(Something Like)Trivia

For the sake of the question, I'll be more specific.

How many children did Thrakhath sire that survived infancy, regardless of if they died in the big K-boom or not.
Who is the voice of Merlin, I admit that I do not know the answer so if someone who knows can watch for a correct answer please.

P.S. The credits for the movie are: "?"

OK to make it fair here is a 2nd question, answering either will get you the privilage to ask the next question.

Why did the Craxtha survive an attack where all of her sister ships where destroyed?

NO. :mad:
It's my turn if I got it right *first*. :p
But I'm nice so I'll pass to Kell or I guess Erkle's got a second part. :D
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OK how bout part 2 for my previous post:

Why did the Craxtha survive an attack where all of her sister ships where destroyed? And how where they destroyed?
In an answer to your second question, the Craxtha survived because Prince Thrakhath ordered the retreat to save most of his pilots, confident that the remaining carriers would finish the job without the crippled ship. The remaining cruisers were destroyed by Terran marines, forcefully boarding the carriers and detonating nuclear devices within the ships.

Now, onto my question:

What was the name of the fictional information guide that gave information about ships in the manual of the SNES port of WC? (Hint: Think "Jane's," full tittle necessary.)
I'll take it . . .

How was the Arrows ordanance downgraded between WC3 and WC4 that would have made surviving in it alot tougher?
The Arrow used by the Border Worlds in WC4 had only light missile hardpoints, letting them only have Dumbfire and Heatseakers, instead of Friend-or-Foe missiles.

Now, for one hopefully more difficult than my last:

What other Terran carrier was present in the Firekka system around the defection of Ralgha nar Hhallas, and what type of ship was it?
Uh, I can't recall the BW using Arrows. Not in the game, anyway.

In fact, I only recall them in the ambush by cloaked fighters. You certainly couldn't fly them while with Confed.
the TCS Austin. It was the sistership of the Tiger's Claw, so I'm guessing it was also a Bengal Class . . although, in the book, I think they called it a Gettysburg class?
Yeah, the only Gettysburg I ever heard of. And I don't recall it being called the Tiger's Claw's sistership. Would be nice to have gotten a good description of it.

Oh, and the Arrows were one of the first fighters you could fly as under the BW flag. Confed had since phased them out of their fleet and sold them off. There were also a number of Arrows the Black Lance used to parade as Border Worlders.
Yah, the book makes at least one reference to it being the sister ship to the Claw, which would make them the same class.

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