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well first of all i am new to this page so i salute evryone
i am kinda new to the wing commander univers meaning i only played wing commander 4 prophecy , it was ok but didnt captivate me till i saw the movie wich is before the kilrathi war that one i realy liked
and ever since that movie i been searching pictures or models of the tcs concordia , wich is shown in a couple of shots
and evry time i searched the net i got some flad decked carrier thingi wich ( not knowing the games ) is from the games
then i saw a document somewhere here on this pade saying there actualy more then one ship named concordia and the one from the movie is a super cruiser class ship
i couldnt find tomuch pictures on it , ok none , only a few shots from the movie so i used my imagination
the shots from the movie were a bit confuzing there is one shot at the beginig where the computer hologram shows the concordia and it has fins , later in the movie when u see the ship it doesent have so i decided i make it with fins i just like fins
i couldnt see the engine asambely but just before pegasus gets raped u see ships docked i kinda guessed an engine layout from that
at the end u hear the admiral ordering the lauch of rapiers and broadswords wich suggest the ship has fighter bay
but in my eyes this ship being a super cruiser not a super carrier is first a battlships and seccondly a strike craft carrier so i cant imagine an open and exposed flight deck so i came up with something
my 3d modeling skills are close to nil:) this is my first try so go easy on my folks
so enough talk here are the pics
any comment or adition idea or reference material is welcome ofc


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Did the Concordia from the movie have shields? I think that's why it may have had an open flight deck but i dunno. I havent' seen the movie since it came out haha
well there i no mention of it but even then if it did let say isnt it weaker ? i mean in the movie the tiger claws shields arent all super powerfull and the sip survives some damage even after they are gone and an open deck is just hard to place with this shape
Every ship in the WC universe has some form of shields (phase, meson, etc).

The Terran Confederation Handbook has some nice images of the Concordia-Class Super Cruiser, although I think your right in saying there aren't any online. It does have a flight deck (as many cruisers do in the WC universe, Fralthi, Waterloo, Fralthi II, Tallahasee). Most, but not all heavy capships in the WC universe have some form of hangar bay so that they can handle some fighters.

I'll dig up my copy of the TCH later and post some of the specifications for you.
thank you m8 i am new to the Wc ships outside the movie and maybe what i can remember from prophecy so any help is apriciated , btw what u think of the ship so far?
and question those big hunka guns on the ship they are what kind? i mean some sort of mass driver or some plasma weapon like a turbolaser?
and yes most have hangar decks but correct me if i am wrong it is a secondary thing for the concordia for ex she is a ship wich uses her weapons first and has a fighterbay but it has to be something that wont compromise its combat role , but pls dont get me wrong i dont wana argue with u guys who know the WC univers much more then i , i just thought it like this to be logical but ofc i will listen to u guys who have much more knowledge
I don't think the diagram can be read as fins exactly. You are talking about the schematic here: aren't you? As near I can tell, the ship is just wider in the back half of the ship in general.

Here's a few shots from the film. You can kind of use the first two shots for engine size and placement. Note that you can kind of see them on the ship in the middle in the first shot and on the one berthed on the far left in the second shot. Also, there might be some good images in the confed handbook. Any have those handy?:







And because I think this has been overlooked... Here's a schematic of the claw that appeared in 3D Design Magazine way back when, when they did a feature on the CG in the movie.
well ye i was refering to that schematic but it spins and when u see it from above well it a bit more clear
but ty for the high res pictures i had the same only in like 1/4 size and smuged
a few questions , the guys i mean those big guns what kind of weapons are they , mass drivers or some sort plasma weapon?


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There are ship specs in the Confederation Handbook - I can copy them for you when I get home tonight.

"Warp Field Generator" ?

Yeah, *that's* the problem with the movie Tiger's Claw;)

Oddly, this was one of the few things the movie guys asked us about during the production - if there was a 'textbook' term for jump drives. I'm pretty sure I said 'Akwende Drive' and not Warp Generator... and I never figured out why they needed to know.

(Another was about the proper designations for Confed small arms. This was all during post-production... what was it for?)
It's probably connected to the "hopper" drive in some way.

The hopper drive? I didnt think Confed used that. I read, I believe on this site that, when the Pilgrims declared war on Confed, confed's argument was that the restrictions were only placed on the Hopper Drive and they were using different technology.
a few minor updates
and idea for the main guns
well i like the fins but seeing how only on that little hologram can u see them i changed it a but i made the part where the command tower is a bit wider and i came up with 2 possible side arangements u tell me wich is better


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Anybody here build scale models of ships? The secondary battery of the Concordia (pictured above) looks like it came right out of a model kit for a German cruiser.

Although, that probably doesn't make sense since in this case they were all CGI, right? The designers probably still drew inspiration from the *real* ships since it was supposed to be modeled after WWII naval warfare.

Anyway, callitri, I like your interpretation so far. Your visual style seems consistent with what you might find in a technical description entry. Nice job so far.
thx eltee , and yes u are right those secondary weapons look like the ones on the bismarck or tirpitz only those had 2 barrels and its logical to draw inspiration from real military ships for ex the first star wars movies did that and it increased there success mauvers , how planes fall apart when hit etc
i redesigned the ship a bit , couse the command tower was a bit to long and slim and althow i love the fins i decided to lose them
the second pic is showing a part of the ribs on the side hope u like em


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the secondary guns those triple barrle turret are AA turrets or not?
and if not how does the AA guns look like or how to they function what kind of guns we talking about
and if i am not mistaken the 2 turrets behind the command tower are not the same as the one in front are they simple same turret only 2 barrels or have they got different function ?
Here are the specifications from the Handbook:

Length: 855 meters
Mass: 73,000 tonnes
Max Velocity: 100 kps
Cruise Velocity: 50 kps
Weapons: 30 Point-Defense
4 Antimatter Guns
50 Torpedo Tubes
Light fighter complement
Armor: Fore and aft meson shields
35 cm fore/aft armor
30 cm port/starboard armor

Concordia-Class Supercruiser
Currently the largest battleship in Confed's fleet, the Concordia class was originally developed during the Pilgrim War. The original Concordia was named the Confed flagship in 2645 and serves as a mobile command center for Naval operations.

Defended by 30 point-defense missiles (for fighter defense) and 4 primary antimatter guns, the main offensive asset of the Concordia class is its 50 torpedo tubes, cabale of both ship-to-ship and ship-to-planet munitions, including strategic weapons. It also mounts a small fighter deck capable of carrying a light squadron of about 20 medium fighters or fighter-bombers.

In keeping with its fleet command functino, the Concordia-class mounts enhanced long range communications and sensor packages.

Standard protocol calls for a Concordia-class sihp to travel in company with at least two destroyers and a cruiser (or larger battleship). Transports frequently convoy with a Concordia-class ship, since its fleet command function makes it a natural focus for ship tenders and other supply operations.

The Concordia class takes 700 offices and crew, plus additional space for up to 350 working supercargo (command support and fleet operations personnel, plus a fullhospital facility with a standing staff of 75). There's additional space for up to 300 hospital patients and up to 60 prisoners in the brig, plus limited accomodations for non-crew passengers.
Maybe it generates a grav field that makes (fugly) fighters "fall" when you push them off the edge of the flight deck?


Hahaha you nerd! :D Dude don't you remember what was said about applying 20th century physics to future settings? THINK OF THE CAT PEOPLE!!!