At Great Lengths

Comme tu veux.
But I thought we agreed to stop showing off with our great knowledge of foreign languages. :p

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...non, please, better have Q saying that once in a while than him cathing up with the rest of these newbies and starting to yak in polish.:)
Proving you can speak another language is like proving you're really, really good at eating watermelons -- we don't care.
Actually... on that topic I'm actually quite good at eating wate... oh. yeah. I get it.
No :(

I posted, wandered away, talked on IRC, looked at Space Battles, came back and was on the last page of the thread, and I posted in response to that.

First, I wasn't trying to prove TC wrong, I was just pointing out that he'd made a mistake. Sort of.

[And second, you deliberately misquoted LOAF, without showing any indications of a change.]

Oops, I missed the "inspired" bit. Apologies.

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