech Warrior IV - Vengeance " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... by Microsoft Games ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-08 ... Recharge resonance ampulifiers ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... Inside a new Battle Cosmos ...

To recharge hyper conduction units ,
this unnamed ship needs stratified solar-wind grids which is almost 10 times bigger than herself,
if fully expands ...

I am now eager to visit one of the regular sized megalopolitan of theirs ,
the Sanctuary and Paradise planet , in the Shang star system .

My business partner "Weng" also expects a lot about visiting that famous
place with dense populations , and many other crews also same .

Sanctuary and Paradise is not far from her birth planet with small residents ,
the Chouzhu planet , with yellow dust on spring season and monsoon
rains on early summer , almost a month long .

But what I heard about her past story from herself is relatively few .

She once said that her winter home town is located between mountain ridges
and some streams , not so far from a 10 miles long sand seashore .

It was prohibited that going out to sea and catch fish , her clan and tribes
grow fishes at inland lakes , so she learned quite a lot about fishing .

After breakfast ,
our shuttle starts from pier of main island unit , and flies between inner and outer sliding armors
and when some outer plates open , launch to space and could see the view from distance .

The scene was magnificent ...
Solar wind grids already arrived and begins to stretching its subgrids to all directions ,
and becomes to 5 to 10 times bigger than its unmanned auto navigating mode .

Leader "Modred" says that
this is the first time of charging the rosonance units of our Battle Cosmos .

Tech staff "Red" is also nearly master level engineer about engines and power supplies ,
so she is already in head job for directing the procedures on other shuttle ,
by onboard portable remote control units .

Over a working shuttle and a backup shuttle ,
a sun of distant and uninhabited solar system glows and shines ,
and silhouettes of the huge grid and relatively small our ship float in the infinite space
and greenish and yellowish nebulas are not so far ...

As I mentioned before (on "In Human Minds" ) ,
shuttle has no translucent canopy glass , and we could see outside only by displays .

It is dome like area ,
and at 1/4 from the front screen , locates two tandem cockpit seats ,
and from behind them to 3/4 of the area locates some passenger seats .

Their are only two pilots and three passengers ,
"Weng" and me could observe quite a exotic and unique view more privately .

But ,
although these Battle Cosmos including ours have enough power to destroy
almost entire star systems , many intel organizations believe that
the estimated existing number of "things" are more than 5 to 10 times
compare to our human , and as a matters of total fire powers ,
maybe the number is more than three to four digits ...

Human already outnumbered too much to "things" .

And some says their might be are more than two digits number of clans ,
and human could not exceed just one entire clan of many .

What if migrating some human groups to other galaxies for last seeds of its kind ,
I asked to myself but it is not feasible , due to lack of resources for produce enough drones ,
and it took more than 1000 years to explore less than half of their born galaxy .

The authorities of Sanctuary and Paradise agree to our visit ,
so main island unit including lead CIC docks to Cosmos Carrier and starts
procedures for take off and hyper jump to orbit of that planet .

Skipper "Morierty" and chief staff "Samari" says it takes more than a day
to charge enough energy in the hyper conduction batteries ,
amount sufficient for initiate the S wave pulses ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Voyagers of Space 2-09 ... Once Yellow (green) Dust over (yellow) Amber Mist

... Inspired by
" Wing Commander V - Prophecy of the Kilrathi " ... ... ... by Origin Interactives ...
" Mech Warrior IV - Vengeance " ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... by Microsoft Games ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-09 ... Once Yellow (green) Dust over (yellow) Amber Mist ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... At Sanctuary and Paradise ...

If yellow (green) sand wind flows severely ,
those areas could not recleaned by (yellow) amber mist or any other else ...

Once upon a time ,
Sanctuary and Paradise planet is under invasions by intruders and "things"
also controled by intruders , and until now , there are many remnants of those
violant era even in urban areas .

In that reasons ,
peoples live in this planet still do not believe Terran or their Cosmos Fleets .

So it is unusual both to them and us
that their authorities allow our carrier and crews to dock to their orbital port .
Maybe majorities of them thought our ship could brought another conflict to them .

But leader "Modred" and skipper "Morierty"
should tell to their representatives that Terran Intel's recent reports about
incresing suspicious activities of "things" in nearby spaces .

Join after their leaders ,
our shuttle reenter into the atmosphere of their planet , and the scenary is pretty exotic ...

Their are many greenish-yellow cirrus clouds over and below rising (two) suns ,
and as it is still early morning , amberish-yellow fogs are all around the buildings .

