TCS Concordia (from movie)

Well WCNews has a (largely unattended in the last few years unfortunately) ship model section:
Don't know if that email still works, but I'm sure a mod or two would be very willing to help you.
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I guess this is a surprise to all, trust me i didnt think i would touch this model again. First of all i would like to thank to the person who was talking about my work here (
This forum is the only place i ever got any comment yet alone positive ones, i am not doing these things for recognition but lets face it it feels good if ppl at least say something about it , i know i cant match other ppls skill who can properly texture and render and all those things i dont even know the term for.
Since no one is crazy enough to texture a model with this high poly count , i started doing what i can basically using Google Sketchup's color functions (limited as they are).
I dont even know how to render a picture of my model in a certain res size for ex 1920x1080. If anyone knows Google Sketchup more then me and knows if there is a function i would be grateful. Best i can do is use the export function and have a resolution that the aplication sees on my screen (not that good).
This is a final version (for now :) ) , i cant call it textured lets say colored hope you like it .
If anyone is interested this is my deviant art page :
Again thank you all for the support you gave me.


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We're glad we could help provide some feedback! We support all Wing Commander projects, but we especially appreciate underrepresented parts of the series that don't otherwise get a lot of attention. You obviously put a ton of work into this design as well!
Thank you and underrepresented is kinda the hallmark of all my projects , i started modeling because i was searching a good cgi pic of one of my favorite ship the Taidaan Skal-Tel destroyer from homeworld , none existed so i tried to make one , then came the Concordia , every time i googled it i got an ugly (dont want to offend ppl who liked it ) flat looking hing wich i guessed its from one of the games so i got into that ship , then came the impressive concept arts of Norsehound of his 2nd cataclysm project wich was a redesign of one of the races in homeworld lore . Ofc i love ships like the imperial star destroyer but those have been done to death and done by ppl far more talented then me.
Back to WC , well i am still thinking of doing the 2 smallcraft seen in the movie the broadswords and rapiers and ofc the asteroid-base/docking station. Since i do modeling in my spare time and even then it is a periodic surge where i do nothing but that for days even weeks then i just stop for months even i cant promis when ill be ready with them but its on my list of things to do.
Well i might try to make one as well but atm i am trying to make one without an actual asteroid because i have problems creating the asteroid part , what i had in mind is a smaller version of the shipyard u see in Battlestar Galactica Razor ,at the begining when Pegasus escapes. Something along these lines obviously larger and more complex , i just focus on the berth it self atm.

update 1 : this is the rough layout so far , want to make the yard it self bigger for other type of ships as well wich is connected to my other long term plan to make at least a couple of smaller capital ships based on this design , plus fuel depos (large storage tanks and stuff) and whatever i can think of


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The hopper drive? I didnt think Confed used that. I read, I believe on this site that, when the Pilgrims declared war on Confed, confed's argument was that the restrictions were only placed on the Hopper Drive and they were using different technology.

I'm pretty sure Confed had Hopper Drives. At least they did during the Kilrathi War because didn't the main character of Privateer use a Hopper drive on part of his journey to the game's starting point?

The way I understand it the original Treaty with the Pilgrims didn't prevent Confed from using Hopper drives. Instead it set up a zone around Sol that was Pilgrim territory. The Hopper drive was slow enough and that zone big enough that it was rarely, if ever, worth the trouble for Confed to set up colonies beyond Pilgrim space. The Jump Drive allowed swift passage past Pilgrim space so Confed used it to establish colonies, Pilgrim hardliners gained control of their government, and the march to war began.

In relation, no they weren't as bad, but their losses did prevent them from pushing on to Earth after McAuliffe. Confed's losses were horrendous.

Several legions of Imperial troops caught in their assault craft (much the same as what happened in 2667 at Vukar Tag), a few battlewagons and some lighter ships. I forget the carriers losses, but recall that one was lost jumping in system because of a bad jump.

The Kilrathi lost a second carrier to a frigate kamikaze run at the end of the battle as well as losing one to a jump drive malfuncton.
Well i am back with my never ending fiddling with the Concordia , now she has a little sister as well.
I wanted to make a a whole fleet of cruiser destroyer based on the Concordia design but i had no time what so ever , thanks to the things we do not mention i had a lot of time on my hands in recent months.
I addressed the last area (so far :) ) of the original Concordia i didnt like , which is the underbelly.
I also finished the smaller cruiser class ship which was used to design the Concordia class
I looked up ship class names from this forum but i know i dont follow the Wing Commander games neither in style neither in lore but her hope i dont offend anyone with my back lore for these ships.
I named her TCS Fortuna , a Tallahassee class cruiser.
a little bit of lore:

The Tallahassee class cruiser:
The Tallahassee class was the mainstay cruiser in the CONFED fleet (based on the movies i take the Concordia as the biggest capital ship like the super dreadnoughts of our time ) before the construction of the Concordia the biggest ships in the fleet. This is before Kilrathi first contact and it was considered "more then enough". It was used as a front line warship and could stand up to most known ships. Whatever it could not out gun it could out last . That theory would be proven wrong time and time again during the Kilrathi war .
It was armed with 6 x 14" main guns in 3 double turrets (they are some sort of energy weapon but the shots from the movie shows gun barrels so i use inches as caliber) the preferred gun type of the fleet that time.
Supplemented by 24 long range missile launchers , they are limited by the ships outdated targeting systems so the missiles inside are mainly used for planetary bombardment or space stations.
It was an older design so lot of the automation that took place since its design could not be implemented so it has in fact a larger crew complement then the larger Concordia class.
Hope you like it , comments and suggestion are welcome.

