3D Printed Starfighters

One more to finish then we can all have a Killer Kilrathi Krismas (with Krants!)


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More starfighter goodness! I just got my first order from Terran Fleet Supply, and I'm excited to paint them. Time for another order, I think!
Two new fighter packs for you guys!


I had to limit it to 2 ships per pack to keep the prices similar to the other 2 packs because Kilrathi ships are BIG!

And the 1/300 scale versions of those ships were capping the $100 range, so I decided to discontinue the 1/300 scale line for now until I can get my own 3d printing system. Existing 1/300 models are still available, however.

Disclaimer: I won't have the funds to prototype these in the foreseeable future, but they passed Shapeways initial tests and should be produce able. If there are any problems, Shapeways will issue you a coupon code that amounts to a refund with store credit, and I'll get a note that something is wrong, and try to fix it so you can reorder, and get the model.


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Wow. I hadn't realized I'd made so many ships until I stuck them in one image.


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Wow! You've been busy. I've been dying for someone to make small models of Wing Commander ships for years; there was someone who used MicroMachine stands to make custom ships many years ago, but they weren't available for mass production.

I will be adding the Kilrathi Heavies to my fleet after Christmas. I was going to get one or two 1/300 ships, but that can wait.

A few questions for you:
1. Any finishing tips? I've managed to remove the oily residue by soaking them in cold soapy water. What sort of primer and paint do you recommend?
2. When are you getting your own 3D Printer?!
3. What's next on the drawing board for you? Or would you rather surprise us?

Keep up the great work - I'm definitely a fan!
Klavs81, have you tried "hollowing out" the larger 1/300 (or even 1/600) models? Shapeways will only print manifold designs (meaning you can't have internal structures inside your models), but if you make a bubble with a tiny pin-hole in the model, you can reduce the mass in the larger volumes (Salthi cockpits, engines on the Krant, fuselage on all the Terran fighters) by 25-50 percent, and since they charge based on the amount of plastic used in the model, you can save significantly.
Good tip Richard! I've managed to reduce the cost of the prints by about 25% for the 1/300 models, still pricy though. I'm working on the smaller models today, I'll post an update when I've got them all done!
Have fun! Be careful with minimum wall thickness on the 1/600s, Shapeways should give you red warnings on the model if things are too thin. That being said, if price is a problem, I would strongly recommend checking out the 1/300 price in sandstone. If memory serves, it's usually 1/2 to 1/3 as much (if they are running a sale, I've seen it at 1/4 at sculpteo.com). You loose detail, but it can make nice full color desk models (nod-nod, wink-wink, nudge-nudge) at a fraction of the cost.

You've probably said it before, but what tools are you working in?
Thanks Richard, I might be figuring out something along those lines, and I'm working in Modo

If anybody just ordered a 1/300 scale Rapier that wouldn't print, you might try it again, the model has been updated. Sorry 'bout that.
Hi. I ordered a 1/300 Rapier a couple of months ago (on 2nd attempt, no. 1 wouldn't print back then), but it arrived with 'crumbly' gun tips. Always a risk with thin pieces, but was this improved upon? Would it be worth it to give it another try?

And will there maybe be a 1/300 Jalthi in the foreseeable future (how much would this currently be @ 1/300)?
Hi sndwv, I've improved the geometry of the rapier guns and fixed Fighter Pack 2. The 1/300 Jalthi is up in the shop, but it's awfully gigantic. I've made it available in a lower quality material, but the detail won't be as good.
I just had to use my MAG. COLOR PRINTING WORKS! Not quite as detailed as the Frosted Ultra Detail Material, but I can make the models quite large for less money. The detail level is quite good for the size, terracing is not that noticable, and the ship has a sturdy "rough" finish.

I just wish the color was a bit clearer and more vivid, but the solution to that is to make them even bigger. Seriously, stay tuned, I'll be prototyping some WC models soon.

Disclaimer: Not one of my Wing Commander ships, and not the best pictures, but you get the idea. I'll try and get some better picture when the WC ships arrive.


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Amazing! Looks *much* better than I'd be able to paint them. Expect an order once you have the WC models up! :)
I agree! The Starfury looks really good. I'd like to see the results for WC ships. BTW, where do I find your Starfury, and what scale is it?
Judging by the pictures, I actually even like the softer contrast and somewhat muted colors; gives the ships a dusty/worn look and works well in this scale. But maybe it's different in person.
Beautiful! Have fun texturing, and keep us posted on new models! (And thanks for getting my name on the front page, too!)

Another silly question: I've done all my modeling on Sketchup and Blender, and started kicking the tires in 3DS Max because StarCitizen mentioned that's the best tool for them to convert from. What file formats to you out put from in Modo to get onto Shapeways (I've only printed in color for Sculpteo.com and I.materialise.com, have never been able to get my Sketchup exports to color properly from Shapeways.com :-/

Also, a tip for those buying colored 3D minis: these are made by putting down a layer of sand, painting the sand, crazy gluing the sand, then putting down another layer of sand and repeating the process. So, this stuff has a few gotchyas: it's kinda fragile, and can melt in water. A few bumps wont hurt, but if you are using these as gaming minis, they can chip or crack or even shatter if dropped off your table. If that happens, you are having a very bad problem and you will not go to space today.
If that happens, you are having a very bad problem and you will not go to space today.

Love your work. :)

Klavs, that starfury looks excellent! Very impressive! Really looking forward to seeing some of the WC designs done in full colour! :)
Dude! Klavs, that looks awesome. My question is - how much was it? Because I could totally go for making something like that out of one of my models...
Whoa there Howard, i'm currently saving my money on Klav's models, you can't just jump in and ruin my finance plan COMPLETELY!