Here's a Kat bar, Spirit

That razor-sharp ponty Balcony can hurt people. Then again, they are Kilrathi, and had that 'strong' thing going on.
Hi everyone! Spirit asked me if I could contribute to some of the art going into this project. I sent her a couple sketches and I think this one's getting closer to what I read when I skimmed through the topic so far.

Kilrathi Female (Try 3)

Once some of the initial design has been decided on and I flesh out the design a bit more I can start inking and coloring these in photoshop to better match the existing graphics produced so far.

Let me know what you all think, what I should change, etc... and I'll see what I can do. I hope my contribution is welcome and would like to see this project completed, with or without my help.

I hope this doesn't get taken the wrong way...

feline - that sketch would look great as a poster in a Kilrathi bar... :)
Looks good -- needs more breasts, though. Kilrathi give birth to litters, and so are like regular cats. Here's a picture from Secret Missions 2:

yeah, great work! maybe make the face less human like? i'm admittedly more partial to the look of the WC2 Kilrathi. that overtly cat look. Yeah, definately one attractive cat lady.

some other thoughts/suggestions. maybe instead of having the hair done in a stylish cut, give it a more 'mane' kind of appearance? going off the pic LOAF posted up the softer feline facial features is pretty good, maybe incorporate elements of both what you have and the heftier cat faces from the sketches of the male kilrathi i posted up. dunno, an idea. definately dig her.
Fantastic art there, Feline. Looks quite impressive. Got to agree with Loaf on the few revisions though. Looking forward to an update. :)
I found a copy of WCKS, but can't get SM1 to work. Nor can I figure out how to transfer pilots from WC1 to SM1.

WC1 worked fine, though. Strangely.
Bandit LOAF said:
Looks good -- needs more breasts, though. Kilrathi give birth to litters, and so are like regular cats. Here's a picture from Secret Missions 2:


To be fair, all other Kilrathi women we've seen have had two breasts. As such, it's really up to the artist.
Most of the other Kilrathi women we've seen have been fully clothed, so it's pretty hard to tell. The only clearly "human form" Kilrathi women we've seen were the ancient paintings in the WCP intro.
Suggestion -- Maybe the lower pair(s) of breasts are generally less developed than the upper, and when they're not developed enough, girl kats don't bother wearing a bra on them. I know I don't sometimes, depending on what's going on that day ^^;
Here's another based on the reference provided by Loaf.

Female Kilrathi (Try 4)

I was hesitant to add the extra breasts from the begining. It did cross my mind before the first, but I wasn't sure if it would wierd people out. It still might. Adding them is tricky since it does hide some of my favorite curves. I'm assuming that Kilrathi, like humans, have diversity when it comes to body structure. One female might not have as prominant endowments than the next.

Another thing I'm not sure of is if they have tails at all. The screens I've seen don't show any.

I'm not too up on the WC history either. I usually just skipped over dialogue when I played last, 10 years ago. So, I'm wondering what roles do the females play? I've seen they are involved in the religieon. Can they be in military or government?

Anyway let me know how close I'm getting. How should I make the faces less human? Was it the eyebrows or facial structure?

And thanks for all the complements and suggestions so far. I thought the comment about it being something to display on a Kilrathi bar wall sounded like a compliment actually.
Loaf will be the best one to make the call on this, to me it's looking very good and the six breasts seems to flow naturally with the feline form. (Boy that's a weird statement). Very good concept work.
Looks great and what you said about body structure makes sense.

They do have tails -- they don't show up frequently in screenshots (Kilrathi in the games are usually wearing pressurized armor or capes), but they're there. The most famous instance I can think of is the winning endgame of The Secret Missions, when Gilkarg is executed. You see his silhouette with a tail swaying back and forth before he's disintegrated. Another notable example is from Freedom Flight, where Hunter notices that the captured Dralthi have holes in the seats for their pilots tails to stick through. (I was a Kilrathi in the Dragon*Con parade last year... I forgot to take my tail off afterwards, so I ended up being an ordinary person with a tiger tail for a few hours.)

Re: their social status. Females aren't part of the government or the military, but they have a large amount of control over these things. The Kilrathi religion, the Cult of Sivar, is run entirely by priestesses... and Kilrathi beliefs are so well entrenched that the priestesses can exert a large amount of control over the military and the government. Prince Thrakhath had to tread carefully when it came to matters that the priestesses had some interest in -- conflicts between the formal government and the more progressive cult priestesses were at the base of why planets like Ghorah Khar split off from the empire.

I wouldn't worry too much about facial structure -- it's supposedly very varied, with 'rougher' lines indicating "less noble" blood.
Even though we do see tails in WC1, I don't remember seeing a Kilrathi tail in any of the subsequent games. Would they hide it in their cloathes ?

I always asumes that if the Kilrathi evolved from some kind of alien feline, maybe their tails would have shortened a bit, and that different Kilrathi sub-races could have different tails length. Maybe even that the nobler-blood Kilrathi your have very-short tails (as in more evolved) and that the commmoners would have long tails. It would explain that the Kilrathi soldiers in WC1 have long tails but that the nobler Kilrathis we see in the subsequent games have ho apparent tail (maybe it's short so it's hidden under a cape, a robe or something). It would make sense for (at least some of) the Kilrathis to have shortened tails, just as we humans lost our own tail from our monkeys ancestors, no ?
BTW, feline_s_pirate: I think your 3 pairs of breat female Kilrathi looks great. I like the alien look she has. Keep up the good work !