The Sanctuary and Paradise city is two of three cities located on seaside of this planet
and between them , there runs wide streams branched from same river through ...

The streams are shining , reflects morning sun rays from (two) suns .

Arrive after intergalactic space port ,
our shuttle docks to gate (or pier) 55 , which they reserved specially
until our mission in this planet accomplish .

On the ways to our inn ,
we pass through a hugh park ,
many ruined buildings could be seen between winter cherry blossom woods .

Before this long lasting war against biomechanic things invaders ,
human societies of this galaxy divided into several groups and battles severely ,
and each party made those brutal "things" to wipe out other opponent societies ...

Those remnants are reflections of that violant era .

But ,
they overcome , and rebuild these futuristic metropolitan again ,
just like any old days of their prosperous history .

They are always a good member of intergalactic trade alliances ...

After check in ,
our crew go to one of the finest traditional (and also futuristic) restaurants of this city ,
and at one of the big halls , we begin to talk to each other with representatives of this planet ,
including Terran Council members in hologram seats ...

After being seated ,
our leader "Modred" refits his/her hat on blond hair .

They already acknowledged about the falls of planets one after another
in nearby star system , and now become to operational bases of those "things" .

What would be their purpose now ?

Are their primary stratege is invading directly to Volcano planet ?
Or they need more front line bases , like this planet ?

During this important conferance ,
the unnamed Battle Cosmos is still in recharging process ...

But , staff "Samari" and "Red" encountered some unexpected problems ,
that the firepowers of 3 Battle Ships are not the same as Council expected ,
it was less than 50 % , even though maximum power supply status .

Yet ,
we would trust these 3 ships , Battle Ship I , K and M ...

They are one of the last remaining reliable allies to Terran and us ,
might be the human's last Battle Cosmos ...

... Original story written by "Rie" ...
Waves of Strings 10 ... Slim type-23 , Equilateral type-22

... Inspired by ... "Firefox" and "Mech Warrior IV - Vengeance"

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-10 ...Slim type-23 , Equilateral type-22 ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... At one uninhabited solar system ...

If yellow (green) sand wind flows severely ,
those areas could not recleaned by (yellow) amber mist or rain ...

On the orbit of one planet , about 0.2 billion kilometers from (dual) suns ,
the "unnamed" Battle Cosmos and her crews from all over this galaxy
keep on rechecking all the systems including 3 battle ships .

Staff "Samari" and "Moffet" heard that
the Sanctuary planet of Shang star system offers one giant clipper ship
in air dock of one of the planet's orbital ports due to nowadays lack of travelers ,
and after the off record meeting , this will come to them together with Carrier .

This Clipper ship was built in Delian planet , also in Shang star system ,
and bought by one company in city of Sanctuary , but only few years in commercial service .

There are many unused spaces in this clipper , and that would be very helpful
for research and developing many new weapon systems .

Currently , in our "unnamed" ship ,
there are less than 500 people of all kinds ,
and that is only 30 ~ 40 % of requirement .

And the ratio is over 1 to 100 or more ,
between human soldier and biomechanic thing .

It is very time that technological breakthrough is indispensable ,
but the number of scientists onboard our ship are not more than 100 .

Staff "Red" and "Norton" always wonder do we really have enough time
for finding the ways to overcoming the definite day of doom ,
the extinction of human ...

The architecture of type-22 and 23 is somewhat different ,
type-22 is more symmetrical in outerlook , and type-23 is more longer and slender .

Staff "Red" once explains to visitor "Weng" that
type-22 is one sort of so called turn fighter , and type-23 is kinetic fighter .

So the elliptical transformable (payload) robots are also different in outer shape ,
the robot of type-23 system is about 26 meters high, about 2 meters taller
than type-22 and more slim in robot mode , and also in payload mode .

The type-23 is more suitable in sniping operations ,
and type-22 is more good in rescue .

basically remote controlling units ,
could hovering by its multiple plasma engienes .
( Very simillar to nowadays earth hellicopters )

The space nearby our "unnamed" Battle Cosmos and the innerspace
between outer sliding plates armor and the covers of "String Generator"
( Much simillar to cargo bay of nowadays earth Columbia class space shuttles )
are also used by some test flights of type-22 and type-23 .

It is 3 PM in afternoon ,
and yellowish green cirrus clouds are high in white skies over Sanctuary ,
just like another fine day in early winter .
( But there is no snow on this warm climate city )

I remember an Arian race girl ,
who has amber iris , employee of a big sales company .

