3D Printed Starfighters

Would be interesting to see what sanding and/or clear coating would do for these, but I won't be experimenting on mine; perfectly fine with the slight chia pet look ;)

Offering variants with landing gear on these at this scale and material probably isn't feasible? Would look great on a small flight deck type base. :)
Yah, I wouldn't sink 40$ only to ruin it. But perhaps they can give you some scrap material or test material to experiment with it.
You CAN sand down the material using progressively smaller grain sandpaper, the subsurface material varies in color, there may be grey just below the black on the canopy, for instance, but it leaves you with a fairly smooth plastic finish. I do this on surfaces with a little too much terracing for my tastes. You can paint over the sanded material to additionally smooth out the finish. I've mostly calibrated the blue-grey color to US Navy F-18 type colors, you can see the equivalent paint colors here:


I will typically at least repaint the canopy in flat black to bring out a darker color, but having the colors already there makes a great guide. It's important to use thick acrylic paint as watered down stuff will 'run' throughout the pores in the model.

I'm shooting some of my protos with some clearcoat this weekend, I'll report in as to how they look afterwards!
Yep, I'm continuously trying to push how far I can hollow these things out to decrease the price for you guys where I can.
Ah ok, that's a good thing :) If it's texture or outer detail you changed (substantially) it might have warranted a re-buy with a 2nd batch (waiting for that D IV). First set still 'in production' by the way.
Arrows work like a charm! (Please forgive the gross deck, it's time for the pressure washer)

@Sndwv, it takes a bit, but they DO come! :)

Finally, I shot the Raptor, Rapier and Hornet with some Testors Dull Coat. You can really just pile it on, the surface sucks it back up, and now the ships are:

A. Easier to Photograph
2. Sealed and it's a lot harder to wear away the finish.
III. Slightly more contrast-y, and the colors stand out a bit more
100. Waterproof! So now you don't have to worry about moisture and or children ruining your models.

For the record, the out of scale Scimitar looks pretty good with Semi-Gloss, as well. I wouldn't recommend full gloss, the ridges are made more visible the more specular highlight you can see.


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Yup! Go Easy at first, but the model should soak it up and be nicely protected. Make sure you overspray a little (don't start spraying when pointed directly at the model) and move back and forth fluidly before stopping the spray again while not pointing at the model. (Starting and stopping can cause globs!)
Thank-you! I'll remember the dull coat when I finally get around to buying myself one. :) Again these are beyond amazing.
Here is the first set of fighters, photographed straight out of their baggies, no dusting/sanding/coating done!

Some notes:
- The white powder (partly) wipes off, but some of the frosty look is part of the material;
- Colors are slightly more muted in person;
- Terracing is noticeable, especially on larger, slightly curved surfaces, but it's not too bad in person;
- The models have quite a bit of heft and it really feels like they are made out of stone. Which is weird, but cool. :)

Overall they look (and feel) awesome and I'd be happy to order a 2nd batch. If anything the only slight disappointment is the resolution in which (colored) sandstone can be printed at the moment; if you have the painting skills you might still be better off with frosted ultra detail in that regard.


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I have bought many of the models from shapeways but this colour thing is amazing! I can't wait to add it to my collection of other models now piling around my desk. I will soon have an entire task force on my desk ready to do battle! Plans into the far future for a cap ship perhaps? Thanks again for you dedication and hard work. For us scrubs who cannot apply even a coat of fleet grey to a flat surface or have the skill
Here's some more photographs! These are also right out of the box - no sanding, wiping or anything.

klavs_models141.jpg klavs_models140.jpg klavs_models142.jpg

Just gorgeous!