Here's a Kat bar, Spirit

As intended. Now, I'll first finish all the fixers, then fix some and re-do others, then the bar, then the base. The idea is, as soon as I finish the first batch of fixers we can throw them into the game for testing. I want to be sure things like positioning and transparency are working, before I put too much time perfecting anything.

Talking about stooopid looks: Think Lynn Murphy... A lot of the characters in the original game had completely different faces when you see them in the bar and when you talk to them. All the women in the game have the same face. That's some lazy and lousy artists Origin had... I think my cats excell by comparison.
Bandit LOAF said:
Here's the Kilrathi bar from the old Privateer 3 article

Could it be possible that the Skaarj from Unreal had stolen the glyphes/letter from the Kilrathi culture (the letters of an entrance in one of the first tunnel-scenes in Unreal I, IIRC)?
BradMick said:
and a base idea.

I like your concept art. They should have something "Atlantean" in it. Mh, I think their sharp asymmetrical geometry could have more details (not so blocky like in WCIII), because of functional/technical and artistical/cultural reasons.
Didn't I already mentioned how great the Kilrathi species is and how much possibilities exist to redesign something from them? :D

I like the Kilrathi idea because they resemble one of the wonderous fauna entities of earth. Therefore they aren't such strange as the term alien implies and nevertheless they also appear in a certain degree alien (even it's not realistic, of course).

Mh, but your "Kat"-designs (especially bartender) are a bit too humanoid. Mayhaps such style is needed in your project to "simplify" the grafics or to fit an existing main style your team had already determined.
Forlarren said:
How about doing it in a way that dosn't piss people off. If your going to contribute, please do so in a meaningful way. Try offering suggestions instead of; its wrong try again. How about some quoted excerps from the references, or a hyperlink or two. Not all of us have the time to obsess over every detail. Apperently you do have the time, so providing condensed refrence info should right up your ally.

Eh, Brad can jump at people, but he's offered suggestions and quoted references in this thread specifically, as well as providing sketches of established Kilrathi looks. Your reply doesn't make a whole lot of sense, in that context.

I'll also point out that this isn't an 'every little detail' issue. It's not like you could play any Wing Commander game and not see what the established Kilrathi look is. Dan's pictures don't remotely look like any of them. Changing one of the instantly recognized things in the game to something completely unrecognizable isn't really the best of ideas. Huge amounts of the gaming community, Wing Commander fans or not, recognize Kilrathi. Even people who maybe once played a Wing Commander game ten years ago are going to go "What the fuck?"

I don't care all that much if you go and make up ships or locations or anything of that sort. I'll likely grumble if I see them in a game, but there are times when you need to do things like that. I don't tend to get into these sorts of discussions with fan project people because they're the ones doing the work and if they want to do it some other way, it's up to them. However, changing one of the most recognizable aspects of the franchise is shooting yourself in the foot. The most recognized part of Wing Commander, probably more recognizable than the Dralthi, is the face of the Kilrathi.
I apologize Dan. I do feel that the Kilrathi should be treated very carefully. Its one of the things that a (umm anyone have a better term than retro, and no I am not trying to start that argument over again) puritan (?) should have the final word on. It seems that the entire forum is drawing lines and getting a little emotional when it would do a little good to take a step back and a deap breath (my self espically).
Missing the point. I need a word (or small easily typed group of words) that expresses a fan that prefers a very strict continuity. <-- I dont want to type all that every time I want to say it. We need a word or we need to make one up.
Wing Commander fans like continuity, people who aren't Wing Commander fans don't care about it. It's kind of inherent to the word fan, which is derived from 'fanatic'.
what about "continuity puritan"? Hard to type and spell (for us speeling imppared) but moderatly accurate and (hopefully) not derogatory.
See, you're the person being crazy here -- you're trying to put an insulting label on loving Wing Commander. You're trying to create two sides where none exist. That's silly and pointless. There is no worthwhile outcome from insisting that one group of people be denegrated simply because of one thing they believe in.
Do you even bother reading at all? Its like your trying to offended. You are creating the schizm by saying that anyone who dosn't think exactly like you is not a fan.
Yes, I very clearly responded to what you're trying to do. Wing Commander fans don't need a crazy division based on what you think is "right" for them to think.