She would be 25 in next December .

Is she still in her position ? Has she promoted ?
And mostover, is she in safe conditions now ?

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-11 ... Same scenery , far different site ...

... Inspired by ... "Firefox" and "Mech Warrior"

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-11 ... Deja vu , Same scenery but far different site ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... Sanctuary planet , Shang star system ...

Sanctuary city is filled with winter cherry blossoms ...

Early in the morning ,
I walk along the seaside bank , on one corner of the delta , where a river meets sea .

At these days , the Sanctuary city is in early winter ,
and behind a small fishery harbor , there is a hill with thousands of cherry trees .

As a weekday , there is few people on the sand beach ,
and now I walk alone in the middle of white shore , one side with mild red cherry blossoms ,
and blue open seas (mid latitude location) and yellowish-green cirrus clouds the other .

My business partner , Miss "Weng"
always accompanies with her home town traditional dog "Sabsari" .

She once showed me a photo , together with her dog ,
on a breakwater near her home town on a basin , in front of white and red light tower .
She caught a big fish that fine spring day .

"Sabsari" has long hairs , so one could see her eyes only by approaching closely .
She is a descendant of long time assistant of half nomad and half peasant people .

During the summer season ,
"Weng" used to serve as shepherd at northern high lands , in her late teens .

Meanwhile ,
staff "Red" and "Norton" is busy in their jobs .

One type 220 is now in one area of the maintenance deck ,
hang on big ( Canadarm-like ) manipulators from ceiling ,
and many parts , like heat shields and boosters are also hang on
by each manipulators , separately .

These procedures are simultaneously run on the holographic devices in control room .

Until reach to stratosphere , beneath of type 220 system is covered with heat shields ,
and from there , heat shields would detach , and the H shaped robot part would reveals .
The robot is aerodynamic in shape and could be controlled from remote .

And approach to neear the surface of a planet ,
H shaped robot would transform into more human like android , and begins hovering .

As it is too complex procedures ,
all in one , a airplane and a drop machine and a reentry vehicle ,
so many manuplators are needed to refitting entire system in fine status .

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-12 ... Debates on frontline tactics ...

... Inspired by ... "Firefox" and "Mech Warrior"

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 2-12 ... Debates on frontline tactics ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... Sanctuary planet , Shang star system ...

Sometimes , the best defense is offense ...

When I am busy with meetings ,
peoples in Stan shipbuilding yards , Sanctuary bureau ,
staff officers of Cosmos Carrier Niihau , now at most outer orbital port of this planet ,
gather in conference hall of the Niihau and discuss about the situations .

Holograms of members of Terran navy council says that
drone probes detected about increasing movements of many squadrons
nearby Volcano planet , not far from Shang star system now we in .

Their number is estimated 6 to 10 ,
that means more than 6 to 10 Cosmos Carriers each with over 50 Crafts
are now in fully active status .

They are only small part of biomechanic things ,
but they far exceed our squadron of Admiral "Modred" and less than 500 men ,
4 navy ships , 2 civilian ships , and one secret weapon never been tested .

Council men and staff officers "Modred" , "Morierty" , "Samari" , "Moffet"
agrees that if it needs , "Modred" squadron would attack one of their squadrons .

I meet with my old colleagues , and they were curious about things
such as a Freight Ship now serves with our squadron ,
built at Delian planet , also in Shang star system .

( Giving another space ship , previous Clipper , is still in secret so I would not tell them )

My experience is that ships from Stan shipbuildings are sturdy and durable .
And they are very proud of their product .

We drink together at traditional style bar and cafe ,
just like ordinary local Sanctuary peoples ...

Staff "Norton" , "Red" and about half of the crews are still busy in
testing and upgrading type 220 and 230 systems , in far distant cosmos .

Robot module of type 220 and 230 are designed to walk and
they are now open the airlock hatch of Freight Ship , and stand on the hull .

Between outer armor layers and long hull of string generator ,
there is a huge air space enough to test flights of airplanes .

After drop into battle zone , robot modules are hovering the fields ,
and boost upto stratosphere and docking to airplane modules .

Robot could transform into appropriate for in load , drop , hover , boost .

When drop and hover , small wings and canards from body and limbs
gives additional lift forces enough to up in the air .
And body and limbs are also aerodynamically designed .

At that midnight ,
about 10 ships jump into nearby abandon orbital port , opposite from port with Niihau ,
guide by previously arrived and embedded dormant crafts .

