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    Wing Commander:.....??? which will be the new name:)

    2 cents... Wing Commander 6: The search for more money :p. IMO, the next WC will start several (hundred?) years after the Nephilim/Confed conflict. Kilrathi will become a part of Confed, Border worlds still won't get much respect. Your character would be an "open" one, meaning you could...
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    Let him die?

    I tried to tractor his ship all the way back to the Intrepid once after he ejected and I picked him up, but I was flying so slow no to loose his ship from my tractor lock, I assumed it'll take me hours to get back, and that in the end nothing new will happen. Besides the times I want to get...
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    Privateer II

    Did anyone else... I haven't played P2 in a long time, though I, for on, kinda liked it. Sure, it could have been better, but it wasn't, so there's no point going there right now. What I wanted to know is if anyone else ever helped third person over the distress call chanel: There was...
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    I have a question: Blair is part Pilgrim. Deoesn't that make him to kinda be a border worlder? If it does, then he must be quite a perfect one to have his genes used in the GE program, not to mention the fact he survived the Telamon (Sp?) "disaster".
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    What`s new, people?

    Heh, I think I'm already used to that :). Since I know (or atleast think I *know*) each candidat's basic point of view, I tend not to listen and watch propaganda rallies like the ones I see if I open the TV. To be honest, I think either way we'll get $crewed, but we got to get by with the...
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    What`s new, people?

    Ah, but did it affect his countrypeople more than the... conditions... he mentions? Or the upcoming PM election? Why did Hero not see those on the news? [/B] Probably because I see can the PM canidates 'bout 24 hours a day, and when something like that (PM election) is on the schedual...
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    What`s new, people?

    If you think that's bad, I've just saw my local news, and instead of talking about the condition, or the up comming PM elections, they talked about the PS2 that just hit our land :eek:! Talk about important news...
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    Medals and promotoins in wc1

    Call me stupid I really do need to play WC agin. Ofcourse, you're right Q, what was I thinking? It's been way too long, and I indeed am starting to see things. Oh well, I'd excuse that one as "fools rush in" ;)
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    Medals and promotoins in wc1

    Oh, I was just commenting about something that was said in this thread ages ago (rather pointless of me, now that I think about it). To put it simple (and to try to force a drifft ;)), in some of the times I played the game, I got a bronze star in the seconed mission (along with my promotion to...
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    Medals and promotoins in wc1

    IIRC, you don't get medals for certin missions (I think it was said here too). Fact is, that in some of the times I played WC, I got a meadel either in a mission before, a mission after or in a particular mission (like when finishing a campaign), so you lose points for that mission and the...
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    Medals and promotoins in wc1

    A bit late, but... Well, they could have made it that you'll have to start the game from the top if you "die". That would make the eject option alot more useful, either eject and lose the mission, or do all the missions again. Oh yeah, you can't get *all* the medals in the game: If you eject...
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    Torps without Locks?

    The problam is that WCP wasn't "realistic" with torps in the first place: No matter where a torp would hit, it should make damage to the hull (and destroy the ship), yet, that's not the case in Proph. Since (as I see it) the point of the lock in the torps (WPC's) is to make them hit the right...
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    Well, I've started as "Eagle", moved to "Tiger", and then reached to "Hero". After I've became *online* (which was 'bout 2-3 years ago), I started using ClawMarks (any variant: ClawMarks/Claw_Marks/Claw Marks) and later it became my callsigh aswell, but I still use "Hero" from now and then (as...
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    Why is Blair the "Heart of the Tiger"?

    Well, you can't blame a guy for enjoying himself over the past... And I don't know if I took it the wrong way Saturnyne, but here's a proof for you: "With this tool-making ability came the capacity to construct traps for their more evasive prey (particularly a small, intelligent, chimp-like...
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    Why is Blair the "Heart of the Tiger"?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Crusader11: is "berillyum baloney" from where I think it's from?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Probably As for "Tiger", I'm not so sure about a translation thing, 'cause the Kats also use the term "monkeys". We know there was a...