3D Printed Starfighters


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Good to hear you're sticking with Shapeways. Their ever-changing tolerances suck, but at least their customer support is great. And even I was somewhat hesitant to try Sculpteo.

Some of your models are 'not available' but some, like the Salthi, are no longer listed at all... what's going on with these?


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i went for it and had your hellcat printed with Sculpteo, it turned out quite well. i liked that it was scaleable (within reason), it printed out to 2.4 in on the longest side.

here are a few pictures:

i know it's probably a pain, but if there is any way that you might upload a few to sculpteo as well it would be much appreciated. i'm thinking of putting together a boardgame and i absolutely love the models. i'm looking to print them around 2.25-3in.

i especially love the wc1 dralthi. keep up the great work.


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Apologies for the super-necro, I thought I'd check in to see how things are progressing lately. I only vaguely follow the changes going on with Shapeways, so I don't know if there had been any amazing breakthroughs or breakdowns with regards to the existing models.

I did want to post an update to the Excalibur kit I made a few years back though. Upgraded my printer recently, and went all-in on a single-piece print of that model, upgraded to include panel line engravings. I haven't tried it on Shapeways or Sculpteo in this format, but the recent generation of printers is getting impressive.


My current project is re-engineering the individual parts of my original design to build a larger kit, hopefully about a foot in length, since my newer printer has a much larger volume than my older one I prototyped this on.
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If anyone is still interested, I've added the glossy sandstone and full detail frosted resin to the available materials.