(Something Like)Trivia

Well, I don't think it's up to me to decide what is and isn't canon (G)

And that's right -- now ask another question.
Hmm.. Well, let me point out one of the conflicting ideas in the "expanded universe" of WC novels.

According to the Price of Freedom novel, who was instrumental in Eisen's defection to the Border Worlds and also led a small task force to assist the Mjollinir's attack in the Baka Kar system? Also, why do these two events conflict?
Eh, that's only a contradiction because Mr. Keith died before he wrote the rest of the False Colors 'trilogy'. As he explained to us some years back, Richards was to have faked his death in FC as part of his role in fighting Tolwyn's "conspiracy". He would have shown up in one of the following two books.
Is that true? Then it's even more unfortunate things turned out the way they did. I thought that Tolwyn's "demise" and conspiracy was portrayed really poorly in the novels. Would have been good to have something that really bridged the gap.
Yup, it's true. Andrew Keith used to spend time with fans on IRC, back in ~1997-98 or so.

His basic idea was that the second book would be about Prince Murragh (sp) regaining control of the empire with the help of Bear and company... then the third book would be about a war between the Landreich and Confed -- leading directly up to WCIV.

There are a few references in the TPOF novel to things that would have been dealt with in these books -- things like Blair mentioning that Bear ended up as a rear admiral commanding a fleet of escort carriers (G)
Man... those unpublished WC projects...

the cancelation of the False Colors trilogy rates second worst disappointment after the cancelation of WC Revelation and WC Apocalypse...

I thought LOAF answered it pretty well in a roundabout way, but I'll go ahead and spell it out. :)
Vance Richards is the one who engineered Eisens defection and also commanded the support group for the captured Bhantkara in False Colors. What makes these 2 things seemingly impossible is that he presumably died with his group allowing the Mjollinir to escape (which was explained by LOAF, so even though the books weren't written - the fact that Vance helped coerce Eisens change of heart and also provided the 'author' of Action Stations with material about his and Tolwyn's acts together 8 years after the Kilrathi War, we can assume that he did in fact somehow survive).

While we're on the subject of things that slightly deviate from games to novels to etc heres the next question :)

What Black Lance pilot's identity did Blair use to infiltrate the BL base in Axiom?

That would be Lucas DuMont

What is the one of the major differences in the death of Paulson between the WCIV game and novel?
the cancelation of the False Colors trilogy rates second worst disappointment after the cancelation of WC Revelation and WC Apocalypse...

The novels weren't "cancelled", the author died before he could write them. Complaining about it is a bit heartless.

Nor were these so-called "sequels" to Prophecy ever put into development -- MobyGames(tm) 'fun fact' about 'Revelation and Apocalypse' comes from some outline that ceased to be relevent before Prophecy was even filmed.
Whereas in the game, Seether came up behind and stabbed Paulson and simply shoved his body aside, in the book Seether slit Paulson's throat with a laser knife straight on when he was distracted by some papers, and Seether tossed the suffocating body out the air lock of the shuttle.

Is that what you were looking for?
Actually, in the game Seether did slit Paulsen's throat... and left it at the shuttle, and told the pilot to keep on flying the vehicle and ignore what he saw.
ACTUALLY there are 2 versions of the game as far as that cutscene goes. The German version IIRC did show that specific scene from behind so you didn't really see what exactly was going on...
Oh, sweetness. And to think, I was just about to ask if we had a correct answer yet. Hmm.. Okay. Here we go..

Out of the eight interactable pilots aboard the Tiger's Claw, not including Blair, which ones were not from Earth?

(Note: Earlier sources have precedence.)
Alright, the only ones that are not from Earth are Maniac (fom Proxima Centauri IV) and Paladin (from Ares, space station in Venus orbit).

If this is correct, next question:

According to Captain Devereaux, how many missiles and direct laser hits does it take to down a Dralthi fighter?