2 of the squadron is cosmos carrier .

The invading crafts are all newly made ,
so it is already too late when detect by local defenders ,
and they are now land on the tops of high buildings of the Sanctuary city ,
one by one .

Many search lights are to the building tops ,
and streets are crowd with people on evacuaton ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-13 ... Skirmish ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... "Firefox" and "Mech Warrior"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-13 ... Skirmish ... 1 ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... A planet with biomech base , in star system including Volcano planet ...

Terran cosmos carrier Niihau and her 20 cosmos crafts ,
type 220 and type 230 half and half ,
have no choice but to emergency hyper jump into nearby high space .

Admiral "Modred" and skipper "Morierty" send urgent signals to
staff "Norton" and "Red" , about rendezvous point .

It is very important for them that they need
30 more cosmos crafts , and a Freight that can serve as carrier .

At that moment ,
staff "Norton" and "Red" almost finish with upgrading 3 battle cruisers ,
borrow from local defenders of Volcano planet .

Metal factories of Sanctuary planet donate 3 turrets with twin cannons ,
which are over 800 milimeter in caliber , and many alloy armor plates ,
and they are already arrived with Clipper .

Now all 3 battle cruisers have 4 turrets ,
and turrets from Sanctuary Paradise are equipped at number 2 position .

Other turrets are all 500 milimeter caliber and triple cannons .

But there still are many limitations ,
like power supply , it can meet only 3 to 5 times in maximum mode .

So they need power supply crane from Pulse reactor ,
which are on the surface of String generator and more than dozens in number ,
almost all the time during battle .

( Because the original shipbuilder , in Oliv planet ,
did not give all the technological details to Volcano planet )

I left behind at Sanctuary .

From the hilltop , I could see biomechatronic thing crafts
transporting alloy metals from many factories to their mother ships .

Many of them carry canister filled with raw metals ,
and skies are full of wake clouds from Plasma engines of thing crafts .

Are there another hugh battle between them break out again ?
So they are even in short with supplies ?

"Modred" squadron jump into one planet with biomech thing base ,
previously battle field between them , biomech against other biomech .

The distance to Sanctuary planet and Volcano planet
from this planet is almost same .

For only scout purpose ,
admiral "Modred" need all the squadron he commands ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-14 ... Skirmish ... 2 ... Illusive squadron

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-14 ... Skirmish ... 2 ... Illusive carrier squadron

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... A planet with biomech base , in star system including Volcano planet ...

Admiral "Modred" and his commanding squadron
gather at rendezvous point and send secret hyper timespace messages to
reenforcement battle team , the Illusive carrier squadron .

Skipper "Dread" and his carrier squadron ,
with cosmos carrier "Illusive" and 4 regular escort cruisers and 2 freights ,
and another "String Generator" arrive at rendezvous point , just soon after .

"Dread" is almost same age to "Morierty" ,
but very different personality , he/she is so kind and thoughtful man .

( In many times, "Morierty" is in poker face , and talks little )

Biomech things are in severe battles for more than a year ,
and that is one of the reasons human could develop and launch string wave weapons .

And this part of galaxy ,
one group of biomech things invade Sanctuary because another group grows too fast ,
and nowadays they sometimes over the limits of military demonstrations .

Admiral "Modred" thinks that if base on Rah planet is attacked ,
one group that invade Sanctuary do not need to keep occupy for metals and alloys ,
so they may retreat to previous fronts and concentrate power to other competitors .

It is risky plan .

There are other tactics ,
like presence at nearby planet and keep watching the invading fleet on Sanctuary ,
but in nowadays , Terran people want to see the fight , a fight against things .

If all the 3 battle cruisers hyper jump to orbit of Rah planet ,
2 string weapons could be protected only by one carrier ,
and only 50 fighters consist with 4 fighter groups is less than tactically needed .

And forward carrier could be in danger in many situations ,
and 50 fighter crafts also are in short for defend all 3 battle cruisers , simultaneously .

But , Terran could send no more troops to these fronts ,
because its priority is just 5 th to 7 th compare to other regions .

There is Terran headquarter on Luson planet ,
but before the arrival of Niihau carrier group ,
less than 100 fighters and few fast freights for emergency evacuate was only they had .

( I hear thoughts that 100 fighter planes could make some difference )

It is dark time for human servicemans .

