(Something Like)Trivia

You know, for this game to be remotely interesting/fun, I think you have to ask questions that people could remember off the top of their head, not something that is answered by the first person to the CIC ships database.

Anyway, I had an idea for a game, but it woud be short. The Six degrees of Kevin Bacon - WC edition! ;) Make it from a Kevin bacon movie to someone who starred in a WC FMV game in 6 people or less. You could only play it like a dozen times or so though. Lame, but interesting/tough :)

I guess this is story line wingmen since they could all die during WC1. Bossman, all of the Wild Eagles Test Squadron sans Maniac and the one who spoke Kilrathi (kindof wingmen), Jazz and Spirit

If this is correct -
Who was the Kilrathi Ace who enjoyed shooting ejected pilots?

Assuming that by 'wingmen' you mean the people whose pictures you see in the game and not redshirts, the list is missing Knight (dies in the WC2 intro), Shadow (shot down in Gwynedd) and Downtown (killed by Jazz).

The Kilrathi Ace who enjoyed shooting down ejected pilots was Dakhath nar Sihkag.

Assuming I didn't miss anyone, I'll follow the same theme -- can anyone give the names of the four Wild Eagles pilots?
Maria "Minx" Grimaldi, Todd "Maniac" Marshall, Markham "Crossbones" Colt and Jeffrey "Talon" Burkheimer

My question, if my answer is right:

Who was Arnold Blair's mother?
Ratha nar Kiranka.

What are two ships that Blair served on before his assignment on the Tiger's Claw?
TCS Formidable and Diligent(Just a guess)

(if it's right) What's the spiritual center of the Pligrim Alliance?
Eh, I suppose that can work... he wasn't really assigned to the Diligent, though, it just carried him to the 'Claw.

(I was going for his two actual Confed assignments - the TCS Formidable and the TCS Gilgamesh)

The answer to your question is McDaniel's World, I believe.

What was the name of the human traitor in the first episode of Wing Commander Academy?
Bandit LOAF said:
What was the name of the human traitor in the first episode of Wing Commander Academy?

Burrows, Lord I watch those things too much!

What registry name did the Gwenhyvar use to lure in the Tiger's Claw pilots? ie TCS ????
This is quickly becoming the LOAF-Slawter-Viper game :)


What does Zero's dad call him that Zero doesn't really like too much?