The Losing Paths

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The Losing Paths

Roberts made every effort at creating an authentic experience for the game player in his holo-vids. He worked hard to ensure that the missions flown in Wing Commander II matched those that I actually flew in the Enigma Sector. The fact remains, how-ever, that we won that confrontation against the Kilrathi. In creating a game, Roberts had to create a way of losing the game as well. It would be pretty boring if players only won the game.

The mission tree pictured below shows the structure of the missions in Wing Commander II. On previous pages, I provided mission profiles that correspond to the chronology of the actual engagements against the Kilrathi. Those 31 missions are represented by series 1 through 8. If you win each of the eight series, you will follow the path represented by the solid line. In playing Wing Commander II, individuals who fail to successfully complete the necessary missions in a series may be taken to the losing path. That path is represented by the dotted line. After losing a particular series, it is always possible to return to the winning path, by completing the missions in the next series.

On the following pages, are the mission parameters for each series on the losing paths, numbered 9 through 12. For each mission in those series, I have provided a map that indicates your route and the enemies you will encounter. In addition, I've included the specific actions which must be completed for you to move from the losing path to the winning path.

Author's Note
This section is not really a part of my memoirs, but contains information that Wing Commander II game players will want for the successful conclusion of the game.