Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks


Thanks, I thought so. I'm so glad to get back into wing commander, its beyond a guilty pleasure. My wife calls me a nerd for some reason, no idea why...


I contacted Symantec, and they are adding the scanlines patch to their whitelist. I can only assume the scanlines removal code is a wrapper around the original executable, triggered when a file type (video) is accessed. This type of wrapper code unsigned, around a signed piece of code is how a virus attaches to legitimate files. This likely is why it was flagged I'm pretty sure.


I just wanted to let you know that I got WC Prophecy DVD upgrade to work. You're method does actual work, but the one on the site does not work.

For those who are still having trouble, it's very important that if start from a fresh install. I had trouble getting it work because of the many things I was trying which turned out not so well. Here is how I got it to work:

  1. Download the DVD movies from CIC found here (3 files)
  2. Extract them all to a folder named "movie" and put it in your WC Prophecy GOG directory.
  3. Download and Install this, it will eventually ask you set your screen resolution and graphic settings, put them to max for best quality.
  4. Download from post #37 that @TCSTigersClaw provided to your GOG Prophecy Directory.
  5. Remove any compatibility that are preselected from Prophecy.exe and secretops.exe (right click on prophecy.exe/secretops.exe, click on Compatibility, click on "Change settings for all users", uncheck "Run this program... etc.", press OK, then uncheck again "Run this program...".

Note: I did not install the Enhancement Pack from its' page. I assumed it was part of the file. @TCSTigersClaw, let me know if I'm wrong on this.