Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

Hey, all
I was futzing around with wing commander 1 GOG with the included conf file, and the core cycles setting is either too high or too low. 4000 runs fine anywhere except when enemy ships show up, then it get SLOW. But it's only when the ships are directly onscreen, so manually adjusting cycles doesn't really help, because as soon as the dralthi move out of the viewport the game gets too fast. Setting it to Auto got the cycles to 3000 and didn't move it. Copying DOSbox ECE over and using the same conf, same result.

Is there another setting, like graphics type (svga-s3 etc), graphics output (ddraw, surface, opengl etc) cpu type, anything like that to get a stable frame rate? I set the game to keep the true aspect ratio and run on a 2048x1536 window, but that's it.
(my system is a Ryzen 3600, 32 gb ram, RX5700, 4K HDR monitor don't think that matters)

Do you have a super wide monitor? I had the same issue and had to manually edit it. I can send you the fixed version if it's the same issue, or point you at the code you need to play with if it's slightly different.
i'm actually having the same issue. I fixed the black and white with the nvidia rollback, thank you for that again, and now i have the cropped and zoomed in issue. Videos were fine till I got to the Intrepid too. I'm using a 2560x1440 curved monitor.


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Here is my modified version of the dvd dll - I can't imagine it fixing anything other than super wide but give it a go.


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Having a weird video problem with Prophecy DVD Video - followed most recent instructions in this post to a T, and the video plays wrong no matter what I do. Once I install the from post #37, the video plays at the correct aspect ratio, but it's shunted to a quarter of the screen, and what looks like the first frame of the CD video deinterlaced is frozen on the rest of the screen? This is shown in Image1.png, attached.


If I reinstall OpenGL 1.2.2, now the video's full screen, but the aspect ratio is wrong, it looks squished, shown in Image2.png. I'd appreciate any ideas, I've been fighting with this for an hour, and I'm about to give up.


I set the game to play in 4x3, because in 16x9, BOTH versions are squished, though, weirdly, the first frame of CD video does not appear. I've tried a number of different resolutions, FSAA set to 4, subtitles turned on and off (when on, you can see part of them at the bottom of the screen but they're cut off). Also tried reinstalling mpeg2dec as Administrator, no change. And I've completely run out of ideas. Please help if you can.

[EDIT: Nevermind, found the problem - installed K-Lite codec pack to fix WC4 DVD video problem, uninstalled, problem solved, videos play fullscreen and at correct ratio.]

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