My Wing Commander 1 Models

Finally finished the three Rapiers (both WC1 and WC2 Rapier IIs, and the movie's Rapier I). I did the movie ship in a more game-y colourscheme, as I kinda hated the brown rusty look. It really didn't show the detail off well. Anway, here are the images.



Now, time to do the Tallahassee, then the Gilgamesh, then some more Kat ships, as I haven't made any of those in a while.
The WCM Rapier is a much more attractive fighter when painted in WC1 colors. I actually like it as potrayed here.
Fresh out of 3ds Max, the Tallahassee!



There we go! I'll make the WC3 and WC4 UBW colours tomorrow, and then it's the Gilgamesh up for a recreation. After that, some Kilrathi ships, perhaps the Dorkir and a few fighters (the Grikath and the Paktahn or Gothri.)
I do as I say, here's the WC3 and WC4UBW colours of the Tallahassee!



Like I say, next up, the Gilgamesh, then the Dorkir, Gratha and Paktahn. (I know I said Grikath in the last post, but I did mean the Gratha! All those similar Kat ship names gets me confused.)
I like how you've used the cockpit frame to link the WCM Rapier with the game versions a little... nice!

Makes me think about linking the WCM Tiger Claw with WC1 Tiger's Claw in a similar way...
Phew, finally got another ship out of the way. The Gilgamesh destroyer. I added a hangar to this one, but I didn't do it like the Standoff Gilgamesh's hangar, I did in the style of the Tallahassee or Southampton (the little bay at the back).

Next up, the return of Kilrathi ships to 3ds Max! The Dorkir, then the Gratha, Jalthi and then the Paktahn bomber. After that, time to do the last few Terran WC1 ships, starting with the Raptor, then the Venture, Exeter and finishing off with the Tiger's Claw herself, the Bengal Class.

EDIT: But first, I want to get some of the ships I've built in the meantime into FS2. That's the numerous Kat fighters, the Ralari, the Rapiers, the Hermes shuttle, and the Tallahasee and Gilgamesh.
Heh, I've been slowly converting the ships I've made into FS2, and while I was doing that, I had a crazy idea. This is the result of that:


Yeah. (Oh, and ignore the engine flames, that's just for FS2, they look SOOO much better in game.)
I'm gpnna throw out this question here; How much fuel do the WC afterburner tanks carry? Is it the same for each ship, or is it different? Also, is there any place all the stats for all the ships have been collected?
WCPedia has the stats.
Also, for the fuel, I would look into the Tables of WCSagas ships and look how much fuel they have.
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Here is the table of the F-44 G Rapier II. All fighters have the same fuel of Afterburner:

$Name: F-44G Rapier II
$Short name: Rapier
$Species: Terran
+Type: XSTR("Medium Fighter", -1)
+Maneuverability: XSTR("Excellent", -1)
+Armor: XSTR("Light", -1)
+Manufacturer: XSTR("Confederation", -1)
+Description: XSTR( " ", -1)
+Tech Description:
XSTR("The Rapier is a premier front-line superfighter. Its light weight gives it incredible maneuverability while its unique new power plant gives it an incredible amount of power. This gives it the ability to outrun most opponents, to maintain heavy shields, and to support a powerful armament. The Rapier can outperform, outgun, and outlast any fighter now in service. It is likely that this fighter will remain the front-line fighter for years to come.", -1)
+Length: 19 m
+Gun Mounts: 4
+Missile Banks: 2
$POF file: F-44G_Rapier_II.pof
$Detail distance: (0, 100, 300, 400, 900)
$ND: 144 234 237
$ND: 60 231 239
$ND: 78 151 156
$ND: 30 179 189
$Show damage: YES
$Density: 1
$Damp: 0.4
$Rotdamp: 0.4
$Max Velocity: 0.0, 0.0, 70.0 ;; in x/y/z -- z only specified forward. use special tokens for backward movement
$Rotation time: 2.4, 2.4, 2.4
$Rear Velocity: 0.0
$Forward accel: 2.5
$Forward decel: 1.5
$Slide accel: 0.0
$Slide decel: 0.0
$Expl inner rad: 25.0
$Expl outer rad: 55.0
$Expl damage: 15.0
$Expl blast: 300.0
$Expl Propagates: NO ;; If set to Yes, then when the ship dies, the explosion propagates through it.
$Shockwave Speed: 0.0 ;; speed shockwave expands at, 0 means no shockwave
$Allowed PBanks: ( "Laser" "Particle" )
$Allowed Dogfight PBanks: ( "Laser" "Particle" )
$Default PBanks: ( "Laser" "Particle" )
$Allowed SBanks: ( "Pilum FF" "Javelin HS" "Spiculum IR" "Dart Dumbfire" )
$Allowed Dogfight SBanks: ( "Pilum FF" "Javelin HS" "Spiculum IR" "Dart Dumbfire" )
$Default SBanks: ( "Pilum FF" "Spiculum IR" "Dart Dumbfire" )
$SBank Capacity: ( 20, 10, 20 )
$Shields: 230
$Shield Color: 100 100 255
$Power Output: 3.6
$Max Oclk Speed: 75.0
$Max Weapon Eng: 80.0
$Hitpoints: 234
$Flags: ( "fighter" )
$AI Class: Captain
$Afterburner: YES
+Aburn Max Vel: 0.0, 0.0, 187.0
+Aburn For accel: 0.7
+Aburn Fuel: 250.0
+Aburn Burn Rate: 1.0
+Aburn Rec Rate: 0.0
$Countermeasures: 15
$Scan time: 2000
$EngineSnd: 128 ;; Engine sound of ship
$Closeup_pos: 0.0, 0.0, -28
$Closeup_zoom: 0.5
$Shield_icon: rapier
$Ship_icon: icon_rapier
$Ship_anim: ss_rapiermk2
$Ship_overhead: loadrapier
$Score: 8
$Subsystem: communications, 10, 0
$Subsystem: navigation, 10, 0
$Subsystem: weapons, 20, 0
$Subsystem: sensors, 10, 0
$Subsystem: engine, 35, 0
Yeah, I did, and sure, you can use the Drayman and Ralari, no problem. They might need a bit of retexture, to make them fit more into the style of your mod, but that's no issue. I'll even throw in the rigged up version of the Drayman for Freespace 2 as well. The files are 3ds Max 2012 files, but I can convert them to whatever format you want.

EDIT; the reason I haven't got round to answering the PMs is that University has started again, and that takes up a helluvalot of time.

Double EDIT; Also, I've JUST started working on a Dorkir Mesh, which is good stuff. Not the biggest fan of the design, but it works.
Great ;)
I need them as a pof. The textures are not a problem, I can change them, but can you use the turrets from the Saga Prologue please? The Confed and Kilrathi ones on the ships? I'm not experience in 3d progs so I need here help :/ You can visit us here:
big big thx ;) Perhaps you want to join us at our project ^^

I've replied to your PM. :)

Also, like I said, the reason why I've not been around is that university has started again, and it takes up a helluva lot of time every day. (plus, after making all these models in such a short period, I'm kinda burnt out, and want to take a short break from making models. Don't worry, I'll get the Ralari done and sent.)