(Something Like)Trivia

ChanceKell said:
The Arrow used by the Border Worlds in WC4 had only light missile hardpoints, letting them only have Dumbfire and Heatseakers, instead of Friend-or-Foe missiles.

Actually IIRC, the Arrow always only had light hardpoints. The answer I was looking for was the missile loadout was cut in half.

overmortal said:
Yah, the book makes at least one reference to it being the sister ship to the Claw, which would make them the same class.

They aren't of the same class
okay, Suze, take the duct tape off your mouth and answer this easy one to get us back on track . . .

What did the delaying action that the Tiger's Claw was almost destroyed (also losing most of her engines and pilots) in come to be known as?
Custer's Carnival

(if it's right) What is the second ship of the Bengal class and it's difference in relation of the Claw?
You can take it. I find answering questions easier than making them. ;)

[Waste time, waste time, waiting for 60 seconds...]

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How about this one:

"What is the name of the legendary Confederation pilot who inspired Todd Marshall to join the Navy?"
Damien Karnes

What type of captured Kilrathi fighter did Blair and Paz take to the surface of Dolos in an effort to stop the Sivar ceremony?
What is the second ship of the Bengal class and it's difference in relation of the Claw?

Worth pointing out that there's some debate as to whether or not the Tiger's Claw is actually the *first* Bengal-class ship... best to call it the first 'modern' Bengal (G) (With the Kipling as the second).

The answer to the current question is Sartha.
In my mind, nothing -- the Bengal class began with the TCS Bengal in 2619, as per the Confed Handbook. :) But movie-related stuff makes people like to yell at eachother.

Question... hmm. Give me the locations and corresponding years of three Sivar ceremonies.
No... the Kilrathi never actually got to Earth. :) (And the Hakagas' weren't ready until after the 2668 ceremony, anyway).
Don't tell me you're one of those who view every single aspect of Wing Commander cannon! Surely you can see the conflicts... But, I digress. I don't like to yell at others.

2621 - Ghorah Khar
2654 - Dolos
2655 - Firekka