The Concordia class super cruiser:

The Tallahassee class was "more then enough", enough for what? no one asked that question.
No one except Geoffrey Tolwyn, raising the simple question how can something be enough against the unknown. He used political maneuvering, bribes, threats to push forward his plans for an all new class of larger super-cruiser class ship. Many considered him insane saying he manufactures fear and chaos to get his insane ship built. (Took some ideas from Admiral Fisher who pushed the design and construction of HMS Dreadnought and then the massive super dreads)
Risking even court martial if caught, or the project failed he rushed the construction of the new ship , thus the Concordia entered service in record time and more of her class were being built.
It was a huge drain on resources and opposition to the project started growing however when the Kilrathi war began and the Tallahassee class proved disastrously outdated all these voices suddenly became silent.
Based on the Tallahassee frame but being far superior it is a good 30% larger.
Its armament was way superior to the Tallahassee class consisting of 10 super heavy 18" guns in 5 double turrets
Supported by 32 long range missile launcher tubes , which coupled with the ships state of the art targeting sensors can engage anything from destroyer size and up.
It has a hangar bay and can field a wing of strikecraft consisting of Rapiers and Broadswords.
But its most powerful asset is a spinal mounted magnetically accelerated cannon (basically a rail gun) which has a large power drawn but it can deliver killshots to most enemy targets.
Its communication systems are second only to sector bases they make the Concordia and her sister ships ideal flagship for flag officers.
Due to heavy automation its crew complement is rather slim for a ship this size , its actually smaller then the Tallahassee classes.
Owing to the state of the art powerplant it can maintain speeds unheard of for ships this size.


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I also finished the smaller cruiser class ship which was used to design the Concordia class
I looked up ship class names from this forum but i know i dont follow the Wing Commander games neither in style neither in lore but her hope i dont offend anyone with my back lore for these ships.
I named her TCS Fortuna , a Tallahassee class cruiser.

That's a cool derivative on the Movie's Concordia, but I do have some thoughts on the name. The name Concordia is overused throughout Wing Commander. The player ship in Wing Commander 2 is the TCS Concordia in 2665-2667 (seen again in various media through 2669), which is a Confederation class dreadnought. Then later in WC4 we are shown Concordia class carriers like the TCS Princeton, which differ dramatically from WC2's ship, which is fine, because they are also said to be totally different classes, albeit confusingly named. We see the originator of this class, the TCS Concordia carrier, circa 2634 in the prequel Action Stations. Then the movie gives us the CS Concordia in 2654, part of an older Concordia class super cruiser - so it's again a new type of ship altogether, since we never before see any kind of super cruiser, and it's potentially the second ship of the class to bear the name since there's also a Concordia carrier, and it's just not fun to try to keep all this straight. But, it is what it is in the Movie, so we're stuck with that.

But when making your own new design, I don't see any reason to artificially introduce a confusing lineage into a fan-created ship. The Movie's Concordia isn't the same ship as the numerous other Concordias mentioned throughout the series, and so it's not necessary to make up a Movie style cruiser and say it's the same class as the common Tallahassee class cruiser. What I'm saying is, that's probably one of the most confusing names you can give it. You can just make up literally anything else (except Waterloo, Hades or Plunkett I guess?) and it would be fine. :)
Well as i said i know almost nothing of the games , i only played wc4 and it was an "oldie but goldie " at that time. The Concordia got its name because its in the movie so its that , the Fortuna was totally random name i just picked , the class for it i looked at ship classes that are from the wc universe.
The fact that the Concordia as a name is used to much is mostly in the games as i understand it.
I just looked at the movie ships for ex the berthed ships in pegasus before the big attack , u see a ship moving out of frame , i guess they used that one model and just did several sizes of it.
I want to create a fleet looking similar only individual ship designs.
So the Concordia is what it is because of the movie , if u can suggest ship names and class names for lets say a destroyer, a corvette and possibly another type of cruiser which would be lets say a newer construction smaller for ex?
I guess I would say that if you're making original designs inspired by the WC Movie ships, then there's no reason to link them to familiar names. "Fortuna" class is fine. The majority of the ship types that we hear about but don't see are from the novels where we also don't have a specific class name. is a list of WC ship names to give you an idea of the types of names commonly used.
Here are another shot, the Movie Claw, Dilligent and Snakeir
It's great to hear from you again! I was thinking about your work recently; it's still the best (and as far as I know, only) rendition of the movie Concordia! It looks like you're still using Sketchup which is the only issue I have with your work; it isn't great at producing models that work outside the program and a few things like Google Earth, and it'd be great to see these models in another project or even just a high-quality render.

LOAF took some photos of the underside of the Concordia model, which I don't think has ever been seen outside the profile view in the movie handbook.