Rapier Redux


I think that Klavs may have reached the point with his fleet that a WC1 reimagined may not only be possible, but should be attempted...

Death Angel

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Again impressive work on the Raptor - there's absolutely nothing to complain about.

...and YESSS, we do like movies!...well, at least I do ;)


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What I really like about Klavs take on models, Is that they look modern day almost while at the same time looking like they belong in Wing Commander. Good job Klavs, Keep up the good work!


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All sorts of stuff happening behind the scenes that I can't show you right now, but I can share some fighter turntable movies for you guys. Nothing you haven't alread seen in still images, but still-Enjoy! And Thanks for the continued support!


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Oh Wing Commander, why cain't ah quit you?

Not satisfied with my old Rapier for movie closeups and detailed animation, so I started building another one. (That's three, but I DON'T have a problem)

This one is a direct descendant of the Super Wing Commander Rapier, which was my very first WC game on mac, back in 1995.

Hope you guys like it!


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To be honest, i'm no big fan of the ultra-sleek SWC Rapier. But i didn't like the Raptor either until i saw your model, so i can't wait to see this one finished.