Other headquarters do not have any reserves for reenforcing other fronts ,
in these days ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-15 ... Skirmish ... 3 ... Gun Battle

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-15 ... Skirmish ... 3 ... Battle Ship Assult ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base , in star system including Volcano planet ...

Three battle cruisers rush direct toward ground guns ...

Over 5 planets in this star system are called Rah planets ,
and now "Modred" and "Dryden" squadrons are on opposite orbit behind the sun .

So some drones are launched for scout .

The circular shaped biomech base was built at mid latitude area ,
and heavily defended by many 800 milimeter ground cannons all around the outer circle .

To getting close , 3 battle ships should approach in lower angles .

Many decades ago ,
one group of Terran selected this planet for building biomech base
because the atmosphere is not suitable for living creatures .

And now it became serious threat to human .

The surface is mostly rocks and sands ,
and the skies are always red due to different air compositions .

Data from scout drones says there are no additional threats all around this solar system .
Admiral "Modred" decide to attack .

Colonel "Morierty" and "Dryden" want to onboard
one of the battle cruisers personally , and hardly they get permission fron admiral .
They are worrying about possible remote control jamming by things .

The 3 battle ships are at the forward side of the fleet ,
in trianguar positions , and will be operate from CIC of carrier Niihau .

"Morierty" and "Dryden" get on a type 260 space craft ,
and launch by EMF catapult of Niihau .

They fly over a fleet ,
with 2 giant string generators and many ships floating crowd .

Those battle cruisers could load upto 20 space crafts ,
but now main entrance is replaced by 4 th turret .

So they get into the hangar deck through funnel , emergency entrance .

Soon after land on the deck ,
type 260 slightly lift up by grabbing robot arm and other data arms are connected .
They could operate entire battle ship just on the cockpit of type 260 .

All three battle cruisers jump to the nearby orbit of Rah planet .

During the reentry , they glow like steel in factory .

As they approach in low angle ,
the circular shaped biomech base comes more close to them .

In this angle ,
there are much more chances to reflect beams by EMF shields .

The skies over desolate planet is filled with red clouds ,
and 3 battle ships are floating towards in front of the setting sun ...

... Original story written by Rie ...
Space Voyagers 2-16 ... A (aryan) girl arises after morning rain shower ...

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-16 ... A (aryan) girl arises after morning rain shower ...

... (Other) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... December ...
... Many years ago , Sanctuary planet , Shang star system , in a distant Galaxy (from our earth) ...

Aryan ,
some ancient stories tell us that before the galactic scale ice age ,
which was ended about 10,000 years ago , there were some more-than-human creatures ,
but no contemporary person knows about their outer look , skin and hair colors , and DNA ...
(just alike Centry of "Last Starfighter" or Protos of "Star Crafts" series)

When I was a middle and high school boy ,
sometimes it was too hard to be on time , prompt for lesson schedule .

There is a girl , almost same age ,
lives near from my home town , some colleague says her house has amber and golden interiors ,
anyway , she is quite a pretty rich girl with golden accessories , even in a just glance .

One day , when I was in a cold ,
I started to the school much late than usual .

After early morning rain shower ,
sun is shining again between the white May clouds .
Groundgrass leaves are with rain droplets .

There is a park with many trees from all around their galaxy planets ,
and that day , I encounter with her just in front of the main gate of this park ,
and she says that acrossing this park is one of the short cut ways to our school ,
and I would consider that if I will be late for the first class lesson by my routine walk way .
(a long and winding road , especially when caught a cold ... )

I can not accept her .
The map says that it is more than 5 times distant to go across this park
compare to my routine walk ways to school .

Most surprising things are that she never lates at morning ,
just like her all other school lifes involves in .

Is she still lives in this planet , occupied by those things ?
Is she safe and healthy nowadays ?

The plan of Admiral "Modred" and commander skipper "Francis (Dryden)" is

1. decoy attack by forward carrier "Niihau" and her 50 type-220 and type-230

2. another decoy attack by 3 battle cruisers and 50 robots

3. main attack by 10 type-133 carrier airplanes and 50 robots instant jump from fleet

4. back up by defender carrier "Illusive" and other ships of small (deep space) fleet

All the 1000 human crews of this small (division) fleet
and other many hundreds of androids are busy with preparing more than
full scale squadron (including 1 Nimitz and 1 Wasp) attack .

100 type-220 and type-230 airplanes are equipped with canister weapon bays ,
consist with main , side and additonal compartments filled with weapons .

100 robots are also equipped with external fuel (propellant) tanks , external boosters ,
extra armours (and 2 ~ 3 inch short range fire and forget rockets similar to the 70 mm Hydra) .

