Uncle Kashumai/Alberto Fossa

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Uncle Kashumai/Alberto Fossa
Date 2790
Type N/A (see below)
Payment 20,000 CR or 5,000 CR (depends on your choices)
Disc 2
Previous Dr. Graham Gould
Next Bill Maddox

Official Guide

This mission is unlike any other subplot mission. No combat is involved - the subplot consists entirely of cinematic conversations. For this writeup, the Opening Cinematic section explains the sequence of the flicks, along with the e-mail messaegs and diary entries that accompany them.

Plot Sequence

1. Uncle Kashumai (HM). We would give anything to get [the statue] back.

Uncle Kashumai offers you 10,000 credits to find and return the statue. Your character accepts for you.

PAD E-Mail. (Uncle Kashumai) You may want to look up the Bray brothers in Public Relations.

Diary Check out the Brays in Public Records.

2. The Public Records indicates that the Boys hang out at the Blessed Brew.

Diary. Go to the Blessed Brew Bar.

Here's your first chance to abandon the subplot (and screw up royally). If you leave Bex before visiting the Blessed Brew, Uncle Kashumai assumes youve abandoned him, and the subplot ends.

E-Mail. (Uncle Kashumai) I can't wait forever. Someone else has been sent to find the statue.

3. The only person in the Blessed Brew is Alberto Fossa, who tells you that a sculpture is about to be auctioned off here. He wants you to bid on it for him and offers you 5000 credits to do so.

'Alberto Fossa (BB). All you would need to do is bid on my behalf.

Accept Decline

Why ask questions? I might as well.

Diary. Better find Reggie Bray for this auction.

Naah. All I want to do is drink and look at the art.

Declining kills your chance of doing business with Fossa. You can still continue the Uncle Kashumai subplot, however. (And note that Uncle Kashumai is offering you more money.)

Here's your second chance to screw up. If you leave Bex before clicking on Reggie Bray, Uncle Kashumai assumes you've abandoned him, and the subplot is over.

E-Mail. (Uncle Kashumai) I can't wait forever. Someone else has been sent to find the statue.

4. Reggie Bray (BB). Start the bidding.

After you tallk to Fossa, Reggie Bray appears in the Blessed Brew. He begins to auction off a statue. You quickly realize it's the statue that Uncle Kashumai was talking about. You buy the statue for 100 credits.

5. Now you have the statue. If you accepted Fossa's proposal (Step 3) you can choose between options A and B, below. If you didn't accept Fossa's offer, you only have option B.

A. Click on Albert Fossa

Fossa (BB). You'll find your account's been credited with the amount we discussed.

Fossa thanks you, takes the statue and gives you 5000 credits. The subplot ends.

B - Leave the Blessed Brew

Go back to the Church of Hom, click on Uncle Kashumai.

Uncle Kashumai (HM). Greed is in the heart, not the credit account. Suppose it twenty (thousand) and suppose it done.'

The good Uncle thanks you and gives you 20,000 credits.



Come to the Holy Museum of Hom on Bex Ser. I have a very interesting proposition for you.


Go and see Uncle Kashumai in the Museum of Hom.


Better go see this guy.


Need to check out where these Bray characters hang out.


Go to Blessed Brew Bar.


Must attend auction in Blessed Brew Bar.


Now I've got this statue, what now?


Better take this statue back to Uncle Kashumai.


Better give Alberto the statue.


Better give Uncle the statue.