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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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Below is a list of problems you may encounter while running the WING COMMANDER II software. In most cases, a boot disk should correct any problem you may encounter. We strongly urge you to boot from a floppy disk with one of our suggested configurations listed below.

  • Problem: My joystick won't calibrate when I hit the "CTRL-J" keys.
    Solution: This may be caused by one of two things: first, the program may be having trouble locating a joystick. Be sure only ONE joystick port is active at any time. Also, this program may have trouble finding a joystick that is plugged into a soundcard if that soundcard is sharing an IRQ with some other device. If this is the case, consult the soundcard's documentation on changing to an open IRQ, or disable the port on the soundcard and use a different game port.
  • Problem: My joystick/mouse won't go more than halfway across the screen.
    Solution: This is usually caused by a non-Microsoft mouse driver in the wrong "mode" or resolution. Switching to a true Microsoft mouse driver should correct this problem.
  • Problem: I used to run WING COMMANDER II on my 386 just fine, but it runs way too fast on my 486.
    Solution: This is a common problem for older software being run on newer, more powerful systems. Unfortunately there is no patch available to correct this problem, however, there are two things you can try to make the game more playable on your system. First, try to "turbo down" your computer to make it run slower. Most computers have a turbo button that allows you to switch between two different clock speeds, we suggest using the slower of the two. If you don't have a turbo button, or it doesn't seem to make any difference in the game speed, you may need to run some slow-down software with this game. Most slow-down utilities can be obtained through local bulletin board systems. We have a version called MO'SLO.COM available as freeware on our own BBS. Other distributors of slow-down software are: (Synectech) Bitwise Slowdown 1-800-875-1666/(508) 655-5430 and Better Software Co. (803) 295-4971.
  • Problem: I keep getting kicked out of the game with an error: MUSIC.MID #27 (PS-5853 LB-????????). (note the PS-5853)
    Solution: This error usually occurs when one of two conditions are met: a) the soundcard is sharing an IRQ with another device in the system, or b) you are possibly using EMS on a 1 meg machine. If you have more than 1 meg, check the soundcard for an IRQ conflict and change to an open IRQ channel if necessary. If you only have 1 meg, use the following lines in a CONFIG.SYS on a boot disk:
    • FILES=15
    • BUFFERS=6
    With this configuration, the game should run fine, but without full features. You will need a 2 meg machine to get the full features of WING COMMANDER II.
  • Problem: I keep getting "Abnormal Program Termination" message when I'm playing the game.
    Solution: Nine times out of ten, this error is caused when WING COMMANDER II detects a virus that has infected a file. You may want to run a virus checking software to determine if your computer is infected, and purge the virus if one is found. If a virus is found, you may want to send in your disks for replacement as any disks that have been used on an infected system will also become contaminated as well. If no virus was found, then you may have a corrupted file. In any case you will need to re-install from a good set of disks.
  • Problem: After typing in "install," I see a red screen for a split second, then the program exits to DOS with a message "error: #1, installation aborted by user" even though I didn't touch anything.
    Solution: During the first part of the installation program, a search is performed in your system for sound cards. If the program finds a sound card at IRQ 10 (like the Sound Blaster Pro, which didn't exist when this game was originally released), an error code gets generated and the program will exit to DOS. If you are running a sound card at an IRQ above 7, you will either need to pull the card and install for no sound, or change to an open IRQ between 2 and 7 and re-install.
  • Problem: Just after the Kilrathi emperor raises his hand and says "I must speak ..." my speech stops or computer locks up.
    Solution: Check your sound cards IO and IRQ settings. This is a classic symptom of an IRQ conflict. You may need to refer to your sound card's documentation on switching to an open IRQ channel.
  • Problem: During the installation, I get an error: "Installation Aborted, Reason #14 (or #16)."
    Solution: This usually means that there is a sector alignment problem on the installation diskettes. Before attempting to get new disks, here's something to try: use the DOS DISKCOPY command to make copies of all the original disks. Then try installing with those copies of the originals. If it installs, you can play the game normally. If this doesn't work, you should try to obtain new floppy diskettes from your software retailer or from ORIGIN Systems.

WING COMMANDER II Boot Disk information

To make a floppy disk bootable, type FORMAT A:/S <ENTER>

  • CONFIG.SYS (with QEMM)
    • FILES=20 <ENTER>
    • BUFFERS=20 <ENTER>
    • <F6> <ENTER>
  • CONFIG.SYS (1 meg system with DOS 5.0)
    • FILES=15 <ENTER>
    • <F6> <ENTER>
  • CONFIG.SYS (2+ meg system with DOS 5.0)
    • FILES=20 <ENTER>
    • BUFFERS=20 <ENTER>
    • <F6> <ENTER>
  • AUTOEXEC.BAT (1+ meg system)
    • <F6> <ENTER>

If you have Windows 3.1, you may substitute "WINDOWS" for "DOS" in the first two "DEVICE=" lines of the CONFIG.SYS for 2+ meg systems.

If you have DOS 4.01, you will need to substitute the line: DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.SYS 1024 for the third line of the CONFIG.SYS for 2+ meg machines