My Wing Commander 1 Models

CMDBob said:
On the new ships front: I'm going to design a small refuel/rearm ship (smaller than the drayman, about the size of a large bomber), mainly for FS2, but also just because I can!

Why not a Clydesdale?
A Clydesdale is a touch too big for a quick refuel/reload ship. It's going to be more a carrier launched quick support ship. (But don't worry, I'm going to model a Clydesdale too! Once I've done WC1's ships.)
something the size of a shuttle so it won't take up to muck space on the ship. slower then a bomber with it's payload maybe no weapons to fight with.
Yeah, something like that.

Oh, and I've just finished making the big ol' flying pancake that is the Dralthi. (Only the Mk1 as of yet, the Mk2 would need a bit more work.)

Now, on to another...
The Clydesdale is quite small at 70m. But if you want smaller, I suggest the Border Worlds Shuttle from WC4.
Glad you like it! I gave it a half WC1 ingame and half AcademyTV colour scheme. Now, I'm working on the Krant. (then I'll probably build the Ralari.)
Finally got the Krant finished. One more ship ticked off my list.

Next up, the WC4 UBW shuttle (as a WC1/2 era shuttle, for personnel, marines, even resupplying fighters mid mission with more missiles/fuel) then, I'll make the Ralari.
something about the bright, cartoony, colors you put together makes me very happy.. keep up the good work soldier.
why the Rapier II it wasn't in wc1 I know it's cooler looking but if your makeing wc1 models unless your going to use both of them? also the style you've pick makes me think im looking at an old handheld game this being upgraded
The Rapier II was introduced in WC1... several missions revolve around its test flights and impending introduction to the Confederation Space Forces.
Yeah, the Rapier II was the WC1 fighter, back then it was just the F-44 Rapier II, but in WC2 it was the F-44G Rapier II (having gone through 10 years worth of refits to keep it up to date). [Just a sidenote, the Rapier 1 is the Movie's Rapier. Once I've got ALL the rest of WC's ships done (Might not do Prophesy's ships, but I'll see...) I'll build a few movie ships.
Finally got the Ralari's mesh finished. Tomorrow, it's texturing, then the F-44 Rapier II. (After the Rapier II, it's the CF-117 Rapier I, from the movie. I'm gonna do the movie Rapier in a brighter, more WC1/2 ish texture scheme, to match up more.)
Anyway, the WIP Ralari:


Now, I'm off to bed.
Once again, I bring more ships to the fleet! Fresh out of my shipyard, here is the WC4 UBW Marine shuttle.
Heh, that's neat - it's exactly what we did in Standoff, as well. That UBW shuttle just seems to fit together so much better with WC1/2 ships than that "space truck" design Confed used in WC3/4.
Yeah, that's what I thought, the curves and smooth lines really work with WC1/2's aethetic, and the fact that the Border Worlds has them in WC4 makes sense.

Speaking of ships; I've FINALLY finished the Ralari. This was a pain, as I never could work out how I wanted it to look, within the confines of the design. I think I've got it now though, and I've got it to the point where I like it too.




Time to do the Rapier II (WC1 version), then the Rapier I(movie), then perhaps jumping ahead to WC3, to do either the Tallahassee or the Southampton. Why? Because I can!
Oh, and if it seems like I'm not showing anything for a while, that's deliberate. I want to get both Rapiers all made before I show them off.