(Something Like)Trivia

Word your questions a bit clearer next time :) If I'm reading this correctly you want the person who was supposed to fly the Morningstar test jump and who actually did? Crossbones was supposed to fly it, but Maniac wanted the assignment.

If this is what you were asking, next question:

A prison ship was to transport Jazz Colson to another prison ship for transport to earth to be executed. What were the names of the two aptly named prison ships?
The Alcatraz and the Bastille.

A rather more obscure question now. What was the callsign of Paladin's wingman who died during a four-fighter assault on a Kilrathi capship in the Enyo system?
Heh, I forgot about this thread.

The answer is "Ranger".

And here's a confusing one for Quarto -- what class of capital ship were they assaulting, anyway (G)?
Yup, Snakeir... that's why I only said "Kilrathi capital ship", so people wouldn't get confused by the Snakeir misidentified as a Fralthi ;).
That's up to Viper, since he answered LOAF's question before I did :).

For everybody who had no idea about the last two questions... this incident was shown in the SWC intro, which was made available in DivX format a while ago.
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Salthi. Bear was leading a flight of them back to the Tarawa intentionally so that they would be spotted and the Kilrathi would raise the alarm.

New Question: Name a system other than Gwynedd where Blair must have visited during his post-Tiger's Claw 'exile' (2656-2664).
Loconda? He talked to Flint about flying there once, but we don't see it in WC1 or add-ons (course, it could have happened at some other time)

I guessed it was around the time when he recovered Michael Casey's ejection pod only to find his mutilated remains. But I don't recall the system mentioned.

But here's one probable answer:
SOL (during his hearing maybe?)

BTW, isn't Blair's mother's actual name is Devi Soulsong, not Melissa as posted by Loaf a while back?
Eh, I suppose the question is a bit confusing, so I'll kill it. I was looking for something like Muspelheim (Blair was there 'ten years ago' according to the WC3 novel) or B'Shriss (where Iceman's body was left)... or anything else that someone could reasonably argue (G) I suppose Sol makes sense, since he was there in the WC2 intro -- so you're welcome to ask the next question, Fraix.

As for Locanda -- the only comment about *when* Blair served there was in the WC3 novel, where he claims it was a 'few years ago'... which would put it around 2666, during his time on the Concordia (the events of WC2 are spaced out over three years -- there's plenty of time for the Concordia to have done a number of things we didn't see in the game...).

BTW, isn't Blair's mother's actual name is Devi Soulsong, not Melissa as posted by Loaf a while back?

Devi Soulsong is *Christopher* Blair's mother. Slawter's question was "Who was Arnold Blair's mother?", referring to his father... if you want to ask that in terms of Chris, it's "Who was Christopher Blair's paternal grandmother?". The answer, as I said before, is Melissa Blair.