My Wing Commander 1 Models


I went and made some models based of Wing Commander 1. There's no real story to these, other than the fact I was bored (and I wanted something I could eventually use in some sort of mod for Freespace 2 Open).

So, first up is the Hornet. This has 3 variants, the classic Wing Commander 1 green style, a Wing Commander 3 style, with uprated and smaller laser guns, and a Wing Commander 4 UBW style, with the uprated laser guns from the WC3 variant.




Next up is the Salthi, hotrod of the Kilrathi Empire. This one doesn't have any variants, but I might go back and make an ace version, with more paint, maybe some fins, that sort of thing.


And finally, for now, is the Drayman Transport. I made this with a detachable cargo box, as it kinda looked like that was the case. This one is my favourate so far, but that might change with time. (oh, and the text on the engines is Terran Confederation Logistics Division, if you couldn't quite read it off the pictures.) I haven't made a WC3/WC4 style texture for this yet, but that shouldn't take me too long (hopefully).



Oh, and a few treats; I did manage to put the Hornet into Freespace 2: Here's a couple of nice beauty shots.

AWESOME stuff! I love those original Wing Commander ships.

We actually have, after many many years, a lead on the outside contractor who did the originals for Origin way back when--cross your fingers!
I could do, yeah. They'd take some cleaning up, meshwise as I only made them for the Freespace 2 engine, but it shouldn't be too hard. I'll experiment and see.
with the Drayman Transport did the ever show it with something else attached to it's back maybe a decent pod for the marines or something like that?
There was a tanker variant of the Drayman (the Dilligent) but apart from that, all the Drayman ever had was the standard brown pod.
Yeah, the Diligent is the same 3D model as the Drayman, but with a big blue tank instead of a brown box.

We do see Draymans (Draymen?) being used as marine transports in SM2--but they still have the brown box.
Yeah, eventually. It's actually pretty easy to do (especially in Freespace2). I want to get all the WC1 ships made before I do that though.
There is one question I've never seen get asked are there any confed ace pilot paint jobs cause i know about the kilrathi ones but never seen or heard about a confed one?
I would think Confederation military standards don't allow for such public displays of ego. Also, would possibly make such identified craft targets of priority for the honour-driven Kilrathi.

This is just my speculation, however.
But if there are no signs that say which ace is fighting how do the kilrathi know who to challenge for there greater honor or to get them more honor? Also will you be makeing anything new like ships or fighters thats not in WC1
IFF signals is one possibility. There must be some sort of ID included in the broadcasts (from an in-universe point of view).
On the new ships front: I'm going to design a small refuel/rearm ship (smaller than the drayman, about the size of a large bomber), mainly for FS2, but also just because I can!
EDIT: Not yet though, want to get the core fleet made.