At Great Lengths

They didnt do such a great job it seemed. The Dreadnaught was supposed to be way bigger than the Midway (1,830m to 3,200m) but it wasnt.
Well, to put that in scale would have to be quite difficult. That thing must fill more than a screen and that from quite a distance.
Phew, it would be annoying in the mission where you have to take out the turrets to fly the whole distance from the tentacles to the back. :)
So the lengths in the list, LOAF, are they all converted to metres? I always believed that WCP did a decent job with scaling, now you say that Remoras almost as long as their Ray carriers. That just doesn't seem right.

Then again, didn't NASA send the martians a pancake when someone couldn't convert between metres and feet properly?
The only one I manually converted from feet to meters was the Seahawk -- the Confed fighters were converted by someone working on WCP... they were listed in the original design document in meters, and then changed to meters before being put in the ship viewer.
Now you've confused me. Converting from metres to metres? And how do explain the giant Remoras? They're only drones, after all, and shouldn't be much larger than a missile - it's really just a 'smart' flying gun.
I think he meant converted from feet to metres. But the Wedge, you are completely right. Neither the Lamprey, nor the Skate or the REMORA should be as long as 21 (24 metres as the Skate) metres. They should be no longer than 10metres for my taste. In fact I think that all alien ships are too long according to that list. Morays, Mantas, Rays should not be over 20 metres, too.
Since you've mentioned some mixup with feet and metres, I feel more inclined to believe that the Remora, at least, was given in feet. 21 feet = 6.4 metres which seems much more reasonable.

Also, the list gives designations to the Nephilim ships. Surely they don't think as we do, therefore I assume they are Confed's codenames? And why bother anyway, they're bugs!
So you think the bug ships are still in feet, whereas the Confed fighters are already in metres? Would make more sense to me too.
That should not apply to the Cap ships though, or the bugs would have quite short ships. ;)
And the names are most certainly Confed codenames. But where I never was sure: Is, e.g. "Dralthi" only a Confed codename (then I would ask what that is supposed to mean) or is it the real name, that the Kilrathi gave to their ships (which makes more sense to me)?
I was referring to the CF-2 etc designations. And the Kraken doesn't seem as long as a Plunkett, but maybe that's just because it's bulkier.
I am forced to agree w. mekt on this one. The bugs don't even know what a lamprey is. Unless of course, if you ask moulder or scully.....
"And why bother anyway, they're bugs!"
Even the Kilrathi were new at one point. Distinguishing a clusterable fighter from a superiority fighter is standard procedure these days.
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I am forced to agree w. mekt on this one. .....
It must be very hard for you! You can be proud of yourself that, even with all the hatred and disgust we feel for each other, you jumped over your shadow. :D ;) <g>