At Great Lengths

One tuna sandwich usually does it cause you dont want to have tuna breath. Tuna does have a smooshing in your lunch problem to though.
I never tried a turkey sandwich (sandwich culture is not very advanced in Germany <g>) what do you put on(between it (besides turkey)?
I usually have turkey, american cheese, lettuce and mustard, though mayonaise is good to instead of mustard.
Sounds quite tasty. I think I will ask my mother if she can't make one of those. ;) But I think I will stick to mayonaise.
Thanks for the recipe, Supdon
Actually when you think about it, the sandwich is incredibly versitle. You can substitute your favorite cheese in or combine them, use your favorite bread (ie rye, white, wheat)or kaiser role and can add tomatoes and pickles, maybe some oregano if it floats your boat... But that gets incredibly fancy for a sandwhich.
Nah, I do not like tomatoes on my sandwich. <g>
And yes, youa re putting too much thought into it, but it's fun, isn't it? :)

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I prefer mayo to mustard, definately -- and nothing more complex than lettuce, turkey and bread... maybe onion-bread of some sort...
Or go make myself a nice turkey sandwich. Have to say i am a mustard man though. Now that i think about it though, when im at Subway, it have them put on vinager and oil.
I'm a turkey sandwich enthusiast, ifit exists. I'll eat turkey any way available. I even had teh turkey baked in mozterella serveral times. :) Mmmmmmmmmm.
Y'know, I'm amazed how this thread has degenerated into talking about food! Yes, I know we get topic drifts, but this really cuts the cheese... I mean this really takes the cake... uh... whatever... :)
The best thing to get at Subway, though, is a meatball sub. You're just wasting your powers if you get something *regular*!
Subway has good tuna too! And now they have all these fancy breads for their subs, its really good eatin for a decent price.