Rapier Redux

Howard Day

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Looks awesome, Klavs! I, too would like to see a version with winglets up front...but this looks pretty awesome as is!


COOL! Setting as my desktop right now.

Oh, I know its cheating, but Wing Commander just has more awesome desktop backgrounds than Ultima.


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Thanks for the comments guys! The winglets are there, I try to pay homage to most of the major features, unless I just can't make them look right. For instance, I'll never even attempt the WC1 Raptor, just can't make it look right. I do like Major Strikers version though, I just don't think it fits in with my ships.

Besides, they had to retire the Raptor to free up a slot for the Dralthi!


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Alex Von T.
Ah yes, I see. still it would be nice to have them larger and more like catfish whiskers like the original. and a scimitar would be excellent as well..

Bob McDob

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I agree with Ninja on this; the forward canards are what make the Hornet. Without them, it just looks pretty generic; another wedge-shaped space fighter without much character. I see the detail that you put into making the aft section faithful, but I wouldn't have recognized it for a Hornet if you hadn't told me.

Even Super Wing Commander found a way to work a forward wedge in:


Maybe a more flowing setup would work? I see you went for a kind of blended-wing design for the basic shape, so why not work in another forward blend for the nose?
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I'm liking the initial direction, kind of combines the looks of the WCATV and WC1 Scimitars. The only thing I think is missing is the acceleration pods on top of the fins. If you add some pods up there, the look would be complete.


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During a Blue Devils squadron party, after imbibing too many Rostov hairballs, Todd "Maniac" Marshall, standing on the bar, loudly proclaimed: "I am the Warrior King!"

He did not notice his new nose art until sometime the following day.

Artists comment: Quite possibly the worst thing I've ever drawn. *shudder* But I had to rewatch the Academy episodes for reference material!


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Ditched the triplane wings, huh? This Scimitar looks really durable, which is what I remember most about 'em :)


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They're still there, just less emphasised.

I agree that having the pods helps, despite what misgivings you have about them. :)

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Ditched the triplane wings, huh? This Scimitar looks really durable, which is what I remember most about 'em :)

It does look quite a bit like the WCA Scimm, as the inset shows - which as I understand was redesigned to look closer to the WCIII ships.