Main frame computer of the fleet estimates heavy losses of fighter airplanes ,
so they are all set up for remote control mode , android pilots in cockpit rather than human ,
despite risks of hacking and ruling by those mean things .

There were many rumors about the kernel ,
that inside the canister , there are bionic materials , similar to human neuro tissues .

So ...
Is the some part of maneuver depends on (time-space) Telepathy hypothesis ?

And in some parts ,
(free) willing of the system's own , that was made at factory by human ?

More over ,
whats the difference between those mean things , heavy burdens from the pasts ,
and type-220 fighter attacker (robo-plane) system ?

In (our) Niihau carrier group (or squadron) ,
only few scientists of 100 know about this and have clearance card key ,
but almost all 400 soldiers do not know who they are ...

... Original story written by Rie (a voluntary supporter of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games) ...

( It took 24 long years to open another games after most west of the world map ,
Los Angeles , to most east site of the map , Beijing ... )
Space Voyagers 2-17 ... Skirmish ... 4 ... Hallucination by near space distortion ...

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-17 ... Skirmish ... 4 ... Hallucination by near space distortion ...
(or (Some) With armour , with firepower , and with mobility)

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base , in star system including Volcano planet ...

Shang ,
many cities named "Shang" constructed on same named planets in
a star system "Sanctuary" , but now only 1 planet is called "Shang"
by people live in and foreigners .

Operation Red and White is now begun ,
but this skirmish battle is not easy or simple ,
much more complicated than predictions of fleet main frame (network) .

There are too many new systems and last minute readjusts ,
as is usual for comebacks and rookies with heavily supported by some people ,
especially somebodies do not want to became ash without a war ...

First ,
10 Type-133 carrier airplanes jump from Luson planet are on time ,
but loading 50 robots is almost 15 minutes delayed .
So orbit jump of 3 battle cruisers is 30 minutes delayed .

But ,
scrambling of things fighter planes are similar as presumption of this fleet command .

Niihau is also no choice but delayed onto outer orbit ,
but launch 50 aircrafts as quickly as possible .

Some of the thing planes , genetic monster with mechatronic exoskeleton ,
have to back to skies over their front line base from nearby skies with 3 floating ships ,
but somewhat less number than prediction by command .

It would be heavy extra burden for 50 robots hang on outside of hull ,
depending on portable EMF shields generators and hardware armour .

Colonel "Morierty" and "Francis (Dryden)" ,
wish that other 2 teams and backward fleet , all would be under heavy firepowers
launch by this huge thing base , could survive more then themselves ...

Simultaneously , ships are already in air-to-air missile range of thing planes ,
and they are too many than CIWS laser beam could handle ,
so some caused hardware damages onto battle cruisers .

Moreover , as they keep on forward flight moves ,
now planet sphere and natural geography can not hide them anymore .

800 milimeter particle beam turrets are now in firing range ,
and the two colonels still could not sure that ship's main EMF shields
can handle more than 3 hits per ship .

Fortunately , airborne robots are now in reentry status ,
and 10 carrier airplanes from Luson base hide into the String Generator ships ,
with backward fleet .

As main frame predicted ,
there are already too many in-air thing fighters and additional scrambling is keep ongoing ,
but robots dive (bombing) into outer turrets , now serioulsy threat for battle ships ,
despite of heavy losses even with extra armours and weapons .

The infantry of the skies (= diving robots) are now in annihilation threat ,
but operaton is keep on processing , maybe now no one in fleet and Luson can stop themselves .

The second carrier , "Illusive" , now jump into orbit ,
and her 50 fighter airplanes are launch by EMF catapults as fast as possible ,
for additional support to the 3 teams forward .

Now is the critical moment of this battle .
The deep space Fleet is now without airplanes or robots .

Soon after , thing space crafts jump up nearby spaces from fleet .
2 String Generators , 4 standard escort cruisers have to defend them by selves .

But just before they emerge ,
many dozens of Pulse Reactors of two string generators create distorted nearby spaces ,
and as a results , there are too many reflected ships all around this sector .

All are in different speeds and directions ,
by detailed tuning of pulses and strings .

... Original story written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings 2-18 ... Skirmish ... 5 ... Distraction needs short distances

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-18 ... Skirmish ... 5 ... Distraction needs short distances ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base , in a star system including Volcano planet ...

