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    It's not Wing Commander

    I think the current story REALLY fits the original SQUADRON concept, that later turned out to be Wing Commander. With a Terran empire fighting Kilrathi in 26xx. Also why the hell would they slow down before 26xx events just 12 days prior to the reveal? The resemblances to WC are just all a bit...
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    Happy Birthday Wing Commander! (September 26, 2012)

    Dead link to document :(
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    Open questions thread from Ginger Lynn Allen

    Here she is one Hellcat V, she is prepped, primed, loaded, locked and ready to kick some ass. I can still dream that line even today 18 years later, I was in love. Let's just say I never picked Flint :). So you hinted about working with Mark Hamill being "interesting" can I tempt you to be...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Roberts Space Industries: Big Announcement Coming In October (September 10, 2012)

    :D Text of a RIS 404 page: With your carrier destroyed, you drift endlessly through the void... We're sorry, but the page you're looking for does not exist. Perhaps you'd like to start your mission over.
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    FreeSpace Joins the Arcade (April 1, 2007)

    ~~~ it was an ok joke.. freespace on april fools is getting a bit old though I mean who remembers freespace xcept for saga. Anyways I just read up on the ARENA stuff.. This is fricking awesome news.. so happy to have an xbox 360 now :D
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    Prologue Released!

    Ahh the release.. Good job guys! I love the prologue :)
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    wing 1 and 2 options

    In the Kilrathi saga you can simply toggle invincibility on for wing 1 and 2, in the kilrathi saga game launcher. Your games will be saved as cheater though.
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    SAGA Mod just mentioned in Belgian/Dutch gaming Magazine!

    Blablablablabla blaaaaaaa blaaaargh blah. jeez. The article didn't even say that they like freespace better they just said they found it the most spectaculair (and everyon who has seen that sun getting blown up in FS2 or those damn awesome beam weapons, tend to agree) Yes I still like Wing...
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    WC3 Dreadnaught

    I did but then possible.. I might be in the top 10 list of peeple who finished the game most :) WC3 is still my fav.
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    WC3 Dreadnaught

    I forgot did they ever use concordia's PTC?
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    The Grass Is Always Greenscreener... (September 5, 2006)

    ~~~ did that bug have anything to do with loading data for the speech line of a dying cat?... ifso.. that would be mayorly anoying indeed haha.
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    SAGA Mod just mentioned in Belgian/Dutch gaming Magazine!

    Most spectaculair... and that's true.. but the magazine loves spacesims especially Wing Commander.. I read something about wingcommander every few months.. heck half a year ago they had a 2 page special about Wing Commander
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    SAGA Mod just mentioned in Belgian/Dutch gaming Magazine!

    Article is titled Freespace 2 mods It has a picture with the cloakable strakha titled Freespace 2 meets wingcommander? Cool! here is a rough translation, Congratulations guys, It's from the PC gameplay, het ultieme spelmagazine Year 13, nbr, 125, september 2006
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    Privateer 2 CCG In The Works (August 13, 2006)

    ~~~ it's fixed in the birthday card :D
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    Privateer 2 CCG In The Works (August 13, 2006)

    Looks pretty cool but... isn't defense spelled like defense instead off devense?