Wormhole Device (Nephilim)

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Type Wormhole
Primary User Nephilim
Maximum Yaw 5 dps
Maximum Pitch 5 dps
Maximum Roll 5 dps
Rotational Acceleration 7 dps2
Maximum 0 kps
Tower 1 100 DP
Tower 2 100 DP
Tower 3 100 DP
Tower 4 100 DP
Tower 5 100 DP
Tower 6 100 DP
Tower 7 200 DP
Source Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Mission Appearances


Worm Hole Towers:
Alien Worm Hole Towers (Seven)
Mission Role: The type of missions this ship was built for
Cloaking: No
Jump Capable: No
Max Speed: 0 kps
Agility: 0 dps
Acceleration: 0 kps2
Radar: 0
ID Sensor: Unknown
Shield Strength Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard: will have shields
Shield Recharge Rate: will have powerful shields
Armor Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard: will have pretty good armor
Guns: 0
Missiles: 0
Target ID: Tower 1
Target ID: Tower 2
Target ID: Tower 3
Target ID: Tower 4
Target ID: Tower 5
Target ID: Tower 6
Target ID: Tower 7
Length: undecided
Width: unknown
Mass: undecided
There will be seven towers. They will have shields that get ‘turned off’ by marines that have landed on the Worm Hole command center. They will turn off towers TWO at a time, until the last one is standing. Then Blair comes in and ‘saves the day’ and turns off the last tower.
The structure is like a big circle, encompassing the perimeter of the worm hole. The structure CAN survive with the towers disabled, and only upon destruction of the last tower, will the wormhole command center self destruct, falling into the Worm Hole itself, completing the game.