Khan ,
leader of chiefs of nomadic tribes , was usual during many years after latest galactic ice age ,
and not all of them was human of this era , but some of them would Aryan offsprings ,
but this is just another hypothesis of few scholars ...

Operation Red and White ,
a battle for liberating Shang planet , and also for occupying theater base for Terran ,
now became critical moments , and commanders at regional headquarters
all around this galaxy now watch with care , (almost) simultaneously .

For all the human commanders ,
it is the first moments that would prove human could win a battle with their new weapons ,
and also prove that those mean things are separated into many subgroups some time ago
and already in war against each other fierce enough to ignore some Terran acts .

3 battle cruisers , are now keep on evasive maneuvers synchronizedly ,
at each turn into left and right , left (wing) ship and right (wing) ship goes into
somewhat low altitude alternatively , and opposite (wing position) ship highest
and forward ship in middle altitude .

Now many 800 mm cannons of each side open fire ,
and the mighty beams creates shockwaves enough to many rocks on the ground
and mountains turn into pieces and dusts .

And if a sand storm are not arised suddenly then , their shields and armours
can not hold much longer enough to reach more closely to thing base ...

Despite the sudden sand storm ,
20 specialized ECM/ECCM fighters of 100 total type-220 and type-230 ,
could keep distracting and jamming the sensors and radars all around thing base .

General "Guy (Gisborne)" at Nesia star system headquarter ,
now watching the front main big screens of ground CIC (war room) with tensions ,
he knows that the situation is much severe than predicted , and the nearest HQ
from the battle theater , Luson HQ would support the reenforcement units .

At the Luson HQ ,
commander admiral "Sheridan" now think same ,
and order 2 Hybrid Carriers and 4 (standard or long-range cannoned) escort cruisers
in his command jump into the battle theater , one of the Rah planets .

Each hybrid carrier has 25 Type-260 fighter planes ,
but "Sheridan" could not send any single robots in his command at Luson base ,
not because Type-260 can not carry robots , but because he knows that
now there still are more chances to lose this battle .

He needs last troops to fight another battle if held on Luson planet .
And he onboard one of the (Bataan class) Hybrid Carriers (with much smaller island tower) ,
brand new ships built for critical situations like this (battles for mankind) .

Meanwhile ,
backward fleet is surrounded by too many thing (airplane) crafts ,
and they break into squadrons and begin to open fire against many of the
hallucinations floats .

Soon , they could find real 6 ships ,
and if then , the losts of Terran is irreversible .

Staff officer (professor) "Samari" would choose using the strings in offensive modes ,
but some parts of the system which are newly upgraded was never wholy tested .
And past tests were with rats and other animals , not with human .
The effects on human minds and souls are never been considered .

When 2 hybrid carriers and 4 cruisers jump into the theater on a Rah planet ,
deep space fleet of "Modred" and "Francis (Dryden)" is almost close to annihilation .

But strangely ,
just after 50 type-260 crafts launch down into the atmosphere above the thing base ,
many facilities begin to explode by itselves , and many thing crafts
jump into distant spaces soon after .

The losses of thing biomechs are probably less than 15 % , not including ones inside the base ,
but the loss of "Modred" and "Francis" fleet is over 20 - 25 % .
(Almost same percentage for fighter airplanes and battle robots)

The only fortunate for Terran is that all the ships and carrier airplanes are not sunk ,
and still floats around the thing base , planet orbit and backward space .

"Sheridan" is not late .
His timely acts saved many lives of this daring deep space fleet .

... Original story written by Rie ...
Waves of Strings 19 ... Skirmish ... 6 ... Red rain over ruined base

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and "Lonely Voyages"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-19 ... Skirmish ... 6 ... Red rain over ruined base ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... (last weekdays of) December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base, in a star system including Volcano planet ...

After retreat of those mean things ,
the leaders of this deep space fleet order to send drones to search the base.
( The drones are unmanned, and usually 10 - 20 meters in height or length )

"Modred" , "Morierty" , "Francis" , and "Sheridan" now all gather
in the CIC hall of Niihau for further strategic discusses.

It was too critical moments for everyone.
If the things were not retreat, then all the ships in fleet, and would include
6 reinforcement ships from Luson, could annihilated altogether.

If those tragedy happened in real, there would be too little forces left for
defending the Luson planet, and it could also fell into things' hand.
So "Sheridan" should go back to a base on Luson planet, immediately.

"Weng" , once my business partner,
now in her cabin, doing her shower, and the booth is in full of mists.

