Here's a Kat bar, Spirit

Hmm, I don't think you should be able to land on any Kilrathi base you want. I think the Kilrathi would be eating humans for dinner.
Fruitcake said:
Hmm, I don't think you should be able to land on any Kilrathi base you want. I think the Kilrathi would be eating humans for dinner.

Who said you'd be playing only as a Human?
okay, i didn't mean copy thrakath, i meant use an actual reference of a cat to get it right. no, the kilrathi do not all look idential, but they don't look like terran house cats, or much like lions either. use actual references is what i was getting at.

also, quit posting all these personal things spirit, kind of annoying.
How about doing it in a way that dosn't piss people off. If your going to contribute, please do so in a meaningful way. Try offering suggestions instead of; its wrong try again. How about some quoted excerps from the references, or a hyperlink or two. Not all of us have the time to obsess over every detail. Apperently you do have the time, so providing condensed refrence info should right up your ally.
Here's the Kilrathi bar from the old Privateer 3 article:

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Thanks, LOAF, consider it done. I think I'll put a menu above where the bartender is. A "pictorial" menu... ;-)

I have a question, I think criticalmass posted a ttf kilrathi font, which I expected would implement a kilrathi alphabet, but it's an English alphabet. I thin "MILK" can stay in English since it's probably something kilrathis import, but as for menu items' prices, what should I do?

And what's this "Privateer 3"? There was a Privateer 3 in the works?
'Tis a sad tale. They've tried to develop Privateer 3 a number of times... one version got a big magazine article *just* before it was cancelled, which is where the screenshots you see online come from.

Here's a cat "language" font: . Probably can do the text either way -- the 'milk' joke may become a bit too obscure when it's actually written with weird foreign letters.

In terms of some general cat language stuff, here's a Kilrathi Lexicon I did a few years back: . I don't know how much of that might help someone developing furball culture -- but it does list a Kilrathi drink or two!
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just some quick roughs for inspiration, and a better direction of where to go. a less, thrakathy bartender. the idea is he's wearing kind of that poofy shirt thing from WC2, and then a heavy leather chest piece. sorry they're so rough, its late and i was trying to scramble to get em done....gotta get to sleep.


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here's a slightly better sketch of the bartender, still kinda rough....and now i'm going to bed.


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Whoa, this stuff is serious!!!!!! Brad the sketches are awesome. Dan thanks for the animation!

I guess I'll have to fit this stuff into the game next :)
Okay, Brad, I'll try to come up with something like the first bartender.
The third looks a bit ape-ish ;-)

Here's a second fixer I came up with, for whatever it's worth. I wanted it to look a bit stupid to match the stupid look of the terran second fixer ;-) an I guess I succeded...

So, we should have a new base, eh? I'll finish the fixers first, since they are more urgent at the moment, then I'll re-do the bar, then get to the base.
Well for, say, mining bases you can probably modify existing screenshots.... mining bases are very utilitarian (a big hole in the rock) and the design wouldn't change much, just change the details (like the cart moving about) and that should do it :)