TCS Concordia (from movie)

well i will not , because i know nothing about textureing thats why asked for help , if someone wants to i barely learned google sketch up
My jaw is on the floor. I would never have the balls to even think about modeling this, let alone in Sketchup! Awesome, awesome work!
Although I don't like the design of the ship at all, the work and amount of detail you put in there is simply anazing and it looks great :)

About texturing - maybe you can find a good metal shader and use it instead of textures (bitmaps). Because normaly you use textures to show details which have not been modelled. But since you did so much detailed modelling it should already look great with a good shader. If you don't have one search the net - I am sure you will find some for free there.
I really like your greebles, you seem to have a really good sense for details.

I'm not a very good modeler myself, but I want to warn you not to overdo the greebles. A good example for overdone greebles are star destroyers from Star Wars. They just have too much IMO.
On the other side.... I really like your greebles, so feel free to ignore me.^^

Bonus points for doing this thing in Sketchup! That's insane, I wouldn't even have tried that. Really cool results though. At least from a visual point ov view. I don't know how usable it would be in a game engine but who cares. I like watching it, and maybe someone can render a cool CGI sequence with it once it is finished so we can see it in motion.
i know what u mean by overdoing it , stardestroyers have a lot i know sometimes to much of them but in a way i understand the 'smallest isd is like what 1500 meters long? and what is to say of a issd wich is 15 km ? u have to have a LOT of greebles
but to return to the concordia , i agree sometimes i get sort of carried away and go sometimes to far with them i try to find a ballance with it , as i said i still learn modeling so its a learning trip for me
as for the use of the program i dont know how to use anything else , they say its the simplest and dumbest programs , well i say as far as doing models not textureing them and stuff it has allmoat evrything u need , it has proglems with curved shapes , for ex i would never try to do a star trek ship in this but for boxie shapes its adequate , but again i dont know how to use other programs so it will have to do
about this model performing in a game i would say i wouldnt , it has to much detail imo , games like homeworld 2 have seriously limited detailed models , they do great things with textures wich give u a sence of detail and shapes but the models are prety basic , i never destined the ship for games , i just wanted to be able to see it couse i loved it in the movie
i hope ill find someone to texture it for me , the other problem is that i have only 2gbs of ram and my pc cant take it anymore , when i load the complet model it takes like 20 seconds to change angle , i have to copy parts i work on into new windows to be able to work
well will upload little updates as they come

ps if anyone has good pictures of the rapier and broadswords from the movie , would love to make em and maybe detail the hanger in a seperate setting
small updates
i redid the secondary guns and the hangarbay doors


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I wish I had that Mesh dude....
This one and a Tigerclaw fromt he movie plus some Rapiers would make a nice set of miniatures.
sorry for the long delay ...again:)
think i finished the model now , now trying to clean it out and stuff couse the thing is like 2 million polis and the save file is huge
i have only 4 gigabytes of memory and when i load the full ship i can barely work on it
would love to make a shipyard of sorts and to make the other smaller type ships in the fleet , destroyers cruisers and such , based on the concordias design but thats a long term plan atm
atm i am looking for some metal looking texture to start texture it my self , i know nothing about it so i hope i can import what ever i find into google and paint it there:p
well gona post a few shots of it redid a bit the spinal mounted supergun (i know its not in the technical specification but the pictures show something there ) hope u like it


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Man, you are insane! Go get a life!
:D ...just kidding, your ship looks really good. But that polycount is way beyond everything reasonable. I wonder where it came from. How many polies do the gun barrels have? Or the radar dishes?
Normally modeling or rendering programs and also game engines should smooth forms like that themselves, so you might want to simplify the round forms a bit. It is not necessary to have radar dishes with 500 polies^^

btw: Does anyone know how much polies there are in Howie's Bengal? (Too much to use it in a game but I think I remember it being under a million.)
...that reminds me that I haven't seen him at all in quite a while. I wonder what he's working on now.

Also @Bob McDob: No offense bro, but your signature is really annoying, it is a whole page of source code on my screens. Would you mind to use another one? None of my browsers here interprets that code and reading threads with your posts in it becomes increasingly difficult the more you post.
well about the poly count i know ... but as i said i learned things along the way i simply had no idea about modeling when i started this was my second model but started closely after the first one so this was a learning trip as well
i know the count is way more then anything that can be used , i just did them for fun , maybe to render a few shots , never had games in mind
a part of the polycount is doe to the fact when i was doing the bits and peaces i didnt consider poly count at all so the inside of the ship has a lot of stuff i need to clean out
i am trying to make a sort of drydock and then i can expand it , wana make a sort of base with a few docking berths for concordia class ships and smaller ones something in the order of the scorpia ship yards in bsg razor
but as usual i have several models i am working on
i am trying to make a smaller class ship lets say destroyer wich is concordia looking i mean same engine types only smaller fewer in number same hull design again smaller and perhaps without the hangar section and so on
hopefully i can get them underway soon at least
Well, if it is only your second model I'm looking forward to your next ones very much.
I have created some models myself but none are good enough that I would even consider to show them anyone except my cat. I know quite a bit about modeling but I just can't use it because I lack creativity and a sense for design.

So I'm really impressed by your work here, don't let anyone stop you! :)
Wait, this is a Google Sketchup model? Is it downloadable in the 3D Warehouse?
This thing's a beauty, the greebles are impressive!
yes it is a model made in goggle sketchup i havent uploaded it because i simply dont know how to
i press share model in google it asks me to log in wich i do then it asks me to allow google to manage my 3d warehouse models or what not , i allow it then i says i need to choose a nickname to log in and i dont know where
ofc it might be a problem that i dont have a legal copy of google sketchup
if thats not the problem and anyone can advise id be gratefull couse ofc i want to share my models
Yeah that would be great, I'd also love to take a closer look.
Btw... I hate to be the grammar nazi, but English isn't my first language so I have a bit of trouble deciphering your posts the way you write. Could you please use a bit more punctuation maybe?
Yes u are right about the grammar , it isnt my own language as well so i learned most of it from tv.
I try to be more clear in the future.
Well i tried uploading it but i have problems, as i said from google sketchup when u press share model i have that problem i mentioned.
When i try going on the 3d warehouse site and upload the file from there when i fill out the form and press upload it says connection was reset and cant upload it.
I managed to get the save file down to 59 megabytes it seems if i use components for different parts and not one exploded model the save file is smaller.
I am still worried that 59 mega is still to large to upload , it doesnt say that there is a limit or that i have went over it but still.
So i dont know if i can solve the 3d warehouse problem, but if i cant i can send the model to anyone interested via mail.
Dont know if i can post email adress here so to avoid problems with the moderators anyone interested give me a private cal or something.
Also i have an account on deviantart look me up there under same username if ure interested in my other models, they are not wing commander based so i didnt post them here.