My Wing Commander 1 Models

Just here to say, yes, I am alive, and the Fralthi is nearly done. I've got to finish the texture map, which is coming along nicely, then generate the height/normal map and specular map, as I do.
Here, have some WIPs!

Very nice, please do keem them coming. While looking very cartoony at a first glance, i think your texturing fits well to the Wing Commander 1 style.
Knew it wouldn't take me long! Here it is, the finished Fralthi!

Next up are turrets, as the existing models I have for em look like crap.

After that, the Exeter/Gettysberg!

EDIT: Fun fact, with this ship finished, I've hit 50% completion for the WC1+expansions ships! (and after the Exeter/Gettysberg? Time to raise hell in a Hellcat!)
According to my IRC log I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at your Fralthi and told you the flight deck was in the wrong place.


It looks great, though!
Heh, I redesigned my turret set for my ships. The old ones I had were blocky, rushed and ugly.
The new ones are MUCH better. Sleeker, better designed, more interesting! Main inspiration was the WC3 turrets/WCSaga's turrets with a bit of my own inspiration.

Top turret is a capship missile turret. Left turret is a fighter missile turret (like ImRecs, Heat seekers, that sort of thing.) Right is a laser turret and bottom is an antimatter turret.


Next up, the Kat turrets then the Exeter/Gettysberg.
(Also, I never can seem to get the same shade of background twice. Odd...)
I may have missed something, are they planned to be included in a mod or something? Would love to have a closer look.
I may have missed something, are they planned to be included in a mod or something? Would love to have a closer look.
I do hope eventually to get these all in Freespace 2, in some sort of mod. (In fact, once I've got the WC1 ships done, I'll get all those in, tabled, weapons, etc, and release that as a taster. Not got too many to do either, take a look...)

(note the WC1 Bloodfang on my list is the WC2 demo Bloodfang, which looks SOOOO WC1 it hurts.)
Those models are fantastic! You should make them available thru shapeways.


I'd like to, but I don't have the cash to buy some for testing, and I'd rather not have stuff on there that makes substandard models. In the future, I might give it a shot, of course, but for now, afraid I can't do Shapeways. Shame too, I'd love to see my Bengal model as a little ship sat on my desk (about an inch or two long).
You forgot the Hhriss!
So I did... Heh, added it to the sheet.
I've not been around for a bit as I, like LOAF, have been (re)assembling my computer. I aimed for more... modern parts (like an Intel i5-3570k quadcore and associated motherboard). It's done now, and runs better than ever.

Oh, and here are the new Kilrathi turrets that'll go on my ships:

So... yeah. Time for the Exeter and the Gettysberg.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that. I'm still gonna do em, but what I'm going to do first is go back and sorta... update all my renders, and shove em all onto my small website I've been working on for these. I'll add the new turrets, make the background on the renders consistent, that sort of thing. (Plus, I'll use the mentalray rendering engine for all of them!)

Man, I've got to render roughly... 18 ships and set the page up for em. I've got so many ships to make...
Phew, back. Again. Again. I've been gone for two reasons; One is major league burnout, and the other reason is university work. But, I'm back, I suppose, and I did notice I got a nomination in the Fan Project of 2012 award, which was cool! I did nothice this however:
"It'd be great to see these in more than just wallpapers someday."

Well, here's your chance...

What You'll Need

  • A decent enough computer. If it runs Saga well enough, then this should run well enough too.
  • A copy of Freespace 2 (sorry guys, but I've been developing it off the base game, as it's got more useful features than the branch Saga use. Features that will be used in the future (like real time cockpit displays, for that true WC experience) It's cheap enough off GoG anyway, I suppose.
  • Freespace Open. I use this set of executables. It's got nice shadows and lighting effects. But you can use stock 3.16.6 if you want. A good launcher program for FS2 is handy too.
What do I do?

Unzip the compressed folder into your FS2 folder. It should leave a WCMod folder. Once you've got that, start the launcher up, set this as the mod, and you should be good to go.

What's Included
  • The four classic WC1 Terran Fighters
    • Hornet
    • Rapier II
    • Raptor
    • Scimitar
  • The Drayman Transport (and container)
  • The Exeter class destroyer
  • The WC2 Rapier II
  • Four classic Kilrathi fighters.
    • Salthi
    • Dralthi
    • Dralthi Mk2
    • Krant
  • A ship of my own, a light strike bomber variant of the Raptor, the Raptor "Harrier".
  • Missile models for all the Confederation
    • Dart, Javelin, Spiculum, Pilum, Lance and Porcupine
    • A new, homespun missile: the Flechette rocket pod (a massed pod of superlight dumbfire rockets, good against subsystems)
  • Two small test missions. (I'll probably make a small 3 mission campaign that shows off everything in the very near future)
It's not quite the best balanced (but the majority of the raw numbers are from the WCPedia, and tweaked to fit).
Here's a few screenshots:


Wow that came as a surprise. I feared they might look out of place in the Freespace engine, guess i was wrong. Beautiful!

EDIT: Could the file be corrupted? Downloaded it twice now, but i can't extract it.
Wow that came as a surprise. I feared they might look out of place in the Freespace engine, guess i was wrong. Beautiful!

EDIT: Could the file be corrupted? Downloaded it twice now, but i can't extract it.

Huh, that's wierd. I'll try downloading it from my end, see if the uploaded version's corrupt...

EDIT: Hmm, I've just downloaded the file again, seems fine on my end. Very strange.
I've tried it both with Winrar and 7-z, both of which give me a format error.
Interestingly, if i use CDisplayEX (A viewer for sequential images in archives) it shows the logo.bmp, meaning it can access and extract it. Doesn't help me with the VP though. Has there been a major update to the 7zip format or something?
Not as I know of, I did use LZMA2 to compress it in 7zip, but that shouldn't be a problem... I'll try recompressing it with default settings and reuploading, but that'll take a while, as my internet is slow. I've got it going, and I'll either edit my post or reply again once it's done (depending on time.)

EDIT: And done! Hotfix is included, should just work.
Works perfectly now, thanks a lot for sharing!

Oh, and by the way: i *was* snooping. I like the contrasts in your specular maps, most people just desaturate their diffuse textures. Have you tried giving the glowmaps a little gaussian blur?
And will there be an update with the Fralthi and the other stuff?