Thrakhra-Class ConCom

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Type ConCom
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
General Characteristics
Length 492 meters
Mass 27000 Tonnes tonnes
Spacecraft Carried Light Fighter Complement
Cruise 150 kps
Maximum 200 kps
2 Turreted Lasers
Default Missile Loadout
1o Torpedo Tubes
Fore Meson Sheild cm equivalent
Aft Meson Shield cm equivalent
Front 32 cm
Rear 20 cm
Right 26 cm
Left 26 cm
Source Terran Confederation Handbook

Thrakhra -Class ConCom The newest addition to the Kilrathi fleet it was first reliably reported in 2652 the Thrakhra class appears to represent a significant shift in Kilrathi strategic planning. The Thrakhra class is apparently a ship designed for the express purpose of fleet command and communications, with deliberately limited offensive capacity.

Only seven Thrakhra -class vessels have been authoritatively identified in action, and none has yet been destroyed or taken by Confed, so information about these ships is extremely tentative at this time.

Based on known crew complements of similar -sized vessels (the Fralthi -class cruiser), the Thrakhra class probably carries about 200 officers and crew. Confed intelligence theorizes that it also carries a very small contingent of warriors (probably 50 or less), but a large contingent of fleet support specialists, including strategists, intelligence analysts, and communications and sensor techs.

The Thrakhra class mounts only two laser turrets, and its fighter deck seems to be extremely small probably including hangar capacity for around 12 ships, just enough to provide limited escort capacity. It does seem to carry a significant missile loadout, however, particularly of the ship to planet variety. It is theorized that this allows the Thrakhra class to complete cleanup operations after an objective is taken, freeing main battleships to take up defensive positions or pursue fleeing ships.