"Red" is drinking a glass of beer, at the greenhouse garden side
of hanger deck of Niihau.

"Samari" is now on balcony deck of a Cargo ship at pier, inside the String Generator,
or Battle Cosmos, which huge space is filled with air and prepared for ship repairs.

Staff officer "Norton" is at the drone control center of Niihau, just next door of CIC,
and what he see on front main screen is unbelievable.

It is a thing battle cruiser in the underground dock, almost no damages,
and the length is more than twice of our I class battle cruisers,
over 2,000 meters long.

He decides to search it by onboard a battle robot of Niihau on orbit.

After reentry into atmosphere,
he maneuver a battle robot over the previous thing base buildings,
and what he see is so terrible.

Some thing crafts are still alive, despite the deadly wounds.
One is still searching for food or electricity with its tentacles outside exoskeleton.
The other is crawl by its tentacles for shelter, but it is already severly damaged.
( They are much bigger than robot 220 or 230, usually over 30 meters )

When "Norton" get into the underground dock of base,
a giant thing battle cruiser lay down along the dry dock facilities.

Drones already reported that
many parts of this ship is consists with bionic modules,
the architect of main computer is very similar to our human's brain and spine.

The sand storm is now over,
and red dusty rain falls on all around the base and near areas.

The EMF shields of robot of "Norton" repels rain drops,
so it is not wet, but all the arounds look like rusty iron steel works.
There is no facility without damage.

So he decides that the temporary frontline base of fleet
would be camp on in the underground docks with a huge thing ship.

... Original story written by Rie ...

( "Niihau" = Kuznetsov or Enterprise or De Gaulle )
( "Illusive" = Varyag or Victorious or Zeppelin )
Waves of Strings 20 ... Snows over Niihau crews ...

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and "Lonely Voyages"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 2-20 ... Snows over Niihau crews ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X15 ... (last weekdays of) December ...
... Rah, a planet with biomech base, in same star system including Volcano planet ...

an (12 th or more) aircraft carrier that is over 3200 meters long,
neither could reenter into the usual atmosphere of human habitable planet,
nor directly jump into the innerside orbits of planet mainly due to its huge hull size,
but in nowadays, the numbers are not enough to defend String Generators,
they are fewer than String Generators.

String Generators,
secret physics weapon, and also mobile repair dock for entire squadron (or group),
and also exoskeleton of it is bunch of tiles of sliding plate armours,
all 3 systems consists 1 single unit,
and maybe last hope for human.

It is last days of year 2X15,
and outside of thing underground base facility is cover with deep snow,
so the red iron dusts are seen only some places.

The scenery is another typical winter day.

"Modred" , "Morierty" , "Francis" , and "Sheridan" ,
and many staffs, sailors and scientists are now having their full breakfast,
somewhat heavy meal good for survivors of a hell like battle.

Although 6 ships and 10 carrier airplanes already go back to Luson planet,
but "Sheridan" and his shuttle craft left for a while for discuss future plans.

"Sheridan" says that next time, if they encounter a same situation again,
than he (or she) could not leave Luson base defenselessly,
so he thinks that this victory is just like lucky punch in boxing.

"Morierty" says if Niihau or Illusive
was damaged, than things would have more chances not to retreat and stay in battle,
so he wants to equip additional anti-aircraft guns and missiles all around the deck.

"Samari" says about his analysis of attack patterns of thing crafts,
and display on simplified 3 D holograms, that their tactics are rely upon quantity,
far more than quality of each unit.

"Norton" says that the thing battle ship, which is over 5000 meters in length
and deserted behind, is much more powerful than sum of our 3 battle cruisers,
and seems like another ominous sign against human existence.

At that time,
I was on the Shang planet, still occupied by thing crafts,
and thought that if the stories from terran military intel reports are all true,
which I had been heard, that they have some same DNA sequences parts,
and only human with Aryan gene could communicate with things,
might be by means of telepathy.

But who can tell Aryan descendants from over 10 billion humans,
and until now, there is almost no research about Aryan or their DNA,
so no human knows about it at all, and its just another ancient mythology,
too old story that is more than 10,000 years before, more older than ice age.

If we find an Aryan,
and if she connects in telepathy with thing kernel brain,
than the things would not invade human planets any more
and peace between human and things would become reality ?

Snow keep falls on Rah planet,
officers and some crews of Niihau are camp underground the previous thing base,
and except Niihau on orbit, other ships of squadron are at rendezvous point
in a distant deep space ...

... Original story written by Rie ...