RSI Pledge Thread

Yeah, pretty sure you get the game and manual and fold out map with everyhing 125 and over... Other than the bigger ship, everything over 250 also gets you the 5 blueprints too... (oh and a little model ship). I considered going for 250 for the blueprints but I will have to consider upgrading when I can afford more.
As details are slowly leaking out, I'd like all the goodies that come with the 250 option, but part of me rails against buying my way to one of the best ships and missing out on that feeling of earning it.
Hmmmm, apparently LOAF has said that pledges are upgradeable, so I may just do one of the 125 options for now and have a think about it.

I wonder if there will be the opportunity to purchase things like the blueprints or the other manuals, seperately as I would love to have all of them (and I'm sure I'm not alone in that)
Website is back, access to your account or create new ones and the counter is again there...but wait... 644.000$???? Why its not 2 Million already??? Activate Afterburners, NOW!

I already post it in the Gamestar, Gamersglobal, Wingcenter and HLP Forum. Push it. I think a lot of people does not know that the problems are away. Post it pls into the other gaming-forums. I really want that game!! ASAP!
I pledged $250. I might pledge more because I really want this to hit the $5 million+ stretch goals, but the $500 rewards aren't enticing enough. I'd consider plunking down $1000 for, say, an original work of concept art by Ryan Church, or a large reproduction signed by the team leads. Or something Squadron 42-related, like a flight jacket.

At any rate, contribute what you can, and don't forget the stretch goals!
4 Million would be cool because of the modding tools. 5 Million even better. But lets hit the first target and then we see ;)
Lemme share one interesting fact: the AVERAGE RSI pledge is almost twice that of other Kickstarters. Most people donate about $35 to a cause... people are averaging around $77 here!
I almost feel bad. I only put up $40, and the average at this point is over a hundred.

Also, I don't think I've posted on this board in at least half a decade.
Lemme share one interesting fact: the AVERAGE RSI pledge is almost twice that of other Kickstarters. Most people donate about $35 to a cause... people are averaging around $77 here!

I really want to raise the average but any chance you can tell us whether the (hardbound) Squadron42 manual is really only available through the WingNut/Lancer-pledge? I.e. the "Making of"-book with the 250$+ pledges is something different? I'm sure you above all people can understand why that manual is so important :).
and the site is down again.

Gotta say that while I understand the issues and I sympathise, this is getting to the point where it will start to harm pledges/sales.
I had to clear my browser asset cache (pages and images, not cookies or logins) to access the full website.
I'm waiting for screenshots/concept art of the ships. Yeah I'm that vain to pick on looks alone. But I might go all in for the top of the line RSI Constellation.
I'm just waiting until things settle down.
It may be presumtuous, but with the first goal 33% met in a matter of days and lots of people saying they are waiting for info before pledging, I'm quietly confident atleast one of the stretch goals will be met.
To be honest, I think the 'locked' goal will be met before the game is published.
I'm too broke to go for the big donation levels, but can't for the life of me decide whether I'd prefer the Wingnut (combat-oriented ship) or the Lancer (explorer/trader-oriented ship) one. Any advice?
What did you play in Privateer? I think the Mercenaries Guild route was generally more fun than the Merchants style, but it depends on the person. In a tie, I'd lean towards the Wingnut once, since that's the obvious nod to us. :)
I just noticed Amazon payment is also possible it seems.
Has anyone here used amazon payment already? It may be an alternative for me because amazon is one of the places (actually the only one now that I think about it) in the internet that already has my bank account number and I almost trust them, so I might give it a try if it isn't too complex. Also German law applies for which is good.
I'd still prefer paysafecard because it is the best way to pay online IMO. But I could make an exception for RSI.

So, how does it work? Does it work at all, and what are your experiences with it if any?
Here's a question for y'all in the know; sorry if it's already been answered, I'm just feeling too lazy to look. For the $30, $35 and $40 pledge levels, what's the difference in the benefit for me (the end user)? I'm looking at the site right now and I'm not really seeing any difference.

Considering my options at the moment.