3D Printed Starfighters

Cap ships to fly the fighters off of!
Unless you got several thousands of dollars (or euros) I seriously doubt any "to-scale" capships are going to be produced at this level of detail. An alternate option may be to try the plastics in a buildable kit form (similar to Chronocidal Guy's Excal above) but the sandstone is a bit pricy at larger sizes. Just look at the "to-scale" broadsword! My internal hobbyist likes building ships so I have no issue with buying kits like those. I used to build aircraft carriers as a kid just to mess with unglued planes.

A 1/600 scale version would likely be ideal but I'd rather Klavs focus on fighters first IMO. Lord knows there are a ton of them.
I'm all for more Kilrathi ships; the saucer/asymmetrical designs appeal to me. Drakhri (bright orange!), WC3 Vaktoth, Strakha. Maybe a Dralthi VII?

Edit: any changes to the Hellcats other than the thumbnail?
Plenty of Klirathi ships left, although you would likely have to scale them down to save on cost.

Prophecy Confed ships would be great to se as well.
Dralthi IV, Epee, Ferret and Sabre arrived today and they are very cool; the Dralthi is HUGE compared to the rest and probably my favorite, but all ships from this batch look incredible. I'll try to post a few pictures tomorrow. Also received a 2nd go at a Rapier, which has the same problem as the previous where the vector nozzles did not print correctly; this one has all but one plate missing. Which is strange, since they are fine even on the the much smaller Epee, Ferret and Arrow.
So much to choose from! I'll give a few of these a try once I figure out what's what scale and detail-wise.
Anything ELSE you guys would like to see? I'm running out of Confed Fighters!


Since I'm working on a boardgame based on Privateer, I'd love it if we could get obj files, or 1-1.5 inch models of the ships in the game. I know there's a 3d archive on the wiki, but I haven't had much success from the files since I don't have any dedicated 3d software.

Once I have the prototypes printed, I can arrange casting for cheaper pricing.
Here are the pics. Sorry for the bad lighting; not doing the mdels justice, but it's the best I can do at the moment!


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Here's is one of Dream Foundry's Excaliburs printed in glossy sterling silver. The price and material constraints limit your options to smaller, lower-detailed ships, but I think it looks absolutely amazing. I have a couple of other 'experiments' on the way in plated stainless steel, which is cheaper but also much less detailed. I hope it works out for the Confed carriers- I'll show the results once they arrive!


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Looks great, depending on another 'experiment' that's on the way I'll order the in-scale one shortly!

In other news: attached are pics of three of Atropos907' s carriers in gloss gold and bronze plated stainless steel. Wouldn't recommend the gold color (matter of taste), but overal detail is quite good (excepting small details like gun turrets), smoother in person, and esp. the bronze ships look really nice, exactly the 'desk model'-look I was aiming for. Will probaly mount these on a small wooden display stand.


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Starting to add some 1/1600 scale ship packs, starting with the WC1 Era


I hope I hope they work, I have hopefully ironed out the problems that were occurring before. We'll see if they print.
Hey Guys,

I love all the wonderful models that everyone has been producing.
When Chronocidal Guy posted his Excalibur model for download on Shapeways, I knew I had to print it for myself and try to build it up like a store bought kit. Klavs81's models are top notch(has to be mentioned), but there was something about Chronocidal's calling for me to build and paint it (part of it was that the .STL was available for free). Plus the kit design let me make the model larger than my 5x5 inch table, which rocks. I figured it would make a great house warming gift for my brother, the only bigger Wing Commander Fan than myself I know in real life.

I hope Chronocidal Guy, and the rest of you guys enjoy it.

A shout out to you Chronocidal Guy, thank you for posting this ship. If you post an updated one with paneling, I will probably print and paint one of those up too.


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