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    The Final Tolwyn Thread (But maybe not)

    The bugs really know how to help someone kill score... ;) And if I remenber correctly the Kilrathi early in the war also use kamikazi tactics, its helps when the enemy fighters fly a stait line and dont fight back (and ConFed fighters were a lot better that Kilrathi fighters). Also Blair...
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    Who is this guy?

    Playing again is fun... After being spoiled with those WC P fighters, WC IV is quite a chanlange. Missiles sould NOT be forgotten (unlike in WC P one missile alone can bring you down.)
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    Who is this guy?

    Seeing that since WC IV costed so much and EA decided to make Cris Roberts hell inside Origin, I think Cris Roberts was right. He could not go on and he left.
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    question i hope someone can answer me.....

    Its a unofficial "novel" of WC IV.... Its pretty funny. Anyways I know that you want a link to it so here it goes. Happy reading....
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    question i hope someone can answer me.....

    The "WC 4.1234..." explains the fact very well..... Angel made the attack run course and we all know that Anngel is a women and womens dont have any sense of direction (that is why she was caputured, she got lost and have to ask direction from a Kilrathi...) so we end up going around all over...
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    Excals and T-bolts in WCPSO

    Yes, new fighters means more funds for military budget, something that politics were not too keen of doing.... Remenber that the Midway project had a hard time to be aproved and a Midway class cost less and its more cost effective that a vesuvius class. Also ConFed was at peace, like it...
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    The COST of freedom :)

    O.K. people remenber this.... WC III had actors for the FMV, that cost money since they dont work for free. WC IV had sets made like the movies do (WC III used blue screen a lot with few set pieces) and had a lot more actors, that and the fact the it was made after WC III means that it...
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    Vesuvius refit

    I call that a island since its the name that the towers on US carriers are called. And I can see a US carrier right now since the USS Enterprise is in my field of view.
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    Vesuvius refit

    I sould have use ruder controls, remenber when the Interpid enter the "dead zone"? They lose all guidence system but they still have ruder control. Its not for long range navigation (unless the nav system is down) but for short range navigation, when they are trying to manuver the ship...
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    Vesuvius refit

    Yes, the Ranger class was even in WC III obsolete but ConFed was running out of combat capable ships so ships that would be second line ships at best end up in front line service. The Victory had a very experianced and capable crew so it was more to that fact (and the fact that we were...
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    Confed/Kilrathi Ordnance

    I think that they are housed internally. Look at the Banshee, it have its missiles in a internal bay (my WC IV "damaged" CD now works, must be my new CD ROM drive) and its compact design. Of course that must be "default" loadouts but in WC III/WC IV we had the autority to change your...
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    what is your fave.....

    WC IV. WC III is really good, it would be my fav if WC IV was not above it in several aspects (tecnical most). Story of WC IV is also diferent, sure the Kilrathi are still around but it apeals more to me the story of WC IV. WC P was disapointing for me mostly because "ground" missions and...
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    "Q: What is Conquest: Frontier Wars?"

    LOAF I used the CIC poll (true it was from memory, I could be wrong) in there WC IV was the most voted game, I said that "WC P feels unfinished, at least for me" in my own regard, it is my personal view of WC P, seeing that you said that the WC P scrip was subjected to several cuts, I now...
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    "Q: What is Conquest: Frontier Wars?"

    What things are wrong LOAF? WC IV was more expensive that WC III, that I *know* that is true, Origin is only working in UO, I never heard anything about any other project being develeped by Origin. If WC IV sold more units that WC III, I really dont know.
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    Coolest death in the wing commander series

    I rammed my gir....err (....think fast Dragon....) a lot of asteroids in WC II, those damn things always moved to fast....