Is Palpatine Darth Sidious?


a we all loved maul, park portrayed him wonderfully. i would have rather obi die and get reincarnated tehn maul get diced.

its old news sidiouse is emporer palpitine.

also i think of myself as the know all man on starwars, and have been watching listnign and reading every little bit of detail i can cram into my brain for nearly 10 yrs, i am only 18.

Darth does mean dark lord of the sith, writen in lucases book of the movies, and dzens of books made before TPM have mentions of that 2.

go to the starwars message board if u have doubts
Mark Hamill did the voice of the evil cat in a Powerpuff Girls episode.
really? thats pretty sad, he played luke skywalker, and been reduced to C grade movies and voices of minor charecters on cartoons.

life can be tuff
i feel sad for hammil, he did starwars, i mean starwars, not some cheassy 2 bit movie game like oh say.......wing commander lol J/K

but even a drop from wingcommander has turend him into a pansy puff, makes me sad
The first mention of the Emperor being Senator Palpatine are in the novelization of the first movie (first released, A New Hope, not Ep I). I used to have an old copy of that from the 70's (probably still have it somewhere) and I know that's where I first encountered the name Palpatine.

So, there's Palpatine who's established definatively as the Emperor in the novel (not to mention virtually every book or comic also referring to him as Emperor Palpatine), and there's Darth Sidious, who even discounting the fact that he's played by the same guy, looks and acts like the Emperor! Sidious=Emperor=Palpatine. What's the big f'n problem some people have with this?
Lord_Nathrakh said:
really? thats pretty sad, he played luke skywalker, and been reduced to C grade movies and voices of minor charecters on cartoons.
I believe that is largely by virtue of his own choosing.

He really is a fairly frequently used voice-actor, though, and a pretty good one.
i spose so, never even heard his voice acting, ive seen 1 of his b grade movies called tiome slippers or somthing like that, wasnt bad for b grade, bu he should have turned out like harrison ford, now he made it big
He was in Jay and Slient Bob Strike Back as himself, playing a villiam in the movie of a Comic (from Chasing Amy), he also did the voice of the Scooby-Do in the movie.
He was also in the B movie The Guyver. Wasn't so bad. I've seen worse B movies. Don't know how it compared to the japanese series.
Lord_Nathrakh said:
No shit? scooby? didnt know that i know about jay and silent bob, that also had carrier fisher in it

I meant he did the voice of Scooby in Jay and Slient Bob Strike Back.

He also did the voice of the The Hobgoblin in the 90's Spider-Man Animated Series.

He also did the voice of Wolverine in the Computer Game X2 - Wolverine's Revenge
Another of the more notable voices that's easy to miss is Adrian Ripburger in the classic LucasArts adventure Full Throttle.
ok i didnt know about any of this shit, still think about it, its a bit of a downer compared to his best work should have made him like harrison, at elast with carrie fisher she got some movies that made it teh cinemas after starwars.

to bad she aged so badly, drugs do that i spose. hammill and Ford aged quite gracefully me thinks.......
Hamill only looks good for the first two years after plastic surgery. Fisher aged badly because she was a major cokehead for ESB and RotJ. Ford can just outright afford plastic surgery whenever he wants.